Samsung reportedly hires Apple Store designer, may be preparing to expand retail presence

by: Andrew GrushDecember 17, 2013

Image Credit: SMH

There’s no doubt that a large part of Apple’s success in recent years comes from its strong retail presence, which consists of more than 400 stand-alone stores. As Samsung works to usurp Apple in every way possible, they’re going to need ways to let more folks try out their products if they want to continue lure consumers away from the competition.

To that end, Samsung already has a growing brick-and-mortar retail presence made up of roughly 1000 Samsung Experience shops, found within many Best Buy locations. Additionally Samsung has a few stand-alone stores throughout the globe, and occasionally the Korean giant even uses pop-up stores in locations such as major malls.

Could Samsung push even harder into the brick-and-mortar retail space? If hiring a former senior Apple store designer is any indication, then we’d say yes.

A stand-alone Samsung store would likely focus on a mixture of Samsung products including smartphones, tablets, computers, televisions and even appliances.

According to a new report originating from The Information, Samsung has now hired designer Tim Gudgel to help the company amp up its retail presence. Interestingly enough, this is reportedly the second Apple designer that Samsung has hired.

The first designer was Michael Forrest, who is said to have been hired earlier this year in order to begin working on a plan to create a retail experience for Samsung Galaxy products.

Of course hiring two Apple designers doesn’t mean that Samsung is ready to jump into the stand-alone retail business just yet. More than likely the plan is to use Gudgel and Forrest’s talents to optimize their existing retail structure, while brainstorming a possible expansion strategy.

If Samsung does decide to move forward with Apple-like stores of its own, what exactly can we expect? Only Samsung knows for sure, but we imagine such a store would focus on a mixture of Samsung products including smartphones, tablets, computers, televisions and even appliances.

Basically we’re talking about the Samsung Experience store concept, but blown up to much larger proportions. We can also expect a Samsung store to feature its own specialists that can demonstrate various Samsung products and guide customers through the buying process.

Keep in mind that Samsung has yet to confirm their retail expansion plans, so take all of this with a grain of salt. Still, it doesn’t seem crazy to think that Samsung would finally move forward with such a plan.

What do you think of the idea of Samsung stand-alone stores, a good move or is the company better off focusing on their existing Samsung Experience mini-stores and pop-up locations?

  • AbbyZFresh

    Phase 1 of Independence out of Android is now in motion.

    • AndroidBoss

      I don’t think so, they won’t last without Android.

      • b

        Youll be surprised .. LG is where android is at … Samsung is just using Google for now

      • Skander

        Not really.
        Most people just know they bought a “Galaxy”.

        • NeedName

          this is probably true however, Tizen doesn’t have the apps and isn’t up to snuff yet. . . and people will notice that.

          • Skander

            It’s samsung they have the power to push developers around.
            It has a good amount of apps and no phone even has it now! which is disturbing. lol.

      • Bryan Z

        It is going to be very crucial for them once they start “importing” Tizen into the US.

      • GalaxyGal

        People can’t assume that Samsung’s Android devices won’t survive without Android because you have no idea what will replace it and what the benefits (or even cons) would be. It isn’t something that would just happen half-assedly so don’t run from change, embrace it. Hello? :)

      • NeedName

        Right now I highly doubt Sammy is even going to try to dump Android. Tizen has a long ways to go thus, they’ll be tied to Android for at least the next couple of years.

        And by then maybe Ubuntu Touch will be decent, who knows. . .

    • Shark Bait

      How does this signal independence?

    • guest

      how did this get you think that they are moving away from android?

      • Bodhi1978

        It was reported sometime last year that Samsung and several other companies were looking at dropping Android and moving to a new OS called Tizen.

    • Bryan Z

      No independence out of android started a long time ago…

  • Bryan Z

    They didn’t really succeed at renting that big space at different best buys all over the US i doubt this is going to work.

    • Bryanisacocksucka

      Brian you cocksucka where did you hear about this or are you just voicing your opinion you fruity queer

    • Tommy Girl

      Succeed at the SES in Best Buy? I’m pretty sure Samsungs sales have more than increased since the launch of the SES back in March… furthermore… on black Friday alone samsung sold more devices in Best Buy stores than Walmart, Target, Sams, And Radio Shack did, all combined, and DOUBLED… so uhh, I think the SES stores are succeeding there fella…

  • GalaxyGal

    Samsung stores would be AMAZING. They manufacture so many great devices, why not have a local place people can go to buy and receive expert support right from Samsung-trained professionals. I so hope they do this!

    • OneandOnly

      You can visit a Samsung Experience Shop located within Best Buy. The reps there work for Samsung.

      • AbbyZFresh

        He means an actual standalone Samsung store. Like Apple has their stores. Samsung makes more than enough products to have a variety of selections.

        Samsung already has plenty of standalone stores in many third world countries. i wonder why they havent tried U.S. yet?

  • cycad007

    Ah…Samsung. You’re a copycat….pure & simple. I do hope your business *FAILS*

    • anonymous

      Oh really?. They are really succeeding right now. Way to go samsung!. Keep it up.