As the obesity epidemic continues to grow in countries such as the United States, we’ve seen an increasing level of public interest when it comes to health tracking and other electronic-oriented health efforts. This includes consumer interest in health apps as well as wearables like those recently unveiled by Sony, LG and Samsung.

At least for Samsung, introducing the Gear Fit and continually improving its S Health app seems to only the beginning. Today Samsung has sent out press invites for a special health-themed event where the company says “a new conversation about health is about to begin”.

it’s interesting to note that Engadget says its invite came from the Samsung semiconductor division

The Health event will take place in San Francisco on May 28th, but what’s the topic of conversation? With the Gear Fit just getting started, we doubt the focus will be on a new wearable tracker, though it’s interesting to note that Engadget says its invite came from the Samsung semiconductor division. This means we could be looking at talk relating to health sensors and other components that can be used in creating new fitness products — as opposed to something geared directly at consumers.

On the other hand, it is also possible that Samsung is getting ready to publicly release its S Health SDK. The SDK has been in beta since February, and with both the Gear Fit and Galaxy S5 now on the market, it makes sense that Samsung would want to get this out to consumers sooner rather than latter.

Regardless of what Samsung has in store for us, we’ll be sure to bring you more details as soon as they become public. What do you think of Samsung’s health-related efforts so far, have you been impressed by the Gear Fit or do you feel the Korean giant still has a long ways to go?

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