Samsung Has Shipped 1 Million Galaxy Note’s Globally

by: AlexanderDecember 29, 2011
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Yet another great milestone for Samsung, they have now shipped 1 million Galaxy Note’s globally. Today, Samsung announced this great milestone, and the funny thing is the Note isn’t even available on a single US carrier yet. So imagine how many they can sell once it’s available on AT&T or T-Mobile, without having to import it like we currently have to for the Galaxy Nexus.

Samsung says it will be available in America in the “next year” that is a huge time period, so my guess is around quarter two of next year, unfortunately for all those customers who really want the Galaxy Note, including me.

So why has the Galaxy Note sold so well? Is it because of the Scribble feature, that’s close to what the HTC Flyer has? Or could it be the big and beautiful 5.3″ HD screen? I’d say it’s a little bit of both. This was the first Android device since the Dell Streak to have such a huge screen, but when I used it, I fell in love with it.

If you want to know more about this herculean sized, incredibly powerful device, then check out our hands on review of the Samsung Galaxy Note here. 

Do you own a Galaxy Note? What reason was it that you picked the Note over the many other Android devices?

  • Open2learnany

    Off Course i have a Galaxy Note.I live in Middle East.
    It is the perfect size for Men.I love this Phoneblet.
    I sold my Galaxy S 2 and bought this.

  • Anonymous

    One explanation : my previous phone was the Dell Streak 5″. Same concept, only much much better and 25% lighter with a bigger crisper screen. And more ! A tablet to surf on that you can phone with.

  • Skylion

    I’m using the Galaxy Note on AT&T USA (as it does UNFORTUNATELY not have the T-Mobile 1700 UMTS Band) and Swisscom in Switzerland.

    Driver was the big Screen and Quad HSDPA+/UMTS Support. The Screen has the perfect size, big enough for browsing the web, awesome Navigation in the Car and Remote Desktop on a PC (Terminal Server, is now reality). Still it is small and light enough to fit in a Shirt Pocket, front or back jeans pocket without feeling uncomfortable.

    simply Awesome, but had a rocky trip getting AT&T not to shut my Dataplan off, as AT&T by error qualifies most Galaxy Note’s IMEI’s as Galaxy Tab’s instead. AT&T does not allow regular Phone-Plans to be used on a TabletPC.

    These XDA-Resources will help you if AT&T sends you warning SMS
    Problem Solved:
    Problem Thread:

    You may want to refer to these when you are with AT&T on the Phone trying to make them understand what is going on.
    It took me several calls in December with AT&T until I found a Supporter that finally understood what was going on and made sure I did not get cut off as he could verify that my IMEI really belongs to a Note and not a Tablet and a Not really is a Phone ;-)

    Most people that have iPhones are deeply impressed and think when they take the Note into their hands it is lighter than their iPhone. (What is actually not the case, but they think it as it is so much bigger than their iPhone=

    Conclusion: The best phone ever, and will get better when it gets CyanogenMod 9(preAlpha is out and Final should be there hopefully by the end of Feb)

    Only missing feature: 1700 UMTS Band, so you could be on T-Mobile USA / SimpleMobile and owuld not need to deal with horror AT&T.