Samsung will offer bundled Flip Covers soon, four for $100

by: nathanSeptember 21, 2012


You’ve been craving for the G-Note 2 since you saw it at IFA 2012. You have a Samsung Galaxy S3. You rooted your phone, unlocked your bootloader, run a custom ROM and your workdesk is cluttered with Android figurines. You my friend, are a big Android nerd. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add some practical fashion to your life.

New York just welcomed Pepcom’s Holiday Spectacular with open arms and the event was a big hit. On display were the signature Flip cases everyone has been drooling over. The available colours are Light and Cobalt Blues, Pink, Mint, Lime Greene, Orange and Yellow, in addition to Titanium Gray and Marble White.

Accessory bundles were also mentioned by Samsung, for those of you who always want to color match your phone with your daily clothes outfit. These bundles consists of 4 cases, cost a 100 smackers. Quite the deal when you note that a single case is $40. As for the availability factor, the awesome technicoloured Samsung accessory storm should be seen sometime this Fall.

  • wyndslash

    Love it, can’t wait! But I wonder how good those flip cases are at protecting the screen. I was hoping for a case with elastic closure at the front.

  • Have one in white, they are elegant, even if you do look a bit silly when your taking pictures.

  • Those cases are garbage, sorry Samsung I love you but they are. If you game then the case becomes very irritating & uncomfortable & it doesn’t protect the screen very well either. When gaming if you flip the case completely over against the back of the device it slids around interfering with your game & if you hold it half way or let it hang in landscape it digs into your fingers or hand. Then there’s the protective factor which is almost useless unless you also apply a screen protector because if you throw it in your pocket it can get dirt in between the flip cover and the screen & the movement in your pocket will grnd that dirt into the screen.
    I bought one of these case when I bought my Galaxy Note & used it for a week before I got so annoyed with it I had to take it off. I recommend a real good protective case like the Otter Box Defender which is what I have now. The screen on the Note series is very fragile so get a case that seems like 9verkill, iIdidn’t at first & because of it I’m on my second Galaxy Note in only a few months after a mere 4″ drop onto a wooden table. – KID ANDROID ( TEAM.ANDROID.CANADA) t

  • Is this a magnetic front cover like the smart cover for the iPad?

  • I will just run out an get a 4 pack now…NOT! Overpriced case. I rather protect the whole phone with a hardcase(which can be had for under $10) than just the screen.