An interesting new entry has appeared in Samsung’s Open Source Release Center database. Designated as the kernel source for a new device with model number GT-i9505G, it’s rumored to be Galaxy S4 Google Edition code. Why, you ask? Well, the smartphone’s release date – June 26 – is two days away, and Samsung’s Snapdragon edition of the GS4 is the GT-i9505. In addition, the new model number is listed as having received WiFi Alliance certification, and can be now found in the Bluetooth registry.

To add further credence to the rumor, pictures taken with the i9505G have been posted to Picasa recently, potentially (according to a source) by Google employees. While these photos are neigh impossible to verify, they’re the strongest evidence yet of a connection between the new model number and the Galaxy S4 Google Edition.

Of course, it’s entirely possible this source code is for some other smartphone entirely. The “G” at the end of the model number doesn’t necessarily indicate a Google Edition phone; Samsung’s released products before with similar naming schemes, like the 9100G. Looks like we might have to wait until June 26 to find out for sure, but until then, let the speculation and anticipation continue!

Kyle Wiggers
Kyle Wiggers is an avid writer, web designer, podcaster, and video producer with an acute interest in all things technology. When not reviewing or commentating on gadgets, apps, and videos, he enjoys reading New Yorker feature articles, tinkering with computers, and playing the occasional game of Rock Me Archimedes.
  • sfasljkas

    in other news, the gold s4 is sold out. who is the rich guy who bought one lol http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-57590787-1/gold-galaxy-s4-sells-out-gilded-htc-one-debuts/

  • scb1898

    Google, take my money!

  • Sudeepto Dutta

    I believe this model i.e. the i90505G is a stripped down version of GS4 because as it is mentioned in the post that Samsung did released i9100G QUIETLY in INDIA & MALAYSIA which was GS2 but with different CPU & GPU ….

    i9100 :
    Chipset – Exynos ; CPU – Dual core Cortex A9 ; GPU – Mali 400MP

    i9100G :
    Chipset – TI OMAP 4430 ; CPU – Dual core Cortex A9 ; GPU – PowerVR SGX540

    I fear that Samsung’s again opting for the same path with GS4 … :(