Yesterday the internet went gaga when rumors out of Korea suggested that Samsung was going to announce the Galaxy S4 at Mobile World Congress next year and then ship it a month later in March. Samsung, looking to make people ignore the S4 and focus on the recently launched S3, wrote a tweet in their native language today saying:

“Please note that some media reported speculation that the Galaxy S III subsequent models will be released in a simple rumor; is not true. Fixed I’m not doing anything, why spread these rumors?”

Horrible Google Translation aside, let’s go back to the original rumor and dissect it. Who was the source? None other than The Korea Times, which has a fantastic track record, most likely because they have direct connections with Samsung’s employees. Is their prediction about a February announcement plausible? Sure, both the first and second generation Galaxy S models were announced at Mobile World Congress. The GS3 was announced at a Samsung event because the company wanted to A) Distance themselves from the noise generated by other companies and B) To show off a product just a few weeks before it was ready to be sold.

But is a March launch actually possible? Yes, and we think it’s incredibly important too. The GS3 was announced in early May, and while it did ship later that month, it wasn’t until early June when you could really say it was on store shelves around the world. Apple’s iPhone 5 goes on sale this Friday. That’s June, July, August, and half of September for the GS3 to be on sale with little to no competition.

If the GS4 goes on sale in March, say early March, and the iPhone 5S comes out in late September or early October, that lets Samsung wear the flagship device crown for half a year. We also know that Apple will announce the next iPad during the spring, and it’s probably going to cost $500, so why not give those people an option to spend that money on a Samsung smartphone instead?

We know it’s crazy to be talking about the GS4 this early, but February is just five months away. Time flies too. Before you know it Google will announce a whole slew of Nexus devices, they’ll probably show off Android 4.2 (or 5.0?) Key Lime Pie, and your GS3, which you once thought was amazing, will probably just become “meh”.

  • Xeno

    This is a conspiracy by technology companies to keep us broke. I will not fall for it.

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      I’d argue it’s easier *not* to spend your money. Most companies release a ton of garbage these days. When you think about it, there are only really a handful of phone models worth buying each year.

      • Kassim

        @Stefan Too true…I have been ‘waiting’ to buy a tablet for ages now but everytime, there’s something that makes me think: “hmm, i think I’ll wait for that one there so that I can have that feature” and has been going this way for the best part of a year and a half now. And yes, most of the other crap doesn’t meet my standards in enough categories.

        When I DO finally come to buy one, it will surely be because I can’t hold out any longer for a larger screen for my mobile gaming/media/browsing etc.

        That time is fast approaching, especially with Ativ tabs, Surface tabs, Windows 8 and Full HD tablets in general on the horizon…

  • hoggleboggle

    ” that lets Samsung wear the flagship device crown for half a year” – so far the iphone 5 hasn’t revealed anything that puts the current crown at risk in terms of hardware and software. we’ll have to see if the iphone5 sales figures can hold beyond the initial surge of hardcore rabid iFans.

  • Hikari0307

    From a business viewpoint, they should not stop milking the SIII too soon so it seems unlikely. Having such a short life-cycle doesn’t sound like something good for a flagship like the SIII. If we were to assume Samsung is working on yet another Nexus device which might appear later this year or early next year, they might not want a new Galaxy S to disrupt sales of that device either which is going to be sold alongside the Galaxy SIII as a flagship.

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      Companies tend to work on multiple generations at the same time. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Galaxy S V is already in the design stage already. When I was at Nokia we were working on devices due to be launched in the current year, the year after, and the year after that. It’s just business.