Samsung unveils Gold Editions of the Samsung Galaxy S4

by: Andrew GrushSeptember 25, 2013


Last Friday the iPhone 5S went on sale, flaunting a 64-bit processor and a new champagne (gold) color. Craving that shiny gold look on a flagship Android device? Samsung has your back, as the SamsungMobileArabia account has now taken to Twitter to introduce the Gold Edition Samsung Galaxy S4.

Unlike the iPhone 5S, Samsung actually has two different gold models in the works: Gold Pink and Gold Brown. We imagine that these handsets are simply rocking gold colored plastic, but that doesn’t make them any less attractive.

When can we expect the new Gold Edition handsets? That’s a good question. Right now, no pricing or launch details have been released.

Unlike the iPhone 5S, Samsung actually has two different gold models in the works: Gold Pink and Gold Brown.

It’s also worth mentioning that only Samsung’s United Arab Emirates accounts are currently advertising the device, so it’s hard to say whether or not these gold-colored handsets will eventually be launched internationally.

As to be expected, we are already hearing cries about how Samsung is merely copying Apple.

Let’s face it, these cries are probably at least half-right. That said, it is important to remember that it generally takes time to create a new handset and to market get it ready for the market (even if it’s based on existing hardware), so it seems very unlikely that these new colors were thrown together after the iPhone 5S announcement.

That means Samsung’s Gold Edition handsets likely were simply inspired by earlier rumors that suggested Apple was considering a gold edition of the iPhone 5S.

Is that really a bad thing? Depends on who you ask. In the mobile business, handsets often find design inspiration by watching out for what its competition is doing. In this case, Samsung at least showed a little creativity by mixing gold sides and a gold backplate with a pink or brown front.

Will this anger the hell out of Apple fans and Apple’s lawyers? Probably so.

What do you think of the new Gold Edition Samsung Galaxy S4 models, do you hope to see these Gold-colored handsets released in a region near you? Conversely, do you feel this is nothing more than a shameless attempt to copy of Apple’s new Champagne look for the iPhone 5S?

  • MasterMuffin

    Plastic? Meh, I’d buy it if it was real gold.


    • Gilles LeBlanc

      Hahaha yea its pretty tacky.

    • rijoenpial

      The bezel on the S4 is not plastic, it is chromed!… And it certainly looks a lot more classy than the white/champagne mate finish on the iPhone 5s… It will actually LOOK like gold, shinny and classy… Black and gold? Awesome! Pink and gold? Excellent for the ladies! See, Samsung thinks about both spectra of the consummer population… ;-)

      • MasterMuffin

        It’s brown and gold :P And yea, that pink option is totally going to sell well

    • V-Phuc

      After you put it in a protective case, can you tell about the color, and even the material (plastic or metal)? I’d think it would be wise to have a protective case, no? One doesn’t want to break/chip/damage the new smartphone only after a few days of use, yes?

      • MasterMuffin

        So why would anyone buy this then? You didn’t get the point of my comment, no? Your way of commenting is really annoying, yes?

  • Jeff Moreira

    Let’s not forget that if Samsung copied Apple with the gold colour, Apple copied everybody else when they released the 5C with several colours.
    That is something that everybody was doing it already but Apple.

    Actually, are we really discussing “copying colours thing”?

    • fatyss

      What , have you seen apple iPod , iPod touch lineup of colour and smart covers for ipad even there 2000 gmac and everyone is blaming Samsung because after one week of iPhone gold color success they released this as a reaction.

      • Jeff Moreira

        Hmm, true, complete forgot them.

        Still, saying that someone is copying colours is just stupid.

      • rijoenpial

        as a ‘reaction’, it looks far better than the matte dull champagne colour of the i5s. Deal with it! And I concur with the writer that this was done in advance of the iPhone 5S announcement, because the S4 has actually a shinny gold bezel, unlike the iPhone 5S… If they were to actually copy Apple, they would repeat the matte finish…! So, yet again, Samsung puts their money where Apple’s mouth is! HAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Tejeshwar Singh

      what about apple copying all the OS features from Android, windows and blackberry and incorporating them in iOS 7… now that is what you call copying… and second example would be ipad mini, which came after nexus 7…lolzzzz

  • Oli72

    they will sell like hot cakes regardless of the naysayers.

    • rijoenpial

      Yeah… I will buy the black golden one for sure! ;-)

    • JohnHarrison cheap classless idiot!

  • cycad007

    So predictable…

    • AndroidShiz

      Unlike Apple. Who could possibly predict that it would take almost four phones before they even allowed wallpaper behind their row of icons. It’s crazy over there in Appletini town with unpredictability.

  • Mac Mcpherson

    Apple copied androids multitasking with ios7, and that “new” spotlight search keyboard looks pretty familiar too…

    • Sean Karpa

      The multitasking looks more like WebOS. So if apple copied android, android copied WebOS.
      Although I think they both copied WebOS.

      • fatyss

        no youare wrong have you used ios safari when you change to other page it bring the cards and its since ios 1.0 , the multasking is iteration of its own safari browser.

      • viaimages

        Android was created long before WebOS

        • Sean Karpa

          Wow, please do your research. iOS was created before Android, so by your logic, Android copied iOS on everything ( I DON’T BELIEVE THIS, IT IS SARCASM).

          Here are several sources that will show you that Palm OS is the origin of Android’s multitasking:

          • viaimages

            LOL i said WebOS! dam u apple fans are so intelligent* (*this is sarcasm).. i didn’t even go near apple with that one.. just for that.. WebOS was created by Palm and released in 2009, and later used by HP. iOS was released in 2007. Android was created in 2005. Google bought it out and released it to the public in 2008. so, yeah.. Android came before iOS

          • Sean Karpa

            I understand. The fact that the WebOS guy worked on android and brought the style of multitasking supports my point.
            You are saying that android was in development in 2005. I forget apple could program in a week….. Not. iOS was unveiled in 2007, it was likely in development 3 years prior, possibly more. But if it was released a year before android, it’s not a bad assumption to say it started developing earlier. Apple did not have massive resources like google at that time.

          • viaimages

            No where in any of your posted links does it hint that iOS was created before Android!

    • viaimages

      Apple’s iPhone iOS has always had some kind of multi-tasking capabilities since inception, but the OS acts differently then Android, which is a true multi-tasking environment in any core system, 1x, 2x, 4x, etc.. the new iOS 7 just adds a different UX then previous

  • lol

    wow, just wow. samsung is really not shy about copying.

    • Lolocaust

      Neither is apple, what’s your point lol

      • Tuấn Ankh

        Apple, the great company that copies all the time…
        With confidence.

        I think Steve Jobs would gladly agree.

  • Tuấn Ankh

    Now this is what gold color should look like!!!

  • Groud Frank

    The only thing more predictable about this is Apple trying to sue them for the colour. The copying model has worked for Samsung. I don’t mind at all. We make improvements to things by building on current successes and failure. After all, Stevie-boy said that Apple has always been nameless and shameless about stealing great ideas. The iPhone 5s would not be what it is today had it not been for Samsung and other Android OEMs. I am just happy to be caught in the middle of this smartphone war. Stiff competition will result in companies trying to out do each other and that means better products….hopefully.

  • Yama

    Why is my shit sometimes green and sometimes brown?

    Ps, i always dreamed about hitting monkeyballs.

  • Benjamin

    See no point in introducing this option. This will only target certain & a small group of consumers, who are really particular about having a fancy & a device that’s out of the usual norm. Two cents worth though. Well, with that said, let’s see how’s the response in the upcoming months.

  • Roj Beraña

    “That said, it is important to remember that it generally takes time to create a new handset and to market get it ready for the market (even if it’s based on existing hardware), so it seems very unlikely that these new colors were thrown together after the iPhone 5S announcement.”

    so quick to bash apple. so quick to defend samsung

  • iLatrell_

    if they want to out sell apple with these they should release them with the snapdragon 800 and an update 4.3 and some new features that way it almost like new, could call it the Galaxy S4. 2 lol jk with the name.

  • frankie

    writer, samsung released the galaxy golden a few months back as well as other gold phones wayyy back

  • ditchdoc68

    Wow. Nothing says classy like gold colored plastic! By the way, what’s with all the holes on the front of the face plate?

  • Kettzy

    The brown gold combination looks wonderful. Love it. Hope they carry it on with the future phones.

  • Kettzy

    I dont care what dumb fans of opposition say but I love what they’ve done with the phone… even the wallpaper goes perfectly with the color tone. And I’m quite sure they started working on this even before the competition announced their “flagship” a few days ago. Else, samsung would’ve announced gold S4 no earlier than november at least if they wanted to copy the competition.

  • Tejeshwar Singh

    what is the point of having gold phones when they have to be in a case/cover eventually…!!


  • AndroidShiz

    What? This is outrageous! Apple came out with a black 3G/S and a white, then everyone else came out with these amazing colors too! Apple invents the rectangle and next thing you know all the phones that used to be completely circle in shape, are now rectangle like. Now we have the color gold being copied. The world is going mad I say. These are end times for sure!

  • aznmode1

    The samsung tab 3 is has a darker gold and brown combo as well and it came out before the 5s

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    Only arabs can afford this!

  • Vinnie

    There’s a high class gold phone on the market. So now there’s a cheap gold phone on the market.

  • Lee

    plastic & gold coloured bezel. Yeah, really classy Samsung. Like street jewellery. As for Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Microsoft…. Everyone copies, mobile products are hardly “original” these days. The difference is, Apple copies & usually does a damn well job of it. Samsung copies and… Its trash you pick from a street market.

  • Denise

    Samsung has been around forever. Why did it take everyone so ling to figure out apple made money cayse of sonething new back then. You can’t access many things. I had the iphone 4 and ipad. Maybe the concept is good but now apple copied the Galaxy s4 because I have that phone and compared. The Gakaxy is the best phone out period. It is the only phone you don’t need an app to share info. With the galaxy you push a prompt the info literally is on the phone its called the bump or the beam. Its like something from Star Trek. Apple has nothing on Samsung.

    • Lee

      Yeah, try using S-Beam to send pics, vids or music to a Nokia, HTC, Apple phone. You can only use it to send your files to ANOTHER S4, and that’s it. The iPhone has Airdrop, which you can use to send it to other Apple products like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Again, its not a lift from Samsung. Airdrop was introduced first for all Macs to send files between different Macs. You like Samsung, nothing wrong with it. But Apple phone(s) are better. You know why? No Android! No malware. No shitty apps. No lag. And a better overall user experience.

      • Kettzy

        I will just laugh at your comment… haha… :))

        • Lee

          We can do one better & laugh together at Android. it is funnier than my comment.

  • Tamburlaine

    Haha, loving it. So tacky, so tasteless. Perfect for the streets of Dubai (which it looks like this edition is basically made specifically for).

  • viaimages

    who cares who did what first, or who copied who.. this is all about consumer options. other manufactures should come out with gold phones too.

  • Dave Michaels

    Is this how petty our society has become when we argue phone colors? Maybe, we should pick our fights and argue something that’s worth arguing.

  • Francis

    LOl you’ve gotta be kidding..

  • seyss

    samsung is PATHETIC. dog-eaters are shameless. and you mindless americans prefer giving money overseas to these ppl

    • Kettzy

      Watch your language dude… Criticizing for fun is good and is supposed to be taken in a sporting spirit. Commenting using such language and being racist is not acceptable.

      There’s a term called “Globalization” where anybody in the world can take help from anyone in the world which circulates the money between countries and keeps their economies stable.

      If Apple and other American companies stop taking help from outside world, none of the companies would be able to survive even for 6 months.

      The memory chips and even the SoCs powering your iPhone are made by Samsung. So, deal with it and if you’re so disgusted by anything but American, you can go, f*** yourself.

      Be Proud that you live in such a beautiful world and keep your mind clean so that things don’t look PATHETIC to you.

      • JohnHarrison

        Bunch of koreans ..profiting off the US mainstream.. which they secretly hate

  • GoogleFan

    Mmmm… Where did they get this idea?

  • jasxgamer

    Gold pink? LMAO
    the bitch chick love it!

  • nickcore

    I just got a gs4, I want a gold one

  • JohnHarrison

    The lowest low esteem of all …samsung is knock off by dirty cheap fly by night operators… makes it more low class…. now every S4 is doubted…..

    Fake or Real S4