With the release of the iPhone 4S, Samsung did their part in promoting their own device, the Galaxy S II. Although many people were pretty disappointed by the release of the 4S, Samsung knows that it still poses as a threat in the market. Therefore, they have created a nice little comparison chart that highlights the Samsung Galaxy S II’s triumph over the iPhone 4S. Take a look for yourself below:

Main Differences

Samsung is quick to point out that the Galaxy S II has the following characteristics in which they believe will help the Galaxy S II beat out the iPhone 4S:

  • 4G Capabilities
  • Super AMOLED Plus
  • 4.3-4.5″ Screen
  • Front-Facing 2MP Camera
  • 1080p “High Profile”
  • Weighs Only 4.3 oz
  • Battery = Removable
  • HDTV Remote Control Capable
  • Gingerbread
  • Supports up to 32 GB External Storage
  • Cost is Not Dependent Upon Storage (iPhone Price Goes Up With Storage Increase)


Now that the Nexus Prime has been “re-packed” for awhile, Samsung is using their free time to promote the Galaxy S II. Frankly, they have noted a few key differences and few pieces of bologna. For example, the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S II is 4G capable and the display is larger are the 2 main differences here. On the other hand, adding “High Profile” to 1080p and “preferred 2 to 1” to the display is something that Apple could easily argue against.

Although we agree that this is a pretty un-classy move by the Korean giant, they are only trying to promote their own product.

Source: Computerworld

Matthew Sabatini
Matt has been an Android fanatic since the original Motorola Droid. In addition to designing web pages, running his own company, and going to school, he finds time to write for Android Authority. Matt still owns that good old Droid 1 and a Xoom Family Edition.
  • AppleFUD

    ifans will buy iphones. . . Samsung needs to look to the billions that don’t have smartphones. they need to make their devices “cool” fast and slick. . . they’ve always been one of the main cell phone makers and people have generally liked them thus it shouldn’t be too hard to transfer that to smartphones.

    • Samsung galaxy s2, DROID RAZR, and HTC Rezound are available for $0.01 on penny-pincher promo http://bit.ly/vZmxGCm while, Apple iphones price remain the same throughout the holidays!

  • this is little old . Even i posted it long time ago .

  • Sean Livingston

    Only thing unclassy about it may be the emphasis on highprofile, but I think that samsung should compete like this. The business relationship was fine up until and unknowm moment between the company, the roots of which were seen by the release of the galaxy line with similarities to the iphone, and the frivolous patent claims by apple. I think they should take every opportunity to compete against apple in the market place, however, I dislike the lawsuit nonsense they have decided to do.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, Sammy is scared of the iPhone 4S! They know the iPhone has proven specs are just part of what makes a great phone. Industrial design, an optimized and finished OS, apps, a first class ecosystem that provides better security from malware and viruses for its users, industry leading customer care all integrated with a well balanced set of equipment specs and you have what makes the iPhone a great device. Neither Sammy nor any Android phone manufacturer can match Apple’s offerings. To top it off, the iPhone is considered the best smartphone available and it’s also the best selling.

    • android user.. duh

      apple phones have less customization. if you are a computer noob and don’t like having the freedom to do what you want with your own device that you paid money for then by all means go apple. Apple does not support 4g which makes internet browsing agonizingly slow. When my phone doesn’t have 4g service i simply don’t use it due to the slow speed. (verizon thunderbolt) gets around 20 mbps average which is more than my cable provider can say. Not to mention apple phones don’t support flash so you are missing out on MOST of the web (not like it would load flash anyway due to 3g only speeds). And after all this you still pay more money for the apple device. Makes me wonder how some people remember to breathe.

    • Blink2wice

      iPhone fans really need to look outside their pretty little well & see what’s actually been happening on the other side! hahaha – just the language of one of my Apple fan friends said it all – he said ‘Oh! can you do that?’ hahahaha, yes, we have choices!

      • Anonymous

        A friend of mine (isheep) saw me watching a video in 1080p on my Epic TOuch 4G the other day and he said “Hey, how’d you get that video on your phone???!” LOL

  • Anonymous

    One thing, with the iPhone (new in iOS 5) you don’t need iTunes to update or activate. iCloud and OTA does that now

    • lovetech60

      We have this in the name of Dropbox. And it’s free! Even non androids, like iphone can have it. Steve Jobs liked it so much he offered 9 figures to buy out this company. Thank you very much Dropbox!!

      • What I meant is that the table is wrong, that you need itunes to activate.

  • Comment Reply

    how many Samsung devices are yet to be banned in Europe and Australia? Samsung Copies should be the name of their products.

    • Flamencolee

      iSheep Apple fanboy knows alot. Bans have been overturned. Apple is trying to snuff out competition by locking-up all possible user interfaces. I like a bigger phone than 3.5 inches. 4 inches is minimum so we don’t need a magnifying glass..

  • This should be titled “Samsung iPhone Clone” or “SPC”, the latest and greatest from a company lacking in innovation and creative vision. Or how about, iPhone Knock-Off King. Get your Samsung IPOK, the new smartphone from Samsung with truly visionary design “chuckle” and host of other similar shiznit..lol.

    • Anonymous

      The iphone4S is the first iphone to have features that my 2 yr old Droid Incredible had. 8Mp camera, notification bar, ability to multitask, the list goes on.

      Wow Apple, you’re SO “innovative” LOL

  • Camera Switch

    The iPhone has a dedicated camera button? You mean the volume switch, Samsung? The idea that some developer made into an app, Apple removed from the app store and implemented it in iOS5?

  • Joo Joo

    Pls, if they want to make a comparison, please provide full details of both side and highlight opponent’s strong point too. The chart is misleading

    • It’s nt, whenever there are no blue txt’s on SGS2 side they are equal or iP is better.