Apps people, apps! What good are our tablets, smartphones or phablets with massively powerful multi-core processing under the hood if they don’t have apps that can push the hardware to its limits? That’s possibly the thinking behind Samsung’s Smart App Challenge 2012, a global competition that the Korean company hopes will help boost the number of proprietary apps for their Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note.  Sammy has divided the contest into two categories – “Samsung Apps Super Apps” and “Best S Pen Apps” – and will hand out $4.08 million in prize money to 80 winners. That’s a lot of moolah, folks. And Samsung, that’s a terrible name for a contest, just saying.

For those interested, here’s more of how the contest works:

For the first category, the “Samsung Apps Super Apps” category, winners will be chosen based on what apps get downloaded most. This include the 30 most downloaded games, and the 30 most downloaded “non-game apps”. For the “Best S Pen App” category, a team of judges will determine 20 winners based on how the apps use the S Pen in the most interesting and exciting ways.  Calling all genius broke developers – time to get the creativity juices flowing.

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Alongside the monetary gain that winners will get, the developers will also receive a wide range of promotional benefits, such as the chance to promote their apps through Samsung’s extensive list of online and offline platforms.

If fame, fortune and recognition are among the goals you hold dear, go ahead and sign yourself up on the App Challenge website, and don’t forget to register the apps on Samsung Apps as well.The contest will run all the way until September 30. We wish you the best of luck!

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