Samsung Gear smartwatch to launch along Note 3, report claims

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 14, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Gear concept

Without specifying any sources, Sam Mobile just “confirmed” that Samsung Gear will be launched on September 4 at the Unpacked 2 press event in Berlin. The device will supposedly bear the SM-V700 designation. Details on its appearance and features are scarce for now, but the device will reportedly work in tandem with the Note 3.

What is Samsung Gear? It’s a smartwatch, a wearable computer that will supposedly connect and work with Samsung smartphones. A design patent that Samsung filed in South Korea last month potentially gives us a good idea of what the Gear looks like. Based on these schematics, some creative folks created the renders you can see at the top of this post.

Samsung smartwatch patent

Samsung smartwatch patent

Sam Mobile has a relatively good track record when it comes to delivering information that Samsung would probably like to remain confidential. Today’s report also seems to corroborate a report about Samsung Gear that we got from Korean media earlier this month.

Will Samsung be the first major player to market a wearable device? Chances for that are pretty good, we think.

  • kokopelli

    Samsung might be the first with a successful wearable device but hardly the first. Sony Ericsson released a series of smart watches and more recently you have the unsuccessful motoactv.

    • Rajvir Singh

      Its all about marketing!!!
      Look how many iPhones Apple sells even when they have a mid range phone going for a high end price point..

      • Enes Taşdemir

        iPhone 5 is actually better than s3 when it comes to specs.

  • YoungHermit

    In my opinion, Samsung should’ve baked the S Health gimmick into the smartwatch, not the S4

    • Abdel Aziz Farhi

      I guess they will, it makes sens.

    • Jaun Lombard

      S-band feature will probably be in the smartwatch…

  • End in sight

    Well, if Samsung announces this on Sept 4 and Apple announces theirs on Sept 10 (speculation), then I suppose Samsung wants to beat Apple to the punch.

    • fourzero4040

      They’ll probably release it months after Apple though.

  • JediMaster

    Okay, so we’re going from smartphones to smart watches. What’s next? Smart jewellery?

  • rawhl;k

    would be nice if it functioned with other android devices

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    I would definitely like to get a Samsung Gear, would be awesome.

  • Guest Critic

    Shut up, and take my money!

  • cvgordo

    i’m not really sure what i’d use one for but if it’s reasonably priced…ie less than 100 bucks i’d highly consider getting it with a note 3 just because.
    what sort of stuff would people use this for?? read text messages on your wrist? that’s the only thing i could come up with..maybe a pedometer..

  • What if it comes with the galaxy note 3 as a free accessory LOL

  • Jun Hong

    and suddenly BOOM. Support for TIzen only.

  • AndroidFan

    I hope it can connect with Sony Xperia Z Ultra, don’t get me wrong, Note 3 is awesome(probably) but i want a larger screen. i love nexus 7 and to minimize my thing i want an 7 inches screen to read, write and watch movie :).

  • Joe Vicious

    I’ll get one if it can pair w/ any android phone, restricting it to only Samsung phones would be kind of dumb.. understandable but dumb

  • Jaun Lombard

    If the Samsung Smartwatch resembles the rendering it will be the best smartwatch (compared to the Sony at least). Samsung needs the best smartwatch to be classified as an innovator, because the Note 3 won’t cut it. The Note 3 compared to the Sony i1…well the Note and Sony will come with the same hardware, but the Sony will have better looks, water resistant, 20 megapixel camera…and the Note will be bigger and stylus. Thus the Note wont be a game changer, their tablets are not game changers except the hybrid tab from Samsung…all the more reason why the smartwatch need to be the best.

  • 2gerry

    Unbelievable…..”will Samsung be the first to market a wearable device?”, are you kidding me? You’re a freaking senior editor? Didn’t you hear about the freaking Sony Smartwatch and others that came out a while back? The Sony one is even pending release of their second version model. Isn’t that product considered a wearable device? Now, should we ask your question again?

  • songti

  • Aaron

    The HOT watch that’s on kickstarter is the only one that offers a private phone call feature. That’s the best feature I’ve seen and the only thing that really makes theses watches appealing.

  • junkmac18

    I really like the HOT Smart Watch. It’s the only watch you can make calls with by hand motions! Watch the video at

  • junkmac18

    I really like the HOT Smart Watch. It’s the only watch you can make calls with by hand motions! Watch the video at