Samsung Gear Fit will support both vertical and horizontal display orientation after all

by: Andrew GrushApril 8, 2014


After Samsung unveiled the latest members of the Gear family at MWC, there seemed to be a large number of folks that genuinely were more interested in the looks and even feature set of the Gear Fit over the Gear 2 or the Gear 2 Neo.

Part of the appeal of the Fit is that it has a much more attractive design than many smartwatches and even quite a few existing fitness bands. The Fit also has a fairly impressive looking display for a smartband-type of device. On the downside, the display did have a major flaw when we first saw it at MWC.

The Fit was meant to be worn on the wrist, but at MWC we learned that the device only displayed content horizontally, making it difficult to read when actually wearing the device. This seemed like a pretty odd design move, and one that could prove bothersome to future Gear Fit owners. The good news is that Samsung has apparently issued an update to the Gear Fit that resolves the issue by adding a portrait orientation, as you can see in the picture above.

Considering the Gear Fit patch was just issued and the device is already about to hit retail stores, we imagine that the vertical viewing mode won’t be available right out of the box. Of course it probably won’t be too difficult to patch the device for those that decide to pick up the watch.

What do you think, interested in picking up the Gear Fit — or does another smartwatch or fitness band catch your eye, instead?

  • Justin

    Dead in the water; please see Android Wear.

  • jaketyler27

    i would have thought people had the brains to wear it on the under side of the wrist?! ***all try holding up the inside of your wrist*** so much easier to use and if i bought one of these i wouldnt want people noticing it too much on my wrist anyhow. horizontal viewing, you might as well buy the gear 2

  • xd feng

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  • Ken Otsuka

    An even worst move is pairing exclusively with Samsung devices.