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Samsung is going to launch a brand new line of Android tablets soon, according to a credible report. Dubbed Galaxy Tab S, these devices will feature powerful specifications, fingerprint sensors, and high definition AMOLED displays.

The report comes from a source of Sam Mobile, a site that has often leaked insider information about upcoming Samsung devices.

The first two devices in the series will be the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and the Galaxy Tab S 10.5, both of which will feature 2560×1600 AMOLED displays. It’s the first time we have a name attached to these devices, but not the first time rumors about them emerge. Reports out of South Korea have been hinting at Samsung’s upcoming AMOLED tablets since December.

So, why are these AMOLED displays a big deal? It’s because AMOLED, as exemplified in the Galaxy S5, is emerging as the best display technology, bar none. According to the experts at Display Mate, the Galaxy S5 has the best display they ever tested, AMOLED or LCD. If Samsung manages to bring the same quality to a large AMOLED tablet, results will be fantastic.

Samsung has experimented with AMOLED tablets before, but the 2011 Galaxy Tab 7.7 was just that, an experiment, and a largely failed one. In the three years since the Tab 7.7’s release, Samsung improved AMOLED technology tremendously, making it ready for primetime.

AMOLED is ready for primetime

But it’s not just the display. Sam Mobile goes on to list some very attractive specs for the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and Tab S 10.5. These include an octa-core Exynos 5 (5420) SoC, combining four Cortex A15 cores with four Cortex A9 cores and a Mali T628 GPU, 3GB of RAM, an 8MP rear camera, LTE connectivity (depending on variant), and an IR blaster.

Just like the Galaxy S5, the Tab S line will feature a fingerprint sensor embedded in the home button, an IR blaster, and the same dimpled texture on the back cover. Available in white and grey, the tablets will run Android 4.4.2 out of the box.

If this report is accurate, Samsung could have a powerful competitor to Apple’s iPads in the pipeline, especially for fans of AMOLED screens. A lot depends on the price though – the Galaxy TabPRO line, introduced at CES, also comes with super crisp 2560×1600 LCD panels, but their stingy price tags put them out of reach for many potential buyers.

No information yet on the release date of the Galaxy Tab S tablets, but with a “Prime” version of the Galaxy S5 rumored for June, Samsung may use the opportunity to drop another bombshell.

Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • Jusephe

    I am just asking, why samsung pushes so hard on fingerprint scaners when everybody thinks it is a bad addition to the samsung s5 ? Because Apple is going to put Touch ID in their iPad in about 5 months ? Like why not make an experimental phone and do not push primitive technology into flagships ?

    About price it will be at least 150$ more than pro tablets and… That SoC are you kidding me ?

    • bob

      yeah, samsung implementation of fingerprint technology is indeed primitive… maybe they should wait a couple of years until they make it better, eg. more like apple?

      • wat


      • The-Sailor-Man

        The FPS on S5 works way better and accurate than on iphone5S.

        Try to live with that.

        I agree that FPScanner is BS feature, and Samsung put it , just to hunt brainwashed from the Apple’s propaganda ppl.

        But the normal ppl never even mention FPS(or the HBS), when they make the list of the great S5 features. Right? Only the menial media, and the iboys bring it back for “discussion”, because even BS, that’s the only thing they have.

        • LordQuad

          “The FPS on S5 works way better and accurate than on iphone5S.” Completely, totally, 110% false! Not sure how you’ve come to that conclusion as it’s only you and whoever ‘up’voted you. The 5s FP scanner is instantaneous, easy to achieve, regardless of how you’re holding your phone and the 7.1/.11 updates increased it’s capabilities (& speed) significantly. Not sure what you’re smoking. But I’d love some if you’re sharing! (Owner of Note3, S5 and iPhone 5s, the S5 is going back Wednesday (29th day of my ‘trial’). I’m sticking with the Note3. Just so you’re aware I’m experienced. Love em both. Android and iOS. Both are excellent operating systems, both are leading the pack in the mobile sector…and I’m rooting on ONE of the Android OEMs to get the tablet ‘right’ so developers of tablet optimized apps will take hold in the play store. Right now, as it is…tablet computing is best done on an iPad. Unless you’re using only stock apps, the iOS App Store is filled with excellent tablet optimization and parity apps that work across devices, iPhone, Mac, and iPad. I’m excited to see this news as I’m definitely enjoying these new SuperAMOLED displays (though conflicting measurements between the two sites I lean on the most for display accuracy and performance are in disagreement. While AMOLED has come a LONG way, saturation is still an issue [Anand’s measurement vs DisplayMate] and the accuracy for our video production business is paramount), I’m still definitely an LCD proponent when the display is larger than phone/phablet size (+6″) for playback, client proofing and final product.
          Samsung’s TouchWiz was the joke of the industry BUT over the past 16-18 months it’s cool to see how much they’ve improved the ‘bloat’. They spent the time with the S5/Note 3 and the snapdragon 800 SoCs improving the already existing elements of the OS itself. The N3 is the quickest Android I’ve owned and samsung deserves credit for refining the additional elements instead of piling more half ass crap on top. It would be cool to see them succeed because the iPad MS suite is phenomenal for a 1.0 drop. It’s time we get some PlayStore options for these killer tablets with KitKat!

    • MasterMuffin

      Because some people get fooled by marketing and think that the fingerprint sensor is a must

      • Samsungfan

        Obviously Samsung Is The Feature King Where Its Wants As Many Features It Can Put On A Device Which Im 1000% Fine With That

        • MasterMuffin

          I Don’t Understand Why People Write Like This. Does Your Keyboard Do It Automatically Or What?

          • Bryan Z

            LOL!!! Well I Think It’s Because They Read Somewhere That’s How You Write Headlines and for SEO Purposes Too. A (got tired of writing like a douche) nd given the fact the person is fanboy(girl) I’m sure just wants to do what he can to help out Samsung lol

  • Edge of Surreality

    Are these LEAKS reliable, or could it be they are being procured by Samsung rivals to slow sales of Samsung ‘s newly released Tab 4 line? If they are true then Samsung is making current tablets obsolete before most people are even aware they exist, and they run great risk of alienating their brand loyalists!

    • wat

      Not at all, these will be premium models with higher prices where the Galaxy Tab range is cheap and crappy. They are just catering to more tiers and price ranges, Welcome to design.

    • Edge of Surreality

      Figures, I just ordered the Note Pro 12.2 yesterday….it’s $100 off this week… maybe that’s why : (

    • The-Sailor-Man

      “and they run great risk of alienating their brand loyalists!”

      More and more often tablets (smarphones) make it better for consumers.
      Better prices, latest updated specs, and features.
      Or you prefer one iphone model every 2 years? ROTFL

  • supremekizzle

    Don’t you think their tablet offerings are diverse enough already? I had an OG note 10.1 and since they abandoned it months after release, I’ll never buy Samsung again. They release new tabs every few months and completely leave the “old” ones in the dirt.

    • Ruben Alicea Feliciano

      That’s truth no updates I am waiting for one with the tegra k1

  • Joshua Hill

    The picture caption says ‘LCD’ throughout the article you use ‘AMOLED’. The caption should say ‘AMOLED’. Sorry to nitpick but this could confuse some readers.

    • Joshua Hill

      My bad the picture is of a different model tablet that does use a LCD display.

  • Josh Fisher

    Yeah this seems like alittle overkill to me! I purchased the tab pro 8.4 and Love IT!! Its a great product. Why are they so intent on putting so many tablets out into the market? There’s the old samsung tab’s, the note series, the new bottom line tab series, the new pro and now these ???? Wtf. They should have just waited and put all the new amoled model specs into the pro and launched the devices that way…is the clarity that much better than what’s on the tab pro 8.4 currently? Probably not

  • KillEmAllx

    Bring dem AMOLED displays, I need an AMOLED laptop and TV. So freaking tired of backlight bleeding.

  • Guest

    A finger print scanner on a tablet ? Come on that’s gonna fail again ! Maybe

  • rose

    No leak is accurate with regards to samsung. Everyone expects the best for this product when in fact if it announced all will only be dissapointed! This fact is true.

  • welshblood

    Why was the 7.7 a “failed experiment”? I had one imported, as I could not get one in the UK. Still going strong, with no problems!