Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Set To Be Released Sometime in August?

by: glennAugust 8, 2011
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I know many of you have been waiting for the debut of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 in the market. Try to reign in your excitement for a little while longer though as the exact date of its release isn’t confirmed as of yet. While it’s been offered for pre-order over at Amazon UK, its list price has been fluctuating between £600 and £606. And its ship date has been changing almost daily too.

It’s common for suppliers to get a hold of precious pre-consumer market units of yet unreleased devices for earlier offering. While some gadget fanatics would rather wait for an official release, there are those who’d line up just to get the very first rolled out units. Would you be heading over to Amazon UK now or would you be willing to wait it out until Samsung officially starts rolling out the Galaxy Tab 8.9?

Much anticipation has been surrounding its release after its bigger tablet counterpart, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, came out earlier this month. Already a very popular model, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 might just not be the device for everyone. While sporting an ample 10.1 inches of screen, this model may be a little too heavy and too bulky for some Android tablet fans out there.

With the Galaxy Tab 8.9 however, you’ve got an entirely handy tablet. It weighs just slightly over a pound and its thickness is a mere 9 millimeters. It is a truly light and slim tablet, one which won’t strain your hands. Clearly, it is Samsung’s answer to Apple’s iPad2.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 may be easy to carry but under the hood it’s no lightweight. It has a powerful 1GHz dual-core processor, a gigabyte of RAM, and runs the Android 3.1 Honeycomb operating system. Plus it’s got Bluetooth 3.0 and a front- and rear-facing camera that are 3 megapixels and 2 megapixels respectively.

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