Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Leak Photos Show Dual-core Power Packed in Small Tablet Form Factor

by: Dave FerilAugust 29, 2011
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Photo leaks of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, rumored to be unveiled in the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA 2011) in Berlin this week, have been circulating the Web. Android Life was able to get their hands on two photos of the soon-to-be-unveiled Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 from an anonymous source.

In comparison to the Galaxy tablets announced last March (Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9), this baby, as the name suggests, would be sporting a 7.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus display.

The leaked photos show that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 shares the same look of its bigger brothers and also uses the same 30-pin connector for charging. Although, instead of the charging port being placed on the wide/bottom portion of the body as in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the picture shows the charging port being placed on the side/small panel.

Little is currently known about this tablet, but it is rumored to pack a dual-core Samsung Exynos processor (clocked between 1.0 GHz and 1.5 GHz), 1024×600 display, internal storage anywhere between 8 GB and 64 GB, a 3-MP rear camera, a 2-MP front facing camera, Wi-Fi and HSPA+ support, and Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface overlay.

The photos also do not seem to suggest any trace of Android 3.x Honeycomb due to the presence of capacitive buttons at the bottom. But, since leaked photos tend to be of prototypes, there’s the possibility that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 will be sweetened with Honeycomb.

A controversial device roadmap  purportedly of Samsung devices shows a 7-inch Honeycomb tablet set for launch at around the same time as the Galaxy Tab 7.7, so this tablet is most likely the one referred to by the roadmap, which Samsung decried as “containing inaccuracies.”

We will know for certain what this baby would be packing this coming September 2. Along with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, Samsung is rumored to also unveil the Samsung Wave 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note at the IFA 2011.

Would a 7.7” tablet be perfect for you? Or would you rather go with the 8.9” or 10.1” versions?

Image credit: Android Life

  • Jotonoc

    I have the original galaxy tab (7in) and the size is perfect for me.
    I will definitely look into the 7.7 :-)

  • Anonymous

    i agree man

    • Alaheebs

      Both Coopers are retarded. This is not an Apple post so Go away fan boys or girls. This is the game changing device. No other company has the Super Amoled display and nothing in the industry can compete against it. Great Job Sammy and looking forward to a 10.1 with the plus display.

      • Hicrhris2007

        they are both the same stupid spam bots

  • Bert

    I had the 10.1 during the weekend and it’s definitely too big for using it with one hand. So for couch usage it’s fine but as 3G variant on the roads IMHO pointless. Althrough the hardware was really impressive I sent it back and wait for a 7″ Honeycomb.

  • streak5owner

    tempting, but gingerbread release with a 3mp rear camera and I will save my money.

    LED flash??

  • “and Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface overlay.”

    It’s like taking a great painting and smearing it with crap.
    Never again Samsung.