AMOLED technology might be commonplace in the smartphone market, but it’s a whole different story when it comes to tablets. Back in late 2011, Samsung decided it was about time to take their AMOLED technology and bring it over to the tablet, and so they introduced the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7.

While a reasonably capable tablet even by today’s standards, one thing that holds the Tab 7.7 back is that it is still stuck on Android ICS. Luckily, this is finally changing, as Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean is now rolling out to Sammy’s only AMOLED-packing tablet.

Before you get too excited, the update is only for the Tab 7.7 GT-P6800 at the moment. This update currently affects those in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia. Users in these regions will be able to snag the update either through Samsung Keis or over the air.

Making the jump to Jelly Bean means plenty of new features and functionality for the Tab 7.7, such as Google Now and improved notifications. More than likely the update also includes some Tab-specific software improvements, though we can’t say for sure what all has changed in that department.

Now we just have to sit back and wonder when the GT-P6810 and Verizon LTE-capable i815 will get to enjoy the same Jelly Bean goodness. While we can’t say for sure, we wouldn’t be too surprised if an international launch of the update follows in the next few weeks.

For those lucky enough to get the update, have you noticed any specific Samsung software changes? Additionally, was everything smooth sailing when it came to the update process?

Andrew Grush
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  • I have a Note 10.1, but always love Tab 7.7.

  • just updated. BUT i can no longer connect to 5MHz wifi N. tab doesn’t detect the ssid.

    • karen

      Hi Dennis have the same problem did you find out now what to do to connect to Wi-Fi?

      • sorry for the late reply. but no, i’m stuck with access to 2.4GHz only. either we wait for an update or roll back to previous firmware (ics).

        a friend from aa said he will ask around.

        seems like the 5GHz band is not commonly used in asia where the release of jb was made available. or we are the testing ground.

        once this is released in north america, i am sure this bug will be fixed or given priority.

        crossing my fingers that this will be resolved soon.

  • zenatic

    finally :)


    Worse tablet I ever owned.

  • mike

    Just updated, process smooth as ice. Tab quicker and more slick and looks great.

  • lil bit

    Dont get too exited in waiting for it if you live outside SE Asia. Its like half a year ago Samsung pretended to start JB rollout for Tab 2 10.1, and still noone has received it. Im surprised that people cant see through Samsungs update scams, Sony is getting yelled at for being slow with updates, but Samsung gets away with pretending they are updating, while in fact they only update flagships in a reasonable timeframe.

    Samsung sux so much at updates, unless you have a Note 2 or S3. S2 was also popular enough to get som JB treatment, but also for S2 most users are still waiting.