Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus gets Android 4.1 Jelly Bean upgrade… in Austria

by: AdrianApril 5, 2013


Based on numerous reports around the web, Samsung is preparing a new Galaxy Tab generation which could include two, three or more slates. Before anything though, Sammy has to think about owners of previous GTab models, some of which are stuck with dated Android 4.0 ICS for close to a year now.

But at least as far as the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus is concerned, it appears the torment will be over soon. Well, maybe not torment, because Ice Cream Sandwich is not that bad after all, but you get the idea.

So here’s the skinny. According to Sam Mobile, the first Android 4.1.2 updates for the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus are already live. A number of Austrian owners of the 3G-enabled version (model number GT-P6200) have reported getting the bump over-the-air, meaning other Tab 7.0 Plus owners in Europe should get the same treatment soon.

Jelly Bean

How soon is still difficult to say, but the first step has been made and usually that’s the hardest part. Rolled out to the market back in October 2011 with on-board 3.2 Honeycomb, the Tab 7.0 Plus has come a long way.

The now modest 7-incher with a 1,024 x 600 pixels resolution display and dual-core 1.2 GHz processor has been upgraded to ICS in July of last year and is almost certainly bound to live its remaining days with Jelly Bean on board. An Android 4.2 bump is possibly incoming at some point in the near future, but beyond that we don’t think the slate will be getting much love.

This update comes on the heels of similar ones rolled out for Verizon’s Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and 7 and for Sprint’s edition of the Tab 2 10.1. The GTab 2 7.0 has itself leaped to JB in February, so chances are the Galaxy Tab(s) 3 will be made official any day now. Are you psyched about that? How about the Tab 7.0 Plus, have you by any chance received Jelly Bean already?

  • funny you should ask. I just sent an email to Samsung Canada support a couple days ago, and was basically told “sorry your expectations haven’t been met, but it’s up to the carriers and their business needs”. thing is, i have a wifi-only tab 7 plus, therefore no carrier, AND I’m still stuck with Honeycomb… now seeing more news that Austria is already getting updated AGAIN… seeing as I paid over $400 for this thing (no carrier, no contract subsidy either), you’d think we would have seen an update by now. starting to look like there won’t ever be one. yeah I’m a little miffed.

    • Paul

      There was an ICS update for the GT7+ in Canada, but it was only thru KIES, Samsung’s desktop software.

      • Ran KIES and it updated itself, but it said the latest firmware is installed. You must know this first-hand? WiFi-only tab? I bought mine at Staples. I also have root, and have installed CWM Recovery, which I can imagine might affect the update process itself, but it still reports its version and KIES says the latest available firmware version numbers are the same as mine.

  • Dieter

    And in Germany till now not even for the Galaxy Tab 2…how funny.