There’s a new 2560 x 1600 tablet in Samsung’s future

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 13, 2013

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Samsung’s UAProf site revealed that a new high-end tablet with a 2560 x 1600 display is in the works from the Korean giant. The device may be the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Plus.

There are several high-resolution Android tablets on the market, with another bunch about to hit the stores in the next few months. Samsung’s own Nexus 10 has opened the road for crazy high pixel densities, and it looks that the Korean manufacturer will soon unleash another tablet with a 2560 x 1600 resolution display.

The device codenamed SM-P900 was spotted on a Samsung site that lists User Agent Profiles, commonly shortened UAProf, which are files that mobile devices refer to in order to identify themselves to web servers. The Japanese tech blog RBMen identified three variants of the SM-P900, corresponding to Samsung’s typical SKUs: SM-P900 – 3G, SM-P901 – Wi-Fi, and SM-P905 – LTE.

SM-P900 uaprof galaxy tab 3 plus

According to the leak purveyors at Sam Mobile, the SM-P900 tablet may be the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Plus. Though the Galaxy Note 10.1 is due for a refresh, the “P” letter in the code suggests that the SM-P900 won’t feature an S Pen stylus. Besides the screen resolution, the UAProf files reveal few other details about the mystery device. The processor will be clocked at 1.4GHz, while the operating system is marked as Android 4.2.2.

The best opportunity to launch this new Galaxy Tab 3 Plus would be IFA 2013 in September, though recently Samsung has announced several devices outside of events. For now, we know very little about this new device, but we’ll definitely keep an eye out for it.

  • Jusephe

    Nexus 102 ? Or nexus 11 ?

  • whywhywhy

    Hope the adreno 330 is up to it

    • Ivan Myring

      What makes you think it will be adreno 330? That is only on the snapdragon 800 which has to be clocked at >2ghz
      Second, weaker GPUs (ie whatever the nexus 10 uses) can handle it

      • whywhywhy

        The nexus 10 has horrible GPU performance because of all those pixels! And if Samsung makes a high end tablet they will put in a high in soc, most likely the snapdragon 800. Also I’m pretty sure its possible to clock the snapdragon 800 <2 GHz if you wanted to.

        • Edward Seto

          have the nexus 10 and it’s not that bad

        • Ivan Myring

          The nexus 10 has good GPU performance. Just look at some footage of gameplay on one.
          Any way the tab range is low end, and no high end android tablet will have a 1.4GHz CPU this year.

        • Joshua Hill

          A lot of Samsung’s high end tablets have mediocre chipsets, especially the GPU portion. What makes you think they’ve changed?

  • icyrock1

    Pretty sure that this will be the Nexus 10 2, given Samsung seems to refuse putting screens like this on other tablets.

    • Grman Rodriguez

      Ativ Q

      • icyrock1

        That’s a laptop.

        • Jusephe

          No it is a “Laplet” or “Tabtop”

          • icyrock1

            No, its not. It’s a “slider” (yeah, there’s already a word for devices like this). A rather popular form of laptop.

      • Ativ Q has a different resolution.

        • Grman Rodriguez

          Yeah i just looked it up it’s actually higher

  • Ashad Mamood

    Sony Xperia Tablet Z

  • Brian Dong Min Kim

    1.4 ghz quad core. PLEASEEE and don’t make it a nexus…. i really like touchwiz.

  • Jaun Lombard

    I actually think that Samsung will make a Galaxy tab Plus or Amoled, because they are following Apple…bring out cheap Tab like tab 8.0 and iPad mini…then Tab 8.0 Plus and iPad mini Retina. Samsung to me actually simplified their tablet range….Budget Tab 7.0…Mid-End: Tab 8.0 and 10.1 and Note 8.0…High-End: Tab 10.1 Plus/Amoled (Future product I think will happen) and Note 10.1. Windows: ATIV 10.1 and Q.

  • Cal Rankin

    I hope it’s the Galaxy Note 10.1 2. I would love that kind of resolution on a note. That would make multitasking so much better, especially if we could run any app. I would gladly pay a pretty penny for a Galaxy Note tablet with this resolution. Photo editing, movies, and lots of apps would be absolutely wonderful. SAMSUNG MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!!! My Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 runs apps with a 1200×600 resolution. This would be so easy for a 10-inch Note tablet to run it.

  • lyu334

  • Nefri

    Definitely the tablet for all pls keep us inform..