Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, 8.0, and 10.1 now on sale in the US

July 8, 2013

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10 brown

    Here’s the moment that I’m sure many of you have been waiting for, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 line-up is now on sale in the US, so here are all the juicy pricing details for Samsung’s latest 7, 8, and 10.1 inch tablets.

    The official Samsung website lists the Galaxy Tab 3 7 inch version at $199.99, which comes with a 1024×600 resolution LCD display, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, and 1GB of RAM. For your money you’ll also receive 8GB of built-in memory and a microSD card expansion slot with support for an additional 64GB, if you need it.

    The next step up, the 8 inch Tab 3, boosts the specs ever so slightly over its smaller brother, featuring a 1280×800 resolution display, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1.5GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal storage. Price wise, you’re looking at $299.99, which is quite expensive compared with the 7-inch version, but it might be the best tablet in the line-up.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8 whiteFinally, the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 opts for a dual-core Intel CloverTrail+ processor clocked at 1.6GHz. Worryingly though, the 10.1 inch tablet only comes with 1GB of RAM and the same 1280×800 resolution display as the 8 inch tablet, making it substantially less impressive than the Nexus 10’s screen. The price is competitive with the high-end Nexus tablet, costing around $399.99 for the 16GB version.

    There are also a couple of other interesting things to note about the Tab 3 line-up. Firstly, the 7-inch version comes with Android 4.1.2, but the other two ship with Android 4.2. Perhaps an update will be heading to the smaller tablet sometime soon, but if you want the most up to date version of Android straight out the box, then it might be best to choose the 8 or 10.1 inch versions. Secondly, all of the tablets have a physical home button just like Samsung’s smartphones, which is a change-up from the Galaxy Tab 2 series.

    The tablets all come in a choice of two colors, the standard Samsung white, or the new golden-brown option. You can already purchase your tablet from Samsung or Amazon, and many more retailers will be stocking the tablets soon, if they aren’t all ready.


    • Luka Mlinar

      Who the hell still buys tablets? I thought we all bought one tablet and figured out that they are completely useless dust collectors. Figured the market would fall down to a select few. You know, the idiots we laugh at when we see them outside taking pictures with tablets.

      • Fantastico

        I agree. Tablets are laggy and apps crash all the time. I have a netbook and it’s brilliant.


          I have a Chromebook and a tablet. I tend to use the Chromebook mostly, but like the tablet when traveling.

        • kascollet

          Sorry guys but get yourselves an iPad (whatever version) and ditch those atrocious netbooks.

        • Manuel Robles

          I’ve had my tablet more than a year now and really enjoy it. I’m not sure what laggy means to you, however, I’ve never had an app crash. I honestly haven’t heard of that.

        • Manuel Robles

          I’ve had no issues with my tablet. I’m not sure what laggy means to you, I will say that I’ve never had an app crash, nor have I heard of that being an issue. That’s kind of odd.

          If you haven’t been happy with a tablet, what’s your preference?

      • kascollet

        “Who the hell still buys tablets” ?
        All the people that are not buying crappy PCs anymore. All the people who already have a trusty desktop and want something really portable. All the people whose main usage of a connected device is web browsing/media consuming/photo sharing/social media-ing/mailing/casual gaming/reading…
        That makes many of them “fools”.

        • Ray

          Idk, compared to tablets I still find a chromebook better. Its generally cheaper, and does all the same things. When combined with a smart phone I’m pretty much set for travel, or school.

          • kascollet

            How much battery life do you get out of it ?
            How many great apps ?
            What is it worth when your offline ?
            How expensive vs a tablet ?

            • Ray

              I get about 5-6hrs of battery life, probably less than some tablets I’ve seen, but also more than others. The great apps that you mention are somewhat limited, but I have what I need from it. Before purchasing a chromebook (being intially skeptical, and putting it off till college start(s)) I noticed that large chunk of my computer usage outside of gaming, and other heavy duty tasks was done on google’s network of sites/services. This still remains true, I can watch YT, check my gmail off/online, edit MS office stuff, read articles, listen to music, DL stuff off google drive (100gb), etc. I admit that the chromebook capabilities do decrease without an internet connection, but I find that I’m rarely without one, whether its my phone or wifi zones. Even that limitation will soon be phased out as packaged apps become the norm. I put down $220 for my chromebook (bestbuy deal), comparable tablets at that price point don’t fit my needs. The biggest advantage I find from having a chromebook is a large physical keyboard and PC, meets the base requirements of a secondary portable pc, and a pretty low price. So for me, its a better deal than getting a $600-700 tablet. I was originally quite skeptical when I heard about chromebooks, but once I found their niche in my life I’ve never been happier. PLus, hoping that the next gen will be even more amazing, or we’ll see android laptops (with similar specs/price) Sorry if it seemed a bit rambly.

            • kascollet

              That’s interesting. At this price, I admit it makes sense, but add another 100$ and tablets are way better.

            • Ray

              Really… hmmm.. well I’m still not sure. While I would get a lot more battery life the main advantage with a chromebook for me is the physical full size keyboard. While virtual keyboards are well and good, I find that if I’m starting off on an essay or taking notes it doesn’t cut it. The only tablet that I’ve seen with a nice tablet setup, personally, has been the surface series, but the price is just way too high…. If perhaps the nexus 7 had a nice keyboard/battery dock for $70-100 I would be interested. My friend has a nexus 10 with a 3rd party keyboard that he paid $60 for, and it feels odd…. kinda cheap and stiff. I’m really interested in seeing what the future is in google laptops, are they going to keep going with Chromium, or switch to Android (a “real” OS), or maybe go with both, but aim them at different markets.

            • kascollet

              What about the Asus transformer line ?
              I myself chose the iPad to replace my Iconia 210, and got the Logitech slim keyboard for the working/heavy typing needs. Works just right and 12H battery life is really worth it, but then, it’s not in your budget so the example is not right.

            • Ray

              I found the transformer line pretty cool, mostly ’cause they were really high spec devices, made me imagine tablets as powerful as supercomputers. Still never found a right fit with a tablet, im loving the 5″ phones/phablets, they fit snugly in my pocket so I can take it to the gym and just strap it on. With a tablet I feel as though to get something really worthwhile out of it I would have to drop $500 or higher, and it wouldn’t get enough usage. A powerful smartphone really fits all the needs, im somewhat reluctantly planning to go for a s4 (with that amazing 3rd party battery), though my heart calls out for the htc one. And a chromebook is swallowable because of its price tag and the amount of usage itll get.

        • Luka Mlinar

          Did you just call PC’s crappy. I lol when i see the fools going “uuu aaa” when they see a presentation of a new graphics chip for tablets. Graphics that are the same quality as i had on my Windows 98 PC. Tablets are limited. Not programed to be used to their full potential (if there is one). I had an iPad and found it just as pointless as any Android one. Just flashy looking. When i’m home i use my PC. When i’m out i use my phone. But hey there is a place where a tablet is brilliant and that’s on a toilet. But that’s it. And you know what, a paper works just as well. Cheaper too.

    • tirado17

      Best buy also has them in stock.