Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 benchmark results show improved graphics performance

by: David GonzalesApril 30, 2013

samsung galaxy tab 3 press
If you saw our report on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 announcement — What? It’s Samsung, of course there’s going to be a third one — then you might have been among the many people who thought to themselves that Samsung really ought to introduce some improvements if they want people to buy a third iteration of what it essentially the same old product. Well, as it turns out, Samsung did put in some improvements after all, and the result is that the Galaxy Tab 3 is really looking like a much improved version of its predecessor. And that’s a good thing, of course.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, which uses a Vivantec GC1000 core GPU, is seen to be able to offer up to twice the performance of the old Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 which uses a PowerVR SGX 540 GPU. This is based on benchmark results that first appeared online at the GFXBench web site.

Though it hasn’t been tested fully yet — so a full comparison with the Galaxy Tab 2 performance-wise is still off the table — the Galaxy Tab 3 has shown that it has some notable improvements over its predecessor so far, and when you add in the fact that it comes with an updated design, it just might be the perfect excuse to switch up from the aging, years-old Galaxy Tab 2 that it’s supposed to replace.

Take a look at some of the current benchmarks results right here:

Galaxy Tab 3 benchmarks

For now, this is all the information on Galaxy Tab 3 performance that we have. But still, it looks to be pretty definitive evidence that yes, it is indeed an improvement over the Galaxy Tab 2.

Although the biggest change here lies in the use of the new Vivantec GPU, it probably won’t be a stretch to say that the extra 0.2GHz added to the clock speed of the CPU had an effect on the overall performance as well. We’ll be sure to give you more on this as soon as the rest of the benchmark results info becomes available.

  • Simon Belmont

    It looks like the performance ranges from 50% – 100% higher in framerates. Not bad, I suppose, but I don’t know the pricing yet.

    It seems like it’s using the same SoC as the Ainol Venus, which is a pretty low end tablet. I dunno, the removal of onscreen buttons seems dumb to me. Samsung should stop phoning in their designs. Cookie cutter = bad.

    • Yeah, really not a fan of the hardware keys on the tablets. I’m hoping the bigger tabs return to the soft key arrangement, forcing users to use it in portrait mode is just daft.


    Oh look they have started using the same GPU’s as Apple. Maybe the graphics will be on par with the iPad 2 LOL.

    • Cole Raney

      Considering this might not be high end (the galaxy tab 2 wasn,’t) then maybe it might be on par with the third gen iPad. Oh wait, Apple actually took a dip in performance in the third gen iPad because they couldn’t build a GPU to keep up with the resolution.

      In all seriousness, I compared the GPU of the iPad 4 with the GPU in my nexus 10 in benchmarks tests ( I borrowed an iPad 4). The nexus 10 actually beat the iPad. My galaxy s3 even beat the iPad 4 in 2D graphics.


        Cool story. I like the part where the iPad 3 beats the nexus 10 in GPU performance. Bro the iPhone 4 beats the GS3 in GPU power, and it has a higher ppi :L

        • Philo

          Nexus 10 Mali T604 is better than the one in iPad 3 (SGX543MP4), while the iPad 4 is obviously faster than the Mali T604 but uses more energy and dude, the iPhone 4 beats Galaxy S3 GPU? You must be dumb to say that, its a frigging SGX535, which is slower than Galaxy S1 SGX540. Get your facts right along with the ppi, ppi has NOTHING to do with performance at all, its the pixel.


            No the Mali 400 was just such a weak GPU I can’t believe they used the same GPU as the s2 in the s3 LOL it gets outbenchmarked every time.

          • Philo

            Obviously you know shit, if you look on GLBenchmark, it clearly destroys the shitty iPhone 4. It is also better than the iPhone 4S GPU (SGX543MP2), the version on Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 Mali 400MP4 (Clocked at 440Mhz+).


            Woops, another fandroidcaught lying =


            You guys try too hard :L

          • Philo

            Maybe your too dumb to realize i’m stating facts. But thats normal for you. Typical Apple fan. That benchmark is for iPhone 5 you dumb shit, when did I even say iPhone 5? Plus ‘You guys try too hard’, thats for people with no comeback. Failure.


            It clearly States the iPad 3’s GPU is more powerful than the GS3 LOL somebody’s in denial again. Oh and the iPhone 5 beats the GS4’s GPU aha :L come back when you fandroids can catch up to Apple in specs :D

          • Philo

            You clearly are stupid to look on them charts regardless if it’s from Anandtech. The site GLBenchmark clearly shows the new Galaxy S4 beating the iPad 4. Why don’t you look at the ‘real’ benchmark results instead of some chart.

        • Cole Raney

          The iPad 3 doesn’t even beat the iPad 2 from some of the things I have seen. I had the iPhone 4, and I currently have the Galaxy S3. The iPhone 4 is far behind the Galaxy S3 in graphics. As it should be since it is 2 years older. Funny your username is IHATEHIPSTERSSS yet you are an Apple fanboy. Last time I checked hipster like Apple better.

  • umang chowdhury

    does tab 3 211 supports all high graphics games such as batman or temple run oz or mostwanted?????