Samsung faces potential US import ban on its Galaxy/Nexus devices

by: Mike AndriciApril 7, 2013

In the everlasting patent war between Samsung and Apple, the US-based manufacturer seems to have recently obtained a very important victory.

Judge Thomas Pender from the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) has ruled that Samsung devices infringe on a text selection patent owned by Apple, a feature that’s available on iPhones and iPads. Another Apple claim, one that sought injunction for Samsung’s use of a patented technology for detecting microphones when they are inserted in the headphone jack, has been rejected.

The decision is appealable, but if Samsung is to lose the appeal in front of the full commission as well, Apple is entitled to requesting an US import ban for most smartphones and tablets in the Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Nexus lines.

The final decision is expected to arrive at some point during August and it is yet unknown if Samsung can avoid the potential import ban via a software update that would change the way text selection is made. We’ll keep you up to date with any further developments!

  • So, text selection, the thing we’ve been doing by highlighting words and letters was invented by Apple…..?

    • Zulyn DeHarty-Ryan

      they probably think they invented the Internet too

    • Israel Lai

      Yes, why not?

      • Toss3

        But wasn’t it Android that had text selection and copy and paste long before Apple added it to iOS (please correct me if I’m wrong)?

        • Israel Lai

          Nah, I’m pretty sure Apple came up with the idea of text selection way before any computer existed.

          • Since they already claim to have invented pretty much everything in the Galaxies, the logical next step for Apple is to sue the Big Bang.

          • Abdul Rahman

            Yup, first demonstrated on the typewriters in second world war…

  • Zulyn DeHarty-Ryan

    I HATE APPLE. even when iPhone came out so many years ago, I refused to get one. If they ban Samsung devices I will simply go to Microsoft’s and get a Windows Phone.don’t even use iTunes anymore. My iPod is collecting dust because I refuse toinstall they’re intrusive, memory hogging, process intensive proprietary software that you have to have in order to have a great Apple experience make sure you sense my sarcasm in that last statement.

    • I never understood why people hated iTunes I never had problems using it.

      • harrold

        iTS BY  APPLE 

        • Uhm.. Apple is fine.. I own ipod shuffle, MBP, and had iphone for 3 years until I recently switched to nexus 4 (couldnt ignore the price difference). I have to admit though all these patent wars are very annoying, although in some cases understandable.

          • harrold

            well after all this lawsuit stuff i started not liking it (had a samsung phone“)

      • mohdamr1

        I tunes: the only thing slower than the old internet explorer. Click the icon and wait, till you have to open task manager and end the process. It even does not open half the file formats that vlc can.

        • You mentioned Task Manager. I have no experience of iTunes on windows so can’t comment.

    • Try working with kies!! You would never touch a samsung phone again..

      • harrold


  • dammitappleukunt

    Apple is why we can’t have nice things.

  • Peter

    Oh Apple… just sit down and invent something new instead of constanty trying to ban everything… you’ve become old, boring and repetitive – you won’t change that with lawsuits and import bans – only with new, innovative products.

    • MasterMuffin

      And just recently European courts all ruled in favor of Apple. Meanwhile in ‘murica… Good things is that this won’t hurt Samsung, because Galaxy Nexus is so old

    • Funny how Apple has invented most of the great technology and devices along with phenomenal design in the past 5-10 years and you think they are old. Meanwhile everyone else on the planet used them as their motivation to innovate or get buried. How soon we forget.

      • Kissass

        Quit drinking the koolaid, Apple just steals the best.

      • james thrillington

        sorry no to start a fight but apple has failed before the ipod and nearly had no money. now after all these innovations there only really on money from there investors and these investors want to see money. so its one of the reasons why apple is just going to sit there and try to make some. blood money and make sure there only getting on track again

      • th3d

        Jobs was a Sony admirer, he worshipped the Sony godfather and also wrote about his audience to meet that guy, it was a big moment in his life. He was really inspired by Sony, and at some point decided to move into Sonys realm, and then the ipod was born. Theres no denyng that ipod had nothing to do with Apples lines of products, but for a Sony worshipper like Jobs it was a dream come true, to be able to make his own Sony devices.

        Iphone we already knew long time that he told the engineers to pretend they were making a Sony product, that was the best way to say “make a product with class and quality”.

        ipad, i dont know where he stole that idea, but even microsoft had previously made tablet-like devices.
        How soon we forget.

    • mexwonder

      Steve died with his creation…so apple at the moment are just idea for innovation then in the end they just use “Lawsuit” everywhere.

      • th3d

        Wow, what ignorance… Steve was the one who wanted all these lawsuits, other Apple guys at the top adviced against it.

        Its no secret that Steve Jobs was very eccentric, weird is the word. Remember he died of a non-terminal cancer, he refused to have his body cut open for some crazy reason, and thought drinking healthjuices and mental determination would cure the cancer. He believed that he really posessed the power to make things go away if he had made up his mind. AFter some years when people finally managed to talk some sense into him it was too late, even the liver transplant was just to extend his life a bit. The man litterally comitted , kiled by pure stupidness, AND he was the force behind starting too many lawsuits.

        • But his death didn’t change anything, the lawsuits still keep rolling out regardless so your theory isn’t correct.

  • hrishi

    I think that this is a case against google
    By suing Samsung apple is avoiding google
    We all know what the input is of samsung in the galaxy nexus… esp in the software area

    • kascollet

      No. Apple only sues Samsung and their way of implementing some functionalities. I’m surprised though by the inclusion of the Nexus devices.

      EDIT : Samsung Nexus devices are only sued for the microphone detection feature, not the text selection one.

  • Is it just me that thinks the US system is very biased?

    They suspend Samsungs claims against Apple for infringing various patents but then go full steam ahead against foreign companies on behalf of Apple.

    • Daniel

      It isn’t the US system being biased, I can tell you that. Almost everyone I talk to about this think it is pretty stupid. Apple is doing something behind the scenes.

  • kascollet

    Interesting video about this particular copy/paste functionality and the way different OSes implement it :

    Quite obviously, two of them are twins.

    • Paul

      None of my Samsung products copy and paste like that video (note 2 and galaxy nexus). I wonder of apple is only including 3 year old technology, since its on par with the new iphone?

      • kascollet

        If we hear about the lawsuit today, then it probably was filed in a long time ago. That’s why all these lawsuits seem outdated.

  • Phillip Bulger

    … But they’re selectively applying their patent rights against Samsung.

  • dafirestar

    Apple was once everyone’s darling, and Microsoft was the evil empire. Today Apple is the Evil Group funny how perceptions change so quickly in the technology sector. One day they are as big as General Motors, a week later there employees are running to the bank to cash there payroll checks before they start bouncing.

  • F— apple, I will never EVER buy there products NEVER.

  • dafirestar

    Apple has done great things for us consumers. They have created a high standard forcing competitors to chase an extremely high bar. I love Samsung products but my wife and kids are Apple consumers. Samsung doesn’t come out with the Galaxy without trying to compete with the Iphone, this makes Apple a very necessary evil that is good for every consumers any technology product..

  • This my friends is what I call patent harrasment they can’t take the fact that Samsung kicks there ass in every category of the phone market so they sue and trash talk, there goal is not to get justice, it is to ban new galaxy lines which are slowly growing more and more compared to them, apple can’t indicate only patent ideas before others can apple can’t invent shit

  • BJ

    I dont care about the problem of these 2 company,, i just dont like iOs ! Android is the best!

  • Jondy Tuico

    I have a circle of friends that have Samsung S3’s. It gets rather irritating that when we’re out and about they always need to recharge their phones. I have clients that go into my work and constantly ask me if they can recharge their android based phones.

    Seriously!!!! Do these stupid phones need to be running a multiple realtime apps while in your M%#&# F@#$%# pocket!?!?!?!?


    On my Goddamn iphone 5 I can play music for 8 hours straight while snowboarding while running a GPS app and still have 30% battery life when I’m done.

    BAN SAMSUNG and other Android phones “OR” start making 5 lbs. pattery packs to go along with the new batch of phones! Not only would that be hilarious, but Samsungers won’t have to ask me to recharge their phones anymore.

    • Lelouch

      yet my Note 2 and S3 survives 10 hours while my friends I5 dies on a trip

    • mohdamr1

      Saying this , apple fan? No you are inventing stories, just like apple invents lawsuits and innovates in making them petty.

      • Lelouch

        the truth of his story is opposite he’s the one who annoys his friends for a charger

    • Tim Mabee

      My Note 2 lasts all day …. And it’s never in my pocket.

    • Charlie Gould

      I just find it funny that the fanboy needs gps to find his way downhill on his snowboard…… Lol

      • Lelouch

        using apple maps

      • Jondy Tuico

        Guess you’re a fatty that never snowboards or ski’s. The App I use is to track you’re max speed. DONT TELL ME YOUR S3 WILL LAST ALL DAY! BECAUSE THAT’S A DAMN LIE! I’m sick of “Hey Jon, can we stop by the Cabin, i need to charge my phone”

    • trebor

      I own a s3. My phone can last up to a whole day before i charge it. Now my phone can last up to two days before i charge it, after i had downloaded a battery saving app.

    • Jondy Tuico

      Exactly Lelouch!!! the S3 will die in mere hours while your friends iphone 5 will last the whole trip. Now…. I don’t know about lasting a whole week but my phone will last about 2 days before dying, don’t give apple that much credit.

    • mexwonder

      Are you sure ? Because my friends always complaint of their iphone5 batteries keep draining fast. 2 or 3 games then out of juices…btw most smartphone nowadays are batteries eating machine..more performance more power needed.

  • Lelouch

    Apple why dont you make a better device rather than sueing everyone i swear its easier than making hotcakes than making yourselves stupid

  • anonymous

    It doesn’t matter samsung is ending the galaxy line with s4 and the next big thing is around the corner for them. A samsung OS. A whole New world of cell phones.


    Shut the flop up, Apple.

  • They can’t stop fighting. Why can’t Apple accept that they are not number 1 today in the mobile market. Instead they spend millions of dollars in patent battles that making new thing that can blow the others away like Android manufactures do.

  • Jake Holdin

    Jondi Tuico is an Apple IDIOT. Check out Laptop’s battery test from January 2013

    • Jondy Tuico

      Good one Jake. Now if you bothered to read your article, the iphone 5 beats the S3 in a generic battery test. Needless to say……

      …. I’m too polite to call you bad names. But if you commited suicide, I wouldn’t mind.

      • Jondy Tuico

        The NOTE2 did well… but I don’t hang out with people that own notes.


        • Jondy Tuico

          That things not a phone, it’s a mini Tablet. Guys that own notes should also be carrying pink purses to carry them in.

          • akshay

            Clearly you have never had something bigger then 4 inch to deal with. Now who is walking with the pink purse

  • Microsoftjunkie

    I hope they get banned.

  • its so pathetic apple needs to concentrate on designing new stuff rather that suing everyone who comes up with better products that their tired old designs.All samsung has to do to get around the ban if it actually happens which is unlikely is to simply assemble the devices in the US thereby not actually importing the devices.I think a lot of people have lost patience with apple.

    • Cromwell Albarracin

      Well said. Couldn’t agree more.

  • reality check–if your business is in your own country, then you win. And I thought this country is fair and unbiased.

  • Chayzz Devyant

    Ok this crap is pointless and getting ridiculous. Can apple look anymore pathetic.

  • Jondy Tuico

    Most people forget that the original iphone was first released in june of 2007 and it was a remarkable device. It was fast, smooth, precise and there was nothing like it. Heat sensitive touch screen, multi finger gestures. It wasn’t the first smart phone but it was the first one that actually felt right. So intuitive that a baby can use it.

    Then came the Wannabees. And these wannabees were made of horrid quality, Do you Samsungers and Android heads remember the G1, HTC dream?

    the poster Dafirestar is right, without Apple, the exetremely high standard wouldn’t be there and Android phones today would be clunky crap (they’re still choppy and unrefined, but they’re getting better and better every year. The S4 looks sweet!).

    There’s alot of people that are angry with APPLE but you shouldn’t be. The iphone was copied. It took millions of dollars and plenty of hours to research and develop it’s technologies

    (like the slick/precise touch screen. I have a trick you can do even with the original 2007 iphone. Pull up a picture, zoom in on someones face, put your finger over their face and move and wiggle your finger across the screen as fast as you can. Amazing, your finger is still on that face. Now try that with an android, haha won’t be in the same place, and if it is, you didn’t wiggle hard enough, and don’t lie, it won’t keep up).

    The iphone was reversed engineered by Samsung, they threw extra useless technologies like the NFC (“hey guys, i want to send you my 10 kilobyte playlist, come over so i can bump your phone with mine, I’m too stupid to just email it to you”) then they swear they didn’t copy anything. And Oh snap! a federal court concludes that Samsung did infact infringe on patents. What do they know? More than you Samsungers apparently.


    • Marvin Nakajima

      It’s too bad Apple feels threatened enough to resort to banning other phones. And as you mention the Android phones get better every year. I can understand suing for patents to a point and it’s not as if Apple doesn’t have the resources to last out other companies in lawsuits.

      As for the picture ‘trick’ maybe my Galaxy S2 OS is upgraded to the point where it can more than keep up with wiggling my finger on it. I had no problem keeping my finger on the exact same place on the pic before and after about 20 seconds of ‘High speed wiggling’ ™ :D

      NFC is still a relatively new tech for smartphones. It’s cool that they actually made some use of it and is actually trying it out in the ‘wild’. Yes, I understand Apple wants to get everything ‘perfect’ before release but look what happened with their Maps. :P

      If you’re referring to the ‘court’ mentioned in this article, I don’t think the ITC is actually considered part of the justice system. More a regulatory agency. The patent office has at least the bounce-back patent invalidation pending.

  • Kris Hudson-Lee

    Who cares? Just look at Apple’s share price. They are grasping at straws.

  • William

    Is the judge partial to Apple, instead of common sense?

  • Kochigachi

    Hahahaha American bias again, what the heck is Apple’s text selection patent?

  • dan690

    Why doesn’t apple just admit it. They cannot keep up with Samsung. Maybe they should put more effort into at least trying to keep up instead wasting court time.

  • Traxter

    This is why I am anti Apple.


    I’ve had the pleasure of owning a few Apple devices and a few android devices, and I like both OS’s. As for the devices that run the android OS, Samsung devices are crap and over rated. They’re laggy and cheaply built. If you want a great device that is running android, HTC makes a better product, but falls short when it comes to rolling out android updates. Apple produces a great device and honors their consumers with updates and new features, regularly. In my opinion, Apple is by far the best.