What would you change about the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge? [Poll of the Week]

by: Jimmy WestenbergMarch 21, 2016
Samsung Galaxy S7 poll of the week
Last week’s poll summary: It looks like most of you can agree — your favorite feature in the first Android N developer preview is support for multi-window. Coming in at a distant second is improved Doze Mode functionality, and following that is the ability to directly reply to messages from the notification shade.

In case you missed it, we just recently posted our full reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. These two smartphones are perhaps the best devices Samsung has ever produced, with their top-of-the-line internals, improved cameras and great displays.

With the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung removed some of the most important features that some would say made their devices popular in the first place. A proper water resistance rating, expandable storage and a removable battery weren’t present on last year’s flagships, and now Samsung has brought two of those three back with the S7 and S7 Edge. Both new devices feature an IP68 water resistance rating, as well as microSD expansion up to 200GB. But that poses a question — is there anything that you’d change with the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge?

Galaxy S7 Edge teaser 2See also: Observations on switching to the Galaxy S7 Edge from a non-Galaxy user281

In our full reviews, we mentioned that even though both of these devices are really beautiful, they still attract a ton of fingerprints. Also, Samsung is still including a single speaker grill on the bottom that’s not all that powerful, and it seems as though the company still has a way to go in the software department. So, what are your thoughts? Be sure cast your vote in the poll below, and if there’s something you need to add, feel free to speak up in the comment section. We look forward to hearing what you have to say!

  • † Køld †

    On Screen Buttons & Front Speakers

    • saksham

      on screen buttons suck

      • Megacharge

        Agreed, I hate on screen buttons.

      • tansuperman

        They do, but are needed for front facing speakers which I’d rather have over off screen buttons

      • skyelm

        Yeah they suck for me too. My G4 got them and first thing i did was swap back & recents and bloody auto hide them on all apps. I hate them staring at me for nothing

    • Jairus

      On screen buttons on an AMOLED panel? No thank you, burn-in is one of the reasons why they didn’t shift to an on screen buttons.

      • † Køld †

        Nexus 6p have Amoled and On Screen Buttons

        • Jairus

          Yes, that’s why I’m seeing several users complaining about navigation button burn-ins, navigation buttons actually do more justice with an LCD panel. Samsung didn’t opt for it because one less static image = one less burn in trouble.

          • J.C.

            As a previous Nexus 6p owner burn-in was a problem so on screen home button is good for me.

        • Major Sceptic

          Yeah and they suck.

    • KRS

      Why take up screen with buttons, buttons are fine where they are. But front speakers would be nice.

  • Wish we could vote for multiple things.

  • tony

    dual front speakers. Really, a screen this good must be complemented by a set of front facing dual speakers.
    removable battery. I still think it is doable without increasing thickness.

    As for the order of buttons, somehow Back button on the right is natural to me. Even when i use phones with on screen buttons, i configure it that way.

    For once, here’s a samsung phone with no lag esp in camera/gallery.

    I especially like the adjustable (vertically and horizontally) keyboard.

  • Henil Patel

    Camera! I’d like to take pictures in 16:9 ratio. It’s very important they change that. And speakers sucks on this phone.

    • Hamza Gomri

      Totally agree for the Picture 16:9 Ratio . Hope they will put it back in note 6…

    • ChaoticMethod

      Isn’t there an option for that? I can take pictures in 16:9 on my edge, if I ain’t wrong. Though you loose some of the quality.

      • Jack Pepal

        You have to lower the megapixels in the settings, I thing u would go down to 6 rather than 12

  • moew

    Dual front facing speakers.

    • catapult

      U should wait for HTC 10 then, isn’t it??

      • moew


  • Iphone6 or galaxy note 4

    Still needs a removable battery. I want the option of using my phone for two years plus if I paid $800 for it.

    • balcobomber25

      Why can’t you use it for 2+ years? I’ve been using my tablet for 4 years now (Nexus 7) with a non removable battery.

      • Iphone6 or galaxy note 4

        Nexus 7 is a tablet. It gets way less usage, and it has an enormous battery. Smartphones don’t.

        • balcobomber25

          I use my tablet every single day almost as much as I use my phone, just replaced it last week actually after 4 solid years of use. The original Nexus 7 has a 4325mAh battery, that is not even close to “enormous” by today;s standards. Several smartphones have bigger batteries than this.

          • Iphone6 or galaxy note 4

            I had the Nexus 7 2013. Great device. It has 1080p resolution. Way less usage on the battery. It isn’t a smartphone. Totally different use scenario. My iPad 2 lasted about 2 years and I had to replace my battery for over $100. That was probably a waste of money and exactly what the manufacturers want. They want you to replace their units every two years to keep the money rolling in. My usage of phones goes through the batteries in about two years. I would like a replaceable battery so that I can continue using my phones beyond the two years I get from my smartphones. If it costs $700 – $800, I want to be able to keep using it by replacing the battery for about $20. That’s why I have an LG V10 now, because Samsung changed their specs and got rid of the removable battery. Bring it back, and I would look at the S7 edge with more interest.

      • Keshav Chugh

        One of the phones I use is a 2013 htc m7. It’s 3+ years old now and still easily gives a day on moderate usage on 3G. The Li-ion batteries can really outlast your device if taken care of a little, like not overcharging or letting it frequently go to deep discharge. I’ve also got a 2010 ipod touch that still gives great backup.

    • Airyl

      What are you talking about?

      • Iphone6 or galaxy note 4

        Samsung needs to bring back the removable battery like before the S6.

    • Jairus

      I’m using my Galaxy S4 for over 2 years already with little battery degradation and it can still get me through the day with moderate usage. I haven’t changed the battery since I got it. If you just know when is the right time to charge your battery, you will not having any problems with its life.

      • Iphone6 or galaxy note 4

        I gave my 1 y/o Galaxy S4 to my son after I upgraded. The phone never made it to 2 years. He now has an Lg phone with removal battery that has lasted for almost 2 years, and ready to be battery replaced when necessary. I don’t believe in disposable electronics, especially at those exorbitant prices. I myself have an LG V10 now and the S7 doesn’t appeal to me at all without removable battery.

        • Jazbec

          Dude. S4 had removable battery …

          • Iphone6 or galaxy note 4

            Yes. That’s one of the reasons why I bought it. I cracked the glass and I replaced it with an LG phone also with replaceable battery.

    • Bidiminished

      That’s exactly what Samsung don’t want you to do.

    • skyelm

      Buy LG or others with removable battery. I did last year but only due to SD Card. This year im back to Samsung

  • Big boby

    Bigger battery

  • Phil

    Front speakers would be great! The bloat ware is the killer for me, and the reason I’m not upgrading my Xperia X3. The S7 comes with 4G of ram that is almost wiped out by all the bloat ware. Don’t increase the ram on a phone just to include more garbage that people can’t get rid of. Oh well no upgrade for me yet.

    • ChaoticMethod

      I have many apps that run constantly, including AirDroid which takes a lot of ram. My RAM never goes past 2.5GB of use… It really isn’t that bad. Then again, on Android, unused RAM is wasted RAM.

      • tansuperman

        You have 2.5 gigs of ram use able? No possible way on a Samsung phone

        • Jack Pepal

          What? All the new Samsung phones have 4gigs of ram probably about 3 or more are useable. There is also a phone with 6 gigs of ram

          • tansuperman

            Obviously you don’t have the s7e. Never seen more than 1.9 gigs use able ever. Note 5 or s7e. System apps take up about 2gigs by itself

          • Jack Pepal

            I have the s6 with 3 gigs of ram

        • ChaoticMethod

          I’m saying I have 1G or more useable left.

          Most of the time, it shows me 2g/3.5GB used.
          2.5/3.5GB when using a lot of apps.

          Using Nova Launcher might help too.

          Then again, unused RAM is wasted RAM, on android, from what I’m understanding.

    • Mikhail Cass

      So you haven’t got the phone but complain about bloat?

      • Phil

        Yeah I can read and my neighbor just got one. I kinda like the Vr head set, but being a Sony user the bloat is overkill to me.

  • Frederic

    Better touchscreen reactivity and fingerprint recognition.

  • I think its time Sammy puts out some front facing speakers. I dont care about the battery or SD support really, I charge my phone regularly and use the cloud for a lot of stuff. I also wish you could scan your finger while the screen is off, which would wake the phone and unlock it.

  • Johan

    MHL or any kind of working real time screen mirroring (video out).

    (Chromecast and Miracast are NOT viable options, as they are far from REAL TIME, with about 1 second delay)

  • Michael Allen

    I would buy one if you could unlock the bootloader and install stock android or cyanogenmod.

  • Rocksthaman

    Removable battery….. removable battery…..removable battery. Would have got the g5 if it didn’t come out a month later. I’m happy with my purchase but the overwhelming urge to get to a charger is annoying when there is such a easy fix.

  • balcobomber25

    There is two things I would change:

    1. Touchwiz. It has improved since the S6 but it is still a bloated mess.
    2. Design – The normal S7 is boring looking, the Edge is ugly.

    • saksham

      if u find the design of the s7 edge boring YOU are boring

      • Airyl

        No, it means he has an opinion.

        You assuming that he’s a boring person however does show that you like to jump to conclusions.

      • balcobomber25

        The regular S7 is incredibly boring, the S7 Edge is incredibly ugly.

        • saksham

          s7 edge is the best looking phone according to MKBHD, phonearena , sammobile , austin evans and im pretty sure AA will agree as well !
          as for the S7 , it looks better than that g5 !!

          • balcobomber25

            According to me it is hideous looking. Unlike you I don’t need opinions of others I can form my own. Your right it does look better than the G5, but that isn’t saying much lol.

          • skyelm

            So which phone looks nice?

          • balcobomber25

            To me based on looks alone: Sony, Huawei and HTC have the best looking phones.

          • skyelm

            But that doesn’t say much… Which phones not OEM?. There are bad looking phones from these OEM.

            Locking at the OEM it seems like you like blocky type phones. Only HTC is not blocky but roundish.

    • ChaoticMethod

      The edge is ugly? Appart from the fact that its back is a fingerprint magnet, I see nothing to complain about. It is a beautiful phone.

      • balcobomber25

        beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For me it is hideous looking.

  • Wlado Walko

    i would add IR

  • AbbyZFresh

    Fingerprint smudge proof.

  • saksham

    i got my s7 edge today!!! the 2 things that are the downside are the fingerprints and speaker placement

  • DBS

    1 – Camera back to 16mp or bumped to 21mp. The camera is nice but it’s far from mindblowing.
    2 – Navigation buttons the way normal phones have them
    3 – Dedicated camera button
    4 – IR blaster back
    5 – Front facing speakers

    I have no problem with TouchWiz because I placed Nova on the phone immediately after booting up the first time. And I wouldn’t trade the theme engine nor split screen for anything. If TouchWiz is the price for the Theme Engine, then I’ll take TouchWiz any day over stock Android.

  • Jithin Krishna C T

    Update timings.

  • Stuie Hunter

    Removable batteries

    I’m looking to upgrade from my LG G3 to something with a 5.5inch screen or above….the only reason I won’t consider these as options is being chained to a wall.

    The LG V10 may not be as can’t, but for people like me who want a micro sd card slot AND removable batteries for replacing on the go….that is the phone to beat.

  • Joseph

    Removable battery

  • Gabriel Valle

    Speakers (front facing), finish – so it’s not a fingerprint magnet, on screen buttons or ability to switch back and forth similar to oneplus, ability to combine colors (like Moto maker)

  • Brogren802

    Unlock the bootloader

  • Joville Vaz

    add infra red blaster… add fm radio… add removable battery… water resistance isnt so important, could do without it but i really want the above mentioned features…

  • The Doctor

    I see a lot of comments “I want it to be like X”. If you want X, buy a phone with X.

    I wouldn’t change a thing about the S7 edge.

    • Jarl

      did you notice the title of this poll? :)

      • The Doctor

        It’s a pointless poll.

  • Andres E. Lopez

    Touchwiz is bloated: Yes. It needs more disk space that Windows 10.

    Navigation buttons: Since my first android was a Samsung, I’m ok with that.

    Speaker placement: True.

    Too many fingerprints: I don’t have one, so I can’t vote on this, but since I always use a protective case, I don’t mind.

    Other: More freaking disk space. I would forgive everything up there if there is at least 64 GB of this space. Why? Because the average user has at least 90 apps. In 16 GB (touchwiz uses the other 16 GB)? Samsung, give me a break.

    Yes, put them on the SD with linktoSD. Try to update an app that has been moved to the SD. You can’t.

  • Lucas K.

    The design of the capacitive buttons. They really look out of place with the modern software.

  • Freak_ Aniket_

    Front facing stereo speakers make S7 an unbeatable phone.

  • Johannes Abeling

    I use a Galaxy S7.

    I would like to be able to:

    -Choose in wich mode Camera opens after double clicking the Home button. In my case I would like to go directly to Pro mode.
    -Safe RAW files directly to the SD card. That is not possible at the moment.
    -Also be able to shoot RAW photos in Auto mode, not only in Pro mode (when selected in the settings).
    -Stop the video camera from starting to film immediately when changing to Video mode.

    I would change the Power button to the top. Now I often accidently push the Power button when I want to make a picture.
    And have a dedicated camera button.

    For the rest I am pretty happy.

  • asd

    USB Type-C

  • ThomasBDX

    Make it not $700. This is a world with $30 handsets and $300 laptops. Phone buyers need to wake up and stop giving Samsung, Apple, and LG so much profit.

    • Liam Bostock

      I don’t think profit is so true of Sammy, Apple yes but not Sammy. They phone themselves are about $250 to manufacture. Add in R&D as well as marketing costs (Sammy spends a small fortune to compete with Apple) and you’re looking at smaller margins per phone. Plus it’s all about perception, Sammy wants to compete and put itself at the top of the market alongside the other flagships but it wants to be THE flagship of android

  • Airyl

    Probably the speaker placement since that’s the only thing that would add positivity to everyone’s experience without detracting from anyone’s experience.

    TouchWiz is bloated, but it appeals to many people because of that bloat. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

    The glass rear is loved by many Samsung fans, so no reason to change that other than to adhere to the people who dislike Samsung.

    The navigation buttons don’t matter because that’s how Samsung has had them since forever. Changing it would make many people familiar with the layout unhappy, and most of them would be Samsung’s own fans.

    Not changing anything makes no sense. All phones have areas they can be improved in, the S7 is no exception.

    The stuff that I’d like would be for it to have a larger battery. I’ve used the Ulefone Power with it’s 6050mAh battery, and once you go big you simply can’t go back.

    Also, please unlock the bootloaders so that when you stop updating your devices, we can do it for you. Is that too much to ask Samsung?

  • James One Twelve

    Unlock the US version bootloaders…. #bootloadergate

  • ZMe Ul

    remove the glass back and replace it with something else; hard plastic or metal alloy
    thicker back to be at the same thickness as the protruding camera

  • Jarl

    s7 edge would’ve been an insta-buy with front speaker(s) and on screen buttons

    • moew

      I thought on my older S4 there was the option to enable the on screen buttons. Did they remove that option?

      • Total Security

        They never HAD this option…

        • moew

          Actually I think it was something in xposed, so there WAS the option, it just wasn’t an OEM option.

      • Eddie Hicks

        I had a S4 and I think you can only disable the lights on the capacitive buttons. If you want to have buttons on the screen there are ways to do it if you are rooted. There are also some options in the Playstore but I don’t know if they work well.

      • Jarl

        that option can be hacked in, but I just don’t want the hardware buttons :)

  • Nandish

    remove the the physical home button, add front speakers, and let me root my phone.

    • Total Security

      Damn, you’re my man!

    • J.C.

      Mine is rooted already.

  • The-Sailor-Man

    I would like the Edge to have same removable back like Note 4. And made of same material.
    It would be the best looking phone EVER. No fingerprints and great functionality. Bring back the IR , too.

  • Jonatan Gomez

    I would add the removable battery funcionality

  • Kyle Hudsons

    Removable battery

  • ChaoticMethod

    Better speakers. Touchwiz isn’t that bad, really. I expected it to be attrocious, coming from an iPhone, but with some tweakings here and there, the bloat won’t bother you at all. Nova Launcher cleans the excesses of Touchwiz, and Samsung’s theme engine does the job in terms of looks.

  • amrinlong

    Edges are too sensitive. My palms at the bottom of each corner registers a touch.

    • tansuperman

      Same here. It really bugs me how sensitive they are.

  • Pranay

    I would add IR, 24 bit DAC, Fingerprint scanner at the back,On screen buttons and 5.3 inch display and Complete metal at the back instead if glass as it shatters with one fall and its irrepairable.

    • Hans Pedersen

      Android devices has had 24 bit DAC’s for ages. Galaxy S phones since the S3, I think.

    • dustin martin

      Lol sounds like a g5 to me

      • Goran

        Ugly as hell.

      • Pranay

        G5 design is bad and module thing I’m not sure how durable it will be and no waterproof, no AMOLED screen and design like S7 .. I want best of both worlds :)

        • dustin martin

          Fair enough, but maybe a true modular phone will be released. That way everyone can have the features that apply to them. So long as it has a good design

    • FatherofAndroid

      Get the g5 then..

    • Jørdan Anthøny

      Go buy a G5 then….

      • Pranay

        G5 design is bad and module thing I’m not sure how durable it will be and no waterproof, no AMOLED screen and design like S7 .. I want best of both :)

  • Andre Senge

    Hmm what would i change, everything, looks like the boring slab from last year. Damn why am i on here, SamSung is gross.

  • Drew Sturdivant


  • Scott Dabson

    The inclusion of USB-C. The sooner we all have it the better. Other than that, I’m really enjoying the S7 edge!

  • Kevin

    USB type C and better speakers

  • My Galaxy Prime

    I would remove the SD card and only leave internal memory. 3 days after using the S7 with a top tier SD card and it corrupts on me causing me to lose GBs of data. I liked the way my S6 was. Oh, and the IR blaster. I definitely miss that

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Faulty device. Just bring it back. And shut up.

      • My Galaxy Prime

        How about you shut the hell up. The device isn’t faulty, SD cards aren’t if you haven’t known about this common occurrence. My device works perfectly fine. Sd card technology, however, still have their issues including corruption.

        • The-Sailor-Man

          Not good SD card then. Try Samsung SD. Great.

          • My Galaxy Prime

            Mine is a PNY 64 GB U3, class 10 SD card that I’ve used in Canon 5Ds, Panasonic, and Red Cameras. It’s a pretty decent SD card that allowed me to records dozens of hours worth of Full HD content. It’s just easier with internal storage only. Didn’t need annoying pop ups asking to choose which drive you want only for it not to save to that drive. Lol I just got a notification from Spotify telling me there was no storage option found on my device. Lol lovely.

    • Airyl

      Then don’t use it. No one’s forcing you.

      • My Galaxy Prime

        When you only have 32 GB but on average you use 30 GB, you have no choice but to use an SD card

  • The-Sailor-Man

    I can’t believe how many ppl voted for the ‘front facing speakers’ BS . The biggest nonsense smartphone’s gimmick ever.
    Wow, wow, wow
    And here we expect tech ppl to vote. Not some tech ignorant ppl. Right?

    • Airyl

      You don’t seem to understand what a gimmick is.

      • The-Sailor-Man

        I do!

    • moew

      You must not have a phone with dual front facing speakers. That’s all I heard from your post.

      • The-Sailor-Man

        Really? LOL
        Just put some music on some phone with back-speakers, and turn the phone back – speaker facing you. Now you have front speaker experience. Right? Sound like tweeter.
        Then turn it in normal position facing the screen instead, and hold it normally with hands on the back . Now you can hear the difference. Better sound with rich bass and middle.

        • moew

          Those youtube videos will look great while watching the back of the phone!

  • Dušan D.


  • Mail carrier

    Make the s7 plus without the damn edge screen where I can put a case on it. Edge screen will NOT survive with the abuse I give phones, either that or I’ll always be bumping the edge screen when I don’t want to.

  • Igor Božović

    I would put that IR blaster back, anything but glass back panel and stereo speakers. Than it would be perfect device.

  • meohmymy

    Replaceable battery so I can make it through the day. I have this problem with all phones and is the reason I’m switching to the LG G5 when it comes out.

  • Csaba Rugli

    The nexus logo.

  • Gerrit Woord

    not much but front speaker would be nice and optimised Touchwiz

  • y_oo

    I would try to make it cheaper

  • Daggett Beaver

    I’d make it free, so I can get one.

  • Csaba Rugli

    The nexus logo.

  • Liam Bostock

    The battery on my s7 edge has been outstanding so far (lets see how long that last) so my concern right now isn’t the battery. I actually would have loved faster charging and better speakers. Samsung is, imo, getting closer and closer to phone perfection. Touchwiz still needs some tweaks and thinning but its great to see Sammy listening to customers (expandable storage and waterproofing) so this still gives me hope for UI improvements

  • Ramish

    I would add IR, and USB Type C.

  • Gumbopudding

    I don’t want an edge phone but I like the size. So a S7+ please.

  • Franco Arza

    besides touchwiz been too bloated, i’ll add typec usb and that will be it! i’m currently using it, and couldn’t be more happy about it

  • fredphoesh

    Fingerprint scanner is CRAP!!! I cant tell you how many times I have re-programmed and place my thumb carefully and still get blocked out for 29 seconds because I try again and again… Sooooo ANNOYING!!!

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Faulty phone, bring it back. No problem, they will replace it.

  • Prateek

    I would add IR blaster and change glass back with sturdy metal.

  • ThatDudeKee

    The glass. The phone is beautiful, but with glass on both front and back, one drop and its… Bye Bye beautiful phone. :0( Thats about the only thing I would definitely change. There’s a few other things that I don’t particularly like, (the physical buttons, the IR blaster, non-removable battery) but there’s nothing I dislike more than the type of glass used…

  • Ramon Teuling

    I would remove the back glass and replace it with aluminum and then put the fingerprint scanner on the back I would also make the nav buttons onscreen and add front facing speakers, software wise I would go stock android since updates can then be pushed out a lot quicker. usb-c to make it more future proof. maybe a 24 bit dac.

  • Daniell Marcussen

    I would fix 5 things:
    1. Micro-SD card is nice for media files, but I want fast internal storage for my apps and games. 32GB is a joke in 2016. Give us a 64GB and a 128GB version.
    2. Bring back the 16:9 format camera. This format fits the screen on my phone and all my other screens. The 4:3 format of the S7 is a step backwards.
    3. The lowlight performance and fast auto focus are nice features on the S7, but it comes at the expense of megapixel. I take most of my pictures in daylight and the lower megapixel count means less sharpness and details. So most of my pictures will be better on the S6. More megapixels please.
    4. Bring back the IR blaster.
    5. Front facing stereo speakers.
    …and please don’t bring back the removable battery. We don’t need it.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Front facing speakers are BS . Grow up and learn.

      • Phil

        Maybe you should grow up and learn, almost everyone wants front facing speakers. Your telling people to grow up, it’s about giving the consumer what they want. You should grow up and learn dumb ass.

  • Mark Snider

    Continue with touchwiz improvement and lag removal.
    Bring back ir blaster
    Higher internal storage options, just not a big fan of SD cards
    Removal of redundant apps
    One North American model that works with all carriers

  • Zmaku

    Only IR blaster and I’m good.

  • mrochester

    Put iOS on it.

    • jbruckus95


  • Goran

    Metal at the back

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Bad reseption

      • Goran

        May be solved. Loose wireless charging but get much more durable phone. One fall and its finished.

  • Umang Goel

    1. Change the aspect ratio of photos at 12 MP from 4:3 to 16:9
    2. Quick Charge 2.0 to Quick Charge 3.0
    3. Add IR Blaster

  • CdMoto

    Fix the freaking font replacement. It is sort of ridiculous that I can not change my font on an android device because samsung wants so much control with touchwiz. Starting to become like apple.

  • Aaditya Maddukuri

    I would change the fact that I dont have one.

  • Eddie Hicks

    The touch screen on my Edge is much too sensitive. I’m constantly and inadvertently opening apps and links and not just on the edge. Just scrolling on websites is a task because I find myself opening ads and other links. I don’t have this issue with my S6 or any of the other smartphones I have owned. Apparently I’m not the only one experiencing this issue. I hope it is something that can eventually be resolved with a firmware update. Other than that, It’s the best phone I have ever owned.

  • Rick Rold

    Remove the edge from the edge7. phone would be perfect without it.

    • tansuperman

      Isn’t that a regular s7?

      • Rick Rold

        a 5.5″ s7 :)

  • Da_James

    Fingerprint at the back, front firing speakers and USB-C. I’d cover this back with an add-on, so…

    • The-Sailor-Man

      front firing speakers are BS. Learn about acoustics

  • Silkrays

    5.1 inch edge version is missing for lot of people……..i liked alot s7 edge style….with small bezzels……so same style with 5.1 inch .

  • Jose

    I dont understand why people still get upset that samsung removed the removable battery. with all the portable battery option out there I don’t see why we still make a big deal about this. I absolutely love my galaxy s7 edge! the one thing that I would change is the speaker. I think samsung can definitely do a better job.

  • wcjeep

    Bring IR back. Eliminate heart rate sensor. Fix Marshmallow display problem. There is some Yahtzee type game my wife plays. When it goes to commercial 1 of the 5 dice disappears. It work fine on the S5. Game becomes unplayable.

  • 1213 1213

    The lack of ir blaster and removable battery should be there too. But none of those are dealbreaker, just things that would make it better. Since they were adding features the s6 lacked I don’t think they should be taking away features that are quite useful to some. To be honest ir blaster is probably worth more to me than ip68, and certainly more useful than the heart rate sensor.

  • Anand Sai Mishra

    complete metal back with a pure silver color option and reduce it to 1080p so that battery lasts for days

  • Chauntella Stephanie Brown

    Smh wow People STILL complaining about TouchWiz? Stop expecting TouchWiz to operate like Stock Android, they are too totally DIFFERENT UIs!

  • Dennis Kathurima

    Touchwiz ain’t so bad , it has all the features Android N is calling new. Don’t mind the fingerprints, but hate the slipperiness; It keeps sliding off my pocket when I’m seated and I’m so afraid of loosing it that I constantly keep checking my pockets, also at work and school, when I place it on the desk it keeps sliding on the slanted table and has already hit the floor once and ahs a small dent top left, owned it for only 5days
    So my change wud be different materials on the back, sth rough and premium but not leather

  • Buck Macklin ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    User replaceable battery like the S4 and S5

  • Megacharge

    Return the IR blaster, anodized metal back, maybe FM radio and definitely front facing speakers. *hoping for these on the note 6*

    • The-Sailor-Man

      ‘ front facing speakers’ is the biggest BS EVER.

  • Ornitonick

    The buttons, definitely. They are reversed AND ugly. Totally out of date. Why dont use 3 capacitive instead of 2 capacitive and one mechanical?

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Because in the dark I feel the mechanical one, and know where is the bottom of the phone.

      • Ornitonick

        I don’t have any problem to find the on-screen button. Back light let people see in the dark… And the button is in the center! how difficult is to find?!

      • Ornitonick

        I think the solution that HTC used the M10 much more elegant than the Samsung. The home button is distinguishable to the touch but not mechanical. And have the fingerprint reader. The other 2 buttons use the current layout of the android system and the default position.

    • Bidiminished

      The middle has the fingerprint sensor, so to wake and unlock the phone, you just need to press the home button and keep you finger on it. Easier than fumbling to reach the power button or a back mounted fingerprint scanner.

      • Ornitonick

        The sensor can still work. You just don’t need to press anything. O_o
        But I prefer the fingerprint scanner in the back.

      • Ornitonick

        Did you see what HTC did with the M10? this is exactly what I think Samsung should do. The home button is there, with digital reader but it is not mechanical. And the buttons back and multitasking respect the designate of Android (which is much more beautiful than that arrow and two rectangles of pre-lollipop androids).

  • Andree Lopez

    I’ve been a Samsung User since the Gs2 till now that I have a s7 edge, TouchWizz is finally going through the right direction, I like it more and more using it on my S7 edge, they only need to polish their UI a little bit more, less bloatware, and dual front facing speakers, Wishing to se the S8 edge with front facing speakers and Touchwizz finally putting its s**t together and give us ( Samsung users ) a clean interface

  • Νίκος Γιαπής

    I would reduce the amount of visible fingerprints because its a really big design and apereance issue and also I would replace this 2013 style speaker with 1 or even 2 front facing speakers also I would reduce the screen size to 5 inches to make the phone easilly usable with 1 hand and to improve the ppi to an even higher extend. And a feature such as removable battery would certainly be welcome. At last even though this phone sure is quick and snappy I would still remove a lot of the bloatware because some of it is just completely useless.

  • Daniel Ambriz

    I think they should have put an SPen on the s7edge, brought back the hover feature, made the one handed operation like the s5 where the entire display turned off except for the resized screen, why the hell is there no IR blaster?

    • ZxyLady

      I never understood why Samsung removed the hover feature, I used that ALL the time! Same with the voice control functions on the clock and phone…

  • James Ickes

    I pretty much like the way it is but if I did change something it might b3 add IR blaster or maybe slightly better speaker and better (louder) headphone output. The button placement is fine for me and the finger prints are meh but a none issue really

    • ZxyLady

      I 100% agree.

  • Boris Romac

    ADD IR, Stereospekers, 20MP cam with same spec like this one

    • The-Sailor-Man

      This is new tech and the MP to raise needs time.

  • Sam B

    the Edge’s touch is too sensitive around the corners….

  • Chief

    Worrying that so many have voted that they wouldn’t change anything. I mean, come on I know there are fan boys but when you are paying $800 for a phone, you should expect utter perfection and this aint it.

  • The logo, come’on don’t be soo egotistical Samsung.

  • Mar

    IR blaster and removable battery, I’m still on the S5 because of how much I use them. Hate connecting my phone to a charger. My list is simple for me to upgrade all i want is:

    IP 67 rating
    Removable battery
    External SD card
    IR blaster
    Fingerprint scanner
    Decent camera
    And USB C
    (Added bonus if updates can completely bypass my carrier)

    However no phone makers seems to see a market for people like me, albeit its prolly a small market.

  • Dean Shanahan

    I would UNLOCK the Bootloader!!

  • arbocorp

    128gb or more internal, sure the sd card is nice but now I have to buy ANOTHER item after forking over how much for the phone?

  • J.C.

    S7 edge with stock Android, faster updates and some Samsung Apps optionally available would be awesome. Still too much bloat but hey with Root and an App manager I can make them vanish easy enough. Still my number 1 device so far in 2016.

  • Ivan Drago

    that it gets hot, they need to address this issue

    • tansuperman

      IM not a fan of my s7 edge at all and regret my purchase alot, however I have not noticed any heat from this compared to other phones. I have put a lot of stress on this phone for hours. Played games while it’s charging, and still have not seen much heat. Very tolerable

  • ZxyLady

    I want my IR Blaster back!!!!!!!!!!!! and dual ff speakers.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      ‘ff speakers’ is biggest BS . Learn about acoustic!

      • ZxyLady

        Front facing speakers aren’t BS. My Husband is in Audio (he is a music producer), having a single, small speaker on the bottom of the phone which compulsively gets covered up when holding the phone is an issue which can be fixed simply by putting in 2 DUAL FRONT FACING SPEAKERS. Then ‘acoustically’ the sound comes out of the phone in an unadulterated way and without obstructions. And everyone can hear when you have 2 speakers vs. 1. I am not alone in My hope for dual ff speakers. As I have a S7 Edge, Note5, and a Nexus 6p. There is no comparison to the ‘accoustic’ and sound quality.

  • ZxyLady

    a much bigger internal memory, as most Occulus VR apps won’t move to SD. HUGE miss on Sammy’s part, imo.

  • HotelQuebec

    Prefer Exynos over Snapdragon. Note 6 better come with Exynos or no buy.

    • Phil

      Snapdragon beat the Exynos in benchmarks hands down, but if you want the inferior processor that’s your choice.

      • Bidiminished

        Exynos is more efficient; better battery life

        • Phil

          Very true:)

  • Ray

    Replaceable battery

  • Zmeg2222

    Replaceable battery, scratch free surface and lower the price

  • KeyserSoze

    Make the flat-screen S7 in 5.5 or 5.7 inch. The S7 Edge’s gimmicky curved screen is way too hard and expensive to repair if broken. Add 128GB internal storage option, fuq those light-weight noobie users who don’t know what to do with this large storage.

  • madlyb

    Google Adoptable Storage please.

  • udayakiran

    Replace Samsung briefing with Google now and expand more apps for the edge

  • fijisiv

    OS updates in a reasonable time.

  • Matthew Williams

    The speaker really is appalling. I wouldn’t expect such poor sound from a high end phone. Also although the camera is great in daytime I’m still disappointed by the performance in night with the flash. Pictures still quite grainy. I’m starting to wish I went for the Nexus 6p

  • comawhite94

    1) Matte, soft touch plastic on the back to get rid of fingerprints.

    2) Get rid of that ugly silver accented ear piece. Make it more subtle, like the one on the HTC M9 leaks from last year.

    3) If there must be a tactile home button, have the LED notification light take the place of the silver accent. How cool would it be to have the button’s rim (not the button itself, just the edges of it) light up? It’d look cool as hell IMO.

    4) Fingerprint sensor in the power button.

    5) IR blaster.

    6) Since we’ll never be rid of Touchwiz altogether, could there be an option to by a Stock only model directly from Samsung? I’ll pay full price for it, Samsung doesn’t have to produce many of them or even advertise them. Just give your hardcore supporters the option.

    7) Go with a 20MP camera at least. I often crop or zoom into my shots quite a bit, and I worry that 12MP just wouldn’t cut it, even if it was better in low light.

    8) Remove the branding from the front of the phone. The front should be as clean as possible. Keep all branding to the back.

    • KeyserSoze

      Sorry, all 8 of your suggestions suck and you don’t matter. That’s just how it is, can you dig it?

    • Matthew Merrick

      Didn’t LG do #3 for a long time?

  • Matthew Merrick

    The primary thing that needs to change, that’s a MAJOR knock against it, is the godforsaken glass back. Super fragile + super slippery = terrible combo. And if it has to be a glass back at least make it a frosted glass back like the Xperia Z5 has. But seriously literally any material you could have as the back of a smartphone would be better than what the S6/S7 lines have. I would take Galaxy S3 super glossy plastic over glass. At least it won’t break. Feels the same too (slippery and slimy), and looks just as bad. If you wanted to keep a premium there are so many other options. Leather, carbon fiber, ballistic nylon, metal, wood, etc. But seriously, I would be so so happy with just a soft touch plastic or a rubber back.

    And if by some miracle, that non-glass back meant the battery could be removable, even better. But I’m certainly not holding my breath for that.

    • KeyserSoze

      High-end internal hardware alone won’t sell as good as high-end hardware AND premium high-class aesthetics. Samsung S7/E is the best this year because it met both those requirements thus people overwhelmingly backed up that sentiment with their wallets. LG’s leather-back G4 is very pretty but not as pretty as Samsung’s design because the people have voted and the curved glass-back with mirror finish design won. The plain glossy plastic back of the S3 is pretty low-class and lacks taste, but if that’s your style…

      • Matthew Merrick

        Where in there did I say what my style was? All I said I I don’t want a phone with a back just as fragile as the front that is also super slippery. I disliked the supergloss S3 plastic, but at least it wasn’t fragile.

        My ideal backing material is actually the rubber used on the default Moto X 2014. That was real nice.

        And people just went and bought a Galaxy because that’s the brand they know and trust, because it’s, you know, the biggest brand of android devices. The ONLY thing that it says about people’s likes and dislikes is that glass isn’t a dealbreaker for most people. HUGE difference between “not a dealbreaker” and “what the people prefer”

        And don’t say professional tech reviewers are representative of the general populous. Because they sure as hell aren’t.

        • KeyserSoze

          “All I said I I don’t want a phone with a back just as fragile as the front that is also super slippery.”

          Every phone is fragile because it has a glass front. A glass back does NOT make it anymore fragile than it already is. Glossy plastic back is just as slippery as glass. Next question?

          “Though I fail to see what’s so “premium” about glass or a soda can.”

          Your failure to “see what’s so premium” is your personal shortcoming, it’s not the fault of the beautiful glass design. By the way, a soda can is made of aluminum, not glass. Try to keep your argument relevant and cohesive.

          “the ‘premium material’ Optimus G ‘lost’ to the plastic S4 even though it was honestly pushed more, so your argument about ‘premium material sells’ really doesn’t mean anything.”

          Did I not say that premium materials AND high-spec wins? I’m 100% sure I did. You need both, not just premium materials alone, not just high-specs alone. The Optimus G had a much weaker CPU than Galaxy S4. Nice try though.

          • Matthew Merrick

            Two glass surfaces instead of one makes the device twice as breakable

            Glossy plastic is slippery, yes, but I never contested that. I also indicated I would prefer a non-glossy material.

            If you cannot evocation what makes it desirable, that means it is better only in a subjective fashion. Being subjectively more “beautiful” does not dismiss my practical concerns (grip, fragility). And considering the vast majority of smartphone users employ cases, I’d argue its a rather meaningless comparison.

            And yes, glass and metal. Because usually people talk about Samsung’s “glass and metal design” so I’m addressing both those materials.

            The Optimus G was a fall release, to compare it to the S4 is just as unfair as to compare it to the S3, as it came out right in between those. But those two devices were its main competition, and the Optimus G packed absolutely top shelf specs for its release (768p display, 2 GB RAM, Snapdragon S4 Pro, 32 GB Storage, 13 MP Camera).

          • KeyserSoze

            “Two glass surfaces instead of one makes the device twice as breakable”

            It breaks if you drop it, that’s all that matters. You’re just regurgitating what you heard others say instead of thinking for yourself. Try again.

            “The Optimus G was a fall release, to compare it to the S4 is just as unfair as to compare it to the S3”

            LOL! You’re the one that made the Optimus G to S4 comparison, not me. So you’re calling your own argument unfair? Hahaha!

          • Matthew Merrick

            I have dropped my various non-glass-backed devices I’ve owned over the years several times and they have not broken, largely because they do not have an incredibly fragile design. Why don’t you ask some iPhone 4 owners what they think about the sturdiness of the all glass design, and get back to me.To argue some designs are not in fact inherently more fragile than others, is pure foolishness. Send Send

            I chose the Optimus G because it is the only premium non-Samsung android phone I can think of with a glass body, other than Sony phones, but those have a tiny market share and are not usually sold in the Americas. In life, there are not always 100% equal comparisons.

            If you wish to look at other premium materials that existed on Android phones prior to the Galaxy S6, I can use the HTC One line as an example. Great specs, but they didn’t sell, even though they had what was widely regarded as “the best and most premium design” on the market. So, your argument that a combination of great specs and great design will succeed… Just doesn’t hold up. In fact, the history of Samsung and their continued place as most popular Android OEM, shows that consumers really don’t care about design that much at ALL, as there have basically ALWAYS been better specced and better designed phones on the market than Samsungs.

          • KeyserSoze

            “HTC One line as an example. Great specs, but they didn’t sell, even though they had what was widely regarded as “the best and most premium design” on the market. So, your argument that a combination of great specs and great design will succeed… Just doesn’t hold up.”

            Samsung won, HTC lost. People voted with their wallets for Samsung S6/S7’s better body design and better specs over HTC’s. My argument held up great.

          • Matthew Merrick

            Except it doesn’t, because it only applies to this last generation. (not counting the M10 because it didn’t exist yet)

            The S6 outsold the M9. That has absolutely noting to do with the M9’s design vs the S6’s design, and everything to do with the fact the S6 was marketed like hell, pushed by carriers employees, had better sales promotions, is a more well known/trusted brand, and just in general has more mindshare.

            The S5 also outsold the M8 by a massive margin. The S4 outsold the M7 by a massive margin. And both those phones, just like the M9, have been praised by critics for their excellent and premium design. Are you also going to argue that’s because of Samsung’s “superior design”? Yeah, no, we’re getting back to super-gloss plastic here.

            Main point is, consumers really don’t care about material, or software for that matter. Because the S4 would not have been one of Samsung’s best selling phones if that were the case. (not attacking touchwiz or anything, that specific phone has had performance and stability issues since day one).

            And as far as consumers voting with their wallets, Samsung hasn’t seen any kind of massive increase in sales from the S5 to the S6, even though they have this design that you people who use your phone as jewelery like so much. It’s sold well, but Galaxy S devices always sell well. Because of marketing.

          • KeyserSoze

            You really enjoy babbling on and on incoherently don’t you?

            I’ll say it again for the THIRD damn time:
            Superior hardware + Superior aesthetics/body design = WIN

            Samsung’s S6/S7 series had both so it won. HTC’s body design wasn’t good enough (so says the people’s wallets) and it lost. You babbling on for another 20 paragraphs won’t change that fact. Not gonna bother to read anymore of your HUGE posts, didn’t even read this last one.

          • Matthew Merrick

            So you’ve gone from a mostly rational discussion to paypal insults and just repeating your arguments over and over instead of defending them or building them up. That’s real impressive, I’m sure you’re quite proud of yourself.

            I do have to agree with you on one thing though – we’re definitely done here

          • KeyserSoze

            “So you’ve gone from a mostly rational discussion to paypal insults”

            Well well, aren’t you a fragile little thing. Can’t handle being proven wrong can you? You lost the argument, let it go. Samsung S7 is the best and I’ve got Consumer Reports to back me up, you got nothing. I did everyone here a favor by shutting down your long-winded idiotic nonsense rambling.

          • Matthew Merrick

            How on earth did you ever prove me wrong.

            You know what, don’t answer that. Because I will not be responding to any more of your childish BS.

            And FWIW I never said it’s a bad phone. In fact, I believe the S7 edge is the best one you can buy today. Even in spite of its unfortunately glass back. I even said as much in my first comment. Consumer reports never said that is good because it’s glass. Just that its good.

            But anyways, say/think/post whatever you want, I will not be responding further.

          • KeyserSoze

            “And FWIW I never said it’s a bad phone. In fact, I believe the S7 edge is the best one you can buy today. Even in spite of its unfortunately glass back.”

            Nice backpedalling… now that you’ve seen the Consumer Reports result agreeing with my assessment that S7 is the best. You losers are so predictable.

        • Dodge Charger Srtb

          “Though I fail to see what’s so “premium” about glass or a soda can.”

          Wow, clearly you lack a clear understanding of what materials are used. Aluminum. There are different grades of aluminum. Soda cans are the cheapest. The aluminum you find on your phone or a car – probably one you can’t afford lol, because in case you didn’t know, most high-end cars these days are also constructed out of aluminum – are a hell of a lot more “premium” than that of a soda can. I don’t know if you were just trying to be funny or what but all you really did was prove your ignorance. It’s best you just shut up.

  • Don Draper

    Touchwiz, non-removable battery, price, awful speakers (worst than on the S6).

  • MT

    Other. Mic on speaker phone. Everyone complains its very tinny.

  • Bidiminished

    – better fingerprint scanner
    – 1080p screen for better battery life, make the screen more innovative
    – better speakers/speaker placement
    – device documentation and drivers so we can run custom ROMs and get timely updates.
    – “perfect” design like the iPhones: everything to be symmetrical and aligned with each other.
    – USB type C

  • Stan

    The price

  • Silvino Orozco

    USB C
    Swap home buttons like Google Nexus
    Quick Charge 3.0

  • salmee salmee

    S pen should be added

  • Banutu

    Front facing stereo speakers
    IR blaster
    5.8 inch display
    Dual tone flash
    Dual sim + MicroSD slot (not hybrid shit)

  • Boris Romac

    IR + more battery

  • Abhishek Mundada

    Would’ve loved some more sophistication in design – There is no need for an SD card, flash memory works better. Plus the 5.5inch display on the S7 Edge is huge. They should stick to 5.1 inch display. Also give us an option to reduce the Samsung bloatware. There are like 2 different apps for 1 task, reducing storage space.

  • beebl3brox

    IR blaster! It’s a big omission if you’ve replaced all your remotes with your phone already


    I was really exited. But to consider as an upgrade from my Note 5, No actual dual sim (Hybrid), No IR, Metal Back, Edge sensitivity, More edge options, A S Pen (like note edge) and at least 4000mAh battery.

    Also would have loved if the fingerprint scanner worked without pressing home button (like one on 2015 Nexus devices) and a quality front speaker (at least one) and clarity sound.

    And if the price would have been around 40K. But still let me rethink with what they have.

  • Prizm

    Fingerprints are really not that bad

  • Benz Chuen

    Air Gesture to unlock phone and on-screen lock phone button like MIUI does?

  • Bolqr

    I was owner of galaxy S the original and galaxy S 3 mini. No more Touch Wiz for me. They lost me as client even I know that they do a killer hardware! Samsung aperantly changed their design team leatly now they need to change their software team together with the Touch Wiz trash.

  • Neo

    I would add IR, FM radio, App drawer sort is terrible and other software little options are missing too.

  • FatherofAndroid

    Does’nt have to be front facing speakers, but actual dual speakers at the bottom would be just fine. And pls that TouchWiz bloat is just too much, and fix the ram management.. If thats difficult, bring back s7 edge google edition. I would be very satisfied with that.

  • Jack Pepal

    I would just want my ir port back

  • Craig Lewis

    User replaceable battery. At least they gave us back the micro SD card! Still won’t buy one though.

  • ravanshr

    The most annoying thing about galaxy s7 is when I start to record video the frame zooms in and I have to move back to capture all elements that I planned to shoot. I’m pretty sure this can be corrected via a software update and I wish they do so.

    When I frame a group of people, click their picture and the try to start recording the video.. boom.. their heads are cut off and I have to move back to try to cover the entire frame. If I’m in a small room, the there is no way I could get a good video.

    I have been using samsung galaxy s5, s6 and now s7. Camera and video have been the most important factor for me and this time I’m let down by the video capability. I’m pretty sure many others are experiencing this.

  • Major Sceptic

    It’s perfect …….. Touch nothing.

  • Canucks97

    Stock Android

  • Lucas Luppi

    Sammy, please bring back IR blaster!

  • Rishabh

    take the s7, replace with the lg g5. that’s all i’d do

  • FARCrow

    Besides swapping the nav buttons, it would be great if they changed the physical home button to a capacitive one (keep them all below the screen not put them onscreen as I love the extra screen space). They also need to offer the standard S7 in a 5.5″ size and battery (I own the S7 Edge). As beautiful as my S7 Edge looks, I only bought it for the bigger battery and screen not the curved edges. The edges are a gimick that I just don’t use, and the curved edges actually makes using and holding the phone really annoying. I’m constantly accidentally swiping back & forth while reading Kindle books on my phone, viewing images in the gallery, and makes taking photos annoying as the phone detects multiple touch points while I’m holding the phone and refuses to focus & take a photo most of the time because of this. So if it weren’t for the useless but beautiful looking curved edges and the non-standard buttons, I’d say this is the best Android phone I’ve ever used (I’ve owned a Galaxy S3, HTC One M8, LG G3, Sony Xperia Z5 Premium).

  • klas eriksson

    weight. >150g is too heavy. 130g is the target to aim for.

  • Anish B

    Make the back of device less shattering. Even the TouchWiz is too bloated & boring for me

  • ArmandoLeonardo

    Things i found awesome about it:
    1. The camera.
    2. Good battery life
    3. The display
    4. The earphone

    Things I found annoying with it:
    1. the inability to wake up/unlock the phone by just touching the fingerprint sensor
    2. the position of the speaker

  • muthu raj

    Front facing dual speakers would make it just perfect!!!

  • Jørdan Anthøny

    I would bring back the IR Blaster. And maybe a removable battery.

  • joe1

    removeable battery

  • Michael Dennique

    I would have made the internal internal storage start at 128Gb. Forget this 32Gb and 64Gb internal storage rubbish.

  • Debbir

    So far nothing, I’m enjoying my S7 edge.

  • navigation buttons bug me and why i cant buy a sammy!!!

  • dvdlgh

    Front stereo speakers. 5.7″ screen on the non-edge. Straight Android and Samsung can stick all their Touchwiz stuff in the Play Store.

  • dvdlgh

    Stereo front speakers. 5.7″ screen on non-Edge. Straight Android with all the Touchwiz/bloatware in Play Store apps.

  • Walter

    Front facing speakers.

  • Hansen Pine

    I did say on many tweets and Facebook. That my #s7EDGE Is Separating After 6 Days Old. Please be aware.

  • Mikhail Cass

    Onscreen buttons are the worst!
    1. Accidentally pressed buttons when playing games.
    2. Friends accidentally press buttons when handing them the phone.
    3. Onscreen buttons take up screen real estate.

    Oh and.. Touchwiz is not a real issue on current flagships. If you dissagree please state how.

  • gjutras

    64gb and 128gb versions available from american carriers. removable battery, IR blaster, high quality audio, metal or silicone back. With the memory (available in my country) and battery as they are, it knocked the s7 or s7 edge off my list of possible phones. 32Gb is not enough. After OS, Brand & Carrier apps there’s only about 19gig free. You want at least 4gig free at all times for OTA upgrades. That leaves you with about 15 gig for use. That’s no where near enough. My family plays one game that takes 6 gig. The apps are only getting bigger folks. You need the app storage space.

  • Robert Avery

    I would change the update policy! Sammy sucks When it comes to updates! The s5 got mm update before Indian note 5 WTF! And Indian s6 920i users had to Wait more then 2 weeks after European s6 920f for the mm update! Too many models! To much fragmentation!

  • Shiny

    Removable battery; otherwise it’s dead to me.

  • GiorgioM

    Removable Battery … at least they brought back the microSD card… I went to LG from Galaxy S4 … I came back because of the Micro Card and that & that I can at least rely on Morphie Juice Pack … but having a couple extra batteries is sure comforting ….

  • DaHitman

    No forcing us to import passwords everytime we turn fingerprint scanner on and off

  • Harbhajan Singh

    What would I change about the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge – Its price :p Its out of my budget :D :p

  • John DelphiaIII

    Add back the IR remote function – i use it countless times at home on my old S4 note. Also add back a bigger and removeable battery, even if it makes it thicker. I would rather have more juice than a mm less thick phone, easily.