With the mobile extravaganza of MWC just around the corner, Samsung is trying to get as many people caught up in the hype as possible. If you couldn’t make it out to Barcelona, Spain this February, worry not: you’ll still be able to get into the experience of seeing the Galaxy S7’s Unpacked event in its first ever 360 live streaming.

The mobile mogul is offering you four different positions to virtually stand in during the event, and you can participate on your PC, smartphone, or Gear VR headset. The Galaxy Unpacked event begins streaming on Sunday, February 21 at 7pm CET. For a full breakdown of how to virtually dive into this event, head on over to Samsung’s “How to Watch” page and follow the instructions there.

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Exclusive: new Samsung Galaxy S7 details, images and video

February 17, 2016

Samsung Gear VR CES 2016-AA

Things are really ramping up in the smartphone and wearable world. Stay tuned with Android Authority this weekend and all throughout next week to stay abreast of all the latest MWC action as it happens. Our MWC team is packing their bags, and we’re all excited to bring you the best coverage available.

Are you stoked about the Galaxy S7? Many users found the S6 to be something of a disappointment, but it looks like the S7 is slated to bring back some of our favorite features like a microSD slot and water-resistance. Let us know what you’re most excited about going into MWC in the comments below!


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February 17, 2016
  • Battery Hogg

    SD card support and water resistance is great, but a monster 3600 mA is a top feature in my book regarding the S7 Edge.

  • Samsung thinks that it’s a hardware race – and it is to a certain extent. I look forward to seeing what they have come up with in the software department. That’s really where Apple excels.

    • Hans Pedersen

      Whelp, Samsung is, for something like the 5th year going, the biggest selling brand in the world. By a big margin. Maybe Samsung is right when they think it’s primarily a hardware race?
      Yeah I know, you’re going to “retort” with something in the line of “Yahaa? look at how much Apple makes on their relative low sales numbers because I’m dumb enough to over-pay for mediocrity!”. You know, a non-argument. :D

      • SkyAttacksX

        It’s people like you who unnecessarily start fanboy wars , troll .

        • Hans Pedersen

          Sorry for responding to a nonsense comment.

      • phatmanXXL

        iPhone is the best selling smartphone and has been since 2008.

        iPad is the best selling tablet (in b4 iPad sales are falling, all tablet sales are falling, iPad sales falling the slowest)

        Macbook is the best selling notebook

        iMac is the best selling desktop

        iPod is the best selling music player

        Apple Watch is the best selling smartwatch (outselling all other smartwatches combined)

        In b4 ‘selling most doesn’t mean it’s the best’ all those products have customer sats from 95% to 100%. iPhone ranges from 99% to 100%.

        Another thing.

        Samsung makes a lot more products than Apple does. Apple doesn’t make dishwashers, washing machines, fridges, toasters, toaster refridgirator in 1, tv’s, etc.

        Also, Samsung tablets, computers, smartphones off contract prices range from 30$ to over 1000$ while iPhones start at 400$ off contract to 1000$, Macbooks range from 900$ to 3500$.

        So your comparison is completely unfair.

        Fact is, every product Apple makes is the best selling in its own respective category while also being rated the highest in customer satisfaction studies.

        • Hans Pedersen

          You forgot the one detail on your list that really matters. Apple has more FUD “police” employed, to feed the masses with brain dead FUD on the internet, than any fascist party in any country on earth. Apple is the guiding star for so many ultra-rightwingers in how to do that.
          Spam stupid things over and over and people will stop not-believing it because they get tired of the repetitive b.s.

      • Check my comment to 1213 1213…

    • 1213 1213

      I find ios interface to be unfriendly and crippled. I’m not sure what you mean by that being where a apple excels and what you think Samsung could learn.

      • With the S6 Samsung finally learned to tone down touch wiz and not add tons of other meaningless software functions and apps, but there’s still a bit of way to go when it takes Samsung 5-6 months to roll out Marshmallow? Why didn’t they come before Apple with the 3D touch (both a software and a hardware thing)? And why haven’t they launched their payment solution everywhere that is far superior to Apple Pay? Beats me. That’s what I mean when I say Samsung doesn’t pay enough attention to software.

        • 1213 1213

          I disagree with you calling the features like ir blaster on the s5 useless, but can’t really argue with the rest lol.

          But I will say that both 3d touch and payment system aren’t related to software constraints. So the only legitimate point is the lack of software updates. But even though some people make a big deal about it, in the real world not many people I know care about it. And when ios updates on older devices slow them down to the point Apple gets class action lawsuits for it, updates seem even less important. More timely updates would be nice though.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      ‘That’s really where Apple excels.’ ?????


      • Android is fragmented and apps have to be adopted to hundreds of different devices with different screen sizes, resolutions etc. There are many more security issues with Android than iOS. I admit that e.g. the notification system on Android, for one, is much better than on iOS, but both work. Disclaimer: I’m an Android guy today — used to just use iPhones and iOS.

    • phatmanXXL

      I agree. And Apple excels in every department. Apple manages to keep as many apps and or tabs open with 2GB of ram than Samsung with 6GB of ram.

    • Abd

      This is how apple really excels:

  • xtriker360

    What time is that in FL?

    • swattz101

      1pm EST Sunday afternoon.

    • Eddie Hicks

      CET is Central European Time. For future references you can google for example, 7pm CET = EST

  • Cyberstriker

    A low end camera is what we should be talking about, 12-megapixel sensor who is Samsung supposed to be Apple.

    • Choda Boy

      You have already compared the photos from the unreleased S7 to the S6?

      • Cyberstriker

        I used 12-megapixel cameras before they’re all the same.

        • Eddie Hicks

          They are not all the same and there’s more to cameras then megapixels that determine picture quality. The specs for the S7 camera has been leaked and they are impressive. No doubt it will be an improvement. Samsung flagships already have some of the best cameras. It would not make sense to downgrade it.

          • Cyberstriker

            As I said before all the 12-megapixel sensors are the same nothing new here from Samsung.

          • Eddie Hicks

            Copied from a website: With Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung has used new Dual Pixel technology for its 12-megapixel rear camera to offer better low light photography” That is different. I posted a link to a website that has the camera portion of the Samsung S7 live streaming event. The post was deleted so I guess they do not allow links here. Anyway the video is on CNET. Google it and watch it. It has a comparison of the S7 and iPhone 6S. The Samsung blows the Apple out of the water. Watch that video and tell me there is no difference.

          • Cyberstriker

            Who cares about the iphone were supposed to be talking about S7 camera which is still weak with a 4:3 aspect ratio from Samsung.

          • Eddie Hicks

            Obviously you really don’t know much about cameras. I see you are playing this game on the Phandroid website also. Let me repeat what someone else told you on Phandroid, larger megapixels do not necessarily equal better performance. You seem to be having a hard time understanding that. From your comments here and on Phandroid It’s clear you are a rather young person. Probably a teen. The S6 is considered to have one of the best cameras ever in a smartphone. The S7’s camera has to be at least as good and most likely better than the S6. For you to call it weak shows you are just spouting off. I’m done with this. Watch the video.

  • Abd

    If you have an iPhone, Set the date to 1/1/1970 then restart the phone. You will see what apple does to its customers

  • Ron

    It was apparent to me from the start that Samsung has not innovated anything with the Galaxy series. It’s no surprise that anything after the S3, has not grown any more traction for the brand ever since. I agree with my peers here in that software is key, so that’s where we look to, to see how they (the manufacturers) differentiates themselves. The Google-version of Motorola began this approach and that’s refreshing to see. Let’s hope Samsung will follow suit.

  • Mitchell Fröşhkid Mitčhÿ Orutu

    can i watch it from nigeria ?