Samsung Galaxy S5 wireless charging – everything you need to know

by: Kevin NetherMay 30, 2014

Despite being one of the most technologically advanced handsets on the market today, the Galaxy S5 does not have built in wireless charging. Samsung just released two wireless charging cases, and I also tried many third party wireless charging solutions as well. Today, we check out the best ones!

SView Cover Case

Samsung Galaxy S5 Wireless Charging S Cover 7

First up is the $70 Samsung Wireless Charging S-View Flip Cover. This is a leather flip cover case with a square cut out on the front flap. It’s one of the better cases I’ve used, with genuine feeling leather, and a deep stitching that wraps around its periphery. The window is made out of very tough scratch resistant plastic, and affords the owner the ability to interact with their S5 while its tucked safe and sound.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Wireless Charging S Cover 4

The subtle Galaxy S5 logo is etched onto the front, and the Samsung logo is on the back. The cutouts are precise and crisp. Overall, the case looks elegant, and feels very good in your hand. The case also has a built in wireless charging. To install the case, one only has to remove the back plate on their S5, place the metal contacts on the back of the phone, and snap the case down.

Samsung Galaxy S5 - S Cover - Wireless Charging - 1

When the phone is on and the case is closed you will have a smaller version of your lock screen, with quick access to the camera, weather, and pedometer. Your’e still able to see your meeting invites, make phone calls, play with the music player, as you’re able to interact with the phone right through the case. That’s really all there is to it.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Wireless Charging S Cover 3

The charging pad has not been shipped as of this video, but testing this on other wireless charging pads or docks works just as fine.

Overall I really like the flip style of case, it looks elegant and feels great in the hand. Also being able to access the phone with it being closed, is very cool. I’ve used this case for a few weeks, and it’s still not broken in all the way. I’m not sure if the flap will ever stay shut when its laying on its back. Only time will tell. Also – it seems like Samsung software does not fully recognize this case. Since I still get messages about checking the back casing even though the case is fully secure. Also important to note is that it’s compatible with the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad and all other Qi-certified wireless charging pads.

You can find it on Amazon, here.

S5 Wireless Charging Stand with 3 Quick Charging USB ports

S5 Wireless Charging Stand with 3 Quick Charging USB ports
Save space, save money and conveniently charge all your devices from 1 hub. Wirelessly charge your phone by placing it on the charging pad and charge up to 3 other devices with our 3 USB ports. Includes (1) QC Quick Charge 3.0 port (2) Smart USB Charging ports that will send the maximum available charge.

Samsung Wireless Charging Cover for the Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 Wireless Charging S Cover 2

Samsung’s Wireless Charging Cover case for the Galaxy S5 is Samsung’s wireless charging back plate for the S5. Priced at $30, the case snaps on the back of your device just like the standard back does. It is a few millimetres thicker, but it’s not a deal breaker by any means, and uses the same material and aesthetically looks the same as its slimmer, non wireless charging capable cousin.


At first glance, the added bulkiness is apparent, but after using it for some time you quickly get adjusted to it. Something else worth mentioning is that when this case is added, slim cases will no longer fit on the device; something to be mindful of.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Wireless Charging S Charger Cover - 1

This too is compatible with the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad and all other Qi-certified wireless charging pads.

See it on Amazon, here.

Wireless Charging Chip – Tylt VuMate


And now we come to the charging pads. These pads have become increasingly popular over the past few years. These are small chips that connect to the metal connectors on the backside of your phone that enable it to achieve wireless charging. I’ve used a few of them to find the best one, and did not have success with anyone of them but one. The Tylt VuMate for the Galaxy S5. The VuMate may cost a bit more than the other ones you can find on Amazon or Ebay for $5, but the price difference is worth it.


To install it just stick it on the battery and connect it to the connectors. Then when closing the case, be sure to apply downward pressure to guarantee the the pads have a solid connection. Then turn your phone back on, and expect it to charge wirelessly when placed upon the appropriate wireless charging pad.


For less than $25, you can add wireless charging functionality without an extra bulk or case, which is pretty awesome. In my tests it worked when putting a case on my S5 as well with no issues.

Get the Tylt VuMate for the Galaxy S5 here.

To sum it up

  • The flip cover is really cool, feels elegant and the added functionality while the case is closed is a nice add-on.
  • The S Charger Cover works as described, but it does add to the thickness of your device.
  • The Tylt VuMate actually worked consistently, and is a good deal at $20-$25 for the functionality it brings.
  • abqnm

    Why do they still have the seal if they remove the water/dust protection? Odds are it will still be waterproof, or at least resistant to splashes and such, but “officially” (and for warranty purposes) it isn’t waterproof anymore.

    • MyS5Droid

      Note to rooted users: You have already voided warranty :-/ just had to think about that for a minute. Was originally looking to see if this specific one adds the bulge others were talking of. But if you’re like me you will want to keep the rating anyways :P IMO: cheap out on the charger part if anything, not the back for the phone. Its only $30 or so.

      I only posted as reply to above user because its related to the statement above explaining about the rating as for warranty purposes

  • Jeffrey Fazal

    I am using Galaxy S5 from last 1 month and like its all specs and features. Well, it is little annoying to remove the flap of charging port in order to charge it and qi wireless charger is the best alternative to charge the device without messing up with wires.

  • billy

    Does the
    Wireless Charging Chip – Tylt VuMate work with Galaxy 5 s view flip cover

  • Stephen T

    Im confused, what source do AA use to cite that the waterproof capabilities are lost with the genuine charging backs? They have the same seal as the original back and so see no reason whatsoever that the same level of IP rating stands.

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  • Mister Salty

    From Samsung’s own advertising for the charging back:

    The Wireless Battery Cover was designed by Samsung to seamlessly match the look and feel of your Galaxy S 5 ensuring that your phone maintains its original style and slim profile. In addition, Samsung has incorporated sealing rubber into the battery cover to retain the Galaxy S 5’s water resistance.

  • Amadeus Klein

    A Couple things you missed, If you use an aftermarket add on device it will likely cause your seals to not sit correctly ruining the IP67 Ratings. And Samsung claims No loss of IP67 using either of their covers… Also the Tylt is 1mm thick which WILL cause some cases to not fit anymore (a couple Spigen cases for example) and The 1MM of extra thickness will push the seals up on the back cover, There are a couple .5mm charging adapters that may avoid this but it’s all trial and error….

    • Craig

      What about the Spigen Slim Armor cases?

      • Amadeus Klein

        It will bulge but barely fit with the 1mm, fit fine with a .5mm it should be fine

  • Adam

    From Samsungs website for the Wireless Charging Cover…”In addition, Samsung has incorporated sealing rubber into the battery cover to retain the Galaxy S 5’s water resistance.”

  • macloo stanley

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  • Craig

    So the Tylt will allow me to continue using my Spigen Slim Armor case?

  • dragosm

    I own a Samsung Galaxy S5 and I bought it in new condition.The first month there were no problems but after this month the hell broke down on me. THe Battery was charging so slow that it had to stay connected to the charger even 8 hours and more and more problems.I decided to buy some accessories and went to Cellz and got a charger , a charging case and camera lens for samsung galaxy S5 .The next 4 months was charging ok with the new charger and after this got back to the slow charging and I mounted the charging case and BOOM.Problem Solved

  • brendanhohoho

    You really can’t go wrong but the Samsung Galaxy S5, at $149 – $199 on contract with virtually all the majors carriers, should definitely be on your Android superphone short list. It’s a powerhouse device in every meaningful, noteworthy way.

  • Rob Twamley

    Why is there no receiver for the S5 Neo?. if there is 1 please let me know. I want an internal one as I have an Otterbox case.