Samsung Galaxy S5 to feature a metal chassis?

by: Ankit BanerjeeAugust 29, 2013

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We are at least six months away, if not longer, from the next Samsung Galaxy flagship, let’s call it the Galaxy S5 for now, and the rumors surrounding the device have already begun. Following a report that the 2014 Samsung flagship could feature a 16MP camera with OIS, a  new report states that the Galaxy S5 could feature a metal chassis.

According to ET News, Samsung is planning to use a metal chassis for the Galaxy S5, with plans to begin a production line by the end of this year. Apparently, a sample has been created in Europe and sent to Vietnam, where the chassis will be mass-produced. The report goes on to state that Samsung is approaching this idea with caution, and will do a lot of pre-production testing to avoid issues faced by devices using full-metal bodies, such as radio interference.

Granted, similar rumors surfaced around the same time last year as well with regards to the Samsung Galaxy S4, so we have no idea whether Samsung is actually considering a move in this direction, or whether to company will continue use a plastic body. If true, it’ll be interesting to see whether the company will continue to feature a removable battery, or go for a unibody metal design, like the HTC One, for it’s next flagship.

As I’ve said before, we’re still a long way off before any Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors can be given any credence, but it’s definitely a good way to see towards which option Samsung’s large consumer base prefers.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited about the next Samsung flagship featuring a metal chassis? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Sammy

    A metal chassis with removable battery if possible!

  • Andy

    Goddammit, I just got my S4. It’s obsolote now.

    • Mike Palmer

      They come out with a new phone every year……

    • Skander

      It’s coming net year.. lol

    • Blowntoaster

      sell it next year, then get an S5

    • On a Clear Day

      Actually your S4 won’t be obsolete from a technical standpoint probably for about 3 years given its high performance specs. Now, if by obsolete you mean not having all the latest and newest features then yes it will be obsolete.

  • Johan Andresen

    They said that about the s4 aswell

    • MasterMuffin

      That’s what the article says?

  • Lee

    No won’t happen

  • Jaun Lombard

    Well…I will be able to upgrade when the S5 launches…but no metal or glass…no Samsung.

    • Mike Palmer

      You rather have glass than polycarbonate? Glass will never hold up like the latter.

      • Jaun Lombard

        I agree, but the only reason I bought my Samsung was that it was the best on the market…now all the phones are equal, thus looks will sway my vote…

        • Skander

          Polycarbonate > Glass.
          HIGH QUALITY metal > Polycarbonate.
          If the S5 comes with so so metal I’ll be mad.

          Get some info from Wikipeadia, Polycarbonate isn’t plain old plastic, it’s super resistant.. samsung just ruins it with hyperglazing, that super glossy finish that attracts fingerprints (but makes it look nice when clean, and protects it).

        • hugenuts

          “thus looks will sway my vote”…sounds very apple userish….

      • Jaun Lombard

        Or they can just change the gloss look to a matt or carbon fiber! That will be cool!

  • Nech

    Change the “life companion sweet like a candy” looks of the system and touchwiz, give it a 5″ screen and a stylus just like the note has, change the plastic casis and I’m all yours, Samsung.

    • Chris Martinelli

      That does sound good… I’d gladly sacrifice a few mm in thickness for a bigger longer lasting battery as well.

    • AndroidShiz

      Or you could use the far superior Nova Launcher and decent 15-$55 case like a Kommandant Ultra.

    • D’Ander McSullivan

      Stylus on an S Series Galaxy? Not gonna happen.

    • sweatyballs

      i use a stylus on my s2 thats works very well, you can buy generic ones that work on 99% of capacitive screens no need for the specific sammy one.

  • AndroidShiz

    Plastic and Metal and Glass OH MY! I’ve the One, the S4, Nexus4. Haven’t noticed any benefit over the other no more than I did when the iPhone was plastic for 2 yrs and then it was glass. My old iPhones (3G and 3GS models) still work. Still waiting for the plastic to suddenly be a problem in daily life. When I see the devices of my friends, the ones who carry their phones naked for some reason, I do know that metal seems more fragile/ prone to nicks, permanent dents, and scuffs, regardless of what people say about the One. Also I’m one of the majority that uses a case either way because I’d like the next person to buy a well taken care of device when I sell them, and I personally think it’s not smart to carry a $300-$750 phone that you use possibly more than any device, with only your (at some point) fumbling hands, semi good looks, and luck as your only protection for the ENTIRE time you own the phone. Think hard about that amazing decision to go that route and also you might as well not wear a seat belt since it takes away the feel of being free. Also the “mass” majority of people out there don’t care about plastic verses metal as long as the phone operates well overall. HTC put metal on most of their phones for years and they still started to tank. Why? Because they persisted with making too many. Not to mention they were often very glitchy. They got returned a lot, and bad marketing.

    • nutgobbler

      not to mention that if you have a non removable body such as the HTC legend which i still have as a backup phone if you drop it and take a chunk out of the metal housing or damage it you are screwed as it costs more to repair than replace for that reason i would never buy another metal bodied phone

    • On a Clear Day

      Well put, well thought out and makes all of the arguments that any logical person would need to be cognizant of to make an adult, truly wise decision that would lead them to the obvious choice – DON’T buy a metal case. If ever there was a recurring, silly much ado about nothing subject this is it. Reliability, functionality and excellent performance are the parameters we should be focused on not whether our phones are “sexy and I want you to know it and maybe even am too.” Give me an attractive design that will last ; that will give me the ability to put in a fresh battery and that suits my performance requirements. To me it is height of absurdity to not protect a $700. 00 item with a case, but then I value the money I spend.

    • Chris Voyce

      Well said if I damage the plastic back at least I can buy another one for a quid

  • Blowntoaster

    hell yeah. that would be cool. will miss the plastic though. more robust and less prone to scratches and dents (HTC One, raise your hand)…
    Sammy, why not try ceramic/carbon fibre type casings. or would that be too expensive?

    • On a Clear Day

      Samsung just bought a large interest in a carbon fiber company. This makes much more real sense than metal.

      • William Kister

        Carbon Fiber would be cool. Strength and lightweight mixed together.

  • EKfine

    no need to go metal. just do a better design like the moto x and please enough of that glossy back cover. and let us atleast remove some of your goddamn awful bloats!

    • hokuspokus

      i couldn’t give a monkeys balls about bloatware as a trained chimp can root a Samsung and delete it , just make it so you can replace the housing easily so when you damage it you can replace it without having to send it back.

      • EKfine

        well not everyone wants to root their phone. security issues

    • SContrerasMer

      That’s one of the reasons some people (Still) like the S II.Even though it has a plastic body with a removable Back cover, it’s well built, it fells pretty solid and the back cover has a nice texture that is not glossy like the ones found on the SIII and S4.

  • ConCal

    Cool! I hope they use the snapdragon 800.

    • John-Phillip Saayman

      Uh by then the 800 would be so boring and old news..

      • ConCal

        Most people are speculating it will have a 600, to keep the cost low. And the Nexus has never had a cutting edge SoC.

        • John-Phillip Saayman

          We’re talking Galaxy s5???

          • ConCal

            Yeah, at best it will be an 800 (or equlivant).
            But that’s not that bad when you consider the first 800 phones will be shipping in September/October and the Nexus 5 will be shipping only a month or two later.

  • SkyS1gn

    Probably will look like all the other samsung stuff :/

    • On a Clear Day

      It’s a small flat screen you look down at most of the time. Who are people trying to impress? Style over function yields a $10,000.00 Paris designer dress for a trophy girl friend and like the girlfriend is here today and gone tomorrow – and just as remembered.

  • Rooney-

    Well, why do we need a phone built of metal anyway?

    All these websites has made an issue about the usage of plastic! I mean in real, not even single person has come to me and told this build sucks! (My frenz m referring to).

    • On a Clear Day

      We live in a world obsessed with appearances where people forget – if they ever knew – that image is not substance and is as unimportant and ephemeral as a wisp of cigarette smoke is to what is good, bad or indifferent. We All tend to find it is easier to focus on inane, distracting affectations than work at caring and thinking about being grown up (or growing up). Thus, much ado about nothing rules the day most days. SMS

  • Kartik Gajaria

    yes, the metal body design will be really interesting but the new s5 should not get heated up quickly as like htc one’s back portion heats up.

  • James Simcock

    Metal bodies are a bit dated aren’t they? RoboCop was years ago.
    Seriously though, I’m a fan of the softer, friendlier, and lighter feel of a polycarbonate case. Given that many metal body devices end up sheathed in cheap silicone cases anyway – what’s the point?

  • Ruz

    time will only tell you

  • Edgar C.

    The thing is… why discussing about it? What if for just one second Samsung innovates and sells metal, crystal, polycarbonate and kevlar (my choice, lighter and ubber resistant) options, in that fashion people decides what’s best for them.

  • Omran Terro

    I don’t think so

  • Roddisq

    Metal would not allow wireless charging…bad idea Samsung…just keep the way it is and I will buy your phones again.

    • younonuts

      Metal would not allow wireless charging…thats crap its perfectly possible to design a metal wireless charging system by integrating into the housing body itself

      • Roddisq

        Oh sure…you can make it nuclear too….if you want…

        • simpleas

          Dave? Canterbury is that you?

  • David

    Next up, Unbreakable screen rumors and leaks. Phone comes out, same look and feel but a spec upgrade.

  • Micro Shaquer

    Common SAMSUNG get it real!

    I prefer a unibody metal chassis with 3500mAh battery inside the hood.
    More juice to the battery and less bloatware to become very responsive.
    16 to 20 MP camera sensor and OIS is a must.

  • BRon

    Didn’t Samsung buy a carbon fiber company? I think the GS5 will more likely be made of carbon fiber than metal

  • jajupa78

    I have also herd that the S5 could get a full 5″1080 3D screen that requires no glasses, like the 3DS , but larger and clearer. Also maybe a 3D camera? Who cares what its made out of with awesome features like that, right?…,)

  • samsung fan

    I hope the continue with the removable batttery, I have no issue wuth the back cover as I always get a case for the phone, there for it has never been a issuse for me

  • William Kister

    I don’t really care, some nice things about a polymer chassis is it will hold up to being dropped better as it will absorb the impact better and not dent. Plus plastic doesn’t retain heat as much as metal either. As long as it’s good quality I’m cool with it. Most people who get phones with a metal chassis just slip the phone into a plastic or silicone case anyways.