Samsung’s silence over Galaxy S5 sales milestone points to slowdown

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 10, 2014

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A Korean outlet is reporting that Samsung has already shipped 10 million units of the Galaxy S5. However, Samsung typically publicizes these kind of achievements, so where’s the official announcement?

According to a rather vague Korean language report, Samsung has managed to ship (sell to retail channels) 10 million Galaxy S5 units in just 25 days. Assuming the report is accurate, that’s a great performance at face value, though the growth of the shipping rate compared to last year is not as good as Samsung would probably want it to be.

In 2013, the company announced the reach of the same milestone on the 27th day from launch, boasting that it managed to move four Galaxy S4s per second in this celebratory video.

So while the Galaxy S5 may be Samsung’s fastest selling smartphone ever, it’s only slightly better than its predecessor, the S4. Looking back, the Galaxy S3 before it hit the 10 million milestone in 50 days, while the S2 and Galaxy S required five and seven months respectively.

Also worth noting is that the general smartphone market grew substantially in the past year, and that Samsung launched the S5 in 125 markets simultaneously, compared to just 60 markets for the Galaxy S4.

These factors all point to a slowdown in sales, and Samsung’s latest earnings report appears to reflect that. This apparent slowdown may be the reason why Samsung has not trumpeted the milestone like it did with its previous flagship phones.

  • The smartphone market has become saturated.

  • Captain Spaulding

    Samsung has lost their luster. It’s time for others to really step it up (I’m looking at you, LG) and take lead of the market, or at least bring some serious competition.

    • Guest123

      LG has gotten a bad rap for things they shouldn’t. They’ve been bagged for their UI, which is actually pretty good. It’s their performance optimization, updates, locked boot loader, and massive amounts of bloatware via carriers that kill their devices.

      I like my Optimus G Pro running a debloated stock ROM, but NO way in hell am I ever buying another carrier device and fucking around with flashing custom ROMs unless it has an unlocked boot loader and is a very very popular device — the ROMs are never stable enough otherwise.

      • Captain Spaulding

        There are spme really good ROMs for the G2, and some great devs working on them. I just hope that the same devs continue on with the G3 and so forth, especially Cloudyfa.

        • Guest123

          Yeah, the G2 is getting much better support than the OGP from the community. There are a few decent ROMs for the OGP but all are 4.4 and in beta, each with its issue — the AT&T OGP still hasn’t gotten 4.4 update and is still on 4.1.2.

          If LG would work a little with the community I think they would find their sales getting a boost. Nonetheless, my OGP get me by just fine :)

  • Brandon Power

    Competition is steep this year, and its a worst time for Samsung to do a incremental update. They better bring it with the Note 4.

    • Guest123

      I’m not sure if it is competitors or Samsung cannibalizing itself. Yes, there are a lot of great devices at great prices right now. . . however. . .

      We all know marketing wins the day and nobody us spending like Samsung, however, Samsung has a butt ton of devices out and have heavily marketed the S4 and Note 3 which, IMHO, it is very hard to argue buying the S5 over either of those two device. Therefore, if you have the S4 there’s no reason to upgrade, and if you really need to upgrade the Note 3 looks so much better, and if you want to spend less the S4 is there, etc. And, as others have pointed out, I don’t see the S line as the flagship anymore, that’s the Note series. . . until they come out with a “pro” series of some type lol.

      • emma852

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      • Axel

        Totally agree, almost everyone wants to believe that Samsung is dying, slowly, but dying. Funny because while the brand new GS5 isn’t selling as much as everybody expected, Samsung keeps selling tons of devices such as the GS4, Note 3 and even the GS3.

        Giant companies like Apple or Microsoft used to laugh their asses at little ones, but today Samsung is the danger, is the one who knocks.

        • Karly Johnston

          Apple is laughing. 10m shipped in a month is not 10m sold. Last iPhone sold 9 million its opening weekend, yes I said weekend. Actual GS5 sales are likely 6.5 million in a month, it is pathetic which is why the lead designer was canned. In the UK, the GS5 in April was outsold by the iPhone 5C, much less the 5S. For any other Android OEM this would be good, but for Samy it is a total disaster.

          • paxmos

            aPPoLL only sales 2 phones, of course the numbers would be impressive when you compare to only one model of so many. Although I am not a Sammy’s fan and my last Samsung phone was a GS2, but they do give you variety and options. With Android, you also have the options from other OEMs. Just went from Moto X Dev Edition to Xperia Z2 and love it, same OS but different UI. With Android, you don’t get bored, with aPPoLL, same UI, same ole thing all the time and of course the same arrogant attitude.

          • Chas

            GS5 outsold the Iphone 5S on their respective launch weekends. Maybe in the UK but not in America.

          • Karly Johnston

            Did Samsung ever release its opening weekend sales? Nope… Korean carriers said they had less orders for it than the GS4. Samsung only released shipping numbers, not sales. Their accounting is like the Chinese government.

          • Chas


      • asd

        plus I honestly think they should have waited before releasing the S5 and should have focused on fixing bugs/upgrades/UI changes on their current line

      • Brandon Power
    • Aniruddh

      I frankly don’t think that this was an incremental update. They’ve improved everything (the screen is more brighter AFAIK), and have added new stuff like the fingerprint and heartbeat scanner. Well you can’t expect a processor with 50% more power and double the RAM every year? And even if they did that, everyone will criticize that they just improved the specs! Heck, they even overhauled TouchWiz and if you don’t like it, get a launcher instead of whining! That’s why you bought an Android device didn’t you? Because you can customise your phone?

  • Mike

    It’s like everyone used to do (and a few still do) upgrade their PC every time a new chip came out. I stopped playing that game and haven’t upgraded unless something breaks…phones are getting to be the same.

    • Guest123

      Oh man, I ran my Toshiba desktop with a 233MHz MMX chip into the ground. . . that thing wouldn’t die. By the time I upgraded multi-core GHz chips were the thing, and I went from Win 95 to XP. The funny thing, other than games. the increased performance was largely offset by the bloat in software.

      Nonetheless, I agree with your point and it’s another reason software support for Android need to be better.

      • mustbepbs

        It amazes me how quickly the old systems ran. I had the pleasure of using a Windows 98 system a few months back when a customer brought one in to my shop. It’s incredible how efficient the software used to be. Now it’s all mega bloated. Windows 8 runs pretty well, though. Windows 7 is dog slow now.

        • Guest123

          So true. I downloaded a portable version of Word 95 years back, and it was about 5MB, but did all you really needed. I think the whole 95 office was 35MB when portabalized, and now it is over a GB, that’s nuts.

          • mustbepbs

            Office 2013 is such a bloated piece of software. I can’t believe how much crap they crammed into it, with all the fancy transitions and cloud based garbage. It’s annoying to use.

    • Korie B

      My LG G2 is a beast. LG is basically the underdog in the game, but if they keep making phones like this, they’ll catch up. Waiting to see how the LG G3 turns out. Never been a fan of Samsung.

  • karl

    what does the earnings report have to do with the s5 when it wasnt released yet (and getting higher net income too)? they will announce it soon just you wait

  • Shark Bait

    their getting a tougher game from HTC and Sony this year too!

    • Guest123

      Sony, yes! HTC, same game as last year.

    • mustbepbs

      Except HTC is always reporting losses and decreased sales and Sony doesn’t seem to care about the US or marketing.

      • Shark Bait

        Except that has nothing to do with the competition they face
        Except their is more to the word than the US

        • mustbepbs

          It absolutely has everything to do with the competition: they don’t see HTC as a threat at all.

          And since the US posts the largest numbers on sales besides China, I’d argue that Sony is sitting out of a huge market by not putting their phones on the nations largest carrier, Verizon. They’re slowly making strides with the Z2, though.

  • dandroid13

    Another “sponsored by HTC” article?

  • Aar0nC

    I’m just waiting for the S5 Prime, i hope its the same dimensions as the regular S5 so i can use the S5 cases and stuff

  • chris

    I hate when these so called.”WRITERS” come out with stupid articles. Who cares how many devices a company sales? Why don’t you guys write something more productive.

    All this Samsung crap is getting boring! Lets all ban Samsung just like we did with Apple. The worst part is that everybody is a follower! If you want a phone try it out for yourself and you be your own judge. Don’t let these fools tell you THEIR OWN opinion. Everyone has their own opinion, maybe youll like it and if not then on to the next! No device is perfect not even the HTC One.

    Its like if these people get paid by the competition to ban other companies. One can’t even trust their so called “REVIEWS”.

    • Gator352

      Don’t like it? Don’t read it. Don’t post about it. Period. The thing is, I see you posting on an article that you seem to not want written. Hypocrite much??

  • DW Duck

    The earning report is from before the s5 was released, so that doesn’t show squat. Who writes this crap?

  • zorro

    i remember the time when i had to choose between a good camera phone or a music phone. nokia used to sell 2 types of flagship phones, a camera phone and a music express phone. same with sony (SE back then), sold two types, a camera phone and a walkman series phone. apple had gs3 which is has good quality audio but camera sucks big time (3mpix, non auto focus, no flash).
    when samsung joined the android bandwagon, they started to stepped up the spec race from SII onwards. i thank samsung for being generous in the hardware spec area because now, most of the big manufacturers are doing the same thing. no more deciding whether to get a camera phone or a music phone. many thanks samsung.
    but things have changed, some chinese phone manufacturers has learned to be generous as well not only in the hardware spec area but in the pricing as well.
    i just hope that samsung and the other big names get the message.

  • Emanuel Berrios

    Only care about the note 4

  • Jose Torres

    The phone is NOT anything special enough to consider over the phone most people already have anyway. The day Samsung realizes this and does something about it will be the day they will see incremental sale gains.

  • JAA

    The phone itself it’s actually nice looking in person but not enough to take my attention away from the Note 3. I’m just waiting info for the Note 4 or hopefully HTC One Max 2 and this time release it for all carriers HTC.

  • smiffsonian

    HTC one and Sony xperia z 2 are better phones

    • paxmos

      Just got my Z2. Did somebody say aPPoLL??

  • The-Sailor-Man

    Soon you and all the other apple’s propaganda will pretend that you haven’t wrote this “iNews”. Like you always do.
    Shall we bet on it???
    I don’t even read the rave comments of the regular iboys here at your article.

  • Lisandro O Oocks

    Perhaps they know something Apple hasn’t notice yet, and they don’t wanna get sued badly for it.

  • charliehill

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  • abazigal

    I don’t see this as a bad thing. If anything, it simply means that Samsung’s phone success grew too large, too soon (which is never a bad thing). When you are managing 2 flagships annually, plus a ton of phones to cater to all price points (which can funnel interest and sales away from your flagship phones), plus each phone is refreshed every 9 months, I am surprised momentum was sustained for as long as it did.

    Now, the market for consumers who want Samsung phones is fast becoming saturated, and it’s going to take a while before their contracts expire and they are eligible for reconstracting again.

  • Subham

    Currently Sony Xperia Z2 is the leader.

  • E34V8

    S5 is a superb phone with maybe the best display, but it is so ugly and the built feels so cheap. And the UI design is such a mess. Samsung should look more in to industrial design. Stop with the plastic already.

  • Edge of Surreality

    All of the major players keep trying to guess what the competitor’s focus will be and rush a device out based on that premise, even if the features are more in beta than a finished product. Then 6 months later they revise and finish what worked and take more guesses about what the next hot feature might be. This constant cycle of instant obsolescence is fed by critics who seem to think every phone release needs to be a reinvention of the industry. Samsung and others feed this frenzy but don’t always end up with the response they had hoped for. The media has been relentless with bias against Samsung ‘s Galaxy S5 saying it didn’t go far enough to distinguish itself from the S4..despite the fact that it is still the most innovative phone in the marketplace today. One of the fastest processors, multi-window, water resistant, ability to change battery and go from 0-100% power, additional storage capability,and the best display screen ever on a smart phone is still not enough for critics who focus on speakers, plastic build, and Touch wiz negatives. Only certain companies can get by with introducing basically the same phone year after year (Apple basically hasn’t had a major design change since the 3S, but still get praise despite their closed software and operating system, same small screen, poor battery life, same speaker system, and no expandable storage). Yes the first iPhone changed the industry, but Apple’s innovation and creativity died with Steve Jobs. Samsung, with all its faults, is continuing to grow in innovation and creativity. They fill a perfect niche when someone is trying to move from iOS to android…touchwiz, for all its faults, is a lot easier for someone moving to android for the first time than a stripped down android device

  • max tan

    I feel some factors might be due to the a smaller battery mah, and smaller RAM (comparing with the Note 3 specs). One may argue that the baseline should still be the S4 as the Note series is of a different flagship. But then again, if one of your device is already at 3GB RAM and 3200 mah battery…going down to 2GB and 2800 mah just doesnt sit well to some folks (myself included).

    TW was improved but not to the level that its a must upgrade, the IP67 certification and fingerprint scanner isnt also that important “at the moment”.

  • michaelhall

    To me this demonstrates the sense of Android users. While iPhone users update because an S or a 1 was added to the number of their phone, Android users see that their GS3 is still more than good enough to do anything they want.

  • stephendavion

    checkout the top 10 essential apps which needs to be installed on S5 ..