samsung galaxy note 4 vs galaxy s5 quick look aa (2 of 7)

Samsung has begun issuing a new update to its Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy S5 handsets today, which will apply the March Android security patch to these slightly older smartphones. However, the update only looks to be heading out to the UK and the Netherlands, at least for now.

Interestingly enough, the Dutch Consumers’ Association filed a lawsuit against Samsung over its update policy, or lack thereof, a couple of months back. It’s just speculation, but this may have had at least some small influence over Samsung’s decision to roll out the update in these particular regions. Although Samsung is no stranger to sporadically rolling out its updates in Europe either.

Regardless of the motivation, it’s good to see Samsung providing security updates to some of its older devices, even if updates to the latest version of Android Marshmallow are still taking some time. The March security update still hasn’t appeared one Samsung’s Android Security Updates web page, but we know from Google’s patch log that this update should address a critical security vulnerability that could enable remote code execution on an affected device email, web browsing, or MMS. In total, the March patch addresses 6 critical issues, 8 high severity bugs, and 2 moderate ones.

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March 8, 2016

If you’re living in the UK or the Netherlands, keep an eye out for that OTA update notification on your Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy Note Edge in the coming days.

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  • Kshitij Shah

    When is it heading in India for the S5? My phone is SM-G900H

  • Emanuel

    already have it. Gotta say it’s still Android 5.1.1 and it’s buggier than before.

  • Thomas Mulder

    Which version of the galaxy s5? The 900f or 901f?

  • Jamie Veaudry

    Just switched from Note 4 to Nexus 6P – tired of waiting eons for updates!

  • Александр

    lol nothing is heading towards my Note 5 (9208 asian model dual sim) FU samesong! even the security patch is still from december 15

  • Scott Ricketts

    Check for updates… Your phone is up to date.

    So, my S6e is still on the December 15 security and the s5 is getting the March 16 update?

    Way to work to keep my business Samsung.

    • Luka Bulatović

      Lol. S4 had 5.0.2 when S5 had 5.0
      However, if you recieved Marshmallow on your S6 edge you should have gotten February security patch at least…

  • slayerizer

    the carriers seems to block them, I’m still stuck at the November update even if the blog says that they release new fixes for my Note4.

  • William Morgan

    I downloaded an approximate 220MB “update” to my Galaxy S5 SM-G900F this evening. I’m on EE network, in UK. The update seemed to progress normally but on checking settings, the result appears to have been a downgrade to Android v 5.0. Has anyone else experienced this?


    Just got it around 9:45pm in Philly (just outside ) what exactly is the difference? Anything I’ll notice I mean? I’ve got a s5active at&t


      Still 5.1.1 thankfully. At least it says so & seems 2 be perfoming the same. Although I JUST got it. What new things should I be looking 4 if any? Thanks

  • Peter Lee

    Horrible battery life on my note 4 after the march update. Been running it for a few days now and I’m only getting a few hours (up to 3 hours) of normal use out of my phone before the battery dies, whereas I used to get a day and a half using it the same way. I can’t see an improvement in performance to explain it

    • Peter Lee

      Looks like the Gmail app is eating the battery

      • Amit Kumar Saha

        Exactly same problem.. what did you do?

        • Peter Lee

          Removed my Hotmail account from the Gmail app and just use the app for gmail emails. It was having difficulty with syncing with Hotmail and eating the battery. Installed the Outlook app for Hotmail. Everything is fine now