Samsung has reportedly secured suppliers for Galaxy S5’s metal casing

by: Andrew GrushDecember 3, 2013

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Just last week we reported on a rumor that claimed the Samsung Galaxy S5 was on-track for hitting production lines in January, with a release pegged sometime in March or April of 2014. The same rumor also claimed the device would ship in two versions: one with a metal design and curved display, and another with a more conventional plastic casing.

We’ve all heard the Samsung metal case rumors before. The Galaxy S4 was said to be coming in metal and it didn’t happen. The Note 3 was to have a metal edition and it too was a no-show. So why should we believe the latest gossip? The answer is that we shouldn’t just yet, and that speculation is highly advised. Of course the rumor of a metal Galaxy S device isn’t going away anytime soon, and a new report seems to lend at least a bit more credence to the idea.

Even if this rumor proves true, it’s possible that the metal GS5 could end up as a limited edition device available only in select markets. In other words, don’t get your hopes up just yet.

According to the Japanese publication EMSOnes, not only is Samsung moving ahead with its plans to bring metal cases to its next flagship device, they have already secured suppliers for the cases. Reportedly, the primary vendor of the metal cases will be the Taiwanese company Catcher Technologies — the same company behind the iPad’s casing.

Catcher is expected to produce somewhere between 10 to 30 million units, with initial shipments making their way to Samsung later this month. Chinese company BYD and Taiwanese company Jo Teng have also been secured as secondary suppliers.

Now it’s important to note that neither Samsung nor any of the supposed manufacturing partners have confirmed these newly formed relationships. Even if this rumor proves true, it’s possible that the metal GS5 could end up as a limited edition device available only in select markets (somewhat similar to the limited distribution of the Galaxy Round). In other words, don’t get your hopes up just yet.

What do you think, interested in the idea of a metal-bodied Galaxy S5, or could you care less what build material Samsung utilizes?

  • reilumia010

    10 to 30millions unit for a flagship is not limited edition. That’s is the total sales of the whole Lumia ranges. Well, unless you can call Lumia 1020 a “limited edition” phone LOL ;)

  • Mystery Man

    Rather have a minimum of 10 hours of screen on time while on LTE

  • LaMp LiGhTeR

    So, what you’re saying is nothing. Absolutely nothing…… So there’s no news, no date, just guesses. So what’s the point of writing this pointless article?

    • mumusen

      That’s what ALL blogs and websites are doing these days. Literally.

    • Gator352

      It keeps us in the know as to what MIGHT be lurking our way. Besides, it gets you thinking about it right?

  • Rajkumar

    It would be awesome if they find a supplier to provide a lag free touch wiz

    • mumusen


    • Hoggles

      Why use TW??

      If you’re as smart as your comment, you’d be using Nova. You’ll have an AOSP feel with all the good features of TW, including the great camera software. Zero lag throughout.

      • Rajkumar

        If u r smart then u wouldn’t bother anybody expecting a lag free os as a default in a smartphone with cutting edge hardware…

        for u r courtesy I have been installing a lot of new ROM’s and trying various builds, so i think i have now answered your question.

    • Jesus

      It’s not an iPhone; it’s an Android phone (Galaxy). Change it if you want to.

  • meir cohen

    I think that the plastic cases are just perfect. Who needs metal???

    • Gator352

      Morons felt the need to lash out because plastic just wasn’t premium enough for them.

      • Jason Yuen

        Actually, I was deciding between the note 3 and one max. The major deciding factors included removable battery and storage, amoled, and the light weight design of the note 3. Just like you, everyone else is entitled to their opinion. Name calling just reflects the immaturity of yourself.

        • Gator352

          I resemble that remark. Thank You!

          And they are still morons for saying OMGZ, lolz, it’s plastic so it isn’t premium lolz…

    • Bryan Z

      plus i doubt it will have a removable battery with metal.. it’ll be just like an iPhone

      • D

        Nope. Not gonna happen. And the phrase like apple died when the s3 surpassed apple as the number 1 selling phone… join winning team

        • Bryan Z

          Ha “join winning team” I don’t care about what people think is the best phone or whatever team you are part of, that’s childish stuff. Devices are what they are… just tools to get things done.

  • Roberto Tomás

    I would be against it unless it is “water resistant”-able and of course keeps a removable battery. But if I can have an Active version, and a spare battery — it sounds good

  • Ryster1

    Me thinks that Samsung would not be able to have a removable back/battery with a metal case.

  • jamesbond

    if titanium, yes, i’ll buy it. titanium is not a good electrical conductor. no risk of electrocution.

  • fern

    I don’t care for the metal cases. I would rather have the leather backs like the note 3

  • ej

    It will be like an iPhone and no removable battery and sd slot not good. The design is great. Look at the note 3.