Samsung Galaxy S5 International Giveaway! [Complete]

May 18, 2014

    Welcome to the Sunday Giveaway, the place where we giveaway a cool Android or tech gadget each and every Sunday. Last week’s winner of the Nexus 5 International giveaway is: Federico G. (Argentina). Congratulations Federico, enjoy your new phone.

    This week we are giving away one of the most popular Android phones of 2014, the Samsung Galaxy S5.

    Samsung Galaxy S5

    [Full Samsung Galaxy S5 Review]

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    How to enter the giveaway

    You can earn entry tickets into the giveaway by completing the following tasks in the RaffleCopter widget located below.

    1. [1 Ticket] Be subscribed to our newsletter. If you are already subscribed, no problem just enter your email address. If you haven’t subscribed yet, enter your email address, you will be sent a confirmation email be sure to confirm you want to join your newsletter.
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    Terms & Conditions

    • The giveaway is an international giveaway (Except when we can not ship to your Country.
      • If we can not ship to your country, you will be compensated with an online gift card of equal MSRP value to the prize.
    • We are not responsible for lost shipments.
    • We reserve the right to print your name and or link to your social media profiles.
    • You must be age of majority in your Country of residence.
    • We are not responsible for any duties, import taxes that you may incur.
    • Only 1 entry per person, do not enter multiple email addresses. We will verify all winners and if we detect multiple email addresses by the same person you will not be eligible to win.
    • We reserve all rights to make any changes to this giveaway.


    • Langdon Alger

      International? I’m in.

    • Shravan Shetty

      Hope I be lucky atleast this time!!!

    • Vincent Goh

      Good luck all. Can I just be that lucky one?

      • Inse van houts

        No, me ;)

    • Ricardo

      pls just once.. D:

    • Kevin Antiquera Cosa

      Pick me! :D

      • Derek Scott

        Didn’t you win a Note 3?

        • Kevin Antiquera Cosa

          So it means that i can no longer be pick in this raffle? :(

    • Jimmy Sibala Jr

      Hope to win like this phone ^_^ Thanks for this giveaway. ^_^

    • Edmond P.

      Please please be me. Please please

    • Cris

      when I try to publish/promote the giveaway code via FB I get an error code, When I try to publish the link via email, twitter or simply a link, I get no URL to publish… Normally I get no errors… Can you fix it please?

      • Umesh

        Same problem

      • Egg Gallardo

        Try a different browser.

        • Han Liang

          tried Google Chrome and Internet Explorer

        • gauravbelong15

          Tried with all the browser it isn’t giving the link

      • Avilash Paul

        same problem

      • Yazbuh

        me too

      • Han Liang

        same problem!

      • Jayfeather787

        Same on regular link as well.

      • luqman_98

        Damnnnnnnn……. same here. Tried on either Firefox and Chrome. Almost shared this with my friends.

      • RoommateMadness

        same here dude

      • ryan


      • shivanshu tiwari

        same here

      • Bryan Lim


      • Rogelyn Aquino


    • Abdullah Moafa

      I hope i can be the first winner from UK

    • ★ChriS★

      Wish everyone the best of luck.

    • Ananay Mehta

      Yo! once again waiting to u android authority for these give aways..:)

    • Mohammed Osama

      I hope I win for one time

    • The 2nd SAi

      GL all!

    • Aman Surana

      Hi, i hope i win, :D
      Sharing the link to get more tickets seem not working @androidauthority:disqus, i hope you fix this ASAP :P (Making Sure i do get this for this time ) :P

    • phlinuks

      Ah, my weekly tech lottery to season my days with a bit of good old-fashioned hope! Thanks, Android Authority!

    • Dionis

      well to be quit honost i would love to win this cuz i want to change my iphone to a samsung device so lets hope i can do so And Btw Goodluck too all the People Who entert the GiveAway

    • Leonard Wong

      I don’t care how slim the chance to win it. Just gonna submit my entries weekly

    • Vincent

      I can’t share it guys

    • Umesh

      There is no link in share

    • Garbis Tapacian

      same here, cant share on facebook and can’t retrieve link

    • Chetak Parate

      Dude, cant share the link.
      Can’t even tweet.
      Could you please fix the same.

    • Aditya

      Must… not… lose… hope… Will… not… lose… hope…! phew!

    • Derek Scott

      It looks like there is a problem with RaffleCopter sharing, I am looking into this and I will give you an update as soon as I have it.

      • Langdon Alger

        Really I think it’s only fair that we all win an S5.

        • MasterMuffin

          I like your logic! :)

        • Clayton Camilleri

          I wish

      • seraz ahmed

        Hey Derek, maybe sometime you guys should giveaway Google Play Edition phones too.

      • Zamakhshari Abd Al-Ahad

        Thanks man

      • Capirexz

        Remove other tickets. Fair.

    • Елена Маевская

      Thanks, Good luck all <3

    • Prabhaharan Ellaiyan

      Good Luck Everyone.

    • Kasi Viswanathan

      wish u people all the best, and thanks you android authority for this giveaway

    • Anirudh Taparia

      I’m not able to share the url via fb, Twitter or through email as it is showing an error message!
      I never win any android authority Sunday giveaway but m gonna cross my fingers n hope for the best as always!

    • Sandeep Harikumar

      Looking forward to this… 0:)

    • Florin Marin

      Shore would be nice to win on the first try

    • Boobala Arun Kumaran

      I’m in…

    • Jacob

      Sharing is not working guys !

    • James Virtudazo

      Dont wanna miss this chance to have an S5. Good luck everyone! But i really hope i win haha

    • looki

      I have been entering in every single give away for a year now!!!! Still haven’t won anything :”(

    • Sahaj Kapoor

      Can’t share on fb :(

    • Dis5889

      Galaxy S5 ^———^

    • George

      I feel lucky!!

    • Piotr Pawlik

      looking to it

    • Roderick Cross

      Would be nice to win unemployed retired vet can’t afford a new contract.

      • Kaloyan

        Use commas and you might get a job.

        • Roderick Cross

          You need to find something better to do besides troll, and talk crap to complete strangers. I’m sure you wouldn’t do it face to face.

          • Kaloyan

            And you should work on your temper too. Employers don’t like people with a short fuse.

            P.S.: I was pointing out that from what you said it sounded like it would be nice to win an unemployed vet.

            P.S. 2: Are we talking about the vets with PTSD or the ones that stick their fingers in dogs’ butts?

    • Oobiewan

      “Just share this link: ‘undefined’”…

    • Emmanuel van den Brûle

      Want one please !

    • sj4912

      I am not getting any link to share

    • Rohan J Singh

      how do you manage a giveaway every week ?

    • Jens Ken Lundstrom

      Thank you for this great giveaway!

      I m entering with pleasure.

      Following via:

      FB:Jens Ken Lundstrom


      G+:Helena Oops

      Shared via twitter:

      And fb:
      I cross my fingers.Godd luck to evrybody!

      On rafflecoper the fb dsharing didn t work!

    • Sudhanshu

      I guess I will win this giveaway..

    • Wanderer

      Can’t share the link either???

    • Guest

      I’m not getting the URL :( see the screenshot @Derek Scott:disqus

    • Edmond P.

      Losing hope in 3…. 2…. 1….. Just kidding

    • Arif Khan

      I’m not getting the URL :( see the screenshot @androidauthority:disqus

    • Kelvin Xin

      Entering each and every International Giveaway with a big hope !

    • elma

      i want this. ok.

    • Domen Šincek Nedeljković

      Nice :D

    • Aaron Arguelles

      I hope I win this time. :-)

      • bobo

        and along with you the other 200k daily readers :D

    • aakash006Sharma

      hope this time my luck works . i tried everytime to win-win-win-win-win

      but everytime disappointed . ( i know you guyz never choose from INDIA ) but still hoping to win it

      hope this time my luck works to win the absolute boombastic SAMSUNG S5 ( the best android phone ) in market

      • bobo

        not true I think a month earlier someone from india won.

        • aakash006Sharma

          i don’t think so that they choose from india .

          i m windows phone user ! never tried android in my life still follow them on fb , twitter to get news and downloaded their app in my bluestack to get up to date

          but never get a chance to win android device from them

          hope this time i win .

    • Revinjan Francisco

      Fingers cross hoping to win :D

      • bobo

        yes lets hope i win :D

    • aakash006Sharma

      please guyz ! hope this time i win this beatufill SAMSUNG cool s5

      it’s the best android phone with awesome booster + senser

      multitasking + camera really perfect for entertaining time

      hope to win ! hope this time i win ( hope hope ) just hope ( as you never choose from india )

      • bobo

        they do choose from india -_-

        • aakash006Sharma

          i don’t think so ! i tried from past many times but never win .

          • josh

            I’ve tried from past many times also, but American so you never choose from america. With your logic.

      • Francisco Enrique Perez Abreu

        The comment isn’t going to help lol

    • Sherwin Anthony Tolentino

      Super Like!

    • stacey dempsey

      The facebook shared is broken

    • Behroz Khalid

      Sharing system is fine working for me.
      Hope i win
      @edit only twitter link working

    • Bonbooooon

      Damn. Post pictures of winners w/ their phones pleasse :D

    • Waseem

      The link not working can’t even share on facebook :( i wanna win it pleaseeeeeeeeee be me :D

    • Guest

      Can’t ENTER TO WIN…
      Also, for SHARE THIS I get “undefined” link

    • Vladimir Lazarov

      here we go again

    • Dinesh Manickam

      hope i am winning!!

    • Ritesh

      I am not able to share this on my FB account

    • yousef zeiad

      OK I have done everything god help my to win this samsung galaxy s5 i Always watch Android Authority and i love it so mush Thanks

    • rushabh joshi


    • akash santhosh

      LOve to get the samsung galaxy s5

    • Jacob Block


    • Praveen S. Kumar

      Josh I respect u man.. Plz be fair and let the deserving one win.

    • Vikas Sarwa

      Why these unknown countries keep winning , is there any rule to chose winner from every country one by one ?

    • arjun

      how do you enter the giveaway i cant find a way to enter

      • Nebico

        It is quite easy, you have to log into Rafflecopter widget that has the timer, total entries, etc. Once you login with your name and email address, just follow the mentioned steps to earn entries.

        • Arjun Sachdeva

          I did that i used my email address to login i got an entry how do i use it ?

          • Nebico

            When you get an entry, you are included in the giveaway. Download the AA app to get another entry (theoretically doubles probability of winning). Good luck!

    • Avilash Paul

      I hope i win this time.

    • Nidhish

      Not winning like always lol

    • Loris Ayoub

      after this video… I need itttttt great review you guys are the best

    • arjun

      how do i enter the giveaway i have earned the tickets now what?

    • Sara Zahid

      I would love to win this :)

    • Daniel Salmaso

      Fingers crossed!!!

    • Riipley

      There is an error with facebook share

    • Nebico

      The hero I’m gonna be when I’ll win this smartphone and exhibit ‘authority’ among my Android loving friends ;)

    • Zameer Hussain

      l feel blessed(lucky),if I have it.

    • Nick Thorp

      ARRGGHHH …..I can’t share this there is no tracking link with any of the options!

    • tony pazo

      Hey I want to win a samsung galaxy s5 purrty please lol

    • aakash006Sharma

      still hoping for win this android by samsung ( s5 ) a perfect and excellent built by samsung . the fast way to enjoy multitasking

      hope 1 st time i win ( as never win )

      hope luck works

    • Gomezgani Phiri

      can i win this time?

    • Leka

      The share link is “undefined” for me. Using Google Chrome.

    • sajan kirpal

      Everything is done. Fingers crossed, hope I will win this time.

    • Harkrishan Singh Matta


    • udit

      Done with the procedure. said…lets see what happens next….hope for the best …..S5ed….;)

    • Arif Raza

      Huhh!!! Done, again expectations :/ never win….

    • Uday Raj Biswas

      i am happy that i participated !

    • tony pazo

      no link to share????????

    • Mike

      Let’s hope I’ll be the lucky guy this time ^^ But good luck to everyone!

    • Suhail

      If I win this I’ll brake the phone .
      Just kidding

    • Michael

      In it to win it! Still buying a oneplus one but an S5 would be great as well. :)

    • Adil Rehman

      i tried all of your giveway any app you said i download but never win
      this time i want to win

    • Jayfeather787

      Nice. Gimme.

    • pwave

      link not working …

    • Yvena Roses



      I’m gonna be the Winner

    • piazzo


    • tishabarr216

      I hope I win! I’ve entered like a million of these galaxy s5 giveaway contest. Fingers crossed…..

    • anas alibrahim

      Wow I’ve never won anyone of these giveaways
      Hope this time begs a differ

    • William Soto

      I’ve never won but won’t give up!

    • Bambang Hermanto

      Please a winner from Indonesia, especially me :D

    • Ian Calvin

      i wanna win this very much

    • Roshan Raj

      hi, i like this giveaway. thanks this giveaway. i love this smartphone.

    • nsbshs

      I never win anything but oh well

    • taha

      android athourity plz choose someone from india… maybe this time lucky

    • Bhathiya

      Ohh S5 .. come to me :D

    • eslam ahmed

      Don’t share the link … sharing it makes your winning percentage less
      (More people = less winning percentage )

    • Mahmood Ali

      sharing through FB is not working,

    • Mahmood Ali

      Get error while sharing through FB
      This dialog has been passed a bad parameter.
      API Error Code: 100
      API Error Description: Invalid parameter
      Error Message: link URL is not properly formatted

    • Bojan Tomic

      Sharing doesn’t even work…

    • Paul Castro

      Too bad, can’t download the app :v my phone’s version is only at 2.1 eclair, i need to replace it.

    • mani0608


      I am from India. I am very happy find an international giveaway of Galaxy S5. Thank you so much. I am really dying to get this phone. But i am not sufficiently funded at the moment, I hope my luck wouldn’t let me down this time.
      BTB, you sharing links are down. I couldn’t share the giveaway with my friends.

    • Pat

      Never win these thing… Been trying for ages.

    • Juno

      woop really hope to win and i love their YT vids!

    • Stefan Marinescu

      good luck guys!! :D

    • toni1992

      Good Luck Everyone

    • Miraldy Andral Colon

      the bonus URL dosent work !!

    • Zamakhshari Abd Al-Ahad

      The widget won’t give me a URL and when try to share on Facebook or Twitter it gives an error code.


      i love the smartphone

    • John

      same problem here…I even made a mistake to logging in my facebook acc. as a new user

    • Juan A C

      OMG Argentinian winner!!! So close!!!

    • Luis

      Same error here…we all should be compensated some how!!

    • izzulazim


    • A Zamari

      want this to play it’s finger print features

    • Alan B.

      What if you’re on iOS? :(

    • Danny Caldwell

      I’ve got the s4 and would love to win the s5. Come on lets have a uk winner.

    • iANDROID08

      :( hoping to win this time I have never won any contest before I hope this time.

    • C Jacobs

      Can’t get a link to share the contest foe more chances to win.

    • thartist

      I want it, move away!

    • techgeek01

      did any one ever won a phone here?

    • Kapil

      I don’t want to win this phone because I don’t want to use up my luck reserve. I have something very important next Sunday.

    • steelew

      Same facebook error, it works with the “add this” extension for chrome.

    • Nebico

      May the odds be ever in my favor, at least this time :

    • polo815

      I really hope I win good luck everyone and god bless you all for the give away

    • FRGuzman

      Thanks for the Nexus 5! You are awesome! Nice way to start a Sunday!

    • ThEEXoTiiC CLAN

      I wish I win I don’t have a phone and im in high school :(

    • Carmichael Sherman

      Hope I win. Could really use this phone.

    • Badrudeen

      Hey there I can’t get the URL

    • Wallace Mendes

      Sharing button is broken. Do not share anyway :(

    • Martin Francis Mpukani

      cant share on facebook and link wont show

    • Liam Curtis

      Would really like this as my s3 died :(
      Love the galaxy series

    • DrJeevan kumar

      does anyone even see this column..?

    • Aditya Bhatt

      How do you track app installs ?

    • Anton

      I need andro phone this week

    • Magda

      I Hope S5 ;-)

    • Mark Adams

      I am on Firefox and right click on the link and select open in a new tab
      and was able to post to FB that way, when I clicked on the link I got
      the same error you guys did.

    • Sourav Gupta


    • Maximilian Hu

      I want it!

    • Renato Pachano

      Same probem :(

    • Mohammad Khizer Khan

      good luck

    • Mobi Techie Gonzalez

      this is my first time subscribing to Android authority and entering to win something…
      I’m not enjoying my experience with trying to share because its not giving me the URL

    • tony solinan

      Its Sunday weekly prize giveaway time again so I’m here to try again like I do every week to win,maybe this will be the lucky Sunday for me!

    • tony solinan

      Yeh same here I have to keep loging in and out of facebook its a joke!

    • Abby

      22867th entry………lets see if I can get an S5 this time. After that gonna buy a moto E……lol

    • Matthew Boudinot

      Awesome! Maybe I’ll win for once. :)

    • Bandela Abhishek Chakravarthy

      Hey not able to get link to share on fb twitter or anything fix it plz i need this phone

    • Tiatun Tiatun

      im keepin my finger cross for this one.

    • Ana Isabel Lima

      API Error Code: 100
      API Error Description: Invalid parameter
      Error Message: link URL is not properly formatted

    • Mouthing Trumpeter

      my phone is horrible, screens all cracked and the mic doesn’t work half the time, really need a new one SUPER wanting I win this.

    • jonathan

      the link is not working

    • xoj_21

      i want XD

    • Daniel

      This is awesome!

    • jason friday the14th

      You don’t understand I need this phone ,just like fish need water

    • Ja’Nae H

      Oh how i wish just once i would win a giveaway lol

    • Anjani Nandan

      ok and bye the way Arsenal won the FA cup

    • Roshan Raj

      i am waiting to end of giveaway.hope win.

    • zhangyamysaga

      Perfect Smartphone ! I am waitting for you.But with MHL to HDMI adapter for original Samsung Galaxy S5 ?

    • Angela

      I hope this would be my birthday gift :D

    • shivanshu tiwari

      there is some problem with the rafflecopter.
      if u also enter for their shirt giveaway on their website then also u wil encounter the same problem

    • Arya Aja

      in it to win it … #hopeso

    • Ansh

      I have never seen an Indian user Win this…… I would like to be the first one :-P

    • Jin T

      Thank you Derek and AA

    • Unknown


    • Derek Scott

      Hi guys, an update on the sharing. It should now be working, so please go ahead and share and earn those extra entries!

    • Alēks Kħaøs

      Let the chaos begin

    • abdulqahhar aly

      how do we know we get bonus entry from sharing the link?

    • slkie

      Maybe I’ll win this time… Who knows?
      Great job nonetheless guys… Thumbs up

    • Saurabha

      Shared A lot Hope i Win :)

    • Saurabha

      i Did All Subscribe Youtube , Twitter , Facebook Page Like News Letter Etc. Following <3 Derek Scott :P

    • Sanman Chavan

      Pls Derek i really want to gift this phone to my mother whose birthday is coming in next month and I am from India.Unfortunately i can’t buy this phone because i am not earning .So it will be a honour from your side if you gift this phone to me .Thank you Derek in advance

    • Subhajyoti Golui

      Congratulation to Federico G such lucky guy…Best of luck to everyone..

    • Ahsan

      Inshallah I win


      WoW….. S5! Hope to win dis time :)

    • Saurabh Somanath

      S5 ftw!!!

    • Mohamed Mohammed

      hope i winn

    • Jeroen

      Lets hope

    • Jugal Mudoi

      Thanks for organizing this amazing giveaway.. I would love to win because Samsung Galaxy S5 is my dream phone. Good luck everybody.

    • aakash006Sharma

      still hoping to win first time from india
      . as i never won : hoping this time i win my first ever android phone !!!

      hoping for best to win this beautiful S5

      REGARDS , @aakash006sharma ( twitter )

    • aakash006Sharma

      i really love to win : a special gift from you it going to be on my birthday

      27st may 2014 ( rocking device : great display ) and clear megapixel increase the best passion towards photography

      and samsung ( S5 ) the most stylish device and it makes me more cool in my college life .

      hope to win first time from india

      regards , @aakash006sharma:disqus ! twitter

    • aakash006Sharma

      STILL hope to win first time from you .! win – win – win

      hope i win first time frm india .

      i always entered whenever u announce giveaway but never win

      hope still ups to win

      regards , @aakash006sharma ! twitter

    • Riza

      I joined!
      …and hoping for the win.

    • aashish

      Not much hopeful these days lol

    • Roshan Raj

      great smartphone . thanks for giveaway.

    • Sumanth Samprathi

      Hope I win at least this time

    • J. Carlo Paguada Castro

      I really want to win this phone!!!

    • n1m0s

      fingers crossed!!

    • MrBase

      Does the newsletter email and the email that I use for Google Store to download the app, count as one or two?

    • Zameer Hussain

      woooo wooo, I will(not) be the winner

    • landyz

      love to win this phone…


      Realy want to win S5…. as my first Smartphone!

    • Anand Mathai

      hope i get this

    • sally

      This is the best phone ever, soo nice! I want to win this phone.

    • Michael Kachor

      I’d LIKE to dl the app, but need a new phone – so, send me the S5 and I’ll dl the app! Cheers.

    • Mandeep Chadha

      Pick me

    • Pablo Calero

      hope this time is mine!

    • Roshan Raj

      hello friends. i love this phone. i win.

    • Marvin Ballack

      Really hope I win this time…I never get lucky and win this stuff…..please let me win this time.

    • Suyogya Shukla

      Best of luck everyone!

    • Sumanth Samprathi

      Never lose hope in life

    • Zameer Hussain

      to collet more entries,go here share it

    • Razeer123

      Best luck!


      When sb would win it, send it to me :)

    • Gal

      If someone entered my link, am I supposed to see it?

    • Beyar Asketchian

      I need this phone and I love this phone :)
      I really hope I win .
      By the way my real name is Mohammad , in case I win :D

    • Arjun Rana

      well first of all i wanna thank android authority for giving such a beautiful giveaway Samsung Galaxy s5 which is international and that’s a coolest thing about it… As we know that The Samsung Galaxy S5 can be defined in one word: E V O L U T I O N … Lastly hope to win this awesome giveaway…

    • Sumanth Samprathi

      Think good and do good… then good luck will be with you

    • Shamsheer Verma

      I hope i win :D this time :P

    • seraz ahmed

      is Google Play edition of this phone out yet?

    • Antriksh Sharma

      i hope i win …absolutely gorgeous device and as i am in dire need of a new phone!! thanks android authority for being so awesome! :)

    • aakash006Sharma

      hey guyz really hoping for best to win this samsung galaxy S5 !! hope i win first time from india

      - become a fan of this phone ( make me more cool in my college )

      hope for best <3 <3 ! everytime entered but never win

      regards , twitter : @aakash006sharma:disqus ( email : )

    • Sumanth Samprathi

      Let god choose the worthy person as the winner

    • Nebico

      I check this page every single day and my heart-rate rises after noticing the total entries number. Fingers crossed!
      Luck happens to those who don’t give up.

    • Zameer Hussain

      I hope ,I will win…. Select me. It will be very helpful for me. I am too excite to have in my hand. as I am Indian plz select me

    • Zameer Hussain

      best of luck for all. have this and keep enjoying

    • Sumanth Samprathi

      Keep your hopes at the peak at this time

    • rushi

      try this use this link and try for link you may get it

    • Aman Surana

      I hope i win this time, dammit
      everybody hopes, but you never win :|

    • Sam Nicko

      sad like a puppy, using iOS here :(

    • xavi

      good luck to everyone!! :)

    • EnMoSya

      It’s time

    • aakash006Sharma

      LOVE A LOT to this device . hope to win the samsung galaxy s5 first time from you . galaxy S5 really fantastic . .

      hope my luck works to get this boombastic perfect

      Samsung GALAXY series evolution over revolution

      * it’s clearer, faster snaps technology attract me as i love to capture photos while reaching ang going back from college to hone

      * fitness-tracking abilities of the S5 really helpfull for me as am atheletic runner ( daily morning and evening schedule ) it helps more then windowsphone

      * a bright and clear screen helps to rest my eyes

      NOW JUST HOPE TO WIN THIS AL ROUNDER smartphone ( galaxy S5 )

      regards , AAKASH SHARMA @aakash006sharma ( twitter )

    • Paul

      Its my lucky day! so give it to me. :)

    • Cayl

      Get off my water resistant 2.5 Ghz babe.

    • Andreas

      would love to win this amazing smartphone! im in it to win. lets go!

    • Jenosan Annamalai

      s5 giveaways!

    • Prabhaharan Ellaiyan

      I Wish Its Be Me :@

    • Izwan Rahman

      Random win.. lets hope its me!

    • Aldie Ayco Pradas

      wish me luck….

    • Angelo Allegra

      I’m in!!! Yeah!

    • Nebico

      Ends in 2 hours now!!!!
      — Heart beats rising —

    • kristin

      Thats so depressing i didnt win:(….. i guess ill try somwhere else for a s5……

    • kristin


    • kristin

      I wanted to win. …..

    • kristin

      My dads funeral was today and my hopes just wrnt down the drain:(

    • Edmond P.

      So sad. I didn’t win :”((((((

    • Derek Scott

      Congrats to the winner this week, Emma from the UK. You all have another chance at our next giveaway, a Nexus 5:

    • Gopal Bhaire

      Is the winner EMMA WATSON :P

    • nicolas99

      Sorry, already got one!

    • Sanman Chavan

      pls derek i really want s5 pls pls pls…….

    • Nebico

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    • kalyan jyoti