Samsung Galaxy S5 will feature upgraded flash technology

by: Andrew GrushFebruary 18, 2014


Earlier today, Samsung revealed that they are planning a new line-up of LED component solutions for tablets and smartphones. Samsung will be demonstrating the new flash line next week at MWC 2014. Even more interesting is Samsung’s revelation that component 3432 1.8t will be “used in the next Galaxy smartphone, which is expected to be introduced later this month.”

So what exactly will this upgraded flash mean for the Galaxy S5? The reflector-integrated flash component is designed to provide a wider field of view, which should provide improved photos in daylight as well as night. Combining the new flash with rumors of the Galaxy S5’s 16MP shooter and possible inclusion of ISOCELL technology, and the GS5’s camera is looking to be nothing short of an absolute winner.

Back in December, we learned that Samsung would be working to bring improved camera functionality to its smartphones to differentiate them from the competition, and it’s looking like the Galaxy S5’s (hopefully) exceptional camera experience may be the result of this effort.

As for the rest of the Flash parts, their are a variety of different kinds including side-view LEDS and flip-chip flash LEDs. There are also other reflector-integrated flash components, aside from the one that will arrive in the GS5. For more details on the new flash components, be sure to check out Samsung’s official blog post.

What do you think of the Galaxy S5 based on what we know so far? Are you excited to see that the camera is getting a dramatic upgrade over past models? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • MasterMuffin

    Things never go this well. There’s always one of the rumored parts missing and everyone gets dissappointed, I believe it’s either ISOCELL or this flash

    • Crapple is the worst

      only because samsung is shitty little ass lickers

      • MasterMuffin

        but crapple is the worst ;)

  • Michael Ortins

    If they ditch their archaic UI then yes I’m excited. And if they are lag free.

  • Amine Elouakil

    What? so if I get it correctly they are building refletors (which already exists in most flashs) and side leds to increase the field of the flash, am I getting this correctly because from the artical I didn’t understand a thing.

    Ok got the information I needed from Samsung blog, while the solution has the merit to adress wide angle issues, it doesn’t improve the experience that much since it’s led based solution, far inferior to Nokias Xenon flash, or dual led flash.

    Isocell might need extra light since this technology in theory is supposed to increase the pixel dynamic range, Isocell might be a game changer for low light situation, but at the same time, It technically hard to pullt out in a first generation product, in fact I doubt it will have any effect in the next few years, the hardware size of the pixel and the amount of physical light will still matter for low light conditions.

  • Ruz

    Isnt Xenon flash the best and most powerful?

    • Kassim

      The “best” of anything can’t remain the best indefinitely…

      • Aniruddh

        The best in the mobile world is the worst after 2 years xD

        • Ruz

          Pl talk sense.. give justification which is best?

  • Brendon Brown

    I think dual LED is just the best. The colours are so true and perfect.

  • Mike Reid

    LEDs are getting more powerful. Most phones will be getting better “flashes”.

  • IronLiver

    Hope the UI ,case design and Price changes.