Samsung Galaxy S5 color comparison

by: Robert TriggsFebruary 27, 2014

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 seems to have been receiving some mixed responses regarding the handset’s appearance, so perhaps a closer look at the handset’s design is in order, to help you make up your mind.

The Galaxy S5 will ship in four different color varieties, the traditional Shimmer White from previous Samsung Galaxy handsets, Electric Blue, Charcoal Black, and the newest addition Copper Gold. Each of the different color variants features the same perforated back, doing away with the plastic from previous generations.

The Shimmer White certainly keeps the GS5 looking more a like a traditional Galaxy handset, and arguably has the least noticeable perforations on the back, if you’re worried about that sort of thing. The Charcoal Black, or should we call it grey, is also a long running color scheme in Samsung’s Galaxy S series of handsets.

The Electric Blue borrows its design from last generation’s Galaxy S4 Active, which is certainly the most vibrant of the color options. Finally, the new Copper Gold variation carries on the trend of gold tinted smartphones that we’ve been seeing lately, which could go down well in Asian countries where golden handsets seem to be particularly popular. All of the handsets feature a silver edge around the device.

If you’d like a closer look at each of the color variations, check out our high res image gallery below.

samsung galaxy s5 smartphones color options 5 samsung galaxy s5 smartphones color options 3 samsung galaxy s5 smartphones color options 7 samsung galaxy s5 smartphones color options 1 samsung galaxy s5 smartphones color options 6 samsung galaxy s5 smartphones color options 4 samsung galaxy s5 smartphones color options 2 samsung galaxy s5 gold back cover battery 5samsung galaxy s5 black blue aa 8 samsung galaxy s5 black blue aa 4 samsung galaxy s5 black blue aa 11 Samsung Galaxy S5 aa 1

Let us know what you think of the GS5’s design in the comments section below.

  • Mike Bastable

    And so the S5 Android Authority ” impartial but pretty much Samsung Authority” publicity machine rolls on and on and on.
    Relentless and unnecessary.

    • Jaun Lombard

      No they are impartial…the S5 has just so many features and stuff that is actually new!

      Z2 is a Z1…just with more refined looks and hardware…

      Samsung changed and optimized their software. Just look at the GEAR Fit manager…it looks good!

      • Mike Bastable

        Juan: not even the Apple sites are this relentless. In a week when other worthy phones have been released . to perfunctory “hands on” reviews…the intense level of coverage here IS partial. Look at other sites and there is not a huge deluge of in depth S5 coverage. AA is clearly partial here. They have been given good access to the product or have chosen to feature it, beyond normal coverage levels.
        We want the same for Sony LG Huawei etc not just a focus on this product.
        Your comment about the Z2 echo’s many made here about the S5 by others.
        My remarks ARE NOT an attack on Samsung merely a take on what seems to be AA reaching a tipping point and becoming Samsung’s promo team for the S5. Which is a shame because prior to Barcelona AA’s recent explorations of various OEM products were interesting, refreshing and good.
        So let’s go back to that a do a great in depth review on the S4 when we actually see it released and sold.

        • Rijoenpial

          Well, seeing on Google + and the length of comments here, I think it is a hot item, especially for the competitors fanboys! They all want Samsung to fail but guess what, your phones are mere reiterations of past ones as well! CORRECTION: They are still showing more and doing more than their competitors! Take the HTC One and Z2, for instance: mere carbon copies of past ones just with that little spec bump! The hipocrisy here is that you accuse Samsung of the same sins that your favourite brands are committing, hence the total lack of credibility and complete hipocrisy and incoherence of many fanboys here, because let’s not deny it, even if unspoken, there are a lot of Apple, HTC, Sony fans here taking a dump on Samsung, as they surely would, even more frantically even, should the Samsung be all metal, QHD, the works! Fanboys will always be fanboys, and they are not smart enough to outgrow it and actually be sensible and reasonable, aka intelligent, about it! Fortunately, they all have Achilles’ heels, so it is always fun to turn the sin back to the sinner! LOL Cheers

          • Mike Bastable

            Did you read my post?. I accuse Samsung of nothing…I merely point out that there are other phones to cover here on AA. I am only a fan of my lg g2, not lg. Sony, or anyone.
            Glad to hear someone loves the S5..was worried everyone hated it. Agree all products are evolutions BUT please don’t call me a fanboy.

      • shivansh

        you are a samsung fanboy it’s clear from your positive comments on every post related to later but it’s seriously insane to cover this phone only all they are covering are unnecessary features and information there are more phone which look good and have some good features than s5. INSANE SAMSUNG AUTHORITY !!!

        • AndroidBoss

          What’s wrong with being a Samsung fan? Go rage elsewhere kid…

        • Rijoenpial

          Ando you’re an Anti-Samsung zealot… Since you started the namecalling just because a person give his honest opinion… SO, whenever someone praises a feature, he or she is automatically a fanboy JUST because you disagree with him? You and your kind are disgusting biased people who have no business being on a forum of ideas and opinions! What you call ‘unnecessary features’ are unnecessary TO YOU! That self-centered obnoxious posture is why nobody actually gives credit to people like you! Go crawl back into the hole you come from with that intolerant bias and pathetic bravado! Oughta be a law against trolling like yours! People are entitled to their opinion withouy being bullied into labels from tech biggots like yourself! Go stick an Apple up your rear or whatever the hidden phone you’re rooting for! Cheers

      • AndroidBoss

        It’s sad man, when a person talks about Sony (and is saying the truth and not being biased) he/she gets all this hate. So many immature fanboys out there. They start calling me an Apple fan boy when I’m an Android Boss. We all know that Sony hardware isn’t all that especially the back and the UI is ugly. But when we say so, we get “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” when I’m sure many people don’t like the Sony UI or the hardware with the shitty back. Then, when Samsung changes its design and UI (which looks real nice, design not all that but it’s all personal preference) everyone starts hating. Yes the Sony Z2 does have better specs, but the Samsung Galaxy S5 has better features and stuff in it.

        • Mike Bastable

          Dear Boss, read the comments more carefully please…i have often criticised Sony etc. The whole point of our posts are to point out that THIS WEEK, above all others, should NOT just be about the S5!, but about everything in Barcelona. It is no coincidence that since i, among others, pointed this out AA has posted a rash of smaller non- samsung articles to add some semblance of balance.
          However the basis of your post is correct..the fanboy term is used when ever anyone here is critical. Sad really.
          But can you really deny that some extended coverage of all sorts of Android is preferable to blanket S5 analysis?

          • IronLiver

            I agree with Mike on this, well i guess the site needs to earn money, looks like samsung invested here as well

          • Rijoenpial

            Actually, I see Bitdefender everywhere on the site! Sheesh! Another Anti-Samsung unfounded biased comment from yet another troll! So, if a reviewer says something good about a product that is NOT your favourite, the site is paid by Samsung! Very logical assumption… for a moron… Whenever you spew unfounded, biased, unsubstantial rants like this, I pity you and others like you! Are you so THREATENED by the success of a company that should mean nothing to you, since you don’t even buy their products, to be all heated up and at’em?! Just because they are succeeding and your fave is not? I often wonder how scared HTC fanboys must be knowing that if the HTC Two does not sell, HTC might not be here a year from now… I understand their predicament, especially if they are the poor saps wh buy the Two and then in the middle of the contract, kaboom, HTC goes under! Sony’s latest news also are not auspicious: selling their Tokyo HQ for quick cash to cover the 1 Billion losses they are expecting… yeah, if I were their fanboys, I would be jacked up too against Samsung! (sarcasm) Threatened, wounded animals do the same! If Samsung was not winning, maybe HTC and Sony would survive, in their one-dimensional minds! Plain and simple! Still, it is not Samsung’s fault that HTC is being run by baboons who focus all their resources on a high end device, neglecting all the 80% that do not buy them, and Sony, by geriatric minded people whose sole success right now is a gaming console! Cheers

          • On a Clear Day

            Damn! sms

          • On a Clear Day

            Mike. Perhaps what you are perceiving is not so much bias as an awareness of and thereby devotion to servicing and answering the beck and call of the majority of those out there who wish a handset that actually serves their needs; that was designed with practicality rather than irrational devotion to appearance and image – to the detriment of practicality, reliability and reality?

            If you have ever read – hard to miss probably – any of my posts you know if there is one thing I can’t stand it is flash and fiction and pretentiousness (reason I can’t abide Apple) over attractive but put the pedal to the metal functionality and power – coupled with flexibility – that allows us – we little people – to move with the greatest amount of fluidity and alacrity through the minor to most – but major to us – events of our too short and limited days here on earth.

            Thus, I decry and denigrate the – as I perceive it – stupidity and intractability – as well as callous disregard of all of the above salient, endearing and helping rather than hindering – qualities – that I see built in as – built in obsolescence, designed to confine and more given to style than substance.

            There is a saying that always has been irrefutably true – yes, there is one.

            Here it is. “When you achieve success the people behind you are not going to feel inspired to climb up to join you at the top. No, they are going to do everything humanly possibly to pull you down to their lower level so that they do not have to be cognizant of your success and naturally be made to feel wanting being the failures that they are in comparison to you.”

            Sony, HTC – whomever – get an appropriate amount of coverage that they deserve on Android Authority – predicated upon the degree, to the level of fidelity they have evidenced in the their products to truly serve the needs of people. If they, like Microsoft – with its ill fated, hated Windows 8 operating system – have chosen to design products that make life harder rather than easier (think sealed battery devices – now), then too bad for them. If you will fly in the face of truth you will suffer the fate of failure. Think HTC – going from “Golden Boy who can do no wrong” to “We don’t know what the hell we are doing, but are still pretending like hell we do.”

            We live – whether America’s Fool in Chief likes to admit it or not – in a world where survival of the fittest is and always will be THE reality and always rule the day – despite all the government entitlements imaginable – or trade restrictions imposed by spurious, vicious lawsuits adjudicated in the courts of hair brained judges par excellance – crafted by craven hearted lawyers at the behest of imbalanced, thermonuclear CEO’s.

            If Sony, HTC, Nokia desire more coverage – then let them DESERVE more coverage – by actually seriously thinking through what the hell they are producing and instead of doing what everyone else is doing – do something actually – here’s a novel idea – different.

            Till they, they deserve exactly the positions they find themselves in and the paltry level of coverage they are accorded.

          • Mike Bastable

            Mmm, the “fool in chief” remark makes me cringe…for it’s lack of respect and unnecessary viciousness. Your comments and those of your intern(?) Rioenpijal are excessive and do not address the issues we raised. They merely spout your opinions. I respectfully disagree. As you apparently disagree with me. C’est la Vie.
            I love a good discussion and enjoy the considered postings of many here. I enjoy less the aggressive posturings of other contributions that label any opinion dissenting their own as idiocy and it’s author a troll.
            We try in a light hearted way to prod and poke AA to balance coverage. Samsung does indeed dominate Android but a broad coverage of OEMs and products allow us to discover new gems, new fresh ideas etc.
            After all free discussions and friendly debate should always be applauded..and I will always fight for your right to totally disagree with me on every issue we may discuss.

          • On a Clear Day

            Not vicious Mike – spot on and fittingly making fun of someone who has made a joke of himself and caused himself to become a laughing stock. “You will be able to keep your coverage. Period.” Yeah – the check is in the mail, I love you …. etc., etc.

            Our Fool in Chief will be accorded respect when one fine day, in the middle of the night, he actually does something to earn it – till then – he deserves any and all derision he so justly inspires.

          • Mike Bastable

            Not gonna argue politics here. However a little respect goes a very long way indeed.
            I would be interested in analysis…your post was more a statement that Samsung is huge and the unwitting victim of a scurrilous court case orchestrated from Mr. Jobs grave. These points have been discussed as infinitum here and elsewhere…the courts will decide.
            As for our collective indifference to the S5 it is justified a little but will not affect its sales one iota.
            As for AA they continue to push fawning explanations of why the S5 is awesome at their own risk. Journalistic impartiality is lost forever once traded. Other sites are showing a more critical edge when looking at this device. AAs readership will choose where to look for reasoned coverage in future…I certainly no longer visit AA for its own work…I visit for comments like your own.
            So let’s leave the politics well alone and have a good bitch about the S5 compared to the LG Sony whatever…they at least do not look like they were designed by a disco loving golf player.

  • Ben

    In all honesty the S5 is worse than the S IV I mean, the S3/S4 plastic was fine, the “leather” and most likely this will/do fell cheap, tacky, and certainly ugly

  • thartist


    In pictures, it looks horrible.
    In video, it looks amazing!

  • sanguiseritmeus

    Ugly. Atrocious. Horrid. Forgettable. In particular, the gold looks like a buttery Ritz Cracker. Presumably the heart rate monitor was also included to restrict caloric intake once you eat the accursed thing. I’m just that much more excited now for the iphone 6!!!

  • Dark_Laser

    Baby got back!… not.

  • trwb

    I just puked in my mouth a little

  • nebsif

    omfg good bye samsung authority, and just so i dont come back here out of bad habit, ill chrome nanny block u. <3

    disclaimer: ive got gs3, note 10.1 2014, but come on, so much coverage on s5, barely any on z2, even trying to convince us the s5 looks good ("MIXED responses"? lmao)

    • Rijoenpial

      You will be SO sorely missed… LOL Sheesh, the ego on these people… HAHAHAHA

  • shivansh

    sick of samsung galaxy shit 5 coverage unsubscribing AA coz they literally making me irritated with s5 crap video making video of same information about s5 seriously this is insane mkbhd ,erica and pocketnow were awesome.BYE insane samsung buyed authority

    • Peter


    • On a Clear Day

      Repeat after me, “Good riddance to bad rubbish.”

  • shivansh

    we have our eye AA and can see how the colors look like no need to cover it unnecessary crap general information.

  • Suthan Sivekumaar

    I am very interested in the charcoal black model!

  • Mystery Man

    Make a camera comparison with other phones please

  • K

    I find the phone looks nice.

  • Heisenberg

    They are all ugly, but if I had to pick one, I’d go for the black one.

  • Evan Weber

    Anyone else think the white phone would look good with the gold back?