A new concept video for the Samsung Galaxy S5 shows what Samsung’s next phone could be like if it takes a couple features from the iPhone 5s and iterates on them.

The major focus of the new concept video is what the video creators Rozetked call Reach ID. The idea of Reach ID is very similar to Apple’s Touch ID on the iPhone 5s, but a bit more useful. Where Touch ID is only accessible from the iPhone’s home button, the concept Reach ID unlocks the phone with a fingerprint from anywhere.

With the Reach ID concept you would simply put your finger anywhere on the home button or homescreen of the Galaxy S5 to unlock the phone. Or, if you can’t reach your phone for some reason, Reach ID can unlock the S5 with just your voice. Presumably such a feature use a specific passphrase or cadence like Touchless Control feature of the Moto X, but because this is a concept video it’s not limited to such restrictions.

Speaking of not limited to reality, this concept video shows some neat voice control features that let you create a workflow for your phone. The voice control features in the concept video can open the music app, play songs from Metallica, then open the most recent photos in the Gallery app with just a few sentences and no taps required. Even more than Reach ID the feature seems like a ways off, and, if it did exist, it probably wouldn’t use the Google Now UI, but it’s always nice to dream.

Of course, the video ends with specs of the concept Samsung Galaxy S5 that make sense with the most recent rumored specs for the phone. They include a 5.2-inch 2K (2560×1440 resolution) display, a 64-bit Exynos 5 Octa processor, Android 4.4 KitKat, and 3GB of RAM.

Galaxy S5 Metal Concept

The Galaxy S5 is one of the most hotly anticipated phones of 2014, with many more concepts to come.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is still a few months away, so expect a few more concept videos like this one and a few more rumors before it actually comes out. We don’t know much about the next Samsung flagship, but if it’s anything like this concept video, it should be a very exciting phone. If Samsung is following in the natural progression of what it had done for the past several major device launches, then it’s likely to have the best in class specifications; many of which have been listed above. Also, if you’re interested in seeing what other creative types have concocted in terms of concepts, then check out the hybrid HTC One / Galaxy device here.

What features would you like to see in the Samsung Galaxy S5? Excited for it? Or holding out for something else? Let us know what’s next on your watch list!

Thanks, Oleg!

  • ursuline lewis

    Would love to have it I have the S4 but what I would love to see is the multitask a lot better. Which means if I could use the contact list as well when someone sends u their phone number. You don’t have to leave that app to add it to ur contact list.

  • MadCowOnAStick

    the ending was stupid and this was obviously a troll

  • Tuấn Ankh

    how did this troll video get here? XD
    – “ultra grand”, “16 cores”, “New Touchwiz”
    – Google Search and S-voice are one ?
    – Octa-core = 16 core ???

    • Adam

      Its a concept, plus he’s drunk.

    • Anh Trung

      Việt Nam đang sản xuất là 4GB ram CPU 64bit màn hình 2k Pin 4000mA hehe

      • flamencoguy

        What is this? Is someone going to understand you?

  • Meow

    Funny fact..He said Okay Galaxy, and Google Now turn on..

  • Jarl

    Why even call it a Galaxy S5 if it’s just a dreamt up non official concept?

  • Oogh

    Stupid fanboi, I am getting so tired of their ignorance

  • RahulMacwan

    Why do people always go overboard with all the spec.

  • sammidam

    Whoever made this video must be Russain. A Russain on a lot of Vodka.

    • Lisandro O Oocks

      You’re not helping narrowing down the search

  • MasterMuffin

    “With no any touch” xD

  • Mr james bunt

    Samsung won’t do a fingerprint sensor on the whole screen . Why ? Because they want to save this technology and use it in the later years (2015-2017). I am sure that the S5 will have fingerprint sensor , but not on the whole screen , maybe on the home button using a wiped down motion to unlock ur phone or maybe something like HTC One Max , put the fingerprint on the back .

  • openmindedguy

    Looks a little like an HTC One.

  • nomorenonsense

    Why do these stupid concepts even merit attention from a tech site? It would be better to post no news than posting this ridiculous nonsense.

  • Jayfeather787

    Stupidest video ever. Ugly UI, looks like froyo. The ending was so ridiculous. The only cool thing was the headphones in the background.

  • Guru Tim

    why even post a concept video? they mean absolutely nothing, and are just one random fanboys views/hopes of a phone lol. come on android authority youre better than that

    • Tuấn Ankh

      More like an iPhone fan making fun of Samsung’s specs race. It doesn’t seem like any hope was poured into that concept, lol.

  • cbstryker

    The thing that really irritates me about these articles is the click bait titles. Even if it had a fingerprint sensor on just a part of the device or on the whole thing it still doesn’t make it a borrowed feature from the iPhone.

    Fingerprint sensors have existed for a long time and IIRC it was a Motorola Android device to do it first in smartphones. But you know, once Apple does something it officially did it first. I don’t come to this site to read Apple biased content or click bait articles like BGR or Engadget. Starting to get annoyed with Android Authority.

    • Myrd

      Apple wasn’t first to add fingerprint security to phones, but to be fair they were the ones who implemented it successfully for the first time. Now 5/6 months later Samsung begins implementing it in sort of the same way as Apple did on the iPhone 5S.

      • cbstryker

        Motorola was successful, there just wasn’t much interest. In fact, I would put money down that most people in general don’t care about the iPhone having a fingerprint scanner. It just happens to be there and a ton of people were going to buy the new iPhone no matter what. I see it as a result of two things: Apple needed something “different” that they could market, because without the fingerprint scanner it was just more of the same. Secondly, all of our devices are going in a general direction of implementing new technology, regardless of who does it first. Pretty soon most devices will have different bio-metric sensors (fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, etc), improved cameras with OIS (already exists), bigger screens, better screens, new wireless tech, etc, etc. It’s all going in that direction. I’m just glad to see competition between device makers to push the limits of what can be done. It benefits us all.

        That aside, your comment completely ignores the complaint of my original comment, which is still 100% correct. The article’s title is misleading and qualifies as “click-bait”.

        • MattEgansHairLine

          Squares are really round!

          There is a massive difference between fingerprint scanners before touch ID, as google admit but you can’t.

          What happened to the Google G1 Sidekick reference design? It was replaced by an iPhone as Googles reference.

      • jeff

        Sounds like another idone fan

  • Emmess

    Hahaha… Isn’t that what Samsung always does, steal some ideas from Apple and then act like they’re new… ROFL

    • Android Developer

      If it’s different enough, it’s new.
      If it looks like a clone (meaning you can’t differentiate between 2 things), it’s stealing.
      That’s how I see it at least…

  • deafguy

    Waste money for deaf people and never use voice. Deaf people or like me bought expensive than you buy. Will you discount for deaf people? If remove the voice, then it’s reason price.

  • flamencoguy

    What garbage attributing fingerprint scanning to Apple. It was on other Android phones and laptops way before Apple even thought of it. The title is kind of insinuating Samsung is copying from Apple again. You are perpetuating that ridiculous reputation.
    How about just ” More Galaxy S5 Speculations”. That would be a more truthful title,
    Totally dumb for an Android site.

    • Harry

      Not about who does it first. About who does it in a half-decent manner. By this redundant logic, what garbage attributing fingerprint scanning to Android phones and laptops. It was on Windows based PC’s and in sci-fi films way before Google even existed.

      • flamencoguy

        Really? That’s not how Apple and their fans come across !!
        They claimed to have invented cell phones, tablets, Slide to Unlock, Rounded Corners, Rectangles, Screen Bounce (bouncing objects)

  • Cal Rankin

    I like the idea that the fingerprint sensor is incorporated into the digitizer. If done right, it could beef up security

  • Harry

    “why do you need S5 if you can choose 5S” at the end of video… LOLL!!

  • Brendan Schultz

    “Why have the S5 when you can have the 5S?”
    -_- because I phones are for people who are to retarded to know how to use android. And because I don’t want an NSA agent spying on me…..

  • Brendan Schultz

    Ooh ooh let’s all buy overpriced iPhone 6s when they come out and all have to buy new chargers because apple changed the connector again