Sources reveal full details of the Samsung Galaxy S5 camera

by: Robert TriggsFebruary 19, 2014

samsung camera module

We already know a fair bit about what to expect with the upcoming Galaxy S5, but one of the last remaining pieces of the puzzle is the handset’s camera. The other day we found out that Samsung is planning to make use of an all new flash LED for the Galaxy S5, which it will be showing off at MWC, and now Sammobile has managed to obtain detailed information about the Galaxy S5 camera, including the range of software functions that Samsung will be packing into its new flagship device.


For a start, the 16 megapixel sensor expectations appear to be confirmed, and will capture pictures of different sizes from 2.4MP up to 16MP. We’re still currently unsure exactly which sensor technology will be making its way into the Galaxy S5, I’m personally hoping to see what Samsung’s new ISOCELL technology can do. The camera will be able to choose between different ISO levels, from ISO100 to up to ISO800, and there will be the standard auto option as well. The Galaxy S5 camera will also be able to shoot 4K resolution video at 30fps, and can capture 1080p footage at a full 60fps.

The latest news also includes a new innovation, the traditional physical camera button will be replaced with a new technology called “side touch”. Instead of a physical button, Samsung has opted for a small sensor, in the usual place at the bottom right side of the handset, which is activated by a simple touch tap. However, there appears to be some limitations to the technology, it can’t be used in portrait mode, easy mode, or when recording video.

Camera Modes

Speaking of different camera modes, Samsung is introducing a ton of new features to its camera software. Previous additions, like HDR, panorama, and sound and shot, are here to stay, and there are plenty of new additions to the collection, including 3D Tour Shot, Focus Select, and Continues Shot. Below is a collection of the Galaxy S5’s various shooting modes, and a brief description of what they all do.

  • 3D Tour Shot: Create interactive virtual tours of your surroundings.
  • Sports: Take clearer pictures of fast-moving subjects.
  • Focus Select: Make your subjects stand out against the background by adjusting the depth of field.
  • Dual Camera: You can take pictures and record videos using the front and rear cameras at the same time.
  • Aqua: Appropriate for taking pictures underwater. (is the waterproofing rumor true afterall?)
  • Animated Photo: Create a picture containing moving objects by animating parts of the picture.
  • 3D Panorama: Create a spherical panorama of your surroundings.
  • Sound & Shot: Enrich your pictures by adding a few seconds of background sound.
  • Drama: Takes multiple exposure pictures of a moving subject and merges them into one dramatic picture.
  • Golf: Take pictures of a golf swing. You can then play the pictures forwards or backwards.
  • Auto Portrait: Take self-portrait with the rear camera.
  • Rich Tone (HDR): Take pictures with softer or richer colours by merging pictures taken in various exposures.
  • Auto: Automatically adjusts the exposure to optimise the colour and brightness of pictures. You can take single or burst shots.
  • Eraser: Save the best picture after erasing moving objects from consecutive pictures.
  • Night: Take brighter, clearer pictures in low light without the flash.
  • Best Face: Select the best picture of each person from 5 consecutive pictures to get the best merged group picture.
  • Best Photo: Take a series of pictures, and then select the best to save.
  • Continues Shot: Take pictures continuously.
  • Panorama: Create a linear panorama by taking pictures in either a horizontal or vertical direction.

That’s not all, there are a few other modes which have been mentioned but didn’t come with an explanation of how they work. Perhaps these won’t be included in the final retail version of the software, or maybe Samsung hasn’t finished working on them yet. Either way, the Galaxy S5 may also come with Mosaic Shot, Smile Shot, Frame Shot, Vintage, Cartoon, Add Me, Action Shot, Stop Motion, and Cartoon and Pet, whatever that is.

Camera Effects

Samsung is also going all-out with camera effects to add little extra style to your pictures. The Galaxy S5 is set to ship with 34 default settings, but if that isn’t enough choice for you, you’ll also be able to download other custom effects. Here’s a list of available effects:

Grey-scale, Sepia, Negative, Emboss, Outline, Watercolour, Monochrome, Sketch, Washed Out, Posterise, Solarise, Vintage, Cold Vintage, Warm Vintage, Blue, Green Point, Red/Yellow, Nostalgia, Faded Colour, Retro, Sunshine, Old Photo, Cartoon, Oil Pastel, Moody, Engraving, Vignette, Rugged, Tint, Turquoise, Fisheye, Noir Note and Vincent.

Other changes to Samsung’s camera software include a tweak to the app’s appearance, to better match the device’s new color scheme, although we don’t have any images of the software yet.

It certainly looks like Samsung is going all out to improve its hardware and software for the Galaxy S5, and it’s less than a week until we can finally see what Samsung’s been working on at its UNPACKED event. Do you think that the Galaxy S5 has everything you’ll want in a top-end handset, is there something that Samsung has overlooked?

  • Balraj

    I doubt 16gb version Will be worth buying but
    Nice features, many might say it’s useless but
    I really liked them…
    I hope all Will work :-)

    • Rafael

      Recent rumors: no 16GB. Only 32 and 64GB.

      • Jay Holm

        If those rumors end up being true, it’ll be the first
        ever Galaxy phone with 64GB’s of internal memory.

      • chkenwing

        They said that about the Note 3. Look what Hong Kong ended up getting.

        • Rafael

          It´s disappointing that Samsung choose 16GB. It will suffer the same problem of the S4. The OS and software features take a bite so huge of the internal memory that maybe less than half of that is available to the user.

  • MasterMuffin

    There’s seriously a mode just for golf? :DD

    • najiy91

      like sony’s timeshift burst.

      • MasterMuffin

        Many have had this already, it’s just at least weird to name it golf mode!

        • pm-09

          Why not?

    • realist

      note 3 has it also..

      • MasterMuffin

        I don’t see how that makes it any less weird :)

        • realist

          it doesn’t, it’s just samsung :)

          • Clarence Alvarado

            i <3 the sarcasm. :)

    • Jesus

      Koreans love and are awesome at golf… maybe that’s why.

  • Optical image stabilization?

    • MasterMuffin

      Not going to be there, because Samsung thinks 16 megapixels > 13 megapixels with OIS

    • Eric Mazariegos

      It’s an overhyped feature to be honest. The G2 shoots crap photos in low light to due the “OIS” feature, which essentially just boosts the exposure value. Note 3 has similar issues with its software implementation of it.

      • kandy830

        my Aunty Amelia got a new blue Land Rover LR4 only from
        working part time off a home computer… helpful hints F­i­s­c­a­l­P­o­s­t­.­ℂ­o­m

    • Palle Dinesen

      Given the size of the module relative to the lens barrel, it has got to have OIS

  • dandroid13

    I hope we get OIS as well.

    • jamesti

      doubt it

  • najiy91

    the golf copies sony’s timeshift burst.sorry.(‘~’)

    • George Av

      And Sony copied someone else.

      • rvjaywaks

        sony timeshift release with Xperia Z1 before the note 3 release

    • Rafael

      Samsung released this feature in the Note 3. It isn´t new.

  • Jay Holm

    Can someone enlighten me about the benefits of this ISOCELL camera tech please?

    • jt369

      Simple answer: better photo quality, colour reproduction

  • lonechicken

    Nothing about what resolution at 120fps?

  • Guest

    A cameraphone without a physical shutter button will be nothing.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    This was the reason why Sony opted for a suite of Xperia Camera Apps. One you should not use can be easily deleted or just not install another camera app when you don’t want to.

    And for Samsung, camera interface for phone is way bad since the Pixon days.

  • Paul

    More than anything, I hope the microphone can handle loud music. I have been recording videos at concerts for years, only to be left with terrible, distorted audio from my various Samsung devices.