Samsung Galaxy S5 expected availability: US, UK, Canada, Australia [updated]

by: Andrew GrushFebruary 25, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 Hands on MWC 2014-1160049

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The Galaxy S5 is now official, but when exactly is it heading our way? According to Samsung, the handset will start shipping on April 11th alongside the Gear 2, and will initially launch in 150 countries worldwide. Of course, individual carrier dates and launch plans will vary.

Expected availability in the U.S.

In the United States, T-Mobile and Sprint have both confirmed that they will carry the handset in April. At the time of this writing, Verizon and AT&T have yet to discuss their plans. Regional carrier US Cellular also announced it will be carrying the handset, but it doesn’t specify whether it will launch in April or not. [Update: Verizon, AT&T, MetroPCS and U.S. Cellular also confirm they will carry the GS5 in April.]

Expected availability in the UK

For those in the UK, a few carriers and select retailers have confirmed their plans to launch the device in April. On the carrier side we have EE, Three and Vodafone. Major retailers Phones 4U and Carphone Warehouse also plan to stock the device.

Expected availability in Canada

Canadian Galaxy S fans will have quite a few carriers to choose from: Bell, Fido, Rogers, Eastlink, MTS, Koodo, SaskTel, Videotron, Virgin Mobile, TELUS and WIND Mobile all have confirmed they will carry the Galaxy S5.Only Bell has specifically mentioned it will carry the handset in April, though we wouldn’t be surprised if at least TELUS and Rogers follow suit — if not all carriers.

Expected availability in Australia

In Australia several carriers have confirmed they will carry the Galaxy S5 including Optus, Vodafone AU, Telstra and Virgin Mobile. Both Telstra and Vodafone have “register of interest” pages up for the device, though none of the carriers say exactly when they will carry the device or even what month to expect it.

How much will the GS5 cost?

We may know that the Galaxy S5 is arriving in mid-April, but pricing isn’t exactly clear just yet. While the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 both fell around the $550-$600 mark (or about $199.99 on contract) a recent post from Bloomberg claims that carriers are pushing for Samsung to offer the GS5 for cheaper. It’s uncertain how much cheaper, or if the report is even accurate.

We’ll be sure to update as soon as we learn more about the Galaxy S5’s pricing and avalibility, so be sure to stay tuned to this post, and don’t forget to check out our Galaxy S5 and MWC 2014 content!

  • Neil Pagay

    I doubt they’ll go lower than $500. I’m still all for the nexus 5.

  • AfrodanJ

    well, that was misleading

  • AndroidBoss

    Yeah they didn’t make this phone as high end as possible to make it cheaper, which is just a bummer. They should have made this a cheaper version of their S5 that starts at like $400. They will experience lots of losses this year for sure…

  • Squaredwheels

    Samsung Galaxy S5 availability and pricing = Samsung Galaxy S5 availability and pricing?

  • MasterMuffin

    Samsung stole the spotlight even though Z2 pretty much beats it in every category. After some thinking, I’m pretty dissappointed in S5 and I can see many other people feeling the same way. Well S6 will be something, eh? :/

    • AsakuraZero

      It may stole it’s thunder but the lightning of the z2 shines through s5 one

    • Jaun Lombard

      I agree that S5 disappointed but the Z2 does not beat the S5 in every category. To me the AMOLED still wins (And the dimming option is a winner on its own). Both water resistant but S5 you can remove the back cover. Connectivity is awesome! The camera might even be better!

      To me the S5 is what everyone…it might even be cheaper than the S4 and Z2…but includes hardware like a fingerprit scanner and a heart rate monitor!

      If the S5 had a different design…people wouldn’t have critized any aspect of the phone…

      but yeah I am dissappointed…but I will still buy this over a Z2…why? Because it is actually a good phone… and will be cheaper on contract in my country and all of the features will make is more value for money.

      • MasterMuffin

        I agree actually. We need a mix of these two, maybe the HTC M8 will be the droid we’re looking for. Only Samsung will have that removable battery though!

      • SContrerasMer

        i think that the Z2 camera will be better, sony has a history with Great sensors, look at all the “iSigth” cameras from the iPhones, they are Sony sensors

        • mumusen

          Sony has a history of providing great camera/sensors to other partners. In their own phones they provide potatoes (sensors) with a topping of onions (referring to the image processing software)

    • Bryan Z

      Well they (samsung) do spend a shit load of money on advertising so that’s nothing new but they still failed at satisfying people. I mean this is one ugly phone I wasn’t really expecting this from Samsung, I was expecting something better… anything but this! Z2 is the way to go this year if you want a bigger screen. I’ll stay loyal to my nexus 5 when it comes to android.

    • Shark Bait

      Yeah, I though we were getting refined software and more stylish hardware. Which is what sony did, and what HTC will do. I think they will have a harder time with this.

      Maybe in 2 months time they’ll push out a metal one with no bezels !

      • Jaun Lombard

        I believe they will and suprise everyone….but I want a S5…not an F (or something).

        I think Samsung will actually price this S5 better than the Z2 then it is actually better value.

    • A Dude

      Nah time to give Samsung the old heave ho, so long and thanks for all the fish.

    • MadCowOnAStick

      maybe the samsung galaxy F…

  • Amine Elouakil

    Ahahahaha ! 600$ ?, if that price is true, this device same specs as the Nexus 5; with rubish built quality and design, are they for real ? not to mention that spec wise the Note 3 is better (even inside the same group there is a better device) and by the time the S5 hits the market the N3 will be cheaper.

    PS: so what’s this artical is about anyway ? you don’t answer your own affirmation and title….

  • KillEmAllx

    It’s funny to see people standing behind the S5, with it’s horrible backcover, big side bezels and last years specs. The same people that were bashing HTC and the M8. This was dissapointing, I really hope the M8 is not what we’ve seen… Right now, Sony is leading the smartphone war 2014. Me? I’ll stick with my S3 4G, released about 1 ½ years ago, still blazing fast.

    • Jaun Lombard

      But the Z2 also includes last years specs…

      • KillEmAllx

        How is a Snapdragon 801 and 3GB ram “last years specs” ?

        • AndroidBoss

          But the ugly Sony UI is still the Same. And the ugly design with the glossy back is still there. I hate that glossy back, such a fail.

          • Tjaldid

            they changed the UI design where it matters with the Z2

          • KillEmAllx

            Well, how the UI looks and how you like it is a matter of preference. If you want, just install an AOSP rom on your Xperia, since Sony releases all their sources and is dev-friendly. Samsung doesn’t at all, in fact, if I’m not wrong Knox is there just to make it even more difficult for devs.
            How can you say TouchWiz is “prettier” than Sony UI? I’m not saying Sonu UI is great, but TouchWiz is awful. And laggy, oh yes, did you see how much lag there was in that “S5 first impressions” video here on AA, just browsing through the homescreens and drawer?
            Let’s talk about build quality. I understand that you don’t like the glossy material on the Z2, but the S5 is just pathetic. How did they make the device larger, thicker and kept the screen size almost the same. And those bezels! What is this, 2012? We’re talking about a flagship device here. The S4 is lighter, thinner and smaller than the S5, with almost the same screen size! And the specs are a dissapointment.
            The whole phone is a dissapointment really. And the price is still more expensive than most of the competitors out there. I’d take the Note 3 instead of the S5 anytime. I’d take the Z2 anytime. Or the N5. Or the M8. Or my S3 4G, which looks like a smaller S5, with 2GB ram, the thick bezels and all. And without that awful back, damn that is ugly.

          • Jaun Lombard

            I will agree with the looks but not about the specs which dissapoints you…the spec is the best any phone maker can offer…only 2RAM is the problem, but apparently people struggle to use 2RAM…

            There is also a umer that it will be cheaper than the Z2…which makes it appealing

        • patrik

          The S5’s S800 still beats the Z2, check gsmarena’s benchmarktests. Also, 3GB ram is in note 3. So yeah.

          • Tanner Hoyt

            Because Samsung plays fair with benchmarks. -.-

        • Jaun Lombard

          But the S5 comes with Snapdragon 801…

        • Rajkumar

          Then how is the 16 mp camera and 801 processor and a HRM and FINGERPRINT scanner and 5.1 screen and a at least a. New back cover ( I agree it sucks) but still…. Same as a last year model….. Actually Sony should be critized more for bringing nothing to the table except processor and a 1 gig more ram……

          And Sammy be critized for reducing the ram to 2 GB and allowing a REMARKABLY HORRIBLE DESIGN….

      • David Avila

        More RAM and processor, S5 only processor with some copies taken from Apple (FP Sensor)

        • SContrerasMer

          it’s not a copy, the first fingerprint scanner was in a motorola device, (Don’t remember which one) and samsung’s scanner works different than apple’s, maybe this scanner is more reliable

          • joey b

            The Motorola Atrix is what your thinking of, I had one and I loved it!!

          • Twelk

            They were also first to pioneer having a button on the rear of the phone.

          • joey b

            the phone in general was just a pioneer bringing the first dual core to the market

          • sumanth

            I am still using Atrix with CM and works good as new phones..

          • disqus_2L5WC9Pqb3

            it is really hard to work with one hand.

        • joey b

          Actually, my old phone, the Motorla Atrix had a finger print scanner before Apple and it worked rather well.

          • Peter Harjes

            Exactly, I had the Atrix too. Obviously not as good as the 5s, but still did the job

  • Jack Parker

    Do what I did, switch to Sony!

    • A Dude

      That’s what I plan for my next upgrade, Samsung has lost the plot big time I was hoping for something original and innovative but this is virtually the same as the others truely disappointed

      • Jack Parker

        I got a z ultra. Half the price of the s5 when it comes out but its got the SD800 etc and is metal and glass. I love it

        • Neil Pagay

          Well the price of the s5 is supposedly cheaper than the s4 on release date, but probably not by a large amount.

        • AndroidBoss

          Wait, let me get this straight because I have a Z Ultra as well, so you like smudges and scratches on the back of your device? Because the back of Sony devices are magnets for those, and it is really hard to get them off. Used to complain that my Nexus 5 gets a lot of smudges, changed my mind when I got the Z Ultra.

    • SContrerasMer

      All the Xperias i’ve tried lag and crash, maybe thats because they were like an M ad a Tipo, maybe the Z series is better

      • krym73

        Nope, their still laggy and the power buttons always having issues on the z1, the z1s screen sucks under direct sunlight…I use to recommend the Sony phones to customers because of their incentives for sales associates, but after many customers would complain… The only good selling point was the water proof/resistant…but co worker got one for free and couldn’t wait to get rid of it after his 6 months with it where up.

      • john

        Z1’s battery are horrible even when you compare it to a S4, no matter what you say about how much rmah it has, S4 will always last longer. I only lasted 8 hours on my Z1, my S4 last about 17-20 hours with heavy use

      • Jack Parker

        That’s exactly why, spend nearly as much on a Sony as you would on a Samsung and trust me, you will love it

  • Jaimin
    • Amine Elouakil

      wtf, what with the video link

    • AndroidBoss

      Nokia is a fail troll. It only trolls itself with its “Android” powered ugly devices.

    • jonathan3579

      You’re still trolling Android websites. You really have no fucking life, eh?

  • Aar0nC

    What a pointless article! So what is the pricing? You couldn’t just add this to that s5 article?!

  • Luka Mlinar

    DA FUQ IS THIS? The promised a new deign. Where the f*** is it??! This looks like every other Samsung. That’s it, I’m done with Samsung. OPPO, OnePlus I mean even the Desire 610 looks light years in fron of the S5 when it comes to design.

  • Biavela

    This phone is for S3 owners, S4 owners have nothing to do here but wait for the 4.4.2 update and keep it for another year.

    • Sammy Jasper

      yeah m one of them(S3 owner) but I don’t want to upgrade anymore becoz of terrible design. This look like every other Galaxy n M sick of this design.

  • mixedboi85

    Samsung has disappointed Yet AGAIN….

  • SContrerasMer

    MY SII Looks Better!, and with CM 11 it feels really fast

  • Will A

    This is just a crazy theory, but if the rumors about Samsung asking Google to kill off the Nexus line are true, then maybe we could see a price that is closer to that of the Nexus 5 to try and replace what the Nexus line stood for? (I know that Samsung would never be able to fit all of that hardware in for under $350, but this is just an idea)

  • trwb

    Is anyone going to actually buy this phone? This isn’t good for Samsung.

  • Kaz

    I’m not interested and I don’t plan to buy it. Yet I’m still visiting this page :D

  • Groud Frank

    You know why Apple sells so many phones every year? It’s not because consumers are dumb, as some of you think. It is because their phones provide a pleasant experience. I have a Note 3 and nothing, not the S5 the 5S, the Z2 or the HTC M8, impresses me enough to want to change phones and that is because of the pleasant user experience I’ve had. It’s not even about the company for me; it’s the phone. It took some maturity on Samsung’s to not slap 3GB of RAM and QHD display just to appease the specs nazis. Samsung is toning it down and focusing on refinement and not blindly adding things for the sake of “keeping up with flagship specs of the day”. User experience will always leave a longer lasting impression on consumers than specs sheets and benchmarks. I am not saying they are completely irrelevant but they aren’t the be all and end of all smartphones. I’d take the Moto G’s dual core phone over some of these insanely decked out phones like the Z2, which are just big slabs of glass and plastic and does nothing to really take advantage of the screen size. For those of you saying, “I’m not impressed, I’ll get the Z2 or G Pro 2” I’ll hope I won’t be hearing you complain about not getting firmware updates fast enough or at all, in the future.

  • phuongot

    It’s uncertain how much cheaper, or if the report is even accurate.

  • jjredfish

    LOL! I can’t stop laughing at this thing.

    The thick chrome sides look like your grandmother’s ugly kitchen table from the 1950’s!

    • jack


  • IronLiver

    this phone looks the same as it’s previous model only with holes. i thought that there will be a major change with the look and feel of the device. Booooo!

  • jack

    It’ll probably cost U$750

  • William E Evans

    I have been using the GS2 Skyrocket since it launched and it has been a terrific phone. I am eagerly awaiting this phone as my upgrade. Though I will probabaly stick with GoLauncherEX

  • Micro Shaquer


  • Suthan Sivekumaar

    The Galaxy S5 is a high-end smartphone with many awesome specifications. The 16 MP camera, Quad Core 2.5 with Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor. Its a very delicate smartphone! It is also good that Samsung has made the price of this phone cheaper than the GS3 and GS4!

  • jack

    Good bye Samsung

  • Ben

    When I saw Telstra, Optus, Vodafone(I mean vodafail) AU I felt like people remembered us here in the land down under but what about Virgin Mobile AU??

  • Neil Pagay

    All the negative comments are getting upvotes… and that’s the way it should be IMO. For the many reasons people have already stated, it is just not the phone people were waiting for. I am one to place cases on my devices; however I would want a phone that actually appeals to my subjective opinion, regarding the design. A large number of people in this community are just stating the cons and not the pros simply because the pros are not relevant enough for a 2014 flagship phone from the largest android OEM.

  • Rohit Naik

    Must watch video for ppl who dont have Galaxy S5

  • rob

    Pan to the left and I get books and magazines what why not Google now. They needed to shrink the bezels .

  • Jane

    I wished they stuck with the same design as the Note 3, I don’t like how rounded the edges are or how big the bezels are. Why go for 2GB RAM is S5 when I can get 3GB of Ram in Note 3. The internal storage mass is also probably only going to be 16GB, while the Note 3’s is 32GB off rip. There seems to be a big problem here, because last years design has all but blew this years design in the dust. Fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor? Neither impressed me as well as the S4, S3 or NOTE 2 and 3 did. Samsung has really disappointed me.

  • M

    LG G2 beats them all in a way,,, Just as fast, thinner bezels, nicer UI, ´many smart functions.
    AND a better price

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