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New rumors suggest the Samsung Galaxy S5 is set to receive a very welcomed update to Android 4.4.3 this month, with the previous-generation Samsung Galaxy S4 to follow in July. This makes for one of the fastest proliferations we have seen in a new Android version.

We are not sure if updates are getting much easier to handle or manufacturers are finally improving their game. Android 4.4.3 emerged at the beginning of June, and so far Nexus, Google Play Edition and even Motorola devices have gotten the anticipated update.

This rumor originates from a leaked document, which states the SM-G900F and SM-G900H will both be updated this month. The first would be the international, unlocked version, while the latter is a model compatible with US, Canadian and Latin American carriers (also unlocked).


Carrier versions will need to go through their test periods and be approved by their respective network providers, which means it may still take a while before you see the update showing up. The Samsung Galaxy S4 version slated to get Android 4.4.3 next month is also an unlocked iteration of the device, labeled under model number GT-I9506.

Software updates are looking bright in this Android universe us geeks live in. We certainly hope more manufacturers follow suit and get faster with their updates. Granted, this was not an upgrade that brought huge changes, but such speedy delivery has been unheard of until now. Unless you had a Nexus device, that is. And sometimes even those took longer to get updated!

Samsung Galaxy S4 hands-on

Those who want to learn more about Android 4.4.3 can go ahead and check out some of our previous coverage, in which we go through the new features and Google’s handling of bug fixes. Otherwise, stick around for upcoming details on these updates!

Also, don’t forget these leaks don’t always prove to be true. We wouldn’t hold our breath on these updates, at least until more details emerge.

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  • Xavier_NYC

    Butttttt it’s still touchwiz :/

    • krispy2525

      Just use a launcher like Nova launcher action launcher or go launcher

      • Xavier_NYC

        my friend has the S5 and is currently using nova and lag city..

        • krispy2525

          Go launcher and action launcher are a lot less lagy.

          • Xavier_NYC

            hmmm I’ll have to try it out..

          • krispy2525

            It’s definitely worth a try. I use go launcher ex, the paid version and it runs like stock android. I need to try action launcher

          • Reap

            I use Nova on my S5 (and used it on all my previous as well). I think it is by far the most snappy out there (just put your animation settings to “fast” or “super fast”. I think GO launcher is bloated and slow… There are other good launchers out there but I always return to Nova it suits my taste in every aspect.

          • krispy2525

            I have been using action launcher running on top of Nova and it works great. I might prefer regular Nova launcher sometimes, but action launcher adds a lot more features (some of them you do have to pay for though).

        • Jay Holm

          I really don’t know where this talk about lag comes from Snapdragon 600, 800, 801 don’t lag. I’ve been using the S4 since the day it came out, Snapdragon 600, no lag, oh, and I’m using Go Launcher.

      • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

        Nova launcher is nothing like stock Android. I also hate using 3rd party launchers.

        • krispy2525

          You could just root your phone then. Nova launcher can be like stock android if you make it like it, or just use Google now launcher

          • Maranello Santiago

            I think GNL lags more on TW, right now i’m using GNL with CM11 on my Note 3 though. I guess i’m kind of picky, if i’m running TW, I prefer to use the TW launcher, I guess.

          • Max

            No, you are right. You have to get completely rid of touchwiz by flashing another ROM, otherwise touchwiz will still be there

          • krispy2525

            who makes gnl i cant find it anywhere

          • Maranello Santiago

            Google makes it GNL(Google Now Launcher) you can only find it in the play store if you have a Nexus, run a Kit Kat based APSP ROM, or side load the apk file for it.

          • krispy2525

            Oh. Do you know where I can find the apk

          • Maranello Santiago

            Go to the One Mobile website. Download One Mobile Market. And you’ll be able to download it from there and get updates when the update is posted. Good alternative when you can’t use the playstore to get it. I did it while running Touchwiz.

          • Max

            You can’t use Google Now launcher with every device

      • Max

        Touchwiz isn’t just a launcher. Installing nova you are just installing other trash over touchwiz. The only way to get rid of touchwiz is to flash a GPE when available

        • krispy2525

          Yes, but for those who don’t know how to flash or don’t want to flash it is the next best thing.

    • Chris

      Joke is getting old dude!IF YOU DONT LIKE IT DON’T BUY IT, READ IT, COMMENT ON IT…
      Stop whining an move on with your life! People are always whining and complaning. Buy what you like and just SHUT UP!

      • Xavier_NYC

        Someone took that personal.. It’s as simple as this, my opinion is my opinion and I’m entitled to it if you don’t like it, don’t comment on it.. So what if it’s getting old fact still remains there’s a handful of top android flagships out there and as a consumer I have the right to talk about, look up and comment on any of them I feel like commenting on.. Once again if you don’t like it, that’s too bad because it’s my opinion.. You don’t have to like it..

      • Max

        The only joke here is touchwiz …. They are capable of ruin a good hardware with that crappy software

    • monkey god

      No amount of Android updates will get rid of touchwiz, so why even mention it? Doesn’t seem relevant.

  • Frustato

    I have the Galaxy Note 3 ATT (SM-N900A) and I’m still stuck on Android 4.3 ! If I try to check for updates, it says I am at the current firmware . I’ve tried factory resetting it through the phone’s software and through Samsung Kies 3.0, but even Kies says I’m at the current firmware. What the hell ? I know Kit Kat was released, but I never got the OTA. Help me, please and thank you !

    • xHabeasCorpusx

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        • Can I make, like, $99999999999 every month? That’s better. :P

  • Maranello Santiago

    If they’re gonna upgrade those two, then they gotta upgrade the Note 3.

    • John-Phillip Saayman

      Yeah hope the Note 3 also follows in July. But I don’t recognize that s4 version. The unlocked one I know is i9500

  • Jayfeather787

    YAY!! Tighter locked bootloaders!

  • Reap

    If the rumor is true it is good news that they already upgrade. But this particular upgrade is boring. I got it the other day on my Nexus 7 and the chances are minor and the only thing I notice is that the touchscreen is a little bit worse in response. But great that they work on getting us the latest! :)

  • Jeffrey Fazal

    I will stay with 4.4.2 as I can easily access it within these 2 months on my Galaxy S5. I have no regrets to choose this first Android Smartphone after ditching my iphone 5S. I like its water and dust resistant body, 16MP camera, touch wiz finger print scanner, and 2800mAh battery. However, it is annoying to remove the flap over its charging port in order to charge the device. To overcome this issue, wireless charging is the best option.

  • Razeer123

    Sad Galaxy S3 users :/