Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One clash on Twitter, tweets deleted

by: Bogdan BeleMarch 22, 2013

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The HTC and Samsung official Twitter accounts have been quite a sight in the past few days, with ironic tweets exchanged between the two parties. And then came the silence of deleted tweets.

Apparently, it all started with the HTC Twitter account posting the tweet below about Samsung’s Galaxy S4 launch event:

Pretty strong stuff, isn’t it? Especially the “next big flop” part. Well, Samsung didn’t seem to think so, because there was no reply straight away.

That is, until the official Samsung Mobile UK account replied to a Twitter user, with the very kind words “four is always better than one.” Making sure the HTC One reference is heard where it should be, the administrator of the Twitter account didn’t forget to cc his HTC UK counterpart.

htc samsung tweetwar

Now, you didn’t expect HTC to leave things like that, did you? The answer, just as ironic, was “plastic is not fantastic, my friend!” With an #HTCOne hashtag attached, of course.

Some Samsung and HTC executives must have noticed what their Twitter page admins were doing, because the Tweets, dated March 20, have since disappeared, and the user they were replying to has made his account private. It must have been too much, even if executives of the two companies themselves had no problem deriding each other after that same event.

What can you say, competition leads to funny things. Do you think any of them actually had a point in this dispute?

  • Plastic is not fantastic. True

    • Magneira

      Choice is fantastic, period.

      • RarestName

        If so, please let people choose what material they prefer.

        • Lol yes get a Samsung phone where the screen replacement is like 150.00+ because they pretty much glue the screens together and gave you a plastic casing. HTC has build quality which Samsung lacks completely. I have drop and kicked my HTC sensation around since it was was released and it is still functioning at 100% my S3 I gave to my gf dropped of the bed one night and spilled its guts out and looked liked the screen got trampled by a horse. People should consider the build quality as well as specifications of a device. Hence why mindless idiots run with the lemmings and intelligent individuals obviously make rational based decisions on ANY product

          • Sure, intelligence was completed used when supposedly “plastic” sold 50 mil + and “unibody” actually ensured said manufacturer lost even more market share!
            well to make myself quite clear.. ^^^ = pure and absolute sarcasm on the intelligence part! definitely don’t want myself to sound in any way supporting the “intelligent” choices said manufacturer came up with to reclaim lost ground!
            Intelligence would have been to listen to mass requests and provide exactly that. especially when one is down and licking the dust falling from the market leader’s rear end.

            I am not biased toward any manufacturer, but just to prove a giant’s a bust, one needs more than an super active twitter account!
            Yea one = pun intended – to cover up the intelligence part!

          • Iram Ali

            Bah bah!

          • vampyren

            Sorry to say but Your so full of it! i’m sure you just make this up. Dropping the S3 from bed say max one meter should not break your phone unless you are extremely unlucky and have a stone floor and edges. That would break any Glass though. If its dropped on the back then nothing will happen of course (or shouldnt) . S4 has even better glass than One Gorilla version 2 vs version 3 (i think).

            Also you know its a mobile phone right? if your clumsy you need to get a proper protection period.

            And lastly i prefer plastic since i can change the backcover + SD + battery but if thats not for you buy HTC but dont go about and complain why Samsung does this or that, we have a choice and its good we have a choice. Samsung is selling like crazy so they must be doing something right after all.

          • Iram Ali

            Your so full of it Samsheep! S4 is an ugly plastic phone. It’s not better than the HTC One as they both have very simliar specs and you wouldn’t notice the difference in the real world. Samsung just has gimmicks and copycat features. HTC One is beautiful and brilliant build quality and durable. Better and sharper screen. Sound is way better both internally and speakers and camera is better too in low light especially!
            Samsheep will argue replaceable battery yet I ain’t seen anyone who replaces theirs yet. Also expandable storage but why not just get 64gb version? Most people bought 16GB S3 and HTC One starts at 32GB! No problem there!

          • vampyren

            It sounds like HTC is paying you to write here, chill out! i dont care what you say really HTC isnt appealing to me and many others. You dont get it, SD card is more appealing since its cheap and you can swap it when you want.

            Taking picture in low ligh isn’t as appealing as having higher resolution pictures. Knowing the company will provide timely SW updates is more valuable than a aluminum shell to me and many others. Having the option to have what i want on my home screen is more appealing than the company forcing me to use their feed program and occupy a home screen (why the hell not make it a widget!). Having a more light weight phone is more appealing than a heavy phone. I agree it looks nice but so does iPhone. You go and buy the One but no matter how much you try to make it look good it just dont change the fact that HTC is beyond salvation. They did not listen to their users and no shinny shell will save the One. Go and tell that to your master :)

          • My floors are tiled as most newly constructed homes are and I dropped my HTC sensation of the bed and have dropped it down a flight is train stairs. So slamming me as full of it is stupid. If anything falls on any angle at one meter can brake or knock internal parts loose, but then again someone without common sense would not come to this conclusion. Lol and your information is lacking. The sensation has a aluminum back over that comes off….so yes please stfu.

          • vampyren

            ” If anything falls on any angle at one meter can brake or knock internal parts loose”
            Sure but this is true for any phone so whats your point?
            Again i repeat if you are clumsy you need a better case. The thing with aluminum is it might hold the phone together but vibration goes in and can damage internal while the plastic back goes of when its dropped and can lead the vibration out but than again there are many factors like angle and such, either way phones are not meant to be dropped at the stairs either. use a headset and better case if you know you drop your phone often.

            I personally maybe drop my phone once a year and that is even not likely but i still use a case just incase. People need to learn to respect their phones, its not a toy. They make them scrach resistant not drop resistant and with the ever growing screen size the tend to get more vulnerable. google and you see some real life drop with iphone5 and S3, they pretty much break after 1-3 drops so the aluminum wont help you much really.

          • Justin Winker

            Gotta downvote for the harsh words, but I agree, quality of the body means a lot to me – the Nexus 4 does not feel cheap and it’s definitely not plastic. I’d get almost anything BUT a plastic device..

          • Cool story bro. ;)

          • don’t know what your saying. I think that you and your girl friend are nut heads. I have a Galaxy Note 2, have dropped it many times and not a single scratch. Its like a herds mentality here. Somebody says that Samsung’s phone don’t have premium look or feel and everybody is like blah blah blah. Let me tell you, I owned an iPhone before my Note 2 so I am one person who cares a lot about look and feel. And anyways, most people agree that Apple has the most premium feel in hand. When I bought my Note 2, I was skeptical about it because they say that Samsung’s plastic doesn’t offer a premium feel but as soon as I got it in my hand, I realised that they were all wrong. It might be plastic but it has a VERY VERY VERY premium feel. I agree, the plastic is a little too glossy but after some time, it starts feeling good and yes the plastic does get a little sweaty at times buti don’t mind. Besides, millions of people are not crazy to buy worthless plastic. And how many HTC ONE Xs or ONE X+s have been sold? Barely see a person or two carrying a HTC. What service does HTC provide anyway? You buy the One X and after some months they release the One X+ and a month or two later, they release the Droid DNA which also features a 1080p screen. About six months after they release the One X+, they are onto releasing a One. Do you believe that just a year old One X will get any further future updates? That is not going to happen. And I feel sorry for those people who have bought the One X or One X+ because later or sooner they will not be given any new Android update. Now, compare the graph of Samsung: GS2 released and about a year later the GS3 is released and about 10 months after the S3, the S4 is released. And till date, the GS2 owners have got all the software updates. And why would anybody buy Polycarbonate or Metal or Aluminum (which is relatively heavier than plastic) and add a plastic cover over it making it weigh so much more. All I do with my N2 is buy a Smart Cover and it is just a flap. If my phone drops, my screen is safe and if the cover breaks, I go and buy a new Smart Cover. Besides, are HTC’s batteries replaceable? I have a friend who has the One X and its battery stopped functioning like it should (took long hours to charge and got discharged in minutes), he went to HTC service centre and they REPAIRED his phone. On my N2, I have replaceable battery, so if my phone’s battery stops working, I just stop by at a store and get a new one. That saves money on repair as well. And Samsung uses plastic to make their phones feel light in hand. Even though, on paper my note 2 will weigh a lot more than other phones; when I hold it, it is just so light and that is because Samsung divides the weight of their devices in such a way that they feel like nothing in hand. Plus, the plastic helps in reducing the weight.

          • Iram Ali

            Bah bah

          • Depending on you HTC model yes and if you disassemble your phone you can replace the battery. From a scientific stand point..the impact of plastic hitting the ground would not protect the glass screen as the aluminum casing would let alone the design of the back cover placement of the S3. I prefer a metal bodied phone and some weight so I know my phone is in my pocket. Which also leads to dropping it is its lightweight and glossy texture. Also to add in…….why release the s4 6-8 months after the S3 ?

        • kelvin

          lol, even HTC don’t give people damn choice to use expandable storage.

          all looks no substance. not even choice.

          • RarestName

            And why does that matter to you if you’re not interested in it?

        • Magneira

          Well they do, you can choose an Android made with plastic, with aluminium, with front and glass back… don bash a company because it does not use the materials you would like to have, simply choose the company that uses what you want and be done with it

    • fixxmyhead

      so i guess million dollar cars must suck right since the body is not made of metal right? HTC one is gonna flop

  • Ayman Kouzayha

    The smartphone is not jewelery to be fantastic at the expense of usability and features, HTC should be quiet especially after failing for the second time to make a decent camera, after the One X failure now the 4Ultra pixel camera turned out to be a big fail in term of quality, so don’t embarrass yourself more HTC and STFU

    • vampyren

      i dont know about One X but i wouldn’t want to buy a phone with 4Ultra pixel camera. The pictures are lousy compared to competitor. I do most my photo taking during the day so…
      HTC seems to think they are Apple :) i dont think even Apple would be crazy enough to pull a stunt like that.

    • maglev

      htc is just like apple, all looks but no substance.
      samsung focus on functionality, with lot of options & choices.

      • John Koetsier poyo

        u talk with good brain..agree

    • Well, I have noticed that all that comparison you see in Internet by now, was done with non-final hardware/software. So it’s too early to surely say is 4UMP cam good or not.

      • Ayman Kouzayha

        check gsmarena comparison between Galaxy S4 and HTC One

  • Conan

    Let the sales figures do the talking.

    • Than iphone comes winner , now what you want to say now , sales figures are shit.

  • The true is HTC One will never have the popularity that Galaxy s4 has…Even though they’re made of aluminium, neither the ultrapixel technology can’t beat nokia’s pureview devices

  • Jack

    they both should shut up and we decide

  • CyBrix_21

    Yes… Now they know that it is embarrassing to fight like kids…

  • Jason Yuen

    I’m a Samsung fan, but this humorous exchange makes me respect both HTC and Samsung for some friendly bickering. Much more respectable than how Apple would rather slap you silly with lawyers. I dare even say this will help spark some motivation in both companies and ultimately benefit us the consumers with better products. 1-upsmanship is what advances the industry.

  • Jordan Anderson

    I miss the days when companies couldn’t even mention the name of their rival company or product. Lawsuits and immature internet fights dont interest me in the slightest or have any bearing on how I choose my preferred devices.


  • sam9s

    Making a top phone is half the battle, you got to market it properly, Though I love HTC One and would probably purchase ONE only, but when it come to who will win AFA sales is considered its gonna be S4, NOT because its a better phone, just because Samsung has spends substantial amount of money on marketing it and that makes a difference.

  • Uriah Romero

    It was a pretty interesting fight on Twitter. Personally, I am leaning more towards the Galaxy S4 when it comes to the phone since it has a faster processor, better cameras and a 1080p display that I could use for sure. While I’m on my way to work at DISH on the train, I like to watch my live and recorded shows on my phone since it takes some time to get there. I’m able to stream from my DVR anywhere I go using the DISH Anywhere app, and I would love to try it out on a higher resolution display.