Verizon confirms the Samsung Galaxy S4 will arrive in May

by: Andrew GrushApril 18, 2013

samsung galaxy s4 4 aa 600

While Sprint and T-Mobile were the first of the major U.S. networks to confirm details about when the Galaxy S4 was landing on their networks, Verizon had yet to give us the skinny. The good news is that they have finally taken to Twitter to give us launch details.

The bad news is that Verizon just states the S4 is coming in May, telling us that they will have more information soon. We might not have an official date yet, but if a Staples document is to be believed, we could see the phone on May 30th.


That’s quite a bit later than the rest of the big carrier’s late-April release plans, but it isn’t out of character for Verizon and Samsung. Both the Galaxy S3 and Note 2 launched quite a bit later to Verizon than they did other major networks. Better late than never, we suppose.

Again, that date is far from confirmed, and nothing is official until Verizon says so. As for when they might tell us more, earlier today Verizon sent out “save the date” invites for May 22nd, so it’s possible that they could tell us more at their CTIA event.

  • Verizon needs the extra time to cram on their bloatware and remove useful features, ad had been their past practice

    • verizon probably spends the extra time correcting problems the other carriers receive and preparing their network for the extra load so that they do not slow down to a crawl like at&t and sprint, so they actually have useable smart phones instead of over glorified brick phones.

      • supermans_dad

        Don’t think so! It’s more like lets brand the hell out of the phone so it takes time.. lol

        • eh, id still rather have a phone come later on a usable network then have it come out earlier on a network that is going to slow it to a crawl. Saves me a lot of head injuries from direct head to desk contact when the phone is being slow with my videos or loading webpages