Samsung wants to make a splash with the Galaxy S4, invites people in Times Square for launch

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 28, 2013

samsung times square galaxy s4 invite 1

Yesterday, Samsung kicked off the tease campaign that is preceding the launch of the Galaxy S4, and just as I expected, the hints about the new superphone are beginning to trickle in.

Samsung Mobile took to Twitter to invite the public to New York’s iconic Times Square for the launch of the new Galaxy S4. The invitation mentions that attendants will get to watch the livestream of the event and “experience Samsung’s new flagship smartphone”. Whether this means there will be some sort of hands-on sessions, or other way to experience the successor to the Galaxy S3, we are not sure for now. But it’s likely that Samsung will let more details leak once the launch day draws near.

samsung times square galaxy s4 invite 2

It’s obvious that Samsung wants to make the biggest possible splash with the Galaxy S4, and a public event in Times Square is likely to bring excellent exposure. The hunt for publicity is also probably the reason why Samsung picked New York for the debut of the Galaxy S4, instead of a European or Asian venue. The US is Samsung’s most profitable market, and Apple’s stronghold at the same time. It’s a crucial market to conquer, if Samsung wants to reach that lofty 100 million sales goal.

One more thing. Noticed the dot pattern in the background of the Galaxy S4 invitation? Something tells me that’s not happenstance. Last year, Samsung teased the glazed finish of the Galaxy S3 in the press invites for the event, and that’s likely the case now. Moreover, according to a recent “trusted insider” report, the Galaxy S4 will come in black and white versions. The dotted pattern could well be from the back cover of the black version. The material looks glossy, but I believe it will be a glossy plastic, rather than glass.

What do you think? Will you be attending the launch party in the Times Square?

  • MasterMuffin

    If the back pattern makes it less slippery, sounds good

  • Here in Europe, on morning 15th, I’m waking up and heading straight on AndroidAuthority instead of eating breakfast :) Gonna’ dig out all the facts about S4 !

    • Haha, remember to eat your cereals @facebook-100000343431100:disqus! The Galaxy S4 isn’t going anywhere!

      • Hahh, hope you will do some great coverage on that handset ;)

        • We’ll do our best. It’s the biggest device of the year.

          • Filip Justin

            That’s an “Obviously” to me.. Good luck from me too with your coverage.. I can’t wait for the 14th-15th of March..

    • WPnoAPPZandGAMEZ

      With a name that suggest you are from Finland, why not buy the Lumia 920 instead. LoL.

      • I’m currently rocking my little brothers old Lumia 800 and it’s not that bad even with its quite big shortcomings.. Maybe because all my old phones before this one were really ancient. I know alot more about Android than most people out there, but I’m still dreaming of my first Android phone. Hope that even as a student I will be able to earn enough money till’ summer and buy my first very own proper Android device ^.^

        • amin zameel

          I am also a student and I am also dreaming about my first phone…

    • MasterMuffin

      Mihin aikaan se taas olikaa suomen aikaan? :)

  • Galaxy Series Enthusiast

    if i am a New York citizen, i absolutely will come!!! to bad that i am not, just can watch from YouTube Live streaming.. T_T

  • Bone

    I sense some chaos on the HW/SW front. If Samsung introduces finger gestures and other tech stuff, the late switch to Snapdragon in the US could lead to major bugs. On the other hand the lower benchmarks suggest that the Octa is not powerful enough to compete with the 600 (and the 800 is out soon), not to mention heat and battery issues, AND switching to new sceen technology (1 out of 3 Nexus 10s has noticeable light bleed). This is all a bit surprising from the industry leader, but let’s just hope when the SIV hits the shelves issues will be sorted out.

  • Jason Sandry

    Samsung Unpacked Episode 1 huh. Do they usually have more than one unpacked event a year?

    • The Samsung Unpacked Episode 2 will probably be the Note III event. I guess…

    • uu

      maybe the tab3> my most awaited tablet of the year..

      just sad bcoz Wacom tech doesnt allow higher resolution for their tech.. ill love to always have a Spen.. anyway tab3 will also have a pen like the tab2 10.1

  • kascollet

    Carbon fiber casing ??
    Yummy !

  • ryq24

    I bet the body will finally be made of some type of metal otherwise it would just be a bigger version of s3.

  • DarxideGarrison

    Well I’m loving my S3 so much that I haven’t even rooted like with my Epic 4G. But I’m looking forward to seeing the S4 debut. Hopefully Sammy will push 4.2 update soon after for the S3

  • FTW S4 coming already??? I still havent got over the s3 hangover… this is jussssst tooooo exciting!