samsung galaxy s4 teaser

Oh Sammy, you tease. You sure like to keep us guessing till the last moment.

Last week, we’ve seen the first episode of the Galaxy S4 teaser trailer campaign, starring a freckled 10-year boy named Jeremy, who gets to take home the next big thing itself. Reactions to the teaser were mixed, but Samsung is obviously not worried about that, as it just published the second episode, which is focused on the same character.

Little Jeremy takes home the big white box with the Galaxy S4, and gets to spend some quality time with the “beautiful” phone. Of course, we couldn’t expect Samsung to actually show us a glimpse of the device coming March 14, but hey, we are not mad. That’s how teasers should be.

We can learn from the video that the Galaxy S4 is “beautiful”, Jeremy’s favorite color, and “unreal, totally amazing”. Some Oreo biscuits make a guest appearance for some reason, although we can’t figure out why.

What do you think? Check out our full Galaxy S4 coverage and let us know what your dream Galaxy S4 looks like here.

Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • Edward Ricketts

    After all of the hype, it better blow the competition away!

    • it will for sure

    • bunny

      I’m ready for any disappointment from SGS4.

      don’t get your hopes too high, people

      • They are only creating this hype by making this type of ad

  • It’s amazing waiting …..

  • MasterMuffin

    They may not be Oreos and in Finland those are called Dominos. The teaser was so boring that I’m only thinking about dem biscuits :D

    • jesuguru

      In the states Dominos is a brand of pizza, same quality as this teaser: really poor.

  • Filip Justin

    Favorite color – Oreo black!

  • I’m pretty sure Samsung has learned from Apple iPhone 5’s disappointing mistake and will introduce a better product.

  • Nizo

    Like anyone, anywhere, cares what a 7 year old boy thinks about a new phone. I know I sure as funk don’t… lol.

  • rdgs

    I think the oreo biscuits is to show that it’s coming in black and white. Notice how the kid held it out in plain, obvious view showing the white cream and black biscuits and looked at them before exclaiming “it’s my favourite colour”. I mean, it’s totally unnecessary to open the oreos up and then put it back together, unless it means something. So yeah, that’s my analysis.

  • Ricky

    The oreos probably made an appearance when he said its my favourite colour books because it probably comes in white and black


    a billion dollars in marketing campaigns and still cant find actors!

  • vision33r

    This will be like the iPhone 4S, we know it’s going to be a bigger screen. 0.2″ increase is not a big increase atleast in the Android world. We know it’s gonna be a Exynos CPU, quad core+ is not gonna make much difference today, it’s a plastic body as we all know Samsung has not made a unibody metal Android phone. The eye tracking software is nothing new it was on S3 International version.

    Unless Samsung breaks out something even Google can’t come up with.

    Let’s call it the SGS3S

  • IncCo

    such a horrible ad..

  • Abousteif

    Yes.. Oreo black and white.

  • Those posters in black with white lettering and white with black lettering were not enough for you guys realize that the S-IV will be released in two colors. Black and White?

    All of you needed an Oreo to realize that!?

  • vampyren

    To be honest I’m so darn satisfied with my s3 lte that I don’t miss anything but site new hardware is always security but I say to myself how the hell will they top my quad core s3 :)
    I can see test showing higher numbers for newer phones but I’m sure even s3 has like many more years on its neck with the existing hardware. But I be lying if I told you I’m not excited about s4 ;)

  • brady

    i like it .. it’s better than the iphone ads where grown dudes get all emotional and act like it’s a scientific marvel made by NASA ..and then basically pee themselves and then wring their pants out and drink their own pee

  • Caitho

    Jeremy`s favorite colour is obviously blue .. look at hs tie , his lamp , his pens in the pen jar, his bath robe and more.. … s4 wil come in dark blue and white … oreos is just to confuse andor get some oreo moneydeal

    There you go , no need to thank me :bow:

  • jesuguru

    Obviously the phone will have a black front and back, with a creamy white middle.

  • Lara

    That kid looks creepy as!