Crazy: Samsung ditches AMOLED and Exynos for Galaxy S4? Supposed image leaks

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 23, 2013

samsung galaxy s4 leak

This morning, noted rumor purveyor Sam Mobile dropped a bomb on Samsung Galaxy S fans, with a report that allegedly contains the official specifications of the upcoming Galaxy S4. The shocker is that Samsung will supposedly not be using an Exynos processors nor an AMOLED display on their 2013 flagship.

Before we go any further, note that Sam Mobile claims that, while the information comes from a “trusted insider”, it’s not official. It wouldn’t be the first time tech sites are served fake info, so don’t take everything in this post at face value.

The leak

These are the alleged full specs of the Galaxy S4, that Sam Mobile claims it has received from their insider:

  • 4.9-inch Full-HD SoLux Display
  • Snapdragon 600 1.9 Ghz
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 16, 32 or 64 GB
  • 13MP camera
  • 140,1 x 71,8 x 7.7mm
  • 138 gram
  • Home button with touch buttons
  • Plastic back with aluminum sides
  • Removable battery
  • Black / White

The image

The following image could be the Samsung Galaxy S4. Notice the square-ish form, which means that Samsung has given up on the organic design it hawked in 2012. Although it’s not visible in the image, Sam Mobile says the device has aluminum sides and a plastic back cover, meaning that the battery will likely be removable and the device will house an SD card slot.

Of course, this can easily be a fake or a different device.

samsung galaxy s4 leak

This is the information about the Galaxy S4 that supposedly leaked today. Now let’s analyze it in more detail.

LCD instead of AMOLED?

Samsung is said to fit the Galaxy S4 with a 4.99-inch full HD SoLux display instead of the SAMOLED panel previous reports have suggested.

SoLux is a display technology that was rumored a while back to make an appearance on the HTC One. SoLux displays have improved viewing angles, outdoor visibility, and color accuracy, compared to regular LCDs. HTC calls the display on the One Super LCD 3, so I am not sure if it’s a different tech or just a rebranding.

At first blush, it would seem crazy for Samsung to give up on one of its marquee technologies for the flagship Galaxy S4. AMOLED displays are known and loved for their deep blacks and high contrasts, and customers have come to associated them with Samsung.

But some earlier gossip gives credence to the possibility – a few months ago, Samsung was said to have problems manufacturing a full HD AMOLED display, and to consider switching to LCD. The rumor was quashed when another report came in about Samsung making a breakthrough in display technology by using hexagonal or diamond-shaped subpixels, instead of the rectangular shaped subpixels on conventional panels. This innovation supposedly enabled the Korean giant to reach full HD resolutions on AMOLED.

Now, Sam Mobile says that AMOLED is a no go, and that the Galaxy S4 will feature an LCD. That is a huge development, that could have deep implications in the mobile industry.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 instead of Exynos

This claim is less of a shock, but just as important as the ditching of AMOLED. We’ve already heard from two sources that Samsung has been having issues with adapting the power hungry Exynos 5 Octa processor for mobile use. Rumors said that, due to excessive heat generation and power consumption, Samsung’s engineers have given up on Exynos and decided to put the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor at the heart of the Galaxy S4.

Should the Snapdragon 600 processor  be clocked at 1.9Ghz, the Galaxy S4 proc will be 200Mhz faster than the implementation on the HTC One.

Again, the move to Qualcomm could have big implications for Samsung’s mobile processor business. The Galaxy S4 is expected to sell 100 million units, so losing the order to Qualcomm would be quite a blow. But consumers might not lose that much, given that the Snapdragon 600 is a very powerful chip, that has enabled the HTC One to smash previous benchmark records.

New design language

The Designed for Humans philosophy of the Galaxy S3 has been a huge success last year, so personally I thought that Samsung will keep it for this year’s line. It would just make sense for the Koreans to continue with the design elements that customers have come to associate with Samsung’s high-end technology.

On the flip side, Samsung has changed the design of the flagship Galaxy S phone every year. If the image leaked above is any indication, this could happen again this year. Also, the fact that the device will come in black and white is another indication that the nature-inspired design of the Galaxy S3 and Note 2 has been scratched.

Design is a matter of taste, so we’ll have to wait till we see how users react to the redesigned Galaxy S4 before we make more judgments.

One thing is for sure – March 14 can’t come soon enough. Sound off your opinions in the comments section. Real or fake?

  • Ray

    Amoled is so out dated and looks pixilated compared to LCD. I hope they change it up for the S4.

    • hot_spare

      Pixels can be seen because of resolution, not because of type of display. I don’t think you have any clue about OLED (AMOLED in general). If it’s so outdated, why is so many companies investing billions to develop OLED TVs?

      Remember, flexible display can ONLY be possible using OLED. LCD can’t be used for such complex display. OLED is the future. You just don’t know it yet. Even the Apple patents about smart-watch refers to using AMOLED.

    • Roberto Tomás

      LCD is so outdated. I want to use my phone, so what do I do? Well of all things, that depends on my screen!?

      LCD: Take out the phone, tilt it toward me, power it up/unlock it, and tilt it toward me *again* so the brightness isn’t diminished, and finally use it.

      OLED: Take out the phone, tilt it toward me, power it up/unlock it, and finally use it.

      PS> anyone who’s vision is 20/20 or worse isn’t likely to ever see a pixel on any mobile phone screen without a magnifying glass (or looking at a zoomed in image in a review online). Ever.

      1 arcminute at 18 inches is ~190dpi, any more than that is just for those curious moments when you want to press your nose against the glass.

  • obionekenobi

    not amoled is a downer..lcd is tech of 80’s

    • kascollet

      AMOLED is tech of the future. We want good screens TODAY :-)

    • Jason Sandry

      What? Pretty much everything is made of LCD. My 8000 series Samsung top of the line TV is LCD.

      • Justin Winker

        On the flip side (while I do agree with you), OLED TVs are going to become all the “rage” in a few years. It’s not exactly AMOLED, but it’s extremely close. I agree that OLED are the screen-tech of the future, but LCD isn’t out of place just yet.

  • JellyBean

    Samsung announced the Octa just a month ago, and now they are ditching it. No Octa and no AMOLED means no S IV for me. What are Samsung at!!?

    • Jason Sandry

      There is no way the octas will be ready by the launch of the S4. It might be in the Note 3 later in the year.

  • hot_spare

    Not at all interested in Qualcomm. Always lagging behind in GPU big time. Even HTC One just scores 34 in GLbenchmark off-screen test. They can’t even match Apple’s last-gen SoC. Will wait for Note 3.

    • kascollet

      Qualcomm’s Adreno GPU are the best in Android devices. Sure, Apple’s devices are more powerful but they don’t run Android :-)

      • hot_spare

        A GPU is a GPU irrespective of what OS it runs. The on-screen numbers are even lesser than last-gen devices. A HD display also had many pixels to push. It needs a better GPU and memory bandwidth. Even Mali-T6xx will be much more powerful than 320.

        • kascollet

          It seems the Adreno 320 is already quite on par with Mali T604.

          • hot_spare

            Yea, on par compared to a T604 which is the least powerful GPU using midgard architecture. Infact 320 has much less compute performance for GPGPU. Do you think how would be the performance compared to a more powerful 624/628/658/678? Also don’t forget PowerVR. 544MP3 @ 533Mhz will be much better compared to a 320.

          • Asakura

            a great gpgpu is needed because all the application with PS4 graphics, geee some people

          • Roberto Tomás

            it is very close … ~70-80% as fast .. but the spec QUALCOMM sells them at is still 28 gflop/s (ie these are tests with devices that seriously overclock the gpu — its a testament to the build quality that they can run so much hotter than they are designed to without any issue).

      • Roberto Tomás

        That was true mayb back during Tegra 2/early Tegra 3 .. but since the first gen Midgard gpus came out they are almost on par with Apple (ie, the Mali T604).
        Second gen Midgards like the T678 are almost here now, and so is the Adreno 330 — but I’m just talking about how things stand right now.

  • Ugo Marceau

    Would be a shame to change the amoled for a LCD. The Super Amoled on my GS2 looks brilliant even though I have a small resolution. I was also really looking forward to the Exynos 5. Still let’s not get too worked up about this, it’s only a rumor for now.

    • kascollet

      The GS2’s screen looks great BECAUSE it’s low-res. AMOLED isn’t mature yet for HD applications (funny colors and very bad power efficiency at high brightness).

      • hot_spare

        Colours depend on calibration. Power efficiency works both ways. How about showing dark colors? Everything has it disadvantages.

        No screen looks great BECAUSE of low-res. That’s a stupid logic.

        • kascollet

          I shall explain a bit more : the S2’s AMOLED screen, because of its low-res was able to offer :
          – real RGB grid -> even colors (calibrated or not)
          – high brightness
          Than we got the S3 with pentile and 300nits max…

          • CyBrix_21

            The Note 2… It has RGB…

          • hot_spare

            Note 2’s screen also uses RGB (Red-Green-Blue) stripe. That’s a HD display. Even a year before that it had WXGA display in Tab 7.7.

            Display brightness nits value has nothing to do with PenTile or RGB. They are not related at all. Simple example is of Note and Note 2. Original Note is PenTile with about 430nits. Note 2 is RGB with little less brightness.

            There can NEVER be a good colour in the display without calibration.

            How is colour temperate, saturation and gamut related to RGB stripe? No bloody way. These things are totally independent of sub-pixel matrix. Color calibration RGB or PenTile has absolutely NOTHING to do with colour temperature, contrast, saturation and gamut. It all depends on how a screen is calibrated. Even a RGB display can have bad calibration. Any TN panel uses RGB matrix, but they are horrible. How do you explain that??

          • kascollet

            Yes, of course, but that’s not what I’m saying.
            Brightness is related to power efficiency (we’re talking about mobile devices no ?), and in this department, AMOLED draw too much power when brightness is pushed up. That’s why Samsung has to limit the brightness in GS3 and Note2. This issue increases as you boost ppi, and AMOLED technology isn’t suited to 5″ fullHD that reach 440 ppi.
            Pentile arrangement (S3) or uneven color pixel sizes (Note2) are to compensate aging issues and limit the ability to balance the colors well. Of course, calibration helps but you can ditch totally the limitations of the screen technology.
            Switching to LCD for the moment makes sense, as AMOLED is not ready yet for small fullHD screens.

          • hot_spare

            OG Note has 284 PPi and Note 2 is 267 PPI.

            Efficiency is a double-edged sword. I will say that to display black/dark colours LCD is inefficient. Again a valid statement. Even at high brightness, dark colours will be more efficient on AMOLED compared to LCD.

            At the end, my view is that it depends mostly on the manufacturing process. It was “rumoured” that they were facing issues with LITI process. They will need millions of units. If they can’t guarantee this much of output from LITI process, they will probably have to move to LCD screens. Manufacturing of OLED screens had always been much tougher than LCD screens.

          • Roberto Tomás

            This is a good point too, but normal vision doesn’t demand resolutions of 1080p on such small screens. It is just as much a waste to LCDs as it is to AMOLEDs.
            It is arguable about whether or not an AMOLED screen will tune well at such small sizes, given battery constraints. Remember that battery tech is getting better too — the recent MAXX HD and a recent Samsung phone both used a new Lithium battery tech that greatly increases power density; something like 50% or even double. And all of that is with old-school glass-based OLED: Youm is a completely different creature.

      • Roberto Tomás

        I agree, really we’re pushing for resolutions to satisfy greater than 20/20 vision now. At least to push past 720p phone screens.

        Normal vision resolves 1 arc minute at a given distance — 1 arc minute at 18 inches is ~190dpi: That is below qHD resolution even on large phones. For example, at 4.7″ a qHD is better than 199dpi.

        Even at 12 inches, which is getting close, it is ~285dpi, and any 720p screen tends to be over 300 dpi. That means that for normal vision, to get any value added for the extra dpi, you have to bring the phone closer to your face than 1 foot — and that is just at 720p!

    • Jason Sandry

      Super AMOLED+ was on the S2 not super AMOLED.

    • th3d

      This is good news. Its what i been saying for a long time, Samsung should have two versions of their flagships, AMOLED for the visually impaired, and LCD for us who have normal color perception. Its possible they will use LCD at first, then introduce the handicap edition with Pentile AMOLED SGS4 when the manufacturing issues have been solved.

      • MasterMuffin

        Funny… NOT, AMOLED is da best :)

        • th3d

          Maybe for you. There are big variations to peoples rods and whatever inside the eyes, but for the average eye the Samsung AMOLED is too much. Ofcorse there will be disagreements, we have no way to compare our eyes. Maybe you should just admit that your eyes have a weaker color perception, i surely dont mind, thats why i say people like you can have AMOLED, but are you going to say AOILED is best for everyone, how can you be sure that your eyes are normal? If you like AMOLED colors i have to say your eyes are indeed not normal, so dont force us to like the same as you. i DID say they should have 2 flagships, then obviously im not forcing you to use LCD, right? Respect it man, AMOLED sux bigtime in my eyes.

          And its not only the colors, but also the color banding and clipping, all you need to do is look at a picture with smooth color gradients, AMOLED is unable to display all tones, big and obvious bands will appear, while good LCDs will display it without any banding. AMOLED is not truly16M color, far from it.

          • MasterMuffin

            What? I didn’t say that AMOLED is best for everyone. My eyes are fine idiot, just because I like something else you say that I’m visually impaired -.- You’re seriously the most retard man/woman I’ve seen here in AA for a long, long time (just after spammers). When was I even forcing you to like AMOLED?? You said that i have to respect while you aren’t doing it yourself..

          • Justin Winker

            I gotta say I prefer AMOLED over LCD (though the LCD on my N4 is gorgeous). The average person is clearly not you, so you wouldn’t know what the average person likes. In addition, I’m pretty sure Samsung’s GSIII sold over 30 million and the only phone to outsell it last year was the iPh*ne. Clearly, several people like AMOLED displays, and I doubt all of them are visually impaired.

          • Ugo Marceau

            I prefer AMOLED over LCD as well. it’s not a question of bad color perception, it’s just that I like bright and vivid colours on my mobile screen. Not dark and faded ones. It’s a question of taste, not eyesight. Also, note how the AMOLED black is more “black” than LCD (as in you can hardly tell the differnce between the black bezel and the screen on the AMOLED). That means no power consumption at all on a black image. Set a dark background on your phone and save battery. It’s what I do on my GS2.

    • whoknowswhereor

      ITS FAKE… You guys are so damn gullible. If you have a samsung phone just restart it… youll see that the letters G in galaxy and S in samsung are totally different. Obvious fake is obvious.

      • Mini

        why would you assume the font would be exactly the same?
        clearly not thinking.

        • whoknowswhereor

          You must not know much about branding… companies don’t change logos even a little for different applications. They are always to be consistent. Most big companies have what’s called a branding guide and that is always to be followed.

    • aksyfan

      This leak is a fake. You’ll get your AMOLED HD on the GS IV.

  • True_Neutral

    This is hardly surprising. Samsung had always have the policy of not favouring it’s own divisions as suppliers: This is the reason why US variants of the S3 are using Qualcomm, the i9100G uses Texas Instruments, and some other models which I can’t recall uses a ST NovaThor. This supposedly increases internal innovation and competitiveness. The Snapdragon is a really good chip, and the supposed lack of GPU prowess is not really a big deal as so far no games have even made the Adreno 320 sweat. Besides, Qualcomm is really open-source friendly, while you constantly see Codeworkx and crew raging over the lack of Exynos sources.

    Probably the biggest reason for dropping Exynos Octa is the power consumption. AFAIK Samsung fabs are still on the 32nm process, whereas Qualcomm is on 28nm. Samsung may be thinking that they want to do a die-shrink before Exynos Octa is ready for primetime on smartphones.

    • The reason they used those processors was because theyddidn’t have the Exynos LTE compatible yet & no other reason. They figured it out finally with the release of the Note 2 where carrier branded models feature a quad core Exynos chip & the it’s LTE compatible. The big sell for alot of US stupid North Americans is LTE which if you know anything it’s garbage right now because it cuts device usage times almost in half. Until this new technology to boost LTE signal is implemented I’ll stay with my Galaxy Note 2 HSPA+ model.

      • Justin Winker

        It cuts usage time in half if you are on a device that doesn’t have an LTE modem built onto the SoC (i.e. a Qualcomm chip). My last device, a Razr HD lasted about 2-3 days on a full charge with regular usage compared to other comparable devices.

  • hideeho100isaskinhead

    Best to wait for the S5/Note 4/Galaxy Q2 and Galaxy Camera 3, rest assured the Note 4 will be 64 bit. I have no hope for the Note 3, least we can expect is a snapdragon 800. The Galaxy Q/B9150 will be the only non tablet Samsung to be equipped with Exynos 5, the 5250 to be precise but as far as the full hd amoled goes, looks like it’ll be LCD3 panels.

  • Snapdragon 600? No GS4 for me

    • MasterMuffin

      Why no 800!?

      • Bill

        The 800 won’t be available for smartphones until later this year. If 1.7 ghz on the HTC One blew everyone away in the benchmarks, then im sure 1.9 ghz will be even better in the SGS4.

        • MasterMuffin

          :okay: :(

          • Bill

            I do really hope the no exynos and no AMOLED rumor isn’t true though. I really need a new phone and I’ve been so excited for this one. I don’t know whether to believe those rumors. Samsung has been hyping exynos and AMOLED a lot so hopefully the rumors are fake. I have no problem with the Qualcomm 600 1.9ghz though if that is what it ends up getting. The picture also is probably a fake. A week before the SGS3 was announced there was pictures leaked and everyone thought it was the GS3 but it was just a prototype. We still have 1 week and a half to go and much could still change. Im crossing my fingers

          • MasterMuffin

            Lets hope!

          • Bill

            There is rumors going around now that the release might be pushed back?!? Supposedly, because of the Exynos 5 Octa problems, they might push it back so they can get it figured out. I don’t know if that means it won’t be announced on March 14th, or if they will announce it, but it wont be released for a while. I don’t know what to believe any more @mastermuffin:disqus! Hopefully they send out invitations soon so we know.

          • Bill

            I just read on another site that the launch is set for March 14th, and the GS4 mini and the samsung galaxy watch will also be announced.

          • Bill

            I just read this: “The same report indicated too that SoLux display component will replace the Super AMOLED that has been a mainstay of the Galaxy S series but Samsung will keep the 4.99-inch screen size revealed on an earlier display roadmap of the Asian tech giant.

            It was alleged that “Samsung’s AMOLED factory does have many problems with the production of full HD AMOLED screens,” forcing the company to a Plan B switch.
            It’s unclear at the moment if the AMOLED production glitch will also affect the final make-up of the soon-to-be released Galaxy Note 3, previous versions of which were on AMOLED HD display too. Note that the Galaxy Note 8.0 that was debuted on Sunday came out with no AMOLED.
            Earlier reports suggested that Samsung will skip out on Exynos for now as the company struggled with heat and energy concerns of the eight-core CPU, leaving it unrealistic for the Galaxy S4 deployment.

          • Bill

            Exynos Octa 5 was tipped to deliver more operating hours but less power consumption but tests apparently pointed to the opposite, leading Samsung to abandon its in-house CPU for now in favour of the same chips that HTC used on the recently unveiled HTC One.

            Reports are pointing to a March 14 unwrapping for the Galaxy S4, which Samsung will likely stage in New York. Commercial availability of the device will follow on early April.

          • MasterMuffin

            Wow lots of text! :D There are always so many rumors about devices that you really don’t know anything until the release and it’s good, keeps the hype up!

          • Bill

            Did you see that Samsung officially confirmed the phone will be unveiled on March 14th in New York! Counting down the days

          • MasterMuffin

            Yep, 16 days!!

        • Matt V

          Don’t hold your breath. Last year the s3 had an extra gb of ram, but an evo lte still beat it in all benchmarks everything else identical. Touchwiz is not your friend.

    • Brandon Dowdy

      really? a quad-core 1.9 ghz cpu in a phone will not be good enough for you? my desktop is only dual core 3 ghz and is the size of like 100 smartphones at least… but you’ll be able to hold almost as much power literally in the palm of your hand and thats not good enough? Louis CK was right, everything is amazing and no one is happy. They just want more, more, more.

      • ConCal

        Lighten up. Smh

        • Brandon Dowdy

          Never! Why are you shaking your head?
          Was there anything false about my statement?

          • ConCal

            He was just saying he was not going to get the S4. For some reason you thought it fitting to launch into a diatribe about how noting’s good enough for some people. Just relax, you don’t have to police consumers. Just stick with your rotary phone and Atari and leave the rest of us alone.

          • Brandon Dowdy

            And I’m just saying I’m tired of people A)blindly judging things before they themselves have experienced it, and B)being extremely pessimistic about everything when our tech has never been better and more amazing. Just relax, you don’t have to police commenters. And rotary phone and Atari? Someone is showing their age. I’ve never used either.

  • eaon21

    its getting bigger! wth! the reason i dont buy note its because its too large for me.. why the hell they are building a bigger galaxy phone.. not all people are ok with big phones! almost not mobile… tsss

    • MasterMuffin

      Every device maker is doing 5″ devices… Even HTC One (though it has 4,7″) is huge thanks to the huge bezel

    • Justin Winker

      There are other options available – Moto’s Razr M is a small device, Samsung has a number of mini-versions of it’s GS3 out. You have plenty of options, but unfortunately they aren’t flagships.

    • freedomspopular

      Reduce the bezel on the S3 and you’ve got a 5″ screen. Bigger screen, same size phone.

    • Sony Xperia SO! 5″screen in a form factor smaller than S3

  • Jusephe

    If samsung realy want the SGS 4 to be very thin like iPhone than they can’t get a big enough battery inside, witch translates to compromises like LCD and snapdragon.

    No one cares about thickness samsung, no one cares if SGS 4 will be thicker of thinner than iPhone 5 ! Make it thick ! Make a huge battery ! And get exynos octa and AMOLED inside !

    • Brandon Dowdy

      but thats the awesomeness of replaceable batteries. Companies will make HUGE batteries for the people that want them, and the people that like thinness still get their way too!

      • Ugo Marceau

        Yes but custom larger batteries don’t look good on phones that were designed to be thin in the first place because it will look like a bulge on the back. Whereas if the phone is designed with a bigger battery in the first place, it is nearly invisible. I’d give away a few millimiters of thickness on my GS2 for a larger battery but custom batteries just look bad.

  • kascollet

    Why isn’t the SD slot listed in the specs ?

    • kalafina

      more reason this leak was fake. it’s strange in many ways.

      I doubt samsung will take so many drastic change. 1-2 change might be reasonable, but lot of change in same time, lol.

      it’s fake, don’t be too worry with it.

      • Justin Winker

        I didn’t see anywhere in the article that the list was all-inclusive. I honestly hope this is true (minus the non-Amoled part) – the 600 proc is a beast.

  • One thing is certain, it can´t get any uglier than the S3

    • Jason Sandry

      True. Great to here black and white again.

    • Justin Winker

      Ahahahaha! Thought I was the only one thinking this :)

    • ConCal

      I know! I hate the look of My weird blue phone. Thankfully for developers I was able to get rid of the nature ux and flash cyanogenmod in day one.

      • I actually own a blue S3 myself, I like the screen and performance of the device but I really hate the look and cheap plastic feel, I want to feel cold metal in my hand, that is why the HTC One will be my next purchase, I really doubt that the S4 will beat it.

        • Vivghkl

          Errrr….what? Stupidest thing i have read all day, so because metal is being used it will triumph over plastic rather than having good software support and easy usability that millions of casual customers have come to love and appreciate. Meanwhile, HTC’s new UI looks really unintuitive, more for the presentation than ease of use, they’re going about it the wrong way it’s just not even funny anymore. Watch them fail to update the One past 4.2, if even that, whilst the S3 is getting 4.2.1 most likely before the HTC one, a ONE YEAR OLD Phone getting updated before a brand new phone and it wouldn’t surprise me if the S3 beat the HTC one to the punch. Take your metal piece of junk, I’d rather stick with an OEM that actually cares about it’s customer’s needs than needing to look flashy, which the HTC one does not.

          • This is the rant I keep hearing over and over, “HTC will not provide any updates”, first of all, how do you know this?, the HOX amongst others had no troubles with updates, I have no problem waiting a month longer than usual for the updates.

            Further I would say that Sense 5 is VERY intuitive, it is something new unique and fresh and not the same old android layout, I am also certain it will be very customizable, it is still android.

            Regarding the build I really appreciate a good build quality and as the ONE is a unibody gapless design I am Confident that the solid feel and build quality will be a hundered times better than the all plastic S3

            For me this issue is far more important than for example expandable storage.

            Then we have the performance parts, Snapdragon 600 quad1.7ghz, 2gb of RAM and a killer LCD-screen with the highest PPI ever on a smartphone.
            So I will gladly take my “flashy” HTC, its not only flashy but I am really Confident that the S4 wont exceed my own expectations and beat it on my terms.

          • I agree. They say the industrial design on the HTC One is as good as the iPhone. Couple that with a gorgeous Super LCD 3 panel at a PPI count that blows your mind and also a super fast band smooth and snappy interface and youvebgot a killer HTC on the way.. Galaxy S4? Yawn. Ugly plastic cheap shit.

  • If you look at the dimensions it’s a bit strange. Only 4 mm longer and even thinner than the s3? I dunno if that’s possible? Just hope it still has a alright battery.. And apparently weighing only 6 grams more? Want to see this

    • Justin Winker

      Tech advances quickly – it’s highly possible that it’s thinner and more powerful than the predecessor. Take, for example, the iPhone 5 – it has a bigger (albeit only by a few mAh) battery, more powerful processor, etc. and it’s thinner than the previous gen.

  • Filip Justin

    I sure hope the leak is fake to it’s bones.. If Samsung ditches the Exynos.. It’s fine with me.. If it ditches the OLED display, then I will be very, very angry.. It’s the sole reason I really like Samsung hardware instead of Sony..

  • kk

    anyway what is a SoLux Display?…
    hmmm i want SuperAmoled :(

    • Justin Winker

      I believe it’s a super-efficient version of LCD. I saw an article on the SoLux display, and I believe it’s a Sharp product (but I don’t know where I saw it and don’t care to look).

  • kk

    what is the plastic on the surface above the galaxy siv text? and the galaxy s4 text looks like having another texts on it.
    and if samsung will not use “4” bcoz it means bad luck, why use it on this leak?

    • Justin Winker

      That’s part of the SamMobile watermark. You can see it begins at the bottom, but it continues through most of the phone.

  • Roberto Tomás

    Some points: Super AMOLED Plus, from a long time ago now they are already selling it to third parties to use and non Samsung products have it since last year, already doesn’t use PenTile. SoLux isn’t their display tech at all, they’d have to license it. Prototypes often don’t have all the right parts in them.
    But I am pretty convinced now they are not going to put a new Exynos 5 Octa in the S IV, at least the NA version. That’s a shame.

  • Vahid

    If somebody made a maximum 4.2″ phone with a big battery (and I don’t care if it’s thick!) I would retire my SGS3 tomorrow and go for it! I miss one-handed smart phones!

    • MasterMuffin

      Iphone 5 with battery cover?

    • splashsquelch

      You need an Innos D9 4.3 inch screen, Snapdragon S4 Dual core and a 4160mah battery! And you get two batteries!!

      • Rob C

        Thanks for mentioning that Phone, that IS a nice Battery.

        The Phone is 14.2mm thick and weighs 182g. That is where the “big” Features end.


        Running Android 4.0 with a MSM8225 CPU hauling along at 1.2GHZ (AnTuTu 6240). It has 768MB of Memory and supports TF card up to 16GB. It is sporting a TFT capacitive touch screen @ 960X540 with 260K Colors. With incredible 0.3MP front and 8MP back color Cameras it is capable of 4x Digital zoom. Supporting the 2G and 3G Bands it is (and here IS where it gets good) Dual Sim Card ready. Additional connectivity is provided by WiFi 802.11 b/g and a USB port.

        The actual good news is we know that more powerful Batteries are coming, hopefully much smaller than that one.

        innOS D9 Unboxing and Hands on:

  • Игорь Николаев

    Oh noooo.Samsung if this is true, u cant sell 100.000.000 SGS4.
    Thanks Samsung, but no need!
    I do not buy it!

  • Guest

    Looks like it’s an optimus G on a photo

  • MasterMuffin

    I seriously hope that this is FAKE!

  • is inprobable that samsung decded not to use an Amoled display, wich are onne of the best technologies(whith Retina)on phones and tablets displays

    • kascollet

      Retina is not a technology. It’s just a marketing name for high ppi screens on Apple devices. All flagship phones today are Retina-level. Apple just came first.
      AMOLED is an interesting technology but has some advantages and some defects.

  • whoknowswhereor

    Its fake… the G in Galaxy logo is different than what it should like like. The original has the terminals caving in. Even the a in samsung is different.

    • Filip Justin

      Hope you’re right man!

  • I hope this isn’t the case. Snapdragon benchmarks well, but is the red headed step child when it comes to developer support. Prepare for apps that just simply don’t show up in the app market, unoptimized apps (games that look worse and run slower than they do on the Galaxy S2), and apps with bugs that developers don’t give two craps about. I really hope Samsung isn’t going to pull a LG. It could be that this is the Galaxy S3 HD….a slightly upgraded vehicle to off load last year’s parts for a quick buck.

    • Filip Justin

      It won’t pull an LG, but it most likely won’t pull an S3 either..

  • The only thing that is a bummer for me is the fact that the Exynos Octa-processor won’t be ready in time to be put into the S IV! I really wanted to test it out, it is an interesting implementation, building on the power-saving core tech present in the nVidia Tegra 3. I am fine with the LCD tech being implemented, have been using the One X for almost 9 months now and have to admit that it is one of the best mobile displays I have used so far ( which includes the much hyped Retina display on the iPad 3 and SAMOLED HD on the Note II ) But then I have seen many people preferring AMOLED over LCD, so to each their own I guess. I also hope they improvise on the design aspect this time around, a little bit of a premium touch on a flagship device isn’t too much to ask I suppose!

  • Looks like a clone.

  • Moustapha ElAssi

    Hey Bogdan. Thanks for the article. Duude! if i am not mistaken it seems that a white version of the Galaxy S4 is taking the picture of this device. I can see it in the reflection coming off of the LCD. I remember seeing the images of those phone covers and the placement of the camera… I think its real.. and design wise i think it sucks Dragon Ball Z

  • ryallen

    If this was the real deal that would be very disappointing.

  • JGaLaXY

    Some of you guys are crazy lol, i’m not gonna wait til next year to buy the S5…It seems that the HTC ONE might be just as good as the S4, 4 really is unlucky in Korean

    • Vivghkl

      good luck buying that piece of junk known as the HTC One (more like HTC One last time)

      • Matt V

        aww, sad because its nicer then a samsung.

  • ConCal

    I hate their “designed for humans” philosophy. I’m all about the industrial design. But either way they go, I’ll probably just wait for Motor’s X Phone.

    • Vivghkl

      good bloody riddance

  • Dkhan

    Seems real. Because leaked case images match this size

  • dsfg

    this is just fake… so at las vegas samsung showed the exynos octa for nothing? and also they’ll never give up amoled, especially if showed when they were offered to sell amoled technology a year ago.

  • builderbobtheX2nd

    before i was all hyped for S4…now im not that much :/

  • Mike Oxbig

    Please let this be true!! I HATE AMOLED!!! LCD is so much better!!!!

  • Hope the usa variant gets the 800 cause the 600 doesn’t support LTE

  • AndroidBrian

    Amoled sucks

  • aksyfan

    I call BS/fakey on both rumored last-minute changes. Complete nonsensical BS from some Apple zealot. First, wouldn’t you expect a different screenshot sample besides a white-on-black, obviously fake, banner? Gorgeous sample screen, ain’t it? If any of you watched the Sammie CES Keynote from January, they were pimping both AMOLED and Exynos in a big way. I *highly* doubt they would’ve done that so close to the product announcement were they contemplating even one of these outlandish claims. If it doesn’t make sense (which it doesn’t), then it’s a flat-out lie.

  • Klyster

    No OMLED is a no sale for me, and look at that light bleed!!

    I’ve had GS, GS2, GS3 (which I don’t really need to update), I think I’ll just stick with GS3 if this is true..I hope this rumour is wrong

  • Good! Hopefully HTC One and Sony Xperia Z will take sales from Samsung! About time was sick of cheap plastic build and bloatware touchwiz! Hopefully it will get delayed also!

  • Samsung is just about as bad as Apple when it comes to selling regurgitated products.

  • I call fake. Samsung hasn’t used that splash screen for at least a year now, so the supposed image is definitely made up. As for ditching both AMOLED and Exynos? I find that hard to believe. The Exynos 5 Quad still exists, and will be what Sammy end up running. Full HD AMOLED and all.

  • Bone

    I don’t mind the Snapdragon chipset, it’s fast and efficient, but do mind ditching AMOLED, which would’ve given Sammy the battery edge. Their recent phones, Note II, Mini, Premier, SII Plus etc. all do 10 hours of video playback which is crazy good for some with relatively small battery.

  • Blowntoaster

    It’s probably a development mule. like with the S3 where different designs were used up until the very last minute. sure Sammy will pull a good one out of the ol’ bag. I guess I’ll be waiting for the S5 then…or whatever rocks the mobile world in 2014….

  • Chuck Biff

    So they are releasing the note 8, it looks like an S3, the Galaxy range is obviously going for the S3 look as can be seen on hundreds of article here, with no sign of a drastic change.

    Why the hell would they go back to the square shape? Why would the guy who took the photo do so with the light out?

    Fake as hell.

  • Amoled screens suck big time and get hot as hell. Good move samsung

  • Aleksander Butkevic

    Was taken with S3