Samsung Galaxy S4 shipments topping early estimates, says analyst

by: Mike StengerApril 5, 2013

Galaxy S4

The Galaxy S4 is just weeks away from launching and, according to analyst Mark Newman, has surpassed early shipment estimates. Samsung is shipping an estimated 10 million units per month in order to meet the massive demand. Potential supply issues in March had Newman originally project a smaller estimate, but that has since leveled off.

Previously, iSuppli estimated the Galaxy S4 will cost $236 to manufacture which is slightly cheaper than the Galaxy S3 at $243. Newman estimates it will actually cost $257, (16GB version featuring HSPA). However, since Samsung is obtaining more components internally, the company should save money. From Newman’s report:

We estimate that, while 53% of Galaxy S3 BOM [Bill of Materials] cost was internal, 58% of Galaxy S4 BOM costs should now flow through Display/Semis (Memory & S.LSI). We estimate that, while 64% of Galaxy S3 BOM cost was within the Samsung Group (i.e. SEMCO, Samsung SDI, etc.), 68% of Galaxy S4 BOM costs should now flow through the Samsung Group. Additional profits to Samsung group entities should benefit Samsung Electronics in the form of increased equity income.

Although Newman estimates a 46 percent profit margin on the Galaxy S4 compared to a 48 percent profit margin on the Galaxy S3, strong sales should help Samsung continue to grow in 2013.

  • Jack

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      Why you got to troll? Every article about sgs4 has some idiot commenting the same thing, WE GET IT IT’S PLASTIC WOW OMG. The best answer I got was “I am just expressing my opinion”. NO, you’re trolling, please stahp it! We’re in the same team (hopefully, you’re not an iTroll?)!

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        No offense, but the fact that you even replied to his ignorant and childish remark means that he won. All he (they!) want to do is get you upset, and he succeeded. Next time, simply ignore the comment completely. When we all just ignore the trolling remarks, they will lessen considerably.

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    the HTC what? oh it doesnt matter anyways lol

  • Mikesphoneandtab

    This is going to be huge.

  • kascollet

    And that’s exactly why the GS4 had to feature a Qualcomm chip (at least for the first batches) : to immediately meet the strong demand. Necessary move.

  • Jacob Guo

    Whatever happens, I hope they ship enough of the T-Mobile version with 16 & 32 GBs for me to make my selection. I’ve been anxiously waiting for the device arrival!

  • shutty

    Gorrila glass 3 lighter than s3 faster than any other phone bigger screen better quality screen and plenty of features.