Samsung Galaxy S4 display might be best one yet, says expert

by: David GonzalesMarch 15, 2013

Samsung Adapt Display
Much has been said about the Samsung Galaxy S4. In fact, we ourselves have written over 20,000 words about it in articles published in the last 24 hours. We’ve talked about its camera, its wireless features, its software add-ons, and a whole lot more. But what about its display? What level of quality was Samsung able to forge into its 4.99-inch multi-touch capable screen? Well, Ray Soneira, president of display analysis and software calibration company DisplayMate, weighed in on a recently published article on CNET to say that things are looking pretty good for Samsung in the Galaxy S4’s screen department.

To be more specific, Soneira praised Samsung’s inclusion of what is referred to as a CIE Chromaticity Diagram and grayscale for the adaptive screen settings found on the Galaxy S4. This roughly translates to the phone’s capability of showing more naturally pristine colors instead of the bluish whites that Samsung screens have tended to show in the past.

In other words, the Samsung Galaxy S4’s touchscreen display will be very interesting to watch not merely for its high pixel density (441 ppi) and use of a full high-definition panel on a 5-inch screen. We may have to wait a little further until we can get our hands on one for a proper review before issuing a final verdict, but for now, it looks like it’s safe to say that the Super AMOLED panel used on the latest Samsung flagship Android phone is the best one yet.

  • Mike Bastable

    Nice to see AA reads my comments..good emphasis on how much coverage you given the seems you upped your game after i pointed out that you were late to the presses with your reviews/reaction to the launch. X

    • We do read all the comments Mike, and we’re doing our best. With regards to the slow coverage, it was very challenging to compete for frequency to get the pics & vids up at the event. We hope you liked our coverage, because after all, we do this for guys just like you.

      Anytime you have a suggestion or tip, please let us know and we’ll work hard to improve and produce the best coverage, news, videos and reviews! Thanks Mike.

  • tum

    I love Samsung’s innovation and technology.

    • cycad007

      There’s good Samsung and bad Samsung. I admit I admire the company for its research in AMOLED technology. But I hate the company for its attempt at price-fixing, monopolistic behavior & for kicking out the Korean lawmaker who exposed their corruption.

      There a lot of stuff you don’t see or choose not too. Samsung isn’t quite the admirable company you may believe it is. In fact, its quite corrupt and I wouldn’t personally wouldn’t ever buy a Samsung-made product.

      • Steve

        A true Apple fan’s words

        • TY

          People who dislike Samsung must be Apple fans! Seems legit.

          • beci

            Even an intelegent apple fun does not dislake Samsung. This type of people who dislaked an Great Advanced smartphone like S4 are idiots or jelous becouse of their own bad smartphones

          • jack donahey

            Not true, you can generally recognise an apple fan they are typically uninformed and closed minded.

      • What companies aren’t corrupt? I’d like you to give a list of some of those innocent companies, if you don’t mind.

        • Iram Ali

          Give us the list with proof then Samsheep?

          • The list would be far too long. And you’re a fool if you think any company isn’t corrupt. And if you do, you’re the biggest sheep of them all.

      • MasterMuffin

        I wouldn’t personally wouldn’t?

  • M.Beg

    Other Samsung plastic phone

    • Another douche who keeps blabbering about plastic and probably hasn’t even read the article…

    • beci

      M.Beg even an Enzo Ferrari 1 Million dollar is mixed with plastic. So shut up and dont be jelous becouse of your bad smartphone.

    • jack donahey

      Samsung has a removable back which allows tool less removal of its SD card, battery and sim card. Given most people use a case it is a feature most people in the know are happy to live with for that flexibility. If you want a sealed back grab a nexus 4.

    • MasterMuffin

      another stupid comment that doesn’t have anything to do with the article and it’s polycarbonate :D

  • Cao Meo

    Still typical AMOLED: true black but with bluish tint

  • TY

    The source did not have ANY indication that the expert claims, or even THINKS, that S4’s display might be best one. It can be interpreted as the “best AMOLED screen used on Samsung’s flagship”, but the title here is misleading as hell.
    No matter what you do, as of now AMOLED screens cannot be as color accurate as LCD ones due to faster degradation of blues. Over time, the hue will change… unless the phone can monitor the status of its monitor and make adjustments. Not mentioning S4’s screen still uses the pentile matrix! It is certainly good at color saturation and deep blacks, but overall it is definitely NOT the best one.

    • rvoje

      Agree with you.

    • MasterMuffin

      *Hexagon matrix :D

  • jc

    Oh come on .. AMOLED is rubbish, with inaccurate colours, and an awful degradation tint over time.

    And did you forget to mention it’s PenTile on purpose?

    This reduces the true, real world PPI, by a third, to 294. PenTile uses only 2 sub pixels to select 2 of the RGB components for each pixel, instead of 3 sub pixels like a proper display does.

    294 PPI — nothing to talk about now.

    AMOLED + PenTile == Mediocrity

    • taz89

      Don’t think it’s been said it’s pentile and from looking at the microscopic images it has a diamond arrangement and looks nothing like pentile… Pentile usually has 1 large blue sub pixel with a smaller red and green but in the s4 it’s all equal and as I read somewhere else it’s not the typical rgb due to the diamond arrangements but it’s also not pentile… Also from ask the hands people are saying the screen is amazing

  • bajie_二

    Samsung shit upgrade to level 4, just copy everything from google, HTC, nokia, apple

    • MasterMuffin

      Worst. Troll. Ever. I saved your bad trolling by answering to it now, but seriously, that’s bad!

  • Noah

    Guys… please stop that nonsense and be at least a little bit critical over what the constructors feed you.

    The human eye has a visual resolution of 1 minute of arc for someone with 6/6 acuity (20/20 for those who still use antediluvian non-metric systems). This means that, in order to perceive a dot of a 441 ppi, you would have to stand at less than 20 cm from the screen. And that is, if you have a very good eye (that you probably won’t keep long reading from that distance).

    A bit of an overkill, don’t you think?

    Of course there’s the matter of the power consumption of handling 1920×1080 pixels, knowing that memory transfer is what is most costly, but there’s also the GPU power, and the display itself.

    Then there’s the screen size, how ridiculous do you feel, holding a 5″ unit? It’s not practical, don’t you see that? Maybe you need a tablet, not a smartphone.

    • jack donahey

      There are a number of phones now on the market with true HD, the reviews of them suggest they have no issue keeping up. Furthermore the new s4 whilst having a 5″ screen has smaller overall dimensions than the s3 it replaces which is a hugely popular phone.

    • MasterMuffin

      me still sees dem pixels. me no wants dem pixels when me can has no dem pixels

    • wangkon936


      A lot of people (especially younger people) nowadays don’t really talk into their phone any more. They text or surf the web. The up and coming Samsung tablet that will be about 8 inches will cater to this demographic by making it a phone and tablet so one data plan can fit the device. If you want to have extended conversations on the phone, people will get bluetooth sets. It is texting ease web browsing that’s provides the best user experience now. Smart “phones” are more and more less likely going to be used primarily as “phones.”

  • rvoje

    It can’t beat IPS displays. It is also a Pentile display, so that’s all about Samsung tech in 2013…

    • jack donahey

      I have a nexus 4 with an IPS screen 320ppi my wife has an s3 and I see no issue with it. I imagine the s4 is a significant improvement given what I have read. I smell another iPhone user trying to justify their choice.

      • rvoje

        You smell bad. If you can’t see the difference, doesn’t mean others cannot too. I think you don’t understand display technologies.

        • Anonymous

          The average consumer doesn’t understand the specifics behind display technologies, nor does the average consumer give a fuck. Ohhh he doesn’t understand display technologies.. I know a guy who designs airplanes for the military, and has an IQ of 160. He doesn’t understand display technologies.. Nor does he give a fuck.

        • jack donahey

          Samsung made 30 billion dollars profit last year and build all the different screen types on the market in house, if the screen experience was so inferior why would they use it

  • Iram Ali

    I wonder how much plastic Sam paid him?

  • The Directory

    Htc One of course !

  • Odhiambo Ombewa

    Samsung is trying with small but significant changes. Trying hardware innovation, and software refinement, think AMOLED/PHOLED, TIZEN, TOUCHWIZ on top of Android, the NOTE series, QUADCORE, different processors for products, DIAMOND pixels, hover function without the mouse, etc