Samsung Galaxy S4 release date and pricing

by: Chris SmithMarch 14, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 cover 2 aa 600

The Galaxy S4 is now official, so we can finally talk about actual release dates and pricing details for the handset.

As it did before, Samsung will launch its flagship product almost simultaneously in multiple markets. From the beginning of the show, Samsung’s JK Shin told us that the Galaxy S4 will hit no less than 327 carriers in 155 countries.

Without specifying actual launch dates, Shin said that the handset will hit stores in late April, or about a month later than initially rumored.

The Galaxy S4 will come in both 3G and 4G versions and it will support a variety of international networks.

The handset will be available in three capacity versions from 16GB to 64GB. Samsung has not announced pricing details during the event, but we expect the 16GB model to cost $199.99 with new two-year contracts in the U.S.

In case it matters, the Galaxy S4 will come in two color versions, white and black, although we expect other Galaxy S4 colors to be announced at a later date.

Are you going to buy a Galaxy S4 first chance you get?

  • Yes!

  • i spite i was a little bit disapointed by the design of the phojne, I’d bouy it if i had the money

  • prckybgd

    o yes, very first day

  • MiroX

    Not my cup of tea. Google I/O here yet?

  • I’m impressed with it you have to get your hands on it to fully get a grasp on it

  • seyss

    so you dont even know the release price and date

  • Hey guys! Im a lil confused here. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and I just saw all these great new software tweaks. I wanna ask you guys if you think that my galaxy note 2 might get all these eye scrolling features and all with the Android 4.2 update. As per what I believe, my Note 2 is still brand new, top notch smartphone in the market, one of the two flagship phones of Samsung and I think that it is gonna be unfair if Samsung keeps all these eye scrolling and air view (with hand) gestures away from the note 2

    • The bro

      It will come with the 4.2 Update. Have fate bro.

      • Besbes Souhaieb

        faith :)

    • Anonymousfella

      Bro keep calm and the updates will come. This is actually an upgrade for people who have an older phones not a 6month old flagship! I have an s2 and will be looking for an upgrade….

  • St0cK


  • jdxkai

    I’d wait for the next nexus devices before I decide what to buy..

  • Walt

    Yes, trading my note 2 for it

  • Hell yeah!, But im kind of pissed because the didnt tell us anything about the processor!! I guess is because the Rumors about the Snapdragon 600 were true and thats what we are getting…. :( i would be very dissapointed if that’s the case!….

    • Bill

      They did actually. It will have the Qualcomm 600 1.9 ghz and Exynos 5 Octa 1.6 ghz

  • cleetusvandame

    Having purchased all Galaxy devices so far, I can’t wait for the S4. Poor Apple is sitting in their headquarters scratching their heads on how to top the S4, LOL. I love it!

  • Amazing I’m ordering 10 now! Oh wait most of those features are available on other phones and the rest were gimmicks! Still the same rehashed plastic with specs bump!
    Samsheep were complaining about the iPhone 5 but this is worse!

    • mark

      The beauty of Android is we get our pick of phones all year round, which means a Samsung S4 released in April isn’t that much of an upgrade to a HTC/whatever released a month earlier – compared to the Apple users who have to wait up to a year :) Aren’t the other Android phones just “spec bumps with a few new features” too? Isn’t this true of all phones when you only compare one version to the next?

      The problem with an iphone 5 was it didn’t match up to the already available S3. That’s the point Samsung were making. Whilst the S4 may not be massively better than say the available Sony, it does at least match it, and add some new features.

    • mark

      And anyhow, it’s all marketing anyway – if HTC want to market with “the next best thing is already here”, that’d be funny, and probably an effective point to make. But they don’t, which perhaps explains why Samsung are doing better with their marketing – rightly or wrongly.

  • jt

    What about full retail price.

  • comment6756

    S4 is coming right on time when my current contract expires, can’t wait.

  • AndroidBrian

    Nah …. Waiting for the next Nexus. Great phone though.