5 Reasons Not to Upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S4

by: Kristofer WoukMay 9, 2013


At this point, most readers probably fall into one of two camps: either you can’t get enough of the Samsung Galaxy S4 or you are absolutely sick of hearing about it. By now, you might have made up your mind when it comes to whether or not you want one.

But hang on, what if you haven’t made up your mind? Maybe you’re not sure you can afford it. Maybe you aren’t sure about locking yourself into a contract. Maybe you just bought your current phone and you’re kicking yourself for not holding out.

Fear not! If you’re not sure, even after all the reviews and comparisons, we’re here to help. Let’s take a look at a few reasons that you may not want to buy the Samsung Galaxy S4.

In a hurry? Check out the video or jump to the end to get the gist.

1.) It’s Not That Much Of An Upgrade

Yes, the hardware is probably faster than your current phone, but that isn’t necessarily everything. A few days ago, I compared the Galaxy S4 to the Galaxy Note 2. Yeah, for the most part the S4 bested the Note 2 when it came to hard data and sheer power, but you know what? It didn’t feel a whole lot faster in the end.


The design isn’t much of an update to pre-existing Samsung hardware either. Samsung seems to be taking a cue from Apple lately, adopting the “if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all” approach when it comes to their designs. Yes, it’s thinner and it’s lighter, but when was the last time you were really bothered by the thickness or weight of your phone?

These aren’t just empty words, either: our own Darcy LaCouvée returned the Galaxy S4 and went back to his Note 2.

2.) There Are Other Fish In The Sea

If you’re looking for a new phone, there are others that may suit you better, depending on what you’re looking for. Some options could include the HTC One, the Sony Xperia Z or the much-loved Samsung Galaxy Note 2. These are all good phones, and they all offer certain things that the Samsung Galaxy S4 might not.


That’s assuming you’re even looking for a new phone in the first place. Maybe you just bought one of the phones mentioned above. It’s even possible that (gasp), you don’t need to buy a new phone right now. Before you sign a contract or lay out a large amount of cash, it’s worth thinking for a while about what you really want out of a new phone. Try not to be blinded by all the new shiny features.

3.) You Might Not Use All of the Features

That’s assuming, of course, that you’ll actually use any of those new shiny features. As cool as they might be, I’ve got to say that a lot of them just feel like gimmicks.

Smart Scroll is cool, yes, but even on the occasions where it worked smoothly for me (which wasn’t all the time), I noticed that my eyes would start to hurt fairly quickly. Smart Pause might have sounded like a good idea on paper, but having the phone pause a video every time you look away for a little too long can get annoying pretty quickly.


Even the features that are useful don’t really require an upgrade. Take S Health, for example. It’s a really cool feature, but not one that really needs to be build into the phone. That’s not to mention that its behavior can be easily replicated by installing a few apps from the Play Store.

4.) Galaxy S4 Features Are Probably Coming To Older Phones

But that doesn’t matter: you’ve made up your mind. You want S Health or the new, improved ChatON, or Group Play. Guess what? There’s a pretty good chance that those features are coming to the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2 as well. Samsung isn’t stupid, though. They want the Galaxy S4 to sell well, so for a while, they’ll be exclusive to the new flagship.


You want proof? Look no further than Multi Window. At first, it was exclusive to the Galaxy Note 2. Then, a while after the initial fanfare died down, it was made available for the Galaxy S3. It’s happened once, and it will more than likely happen again.

5.) The Galaxy Note 3 is On the Way

It’s rare that a week goes by without some new rumor about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 being discussed, and for a very good reason. Think about the differences between the S3 and the Note 2. While there are a few holdouts who prefer the S3, a lot of power users (like, for example, a lot of the people who visit this site) vastly prefer the Note 2.

Yeah, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is cool and all, but from what we’re seeing, it looks like the Note 3 will blow it out of the water. It’s bigger, it’s more powerful and when it comes out, it’s going to be the Samsung phone to beat. Who doesn’t want more/better/cooler stuff?

That, of course, is just one phone. There are plenty of interesting hardware developments on the horizon from the other big manufacturers as well, and as interesting as the first third of 2013 was, we’ve got a lot of time left for it to get even more interesting.



If you’re too busy to read the whole thing or check out the video directly above, here’s the breakdown:

  1. The Galaxy S4 might not be the huge deal that Samsung wants us to think it is.
  2. There are plenty of other good phones out there right now.
  3. Seriously, who is using Air Gesture that often?
  4. Expect to see Galaxy S4 features on the Note 2 and S3 at some point.
  5. Three words: Galaxy Note 3.

So what do you think of upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy S4? Yea or nay? Let us know in the comments down below!

  • David Brymer

    just 5 reasons hahaha i could give ya 20 big fat 1s.

  • Ayman Kouzayha

    5 weak reasons,,

    reason 1: it’s true that the design didn’t updated but everything else was significantly updated.

    reason 2: isn’t that the case of every phone!!! LOL

    reason 3: If you don’t need all these features get a mid range phone, it’s not logical to get other phone with less features with the same price range in this case! isn’t it? and I’ll use Air Gesture when browsing images or answer call while eating lunch
    reason 4: Sure but still you can’t by pass the hardware update, FullHD Screen, new CPU, twice RAM, increased battery, bunch of Sensors which a lot of new features depends on
    reason 5: There will be always a new phone, as soon as the Note3 hits the market the Galaxy S5 rumors will hit the blogs, and so on

    • Ayman Kouzayha

      I watched the S4 review from the same writer, you seem to hate the S4 a lot man, don’t handle such feelings, ship it to me, just saying.

      • JGaLaXY

        It seems that a lot of people are HATING on this phone…The Features are unmatched, no other phone can do all the things this phone can do, bloatware or not. I don’t get the hate

        • Tíghearnán Carroll

          Because more features != Better?
          Just because every near useless feature is crammed into this phone, doesn’t make it a better phone. For most users, those features will just take up System memory and cause the lag that has been noticed in various areas of Touchwiz, that isn’t present on other phones (Such as the HTC One).

          • Ayman Kouzayha

            I agree that a lot of features could cause lag, but wasn’t that the case of the S3? Why then it out-performed the HTC One X???

          • marketing!

          • He isn’t asking why it outsold. He is asking why it got better benchmarks.

          • vampyren

            Just dont use it. Only reason it lags is the animation, i turn it off and its allot faster. But still i dont mind the small lag, its not that bothersome since it is really fast when i actually use it for browsing and other tasks and that is what matters. I do like to have many features, allot of them are also useful for me anyway.

            And i’m sure Samsung will fix the hick up with updates shortly, they are really good at updating their phone which is another reason i prefer this before other brands.

        • whoknowswhereor

          I also dont get the hate. If anything, Samsung should be given mad props for pushing the boundaries so much each time. Raising the standards. Oh, where would Android be without Sammy.

          • Gussie2000

            Where android will be without samsung ?
            That question is absolutely stupid.

            Before samsung ever thought about becoming a giant mobile company android was already taking the market.

            Android don’t need samsung,samsung needs android to sell cellphones.

            Will you buy a S4 without android ? Yeah i don’t think so neither.

        • With popularity comes hate.

        • vampyren

          Its just popular to hate successful companies and product, this shows that the product is actually good and some people are jealous for some reason. I also love my S4.

        • Adam Outler

          I own this phone and hate it.

          • Steve_M

            I am going to get a Phone that works in the car, Bluetooth voice activation that does not tell me no network connection. I will then get a basic tablet. Going to save me a packet. Worst “ph0ne” I have ever had. Come back Symbian all is forgiven.

        • Steve_M

          But the simple things its useless at.
          I cannot create a sms message as a template

      • Stephen

        It’s nerd rage more or less. The general public does not feel the same way. Android blogs are sometimes insufferable

        • K.

          The general public is easy to attract when you spend a lot of money of marketing. Just look at how much Samsung spends on ads. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your product is better.

        • rst

          Nerd rage: “Samsung seems to be taking a cue from Apple lately, adopting the “if
          you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all” approach when it comes to their
          designs.” No company would take a cue like that. Only happens in nerd imagination.

        • lil bit

          Im happy to hear that the well informed and highly technical general public like the S4. Now good luck in convincing people who have a clue.

          Im not hating on the S4 other than the reasons why my Note 2 was a very bad phone, its the reason why i will not buy any Samsung again.

      • amine ELouakil

        AndroidAuthority hating the S4 lol!

      • Nacos

        Even if he’s biased, he’s got a valid point. Would you spend your hard earned money should you come from a Note 2 or S3? I’m pretty sure you’d put everything in balance and the conclusion would most likely be very close – assuming it’s not raining money around you :)

    • Tíghearnán Carroll

      1. Nothing was significantly updated, apart from the screen.
      2. Yes, your point is?
      3. No it isn’t. More features doesn’t make a better phone, if those features are balls. You make it sound like other phones don’t have a single advantage over the S4, which isn’t true. It comes down to the S4’s “More features” vs a competitors *cough*Htc One*cough* “Better features”.
      4. The hardware upgrade is almost meaningless if the S3 ran fine for people, and as for the sensors.. Just no.
      5. Fair point.

      • uu

        Packing a larger screen, larger battery, a neat and full of praise internals(gs4 engineering was a total genius, search for it in gsmarenas blog) within a s3likesize body and more compact one.. oops lighter if that was a good point 4 u

        His point is, when u mention htc one or xperia z, u shud also say that there are still good phones out there and features that ur htc one or xperia z cnt do dat other can do

        Oh well im happy that the s4 has everything that i can use even daily, once a month, once a year, atleast it has.. oh btw d updates rolling in s4 is reported by d users that made der phone snappier and smoother

        Newst hardware means=more future proof, what if a certain game or apps require a specfc hardware?? What if key lime pie only supports d latest ??

      • Please don’t mention Blinkfeed. I am yet to hear one person rave about Blinkfeed seriously.

        • amine ELouakil

          He is talking feautures hardware wise, and what’s the problem with blinkfeed, it’s nice and integrate your sociel and news media all together the content is still in it infancy I give you that but it’s growing on a very rapid pace as it doesn’t take much to develop the blinkfeed app

        • Tíghearnán Carroll

          A guy I know with the HTC One uses Blinkfeed, a dlfew reviewers use Blinkfeed, and if I has the One, I’d use Blinkfeed (Instead of Currents, which is what I use on my N4).
          I do think that Blinkfeed, Boomsound etc are much more useful features than Airview l, Airgesture etc. The only aspect that the S4 is the hands down winner is the camera, IMO.

    • lil bit

      Read once more, the features does not even work. I knew this would happen, because everything “S” features do not work. Take S-Voice, what the f…. What is that?

      This is Deja Vu to when i bought Note 2, first it was impressive but as days passed i had to admit that the fancy stuff did not work, or was not needed. Smartstay was the only nearly fully functional feature i found on Note 2, it also did not work in low light or when reading at the bottom of the display.

      “Smart Scroll is cool, yes, but even on the occasions where it worked
      smoothly for me (which wasn’t all the time), I noticed that my eyes
      would start to hurt fairly quickly. Smart Pause might have sounded like a
      good idea on paper, but having the phone pause a video every time you
      look away for a little too long can get annoying pretty quickly.”

    • Majdy Abu Sondos

      you just said what i have in mind
      thanks for ur response :)

  • Ryanjayce

    Not upgrading waiting for a phone to pack Exynos Octa, Tegra 4, or SnapDragon 800 with 2gb-4gb of RAM……and some other specifications….

  • Meow

    Galaxy Note 3 = Too big

    • Arsenal™

      yes for kids

    • Gussie

      To big for your brain to handle ?

  • I love this website check it during the day multiple times. Are you kidding the S4 is a huge upgrade from any phone out there right now!!! I am rocking a Razr Maxx Love it but i want a Upgrade which I am waiting for on Verizon. Already on Pre-Order!! The only thing that might stop me from getting the S4 is depending on what comes out in Google I/O which if the rumors are right nothing great will be coming out till later this year and I can not wait ha!!!

  • Lumia 920 – WORTH every penny !!!

  • Alfan Al-Syah

    thangs alot for all reason,
    i remember the words sam said, “the big things” yeah we are really2 need that words, before we bought sams premium phone, because, look the s3, s4,s4zoom,s4active, oh my god.. when this stop to walk fast… suck, i’ve a plan to buy this stuff on this may, but tada rumors has come, s4 active broo…

    damn u..

    and with that all future, i tell u im not a child, whos thingking Wow its awesome, can i have that too mom, please mom, or give it to me!! or u will die, childist

    im sorry to write this things, sorry samsmobile, ive already buy other brands, and i use that on all weather condition, for my jobs :) mining*

    *are u really need that function? things for smartpeople*

  • th3d

    Very uninspiring phone, its like we seen it all before, just add more of what we dont need. I was really fed up with the uselessness of Note 2 features, upgrading to Xperia Z was like going from an old prostitute to an 18 year old virgin, the Z is THAT clean and straight, most comfortable phone ever.

    You can put lipstick on a pig but its still a pig, Samsungs “features” just makes it more clear that its actually a pig. No ofense to NOte 2 owners but the Note 2 is distgusting, and S4 is even more so.

    • th3d

      As for performance, no doubt the Note 2 has more than enough of everything, thats really true. Xperia Z has even more performance than Note 2, CPU performance has really reached a saturation point for the next two years. I would be more than happy with a phone with less CPU performance than Note 2, Xperia Z is already a big overkill.

  • e34v8

    For me, the reason is that it’s a bit… plasticy. Otherwise it’s a great phone.Great specs.

  • technology

    Why don’t you do the same thing to other phones like Xperia Z and HTC one?

  • daisy santiago

    I do love all things Android, but I feel as though Samsung has a better grasp as to what makes the most sense. With that I will not go to another manufacturer. As for the phone, I’m holding out for the Note 3. I love my Note 2 and enjoy its features and size so anything bigger and better is welcome.

    • amine ELouakil

      adding software features by buying or getting inspired of software startups or the competition is the easy part, innovating in terms of hardware making things that would make your device unique is another story, the S4 which has an updated hardware compared to the S4 has only software blootware and Samsung is betting on that and it marketing and the existing userbase it has to make it sell like hot cakes, doing so while increasing their marging, as the phone is as cheap to make as ever compared to the competition.

  • This is the iPhone phenomena all over again. They payed a huge amount of cash for the previous phone so in their mind it was the best phone in the solar system. For them there is nothing out there except the model they got and they will keep upgrading to newer version for years to come. I say: I’m happy for them because they seam happier with their iPhones/S4s then i would be with what i think is the best phone out there.

    • Just curious, what do you think is the best phone out there? I own a GS3 currently and think it’s a great phone. Definitely wont be getting the GS4 simply because I don’t need a new phone anytime soon. I must say though that the GS3 was the first Samsung phone that I thought was a quality product and they have definitely gone up a notch in my mind because of it. Sadly I loved HTC phones (owned Incredible and Incredible 2) but now their quality seems to have dropped. Might be looking at X Phone or the next Nexus phone when I do replace this phone but I will definitely check out what Samsung has to offer at that time.

      • I always found the S3 a cheap looking/feeling phone. I thought the Nexus 4 was a lot better.

    • lil bit

      Well said, we cant be that happy. I used to be exited about my Note 2 but after a while it was easy to admit that there was not much great about it. During the first months i experienced some of that fanboy happiness but it faded.

      If you are a fanboy you love your brand, but if you want the best you are on a constant quest and the best will be replaced by something better. I still think Note 2 was the best when i bought it at launch, but now its nothing to get exited about. I love my Xperia Z but it will go the same way soon enough, will be old and boring.

  • gugi

    Kristofer Wouk how much apple or sony-htc paid to you to write this shit.

    From now i will never again open this website suck it androidauthority.

  • anderson J.

    I am a BB user and love my Q10 — but I also have a Motorola Raze HD which has a fantastic Battery life. I am waiting for X phone from Motorola because I really like the Raze HD.

    I bought a Samsung Tab 7.0 tablet which I returned. I personally don’t like what Samsung has done to Android OS. S4 16GB is actually an 8GB phone with all the Samsung apps installed in it. With all the fuss about S4, it is not worth it — too plasticy, quality is not great, internal memory about 8GB (too little for me), features that don’t function well. No Thanks!

    • Try the Nexus 10. Samsung quality hardware without the OS tweaks. I love mine.

    • Aziz Farhi

      You made a wrong choice body, Samsung does make good products but it also makes mid-range ones, You my friend got the wrong tablet for your need, from the way you describe it it looks like you want a pure Android experience with no skin or “bloatware” on it. Therefor i advice you to get the Nexus 10, Or get a Note 8.0 which might have Samsung’s touch on it but still an awesome choice, With features like floating windows and the stylus you will have lots of fun ;) .

  • Sandro de Souza

    one word:
    HTC 1

    • Trevor Kinsie

      that’s two words bro, or a word and a number if you’re a stickler.

  • jieng

    TOP 3 Reason:

    Currently using iphone5(64GB)

    1. Singapore have 3 telco. Only 16GB S4 available In my country(Singapore) with only 9GB Left Usable. Even if i get Sdcard most app only can be save on internal memory. 9GB Samsung You Serious?

    2. Octa Core WOW!!! for the first time i wanted to give up my iphone and try Android.
    Sorry Singapore getting the SnapDragon600 version only.

    3. As i mention before 3 telco in Singapore all of them have almost the same price for 2Year contact. The S4(16GB) Cost $50 more then HTC(32GB).

    Oh And The S4(16GB) Cost the same Price as Iphone(32GB).

  • jieng

    TOP 3 Reason:

    Currently using iphone5(64GB)

    1. Singapore have 3 telco. Only 16GB S4 available In my country(Singapore) with only 9GB Left Usable. Even if i get Sdcard most app only can be save on internal memory. 9GB Samsung You Serious?

    2. Octa Core WOW!!! for the first time i wanted to give up my iphone and try Android.
    Sorry Singapore getting the SnapDragon600 version only.

    3. As i mention before 3 telco in Singapore all of them have almost the same price for 2Year contact. The S4(16GB) Cost $50 more then HTC(32GB).

    Oh And The S4(16GB) Cost the same Price as Iphone(32GB).

    • Should have gotten the s3 rather than the iPhone 5 on Os alone. Android 4.1 is far superior to iOS 6.

      • th3d

        Wow, you really read his post did you? And S3 wasnt even available with JB untill recently.

        • I did read the post. I then commented on the part I wanted to comment on. 4.1 did come to GS3 a few months after iPhone 5, however 4.0 is also superior.

          • th3d

            The problem is that there is no 32 or 64GB s3 or note 2 or s4 in Asia. Just read his reasons, it’s not about the os at all.

  • im undecided as to weather i want to get the s4 or not but these seem like really weak reasons not to. It feels more like your grasping at straws trying to find some, or maybe you are trying to make yourself feel better because you didnt buy one

  • no rply

    1.thats a good upgrade but not the best…… 2.beside other fish s4 is still better ….. 3. atleast s4 have these feature (use it or not) ..4. yupe mostly people have s3 and note2…………….. 5.damn note3 ahead …. i love s-pen

  • Aziz Farhi

    So much hate.. Its one of the best phones out there right now if not the best at all.. Packing the best screen, hardware specs and the latest Android version with features you people didn’t even think of before they were set to come with this phone. What more do you want?

    • flamencoguy

      Some people just hate Samsung so they hate every phone that they make.
      Many people have been brainwashed by accusations of copy cat and unoriginal ideas. Well you can find a flaw on any phone. Consider iPhone5 with its “purple haze” camera and flawed maps. The case would be the least of my worries. It is not a functioning part of the phone that is covered by it.
      However if the camera or other functioning part was not built well then I would be more concerned.
      Air gestures are useful if your hands are dirty and need to use the phone.
      Seriously the author can’t see how some people may find it more useful than him !

      • Aziz Farhi

        True, Samsung has been a target to lots of media attacks from other companies such as Apple and HTC, Samsung products are not perfect but they’re still better in so many terms then other brands, The S4 is a great phone with a good heavy pack of specs. This is something no one can deny now, its an obvious fact. Those who don’t agree can Google the benchmark tests and watch Youtube video comparisons and if possible get their hands on the phone and have a look them selves, they’ll be surprised what this thing is capable of.

  • freedomspopular

    Don’t forget that the S4 is not just lighter and thinner than the S3 (which I personally couldn’t care less about; I’d rather have more thickness with a bigger battery.) It’s also shorter and narrower too. Marginally so, but that really makes a BIG difference in the hand, as anyone who jumped from the N1 to the N2 can attest to.

  • GS5

    Waiting for the Galaxy S5 instead :D

  • bob

    I’m shocked that their “smart scroll” feature and other useless things that they put in this phone are not working out as some people hoped… Just shocked! Seriously.. If you want a phone to have your eyes do something rather than your fingers just doesn’t make sense to me… and now it doesn’t even work? What a joke.. There is no way any owner of this phone uses any of those gimmicky features after the first 2 weeks… No shot! Samsung has great marketing but they really dropped the ball on this new phone..

    • Lil bit

      why are you shocked, the features and S apps didn’t work on note2 also, this is how Samsung operates, quantity over quality. Touchwiz is terrible in all ways, context menus are full of useless options but lacks useful stuff that been on phones since forever, like Edit Before Call.

      SmartStay was the only working feature Note 2 had, but honestly it’s better to set a longer display auto off time. I dont miss it.

  • These are terrible reasons your just trying to find soothing anything to say negative and the problem is there isn’t the only one that is a a good reason is number 5 because that’s my reason because I have the note 2 but I played with s4 and its very tempting bad article

    • I think this guy is missing his comma and period key.

  • bill

    Can’t find the “5 reasons not to upgrade to the HTC One”… exactly! #winning

  • vampyren

    Really silly reasons!

    1.) It’s Not That Much Of An Upgrade
    On the top of my head= more than twice performance, much better screen, better camera, IR blaster, health features, air gesture (awesome i think) are not much? if you say no than your in the wrong business my friend.

    2) There Are Other Fish In The Sea
    Not true, no other offer SD + removable battery (and i also like touchwiz). Plus i hate aluminum phones so nothing else is out there that matches what samsung has.

    3.) You Might Not Use All of the Features
    What? That is the whole point of getting new phone, the features! As Ayman said if you dont want features get a lowend phone. I never heard anyone complain about new features.

    4.) Galaxy S4 Features Are Probably Coming To Older Phones
    Like the superior display? More Ram? Camera? IR blaster?

    5.) The Galaxy Note 3 is On the Way
    HAHA these are not in the same size range, close but still much different. Also why not wait for Note4? or S5?

    Also you do realize that its going to be like half a year before people even can buy it in stores right?

    I dont know but it seem to me that lately there are allot of articles lately that are not making any Sense. Like you guys are bored and need to fill up with silly articles.

  • Im waiting my S4 (octa core). !!!

    I’m anxious !! o.O

  • smartphone for smart people, toyphone for dumb people who always have something to fuss about!

  • Nacos

    Fully agree. As a Note 2 owner I’ve been debating a lot wether it was worth “upgrading”. Conclusion: NO! All the reasons herein presents are sensible and true. Although a nice phone, a so called upgrade from the Note 2 (or even the S3) it really seems to be a senseless waste of money.

  • Edward Jackson

    I would say samsung is the best out there and owed all of galaxy phones and the all keep getting better and better. The thing is they are smartphones and some are smarter then others. Samsung steps up there game every time and the note the and note 2 is part of that. They have the best phones on the market and they goin to keep getting better. Everyone one talking about metal phone they would break easier and stay hot longer thats not good but that just what I was thinking.Samsung is badass!!!

  • Joe

    I have a S3 and it works well for me. iPhone 5 wasn’t much different from the iPhone 4S, S4 doesn’t seem to be too different from the S3( I got this opinion from playing around with my friends S4). Honestly I’d rather wait for the Note 3 than buy a 16 gb S4. Just FYI I am pretty much a big fan of Samsung’s phones but I just feel a little disappointed in the S4

  • dan

    Cuz the s4 sucks I have s4 as my own and HTC one that work gave me it’s 5 times better and it works every time. HTC one is the first cell phone certifyed  for commercial and govt use it has a lvl 1 govt encryption. And as u can see my s4 won’t spell check in this box for some odd reason

  • Mohd Danial

    being an SII user , its worth the upgrade from a phone with overheating and battery issues,

  • ilikepear

    Main reasons for me are:

    1. Increase in processor is not so much to justify the value of any upgrades.

    2. Same old 16gb .. with even less storage then before.. Seems like a downgrade. Even other brands have more internal storage for applications.

    Till they decide to increase to 32/64/128 as based. I find totally no reason whatsoever to upgrade.

  • Steve_M

    Day 6 and its going back.
    S Note will not access docs from SD card.
    I put all my music and photos on SD card
    But the biggest problem is S Voice and Bluetooth voice activated calls don’t work
    I have to have a Samsung and goggle account.
    I am upgrading from an E71 it was a phone and I could access all my MS files screen was a bit naff but it all worked straight out the box. I am going to get the E71 fixed or look for a new E72

  • Liam farese

    Bitch please
    1: of course there are reasons to upgrade, you will get the newer versions of android which will outdate older models,twise the power,4g Internet , 33.3% better resolution screen 13mp camera!
    2: YOU DON’T SAY?!?! That’s the case for every phone.
    3: if you don’t like them don’t use them its as simple as that + still an awesome phone.
    4: but wouldn’t that be the case when the note 3 and s5?!?!?! Ever thought of that?
    5: its always like that When a new phones comes out!!!

  • Tracey M

    I have one of these and i agree,i don’t use air gestures or half that stuff. i bot this phone because of it’s large screen to play games and get online. thats it. and to this day i wish I hadn’t. I just don’t like how user friendly it is not.

    to make a call from the favorites list just pushing the button for your fave does not begin the call. also when i am on a call another window pops up asking me to make a decision about sound. just make the call already! to call or text anyone there are more decisions i have to make before i get to do what i touched it in the first place for. just do what i touched you for!!

    it’s decision after decision after decision before it will do what i want and i will never have another droid. Apple spoiled me.

    yeah i have read the manual and researched answers for my questions and problems, i am just tired of all of that searching. man i spent a lot of money getting this when i wish that i had bought a phone the made calls and let me text. lol