Samsung says yes to Qi wireless charging on Galaxy S4, might make it a separate purchase

by: Bams SadewoMarch 8, 2013

Samsung-Galaxy-S3-Wireless-Charging-Kit 1

We told you in January that Samsung’s upcoming monster phone, the Galaxy S4, is likely to come with wireless charging feature, one that adheres to the Qi standard – developed by the Wireless Power Consortium – instead of using another technology that is based on resonant magnetic coupling.

Now, there’s another reason to believe that that will be the case, as DigiTimes has apparently received some tips from multiple sources within the industry that said that the flagship phone will indeed be sporting Qi-compatible wireless charger.

The only thing that hasn’t been confirmed is whether or not the Galaxy S4 will have the feature out of the box, or if it’ll be optional — with the back plate and charging pad to be sold separately. If it’s the latter, then it might come down to Samsung’s intention of keeping the device as thin as possible, as well as keeping its price down.

We’ll find out in a couple of days which route Samsung is going to take, but let’s hear it from you guys. Do you want to see the Galaxy S4 come with inductive charging-friendly back cover outright? In your opinion, is the whole thing a gimmick or a necessity? Let us know in the comments.

  • Bone

    Many will be disappointed that this is not included in the box, but Samsung probably realized if the SIV shipped with a capable back plate, they could have problems selling the wireless charger as you could just put it on someone else’s charing plate.

  • please do not forget that wireless charging was announced for the S3, too. It it was never shipped!

    • Jason Bailey

      I agree unless its built in, it will likely never materialise.

  • Ryan

    It’s neither a gimmick or a necessity. Sticking a cable into a phone isn’t hard but I can see how wireless charging can be useful and “easier”. (unless it takes longer to charge a device). Samsung is in the best position to make it ubiquitous among smartphones (given their market share) if they go with Qi and choose to include it out of the box.

  • Expedy

    I miss my wireless charging when I changed to the Note ll. It was the LG charger ($49.95) and the back plate ($39.95) at the Verizon store. The only drawback, couldn’t find a case to fit with the new wireless back plate.

  • N4Qi

    Included out of the box on the $300 Nexus 4, but these greedy pigs are all holding back trying to convince you its some new and lavishly expensive technology… for shame!

  • olbp


    Why in HELL would they make such a basic function OPTIONAL?

    Both the back plate and charger should come IN THE BOX, as no one HAS one, yet. If they want to cut back do it in a few years when the standard is SET and everyone HAS and doesn’t need a duplicate charger.

    For NOW, though, they should provide it in the BOX just to get it OUT there. Goodness! Talk about shooting themselves in the foot!

    Get it OUT there so that Qi outnumbers whatever arbitrary thing apfail put out won’t overwhelm the market.