Samsung Galaxy S4 to feature plastic casing, according to Eldar Murtazin

by: AdrianMarch 4, 2013

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Samsung Galaxy S4’s D-Day is nearing, and, as expected, the rumor mill is grinding at full throttle. But after several benchmarks and numerous stories focused only on specs and hardware, it’s time to turn to something that could really make or break the “next big thing” – design. Specifically, build materials.

You’ve probably noticed that, as much as the GS4 has been leaked lately, the big guy’s looks have been very neatly kept under wraps. There’ve been a few renders and depictions thrown around, but for the most part these have been guesses or “what ifs”.

Meanwhile, not one word has been mentioned of the phone’s build materials, although Sammy seemed to (faintly) hint at GS4’s body being made out of glossy plastic. And as bad of an idea that sounds, it’s still the best guess we have so far.

Only now it’s more than just a guess. It’s a full-fledged possibility, based on an account of Eldar Murtazin’s first interaction with the S4. Wait, what? There’s someone out there that has already seen the phone? It appears so, though we have our doubts.


If we are to blindly trust Murtazin, Samsung showed off the plastic S4 behind closed doors at MWC to a bunch of selected members of the press. The Russian is the guy to invite at these sorts of things, so it’s definitely likely he was there. We also heard a long time ago that the S4 was going to make a similar appearance at CES, so everything checks out.

Murtazin is even the first source to tell us about the March 14 New York unveiling event and we all know that rumor proved legit. And yet we can’t just forget about one of the few black spots on the journalist’s excellent record of leaking stories before anyone else.

And, what a coincidence, that black spot involved the build materials of the last Samsung flagship, the S3. No ceramic for last year’s big kahuna, so maybe no plastic for this year’s? We certainly hope so, especially when hearing Murtazin that “all the weaknesses that are widely discussed for Galaxy S3 will be carried over to this product”.

With HTC’s One built out of premium aluminum, Samsung can’t really afford to miss the mark on S4’s design, can it? And yeah, we know, there are different kinds of plastics, polymers and so on, but the fact of the matter is that metal is better. It just is.

As for the numero uno controversial GS4 spec – the processor or processors – Murtazin seems to think the super-phone will be after all released in several versions with different chipsets, including one from Qualcomm. Okay, but will one of the others pack the Exynos 5 Octa? Sorry, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • I hope not

    Even if it will still be plastic
    At least they should Abr abandon the idea of the glossy one and use the matte one

    • Bone

      That’s the main issue, the glossy finish, but as far as build quality goes, drop tests and feedback suggests Samsung imprved on it with the Note II.

      This Samsung exec released picture of several weeks back is the SIV BTW. It’s in line with the less rounded by still S3 resembling Samsung design, phone-screen ratio fits for the leaked specs, it’s plasticy as reported and it has April 22, Monday on the homescreen which of course is the official release date. No fan designer could got everything this accurate.

      • John

        Look at this….

  • oooooz

    Never bothered about what a phone is made of, always put it in a case and never see the real look of the phone.

    • blake

      I take off phone cover when at home. so look is still important.

    • mario

      I otterbox it and never see it…what idiot leaves his phone with no cover ?!

  • JellyBean

    Can it looks any more hideous than a Galaxy Note 8?

  • well….

    Metal is better? I respectively disagree. I want something that is insanely light as possible and which I can throw at the couch and never worry when I drop it…and oh, I never will use a case nor screen protector.

    We are getting to the place where we are all expected to buy a new phone each year and so it is designed to feel that kind of temporary.

    BUT, the only thing that will convince me to buy this one is if they allow me to to click a check box in Settings and revert to Stock Android. Without that, I will never embrace a TouchWhiz device and leave my HTC G2 (with the awesome physical keyboard).

    • Jaime Larios

      You know, until the GS2 I would agree with you, but with the GS3 and the Notes with 4.1.2… things have changed. Multiwindow is awesome.

  • NicholasMicallef

    Go figure.. I bet it’s plastic with hyperglaze coating, just like almost everything Samsung made in the last year :S.

  • John Meredith

    Nope. Metal is not better. You’re entitled to your wrong opinion though.

  • hs

    offcourse yess it should be build from metall thats premium product

  • Denis De Fazio

    In my opinion plastic is the best material for such things, I have lots of plastic stuff right here in my room and it never bothered me, from tv to mouse and keyboard, also speaker cases and av reciever, etc etc. When I look around inside my car I see plastic everywhere and it is the same thing everywhere I go. Plastic is a perfectly fine material, it can be tough, hard, soft, whatever you need and it is light and cheap, it seems to be used in lots of really expensive things too. The whole “plastic is bad” is just apple propaganda. I think making a glass back phone is idiotic (my only complaint on nexus 4) and aluminum gets horribly dented with use so the “premium feel and look” argument doesn’t appeal to me.

    • Jaime Larios

      Finally somebody that gets it AND expose it in a great way!
      Thank you :-)

  • Lets not forget that this guy was wrong about basically everything he ‘leaked’ about the S3, even after multiple guesses. Besides, who cares what it’s made out of? Enjoy your dented and scratched aluminium while my plastic phone remains perfectly in shape after dropping from ceiling to concrete (true story).

  • whatsbeefy

    I have a GS3 and my dad has an Evo LTE but I prefer the GS3 but i’d rather have the LTE aluminum body rather than the GS3 plastic

  • Mike A

    I think I’m in agreement with most everyone here. Its a moot point that the phone is made of plastic. Plastic is fine with us!