What does the Samsung Galaxy S4 have to deliver to outshine the HTC One?

by: Ankit BanerjeeFebruary 21, 2013

Galaxy S4

The HTC One was launched a few days  ago, and the response has been mixed at best. There are a lot of good things about the flagship device, such as a high-end build quality, upgraded hardware, and at least some features of Sense 5. Comparisons have shown the HTC One come out on top, sometimes barely, but keep in mind that these comparisons are to last year’s devices (In case you missed it, here are the comparisons between the HTC One and the HTC One X+, HTC Droid DNA, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2).

While we’re waiting on a hands-on comparison with the Sony Xperia Z, a lot of people’s reactions to the HTC One involved a line HTC executives must have been dreading: “Let’s see what the Samsung Galaxy S4 has to offer!” The HTC One may be the best Android smartphone in the world right now, but is unfortunately not the “one” some may have been hoping for.

Today, we’re going to take a look at what the Samsung Galaxy S4 has to do to outshine the HTC One. On the flip side, this may also work as a reference to what I don’t like about HTC’s latest flagship. Let’s get started!

Form Factor

Yes, the HTC One is beautifully designed (although the similarities to the iPhone 5 and Blackberry Z10 are obvious) and is the world’s first smartphone with a full aluminium body. That being said, there are a lot of points in which the Samsung Galaxy S4 could come out ahead.

First, it’s quite surprising to see how much bigger the HTC One is compared to the One X, considering they both feature a display of equal size. The HTC One doesn’t feature an edge-to-edge display, which is definitely disappointing, and the top and bottom silver bands could certainly have been narrower. With 1080p displays becoming the standard for high-end smartphones this year, it’s about time the display becomes the star, and (at least) I could do without the extra real estate. Even with such large displays, and bigger batteries the need of the hour, a compact and sleek form factor is still the number one requirement for most consumers, and Samsung can easily jump ahead of the HTC One in this regard.

That being send, the build quality of the HTC One is out of this world, and Samsung may have to move on from it’s plastic build material to compete successfully.

I would talk about how the addition of capacitive buttons on the HTC One is a disadvantage, but since Samsung will probably include its signature physical home button on the Galaxy S4, this is redundant. A Galaxy S4 without any physical buttons on the front would definitely be my first choice though!

Expandable Storage


This one is kind of obvious, but still needs to be mentioned. Even with consumers voicing their need for expandable storage support, HTC has been incredibly stubborn in this regard, choosing to (yet again) leave out a microSD expansion slot for the HTC One. The smartphone does ship with 32GB and 64GB storage options and there are a host of cloud storage services available to you, but expandable storage is still a must for a lot of users.

Samsung has always included microSD expansion for all its devices, and there’s no reason to believe this won’t be the case for the Samsung Galaxy S4. For a lot of consumers, this factor alone makes the Samsung flagship a clear winner.



A lot has been written and said about HTC’s new ultrapixel camera technology, mostly good, sometimes bad, and once, ugly. While HTC has been trying it’s best to send the message across that it isn’t about a camera’s megapixels count (4 for the HTC One in case you were wondering) but about the quality of the image taken. Unfortunately, you can explain what an UltraPixel camera is to as many people as you’d like, but there will always be that segment of the consumer base that says “I get it, but how megapixels does it have?,” as ignorant as that may sound.

All Samsung really has to do at this point is say that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a 13MP camera, compared to the 4MP (but it’s UltraPixels now!) of the HTC One, and you have a clear winner in your hands.



The hardware side of things is where it gets interesting. The HTC One sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, which currently blows the competition away. Unfortunately, we know next to nothing about what SoC will be powering the Samsung Galaxy S4, with rumors suggesting the Samsung Exynos 5 Octa, or even a Qualcomm chipset as well, probably the same Snapdragon 600 processor, considering the rumored March release of the Galaxy S4.

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see what benchmark tests have in store for us, with those results swaying customers towards either of the smartphones.

Another aspect Samsung can jump ahead of HTC is battery. The HTC One features a 2,300mAh battery, which is larger than what was found in earlier devices, but will likely be put through its paces with the Full HD display, and more powerful processor. In a day and age when getting a full day of work out of your smartphone is getting harder and harder, Samsung can leave its competition behind if it can somehow squeeze more out of the battery.



HTC revamped its Sense UI, trying to simplify things with Sense 5. Instead, the company may have just gone over-board with the addition of features like BlinkFeed. With Android users preferring the simplistic UI of the stock Android OS, it would be great if Samsung went towards that direction with the latest iteration of the TouchWiz UI. Granted, TouchWiz is as “vibrant” as it gets, so this is probably just wishful thinking on my part, but would certainly convince a lot more users to buy the Galaxy S4, instead of waiting for the next Nexus smartphone.

More than the user interface itself, OEMs need to concentrate more on OS updates, which both HTC and Samsung have had a difficult  time doing. Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie may be announced at this year’s Google I/O in May, and a lot will depend on whether Samsung can beat HTC to the punch, and rollout the latest Android update for its flagship Galaxy S4 promptly.


In an overcrowded Android smartphone arena, I understand the need to be different, to stand out. Unfortunately, HTC has picked the wrong areas to do so, first with the lack of a microSD slot (which almost everybody wants), and second with the overhaul of the already-difficult-to-understand smartphone camera technology.

With the mixed reactions the HTC One has received, Samsung has already won half the battle, and may instead choose to look at the Sony Xperia Z as more of a competition. As mentioned above, there are a few things Samsung could do, to guarantee that the company continues its dominance in the Android space that it has enjoyed for the past two years.

What are your thoughts? Is there anything you think the Samsung Galaxy S4 should feature, to beat out the HTC One? Will you be picking up the HTC flagship, or are you going to wait to see what Samsung has to offer? Let us know in the comments section below.

Note: All images of the Samsung Galaxy S4 are artist renditions

  • mjolnir

    i used to NEED a sdcard slot when onboard was 8/16gb, but with 32/64gb that point is moot; im comfortable in saying thats true for the vast majority; i am hard pressed to find 64gb worth of stuff that i need on me at all times.

    • Ankit Banerjee

      That’s true. But expandable storage could also make things like data transfer to a new phone much easier. A lot of people might agree with you that 32/64GB is more than enough, but you just need to head over to any device announcements we have on the site, devices that don’t feature expandable storage, and see people rage about how that’s a big letdown.

      I have a HTC One X, 32GB, and I’m dangerously close to running out of space, even with all my pictures, documents, etc. on Dropbox and Google Drive. I was really surprised as well, but I do have a lot of HD games on my phone. I’m just saying, it does happen.

    • Not sure if I’m the only one, but I own a Galaxy Note II 32gb, with a 64gb microSD, and barely enough.

      • Likewise, kind of. I have a 16GB S3 with a 64GB card and both are near full. I carry a lot of music and movies/videos with me since I travel often for work, not to mention I have a fair few HD games as well. Expandable storage, in my mind, is a must.

        • Cory Lay

          Use cloud services dumbass

          • “I have a fair few HD games as well. Expandable storage, in my mind, is a must.”
            Learn to read instead. Try using your intelligence and install your space intensive apps in your cloud services.

          • AppleSucksForLife

            You cant access files offlinw with cloud

          • dziuna

            cloud service = someone else can look at it
            No trust in that Yet too many broken rules

          • saleensuper

            Use your brain dumbass. Internet connectivity isn’t great all around the world. People from countries with lower-speed mobile internet would prefer a 10mb/s read/write rate through SD card instead of waiting for the video to load through cloud service. These companies sell mobile everywhere in the world, not just in 4G LTE regions.

          • CactusCat

            Give me your cloud address where I can see all your porn.

          • Why don’t you pull your head out of your ass and realise that cloud storage is not applicable to all people or all forms of media? There is no LTE networks in my country, limited wifi hotspots and on top of that, how would I possibly access cloud data while onboard a flight? Moron.

          • Jason Deveau

            Most people don’t have 64gb data plans. Dumbass. In fact the best current mobile plan on my carrier “Bell” in Canada is 3gb. Which I have. And this is pretty standard, unless its a promo plans tend to be 5 or 6gb MAX.

      • Cory Lay

        Try using cloud storage moron like a normal person.

        • Timmy

          Try contributing something useful moron. SD storage may not be for you but others have different needs. Cloud storage is not practical for everybody, especially if it’s not always accessible. Instead of insulting people, try looking at it from someone else’s perspective…moron.

        • First of all, you don’t have to call me “moron” or “abnormal” just to prove your point. And where I am from there’s no 4G network, so depending on a cloud service is not a wise option for me. And fyi, I do use cloud services (Mediafire, Dropbox and Google Drive) but, as I said, I can’t depend completely on any cloud service .

        • MasterMuffin

          “Like a normal person”? So you aren’t normal if you don’t use cloud??

  • cycad007

    The removable battery & microSD slot are the features that I envy on Samsung devices. I don’t believe Samsung will match HTC’s pixel density…but they will offer a bigger screen.

    My top questions…
    1. Will the S4 be faster than the One?
    2. Will the S4 take better quality pictures than the One?
    3. Which device will be more “pocket-able”. Yes…I apply the pocket test. So that rules out the Note.

    • The note is easily pocketable even in my tightest jeans

      • On most jeans, it’s not about tightness, it’s about depth. You don’t want to have a phone which will stick out of your pocket.

  • Roberto Tomás

    why so much worry over the bezel on the HTC One? Have you seen it, those are perfectly acceptable… not the thinnest in the world, but jeez, what do you want? :D It is actually smaller in width than the Samsung Galaxy S III

    • Ankit Banerjee

      The bezel of the HTC One just took me by surprise I guess. I’ve seen it, and it just felt like too much. You’re right, it’s fine dimension-wise, but just not what I’d pictured/hoped for HTC’s flagship. As an HTC fan for a long time (still am), I think my expectations got the better of me. :P

  • bucky500

    it probably just needs to show up ;)

  • Stan

    You got it about as right as it gets!? Your descriotion is Spot On! –
    HTC chose the wrong Horse! – and I love my HTC…!? But not The latest ones!?
    It will surely be a Samsung S4 next time! If is close to these Roumour based Data!?

    • Cory Lay

      And you will make the wrong choice.

      • Timmy

        And you are a moron…

      • Timmy

        And you are a moron.

  • Jules Landry-Simard

    A premium build ! Getting tired of this plastic crap

    • Joshua deVille

      plastic assure a strong wifi signal go look at all the complaints about wifi issues on iphone, it’s b/c it’s aluminum. Also 90% of people use cases I honestly don’t know why people think it’s cheap? Also Check out Bodygaurdz dot com they have carbon fiber cases for iphone and galaxy devices makes it look very premium.

  • rodpe

    32gb is more than sufficient for most people

    • Nacos

      Please UNDERSTAND that support for external SD is not only about satisfying the storage needs but (1) staying away from the costs associated woth cloud storage, (2) having the advantage of having your info locally – which translates into less accessing time and costs, true privacy, no internet connection needed, (3) more versatility in exchanging the stored data accross a large variety of devices and finally (4) your sensitive data is safely guarded from accidental losses – formatting, writing over, data inaccessible in case of hardware failure. ALL THESE REASONS MAKE THE SD CARD STILL A MUST.

  • Emeka Ejiofor

    I wonder who is gonna buy these phones when the greedy phone carriers have people locked into 2 years contracts. Personally I have tried to get the note 2 but cannot because of previous agreement that is still current. This system suck cos people want to buy these new devices. So why can’t phone manufacturers start selling phones on their own.

    • Cory Lay

      Want fast upgrades switch to US Cellular. Upgrades in as little as ten months. I am perfectly happy though waiting the 20 months for my upgrade, Would I prefer to be able to do it every year yeah but hey I can’t. It sure beats the 3 year contracts they have in Canada.

    • Timmy

      There are plenty of MVNOs (prepaid) options available where you don’t need to be stuck in a contract. My GNote1 is barely a year old and I’ve paid less for the phone and monthly service with Straight Talk than had I signed a contract. Now I can get a S4 or some other device in a few months with the money I’ve saved. Rinse and repeat.

  • whatsbeefy

    What happens if your phone breaks and doesnt work anymore? Is all your data lost?
    Without having an Sd card obviously

    • a22matic

      Not if you have your stuff stored in the cloud as backup. When you get your new phone, just re-download all your pics, music, ECT….

      • whatsbeefy

        yeah i understand that, but if you didnt have it backed up in the cloud, you’re pretty much screwed. Unless your phone had an Sd card slot.

        • Cory Lay

          Dude if you have an Android all your apps and contacts so on and so forth is backed up into the cloud so no you are not screwed.

        • Luis Rodriguez

          I thought the same way when I had my Nexus S. I was like damn I am gonna lose all my downloaded music and photos when it wouldn’t get passed the launch screen.

          I format it and installed it like a new phone. When I signed in with my Google account EVERYTHING was re-downloaded. I didn’t lose one picture or song.

          At the time I didn’t even know about this. I was so impressed,

        • a22matic

          Well if you lose your phone that has a SD slot, then you’re really screwed… You will only be saved if you backed up the card on something else…

  • How bout not delivering any crap bloatware please.

  • HTC ftw

    HTC has the better screen, amoled is horrible. Beautiful design and much better build quality. Battery is enough, see Droid DNA. I don’t use many big games or carry much music.

  • HTC ftw

    How did you get a job writing this drivel? Mixed reactions? Maybe through your Samsung tinted blue hued amoled glasses! Every article I’ve read has been overwhelming positive

    • Ankit Banerjee

      http://goo.gl/8pFR7 You just need to read the introduction of the linked article to see how big a fan of HTC I actually am. Mixed reactions were mostly towards the ultrapixel camera, and BlinkFeed. Two of the biggest changes the company introduced with its latest flagship. Not a good sign when that’s what you were banking on to impress people. Yes, it’s an amazing design and the hardware is the best you can get right now. I’m just being pessimistic about the chances of the HTC One, considering there are some very basic things Samsung can do to do better. No one was saying “I really need ultrapixel tech for my smartphone camera.” And that’s the point I’m trying to make in this article by saying mixed reactions. I’m being harsher than is warranted, because I’ve seen the exact same thing happen with One X last year, which was also absolutely brilliant.

      • Cory Lay

        Just admit. You are a Samsung fan boy. I use to like Samsung currently have Samsung Galaxy S Epic but you Samsung faboys are getting as bad as Apple fanboys. Can’t wait for when I can upgrade to the 1.

        Mixed reactions toward the camera? First time I have heard that. Every site I have been to says it is better than the camera on the iPhone 5 and Galaxy s3, And you do know blink feed can be turned off?

  • Nacos

    I second your opinion on the lack of external SD. Personally, I’ll simply stay away from HTC or any other phone manufacturer that will NOT ofer support for external SD. I also believe that more users should be aware of the true reasons and do the same since removing the external card support is a purely speculative decision on account on more profits. The so called upgrades (various versions ranging from the ridiculous 8GB to 64GB of internal memory) cost significanty more than buying a larger micro SD, plus the internal memory is much more prone to accidental formatting/writing/erasure; not to mention that this entire marketing scheme is also meant to “forcing” users towards using more and more cloud space – more profits for data providers at the expense of significantly higher costs, loss of time and privacy for users.

  • GF

    Biased writing… Where’s that mixed response he’s talking about? Everyone’s praised the HTC One… The Galaxy S3’s AMOLED display doesn’t even compare to the One X’s, the Galaxy S4’s won’t either… TouchWiz may be more functional, but personally I don’t like TouchWiz, and I find the new version of Sense more attractive, especially because of BlinkFeed… and 32/64GB is more than enough. And there’s absolutely no question about build quality!

    • Ankit Banerjee

      I agree with everything you said. The One X(which is my primary device right now) was the better device in many ways. And I really don’t like TouchWiz. So do you have an explanation for why Samsung did so well in 2012, while HTC’s slump continues?

      • GF

        I do believe there’s an explanation. In the United States the One X was kind of a niche phone, with no choice but AT&T. Same thing about the Droid DNA and Verizon. Both phones were only 16GB of storage.

        There shouldn’t have been a One X+, or better, it should have been THE One X from the beginning… it was also a niche phone in Europe, so I guess HTC was focused only on Asia (without China)… Those factors account for the low sales of the One X… When HTC started focusing on China it sold 400,000 Butterfly’s there in JUST ONE DAY(!), white version only(!)… So I guess this time that HTC is TRULY going GLOBAL (just like the iPhone ang GS3) it will succeed.

        The One X would have succeeded should have it been the One X+ from the beginning, with quad-core/LTE compatibility and 64GB of storage, on all 4 major carriers in the US, and with a true global presence. This time there’s juts one phone, on the major carriers, with a global presence, and with all the toys; the GS3 and the iPhone are going to have a tough battle even with their huge marketing muscle.

        • Man I hope so. I can’t stand apple. I have owned several HTC phones. I am quite satisfied with there work. I have nothing against Samsung except for cheap plastic and touchwiz reminds me of an even uglier version of Sense

      • Cory Lay


      • CactusCat

        Because you’re wrong dude.

  • prefer HTC over the competition. I’m happy with the storage (minimum 32GB) and battery size and like the industrial design.

  • Larry Zee

    Samsung won’t come near the build quality and design of the HTC One. And why do people want a microSD slot so much, 64gb is enough, unless your downloading large pornographic videos or something -.-

  • mike s

    I don’t care about SD card what I care about is removable battery and camera and front speakers would be nice. So Sammy two out of three wins for me.

    • Timmy

      Yup, the storage may not be an issue for some (although I’d prefer to have SD storage) but the lack of removable battery is a deal breaker for me too. Might as well get an iPhone…bleh .

  • Ryan Noverly Joseph

    I have a HTC Incredible S(1.1 gb on board) with 8 GB on my SD card… I live in the cloud to benefit my phone.. my Music on Play Music, my Photos on Dropbox. so 32 or 64 GB is way enough for the mainstream consumer.

  • parallax scrolling

    Samsung Galaxy S4 ? they don’t have to.

    even current Samsung Galaxy S3 still better than Htc One.

    • The current GS3 is an ugly piece of crap. Oh did I mention its a PLASTIC ugly piece of crap with terrible reception. Seen the form factor of the new GS4? What a joke. I’t s 5 inch box. Leaked case designs are out now and its not impressive. It will be ugly as well, no doubt. I’m not saying the HTC is the best thing since sliced bread, but the design is at least 100x better than the GS3. I cant see the GS4 being any kind of evolutionary step either, time will tell if I’m right. Samsung phones are mindbogglingly boring.

  • Luis Rodriguez

    I have a 16gb S3 and my memory isn’t even half used. I have over 400 camera pics and 150 instagram pics along with instant upload pics from my old Nexus S that’s saved through cloud services. I have many school documents, work documents, and so on.

    I use my 64gb ipod touch for music and videos. The video and music players on androids are garbage. It can’t come close to iOS on that perspective. It’s so simple to browse, scroll, and pick a song.

    I wouldn’t mind having a no SD slot 16 gb phone. That’s where I use my Ipod touch and mac book pro :)

    But i really hope the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a better battery. My girlfriend’s iPhone 4S owns my S3 in that perspective. Even when using power saving or a 3rd party battery app. It kills the fun of having a powerful phone like the S3 knowing you need to charge it 2-3 times a day on heavy use. My sister only needs to charge her iphone 5 once throughout the whole day on heavy use like me.

    S3 may have a bigger battery capacity than the Iphone4s and iphone 5 but it’s extremely poor on battery performance.

  • Considering cloud based storage, online based audio and video solutions I really cannot see the need for more storage than 32 or 64gb, there is just no way that the average user will need more storage than that.

  • Xperia Z is the real competition !

  • Ray59

    One of the main things is to be able to transfer apps to the memory card, this is the only thing that I do not like about the S3, no matter how much memory the device has the needto transfer appsvto the card will allways be required.

  • HTC’s screens have always been better than any of the displays Samsung have released. The One X trumped both the S3 and Note II when it came to colour accuracy.

    From someone who has had all three, and removed Sense/TouchWiz I honestly prefer the feel of the HTC devices over the plasticy feel to Samsung’s. I know a lot of people who have complained about the feel of Samsung’s devices and maybe they will take it to heart this year?

  • Fabio Lima

    A SD card only make sense if the phone has 8GB or perhaps 16 GB. Having 32GB or 64GB on board actually are a better implementation than 8 or 16 GB with SD card slot. You can do poll with as many people as you want about to have a 32GB without SD card slot and have a 16SD with card slot I guarantee you that most people will not care for SD card slot. Tech people, but regular consumer for the most part don’t. Regarding the camera technology I agree it is hard to sell the idea of ultra pixels for consumers if it is not a clear improvement. But, what you forgot to highlight is that outstanding built quality, the top notch display, the best processor in a phone, an software innovation are big positive points of the HTC one that Galaxy S4 will have a hard time to match. You are only focusing on the bad, I read more than 100 reviews on the HTC one and I disagree with you that this there is mixed impression about the phone. For more that 80% the reviews absolutely love it.

  • Derp

    You want the display king yet are happy with amoled? This is the worst article i have read on this site.

  • intvidia

    A card slot will be more than enough in addition to 1080p display. The HTC One is not an alternative. I know the fanboys will say storage is no problem, that 64GB is enough. Well, show me the 64GB models first, they will (as usual) not be available to 99% of the buyers. Only Apple make 64GB models available to the majority of buyers.

  • I have an HTC One X which I use over a Galaxy S3 that I didn’t like. I went with the S3 initially because of the SD card slot. I have learned to live without an SD card slot specially after discovering a a little app called nexus media importer and buying an OTG cable. I would still have prefered for the HTC One to have an SD card slot. This is not a question of storage as I agree that 32 and 64 GB are enough. It is a question of the flexibility in swaping files that an SD slot brings. I have an underwater camera with no Wifi, if I’m travelling and want to post my pictures on FB there is no way I can do that without an SD card slot (or an OTG setup); so the SD card slot is still a very useful feature that is plain an simple demanded by a majority of consumers. So I can’t understand why HTC does not listen to its customenrs and give us a damn SD card slot.
    Removable battery would also be nice.

  • [email protected]

    Look guys all the reports you have heard about the galaxy s4 benchmarks having a quad core has been US variants such as sprint and Verizon and a Korean version.. so most likely could only be for the US versions of the S4 and US models will possibly sport the quad and the international model expected to be i9500 may sport the Exynos 5 Octa, and the Korean version according to benchmarks i9505 will sport an upgraded Exynos Quad. Its really important to pay attention to version and model number of this upcoming device. If you run into one rumor that involves one of the models of the supposed galaxy s4’s. That rumored spec could just be for that model not all of the models.

  • Sir_Android

    Wireless charger, massive battery, the thinner the better, ultra light weight, borderless screen, octa core. That should suffice my desires. GS4 FTW

  • hubert satheesh

    As long as HTC doesnt favour a SD card storage iam NOT going to look at their way even if they produce a jewellery standard handset. Whats the use of a set without the convenience for the users? and if the HTC cant respect the ease of use for its consumers why should they bother about its phones?

  • At this point, I’m thinking that Google/Motorola wont have a chance for Q3. Samsung already has a massive consumer following, and when they release their phone people will buy the S4 before knowing about the XPhone.

  • M P

    Why would you say you don’t want buttons on your phone? The “back” button is one of the HUGE advantages android has. Having recently switched to an incredible 4g lte from the original incredible a miss the “menu” button. I’m interested to hear what you say.

  • sishir

    My god , guys I prefer HTC ad they have an internal storage of 32gb n no ad card wheree as other companies have got an inbuilt 4/8gb inbuilt storage n thats why HTC does not lag .

  • Jason Deveau

    I think Samsung should use a brushed metal, or aluminum case. I hate the GS3 case. It could be so much better.

    And why companies try to mess with Android so much is beyond me. Most people just install a Launcher from Google Play anyhow. I use Apex Launcher on my Tablet, and GoLauncher on my phone. Before I got my Windows Phone 8, which BTW I love. OS complexity is HIGHLY over rated.

  • Rob C

    Need more Storage: http://www.kingston.com/us/usb/wireless#wid add 128GB to your Phone.


    There ARE comparisions with the HTC and the Sony Xperia Z Cameras. The Z has very NOISY Blacks but the HTC is (almost) clean. Both Phones work well with bright light; so the HTC ‘wins’ IF low light performance is your Goal. HTC has a better CPU to assist with Image Processing.

    See: http://www.phonearena.com/news/HTC-One-vs-Nokia-Lumia-920-vs-808-PureView-technical-comparison_id40042 .


    Want INSTANT Updates then get the Google Flagship Device it is the ONLY way.

    Want QUICK Updates, well HTC does quite well: http://crave.cnet.co.uk/mobiles/htc-comes-top-in-android-update-study-50010043/ .

    Need more frequent Updates: http://www.cyanogenmod.org/ .


    BlinkFeed and Zoe will probably be useful. The Stereo Speakers will be great to share Videos with your Friends.


    Samsung MIGHT be able to outshine HTC but only IF they get the AMOLED and OctaCore ready next month (after MANY Reports say that they will not). They can not use the SnapDragon800 (too big a Battery drain), maybe a Tegra 4. A bigger Screen is for the Note III not the GS IV, also a Battery drainer.

    To “OUTSHINE” they would have to delay release by a few months THEN it would be possible.

  • A simple thought on when the article says “no sd card” will affect its chances…
    There is another one fruit company that does it..and i dont see anyone complaining about them and their sales are for everyone to see :)

    Another thing..Htc always has the best screen,build quality and now a great version of sense..5.0 with blinkfeed looks so much more appealing..Touchwiz is cartoony! Doesnt look professional.

  • Matt V

    m7! m7! m7!

  • quiksilver

    bring on the htc one,must buy for me day one it has live stream news that I want,great stuff htc….