Leaked: Screenshots from the Samsung Galaxy S4

by: Bams SadewoMarch 6, 2013


The leak brigade has been busy leaving trails of the Samsung Galaxy S4 here and there. Earlier today, we got a first glimpse of the phone’s smart scroll feature, though apparently it’s from a leaked Galaxy S3 ROM.

A little over a week from the official unveiling of the Galaxy S4, we now have some purported screenshots from the flagship phone, which show the main homescreen (and the ever-present TouchWiz UI), settings, device information, and more.


The screenshots seem to confirm the specs of the device, such as its (almost) 5-inch full HD display (440 ppi!) and quad-core processor, which will apparently be clocked at around 1.8GHz. Other bit of information that we can deduct from the leaked pictures — not shown above — is that it will have a 13MP camera.

As expected, the S4 will come preloaded with a chock-full of Smart features. Some of the newest additions include smart rotation and smart scroll. You can see the rest of the screenshots at the source.

Inevitably, there will be more leaks heading our way as we near March 14, though it’s unlikely that we’ll see how the device looks like in real life. In the mean time, don’t forget to check out our Galaxy S4 rumor roundup.

  • No, that’s 440PPI. Learn to maths, please.

    • B Sadewo

      Edited, thanks.

  • andres

    They are from s3 leaked 4.2.1

    • andres

      I missed question marks…..

    • Bill

      Not these pictures, it’s the other ones that show a settings screen that are from the GS3, these are from the GS4

  • MasterMuffin

    Why would they change settings/system background to white? Consumes more battery and doesn’t look nearly as nice on AMOLED as the deep black!

    • RarestName

      Maybe they want it to be similar to Tizen.

      • MasterMuffin

        But Tizen devices have AMOLED displays too

    • kascollet

      Maybe because it will not feature AMOLED screen ?

      • MasterMuffin

        NOOOOOOOO, and the same UI will come to sgs3 with AMOLED :(

      • LeoN N

        yeah..i think that maybe the reason..for me its good though..AMOLED display is still in “beta” stage in my opinion..they are great but there are some flaws that needs to be fixed before its perfect like the problem with blue subpixel

        • kascollet

          Fully agreed.

    • I thought they were not gonna use their AMOLED screen on the s4 no?

      • MasterMuffin

        Please read my reply to username “kascollet”, thanks :)

  • feres13

    This could be fake : the notification bar is bigger in the homescreen when compared to settings, and icons in settings aren’t aligned

    • Bill

      Might be on a test model or a prototype.

  • Hmm…white menu background would suggest they have moved away from AMOLED after all? But then, assuming the updated Nature UX gets pushed to older devices, would that not cause an issue with battery life? Smells a little fishy. Plus, there’s three different status bars in the three different “screen shots”. One is transparent, one is black and the other is the same grey as the S3.

  • Reader

    Thanks for posting this, but can you guys PLEEEEEEAAAASE review your articles and fix all the grammatical mistakes? It appears to be an ongoing problem on this site.

  • Jaime Larios

    Smart rotation is in 4.1.2 in GS3. IS NOT NEW.

  • G Mohal

    i want samsung to increase homescreen grid size