Confirmed: Galaxy S4 to be unveiled on March 14 in New York

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 25, 2013

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We had some reasons to believe that Samsung will choose North America to unveil the latest iteration of its flagship Galaxy S series, and today we have the official confirmation that the Galaxy S4 will make its debut in New York on March 14.

The news comes straight from the boss of the Samsung mobile division, JK Shin, who said to Edaily that the company chose New York because it was “bombarded with requests from U.S. mobile carriers to unveil the Galaxy S4 in the country.”

The American debut of the Galaxy S4 was previously suggested by rumors, as well as a tweet from noted industry insider Eldar Murtazin. It’s the first time since the original Galaxy S in 2010, which was unveiled at the now defunct CTIA convention, when Samsung picks US to launch its flagship.

The latest set of rumors announce some major changes coming to the Galaxy S4, including an LCD display instead of the marquee AMOLED, and a Qualcomm 600 chipset instead of an Exynos processor. Check out our coverage for more details.

Android Authority will be attending the New York Galaxy S4 launch event. Stay tuned for more information!

  • Bill

    There have been so many rumors, many of which are probably fake. I can’t wait to see what is actually in store! Last year there was soo many rumors about the GS3 and no one really knew the truth until the phone was actually unveiled. I’m not believing anything until March 14th! Can’t wait, counting down the days!

  • lollicup04

    I won’t believe anything until someone actually gets a real invitation with the time, location, and date

    • Bill

      A Samsung exec confirmed it to CNET. He said that US mobile carriers asked and asked for the device to be unveiled in New York, and he confirmed that their next flagship the SIV will be unveiled on March 14th in New York. The invitations are reportedly being sent out this morning.

  • Apple_guy

    Be prepared to be disappointed, folks. But seriously, there’s nothing wrong with Qualcomm or LCD….both have merits of their own.

    • Bill

      More like prepare to get blown away. The GS3 is an awesome phone so I’m sure the GS4 will be pretty amazing.

      • Apple_Guy

        The Tegra 4 just got benchmarked. It blew away the Qualcomm 600. Would it be a disappointment if the S4 can’t beat the Tegra 4 in term of speed? Would it be a disappointment if the S4 can’t match the HTC One’s 468 ppi? Would it be a disappointment if Samsung’s AMOLED technology isn’t as power efficient the IGZO screen? Would it be a disappointment if the S4 isn’t priced competitively with the HTC One? Would it be a disappointment if the LG Optimus G Pro proves to be a better phone?

        • Bill

          The Tegra 4 won’t be in phones for a while yet, and the Galaxy S4 will have 1.9 ghz higher than the HTC One’s 1.7 ghz so it will beat the HTC One in that area. It is expected to have a bigger battery than last year also. The human eye can’t distinguish over around 330 ppi, so if it has a five inch 1080p screen at 440 ppi that is plenty. The screen is still unknown, but I don’t think it will matter much whether it is AMOLED or IGZO, accept to the people who have a preference, but I doubt Samsung would put a battery hog of a screen in. I have no idea on the pricing yet, or the HTC One as far as the US. The LG Optimus G Pro has bigger screen by five inches and is more aimed at the Galaxy Note line, not the Galaxy S line. Whether its a disappointment all depends on a persons expectations. The SGS3 was a very good phone, and I think the SGS4 will be even better.

        • AMOLED is the display panel technology, IGZO is the semiconductor for the display. You can’t compare and contrast them. They’re two different pieces of technology that serve different functions. IGZO can be used to power an OLED screen panel.

  • Monji

    Keep the best for the end (: The race is not about hardware anymore since android just doesn’t lag with jellybean. Software is the key to winning this war.