Samsung Galaxy S4 international giveaway!

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 13, 2013


UPDATE – APRIL 17 2013
We have a winner Jake Siemer is the winner of the Samsung Galaxy S4 giveaway, congratulations Jake and thanks to everyone for entering our giveway. Stay tuned for more upcoming giveaways.


Today is D Day. Or should we call it S Day?

After countless leaks, crazy rumors, and an unhealthy amount of speculation, Samsung will be unveiling the new Galaxy S4 in less than 24 hours.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve worked hard to provide you with some of the best Galaxy S4 coverage on the web. We hope you enjoyed it and we want to finish it off with a bang.

We decided it’s time to reward our loyal readers with a new giveaway, and what better prize than the red-hot device that everyone is talking about? That’s right, we are giving away a Samsung Galaxy S4!

We are giving you the chance to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, and you won’t have to jump through any hooks to get it.

All you have to do to enter the sweepstakes is comment on this post!

Contest rules

  • Leave a comment to enter the contest.
  • The contest will run for 30 days, after which we’ll select the winner through a random draw.
  • One entry per household.
  • International giveaway – everyone’s welcomed!
  • No gaming the system, no cheating! We’ll be monitoring the entries.

Thank you for reading Android Authority! You push us to bring you the best of Android every day. Stay tuned, we’ll be giving away more hot devices soon!

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Thank you guys and good luck!

  • Conan Kudo (ニール・ゴンパ)

    Oh yeah, I want a Galaxy S IV!

  • Bone

    Great as always! Heheh

  • Josh

    I gotta get this!

  • Ranjith Thiru

    Ist comment the best comment, I need the s4

  • Doruk Seven

    I realy wonder how better S4 will be than S3

  • Ranjith Thiru

    Ist comment is the best comment, I need the power of S4

  • claudio sayan

    Hey hey hey!

  • Sushil

    Among the first!

  • yungqb7

    A free GS4, aww you shouldn’t have AA :-P

  • Tomáš Mundil

    Awesome Giveaway :)

  • David Mather

    I wouldn’t mind going from an S3 to S4!

  • A Griffith

    In like Flynn for the win!

  • Ranjith Thiru

    First the best to get the power of the S4

  • nebsif

    Dear god or goddess of random draws please allow me to win this fabulous GS4 to fix the injustice of my GS3 Sudden Death!

  • Mr N™

    I have a strong feeling that I’ll be the winner this time.

  • ThughunterOO7

    Would love to win it

  • Jake

    I need to upgrade my Note 1!

  • Njck Atkins

    Ohhh ohhh me me!

  • RaY [HTC One]

    Woop. Good luck to everyone!

  • Colin Fogarty

    I hope it is good! I have a s1 and have put off getting a new phone to see what the s4 has to offer. I was considering a sony experia. Also hope the crap kies is sorted.

  • chris hollis

    This would be great, i need something to replace the HTC Evo my wife is stuck with.

  • ryanmmoore

    I’m excited for the device… more so for the HTC One, but I’d love to have one to cmpare it to my S3 and my Nexus 4

    love the site, love the Hangouts on Air the best!

  • T3Kaos

    Oooooooh yeah baby! I need to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy SII! I <3 Samsung & Android!

  • Ryan MORGAN

    Please, I cracked my S3 screen, even with a screen protector and Otterbox case!

  • Kieron Quinn

    22nd comment. Lucky?

  • Dave Thornton

    Thanks for giving us plenty to read about the S4, now the only thing left is to own one. This fabulous prize would be great

  • Mathew Hudspeth

    I’m pretty sure I’ll pick up a Galaxy SIV from Verizon for my upgrade in September, but if I could win one from you guys, I could have it a lot sooner! (and stay off contract!!)

  • David Bania

    This would be a good way to part ways with Apple.

  • Adil Imam

    Lets see what inspiring idea they come up with!
    hopefully still designed for humans!

  • Wal

    Wow by surprise like this I like to visit the site several times a day

  • Helder Filipe

    Pick me :)

  • chris peri

    already? seems like you are more anxious than we are :) Give it to meeeeee!!

  • Dartz Zemo

    Oh my I want this new Galaxy SIV. Also I love that android authority make games and give prizes international, good job

  • Dovakla Olvaron

    I’m entering.

  • cjshred

    first :D hope i win, never won anything coool really.

  • Jordan Tom


  • Omar Salah

    I want that S4 so badly , gimme gimme :)

  • Ranjith Thiru

    Already subscribed to all of the AA’s social media… This time its sure that i’m gonna get lucky

  • Guest

    this will be good

  • Mathew Hudspeth

    My comment didn’t seem to show up. I promise I’m not trying to game the system, I just want to make sure I’m entered! :-)

  • Saif

    Good luck everyone! Hope I can win!

  • jephfoust

    I would love to win a Galaxy S 4

  • cjshred

    first :D hope i win!

  • Paul Barringer


  • Yasser

    Go luckkkk

  • stuart parkinson

    me me me and a capital ME why ? because my s3 has started acting the maggot again and thinks its in a freezer . ME i need it

  • Chris Parkinson

    I’d love to win the Galaxy S4! I love the content you guys are always posting on here and on YouTube. It would make me a very happy Android enthusiast. : )

  • SomeAudioGuy

    Thanks for a great contest!

  • Swesko

    Nice of you as usual, I’m in Morocco and I will be getting this device. However if I win it I will give it to my dad as a gift. Good luck everyone

  • Pecha

    ok seems legit

  • CherylRenee1031


  • J3ngarp

    So who is this new addition to the Galaxy line up designed for?

  • Stephen Thomas

    Ohh nice I hope it’s me.

  • Ranjith Thiru

    Fist one to have Photo comment

  • Esteban Provoste

    I need one please!!!

  • Adrian

    this will be good

  • Ali Musthaq

    Great news!!! :D

  • Ando Saina

    Im getting the S4!

  • Gerson Noboa

    Thank you Android Authority!

  • Chris Jeske

    Thanks for the heads-up over on G+. Keep up the good work, guys n gals.

  • Kabir Cheema


  • Mary-Faye Kecko

    This poor struggling student would SO LOVE to win this Phone!!!! I love Android Authority and I would love to be your Winner! I would take it lots of places and make lots of fun and informative posts about it!!!!!

  • Edward Sudjatmiko


  • Nikola Čejović

    Gimme! :D

  • Felix

    After owning what could possible have been the worst phone I ever owned which is now a paper weight (HD2), I was treated to the GS3 for Fathers day last year just a few days after its release and I will say I will NEVER turn away from Samsung Phones! I am beyond impressed. The crispness of the colors and fluidity of Jelly Bean goes without saying. I am NOT a fan of Apple Products and I am sooooo happy that I waited for the release of the GS3 rather than settling for a limited hard drive and customization such as that of an iphone! THANKS SAMSUNG! Can’t wait to see the GS4, I KNOW IT WILL BE AWESOME!!

    • zviki

      Worst phone ever? This phone can run Windows Mobile,Android,Windows phone 8,… And you used it to the last or this year! How many years? Some today’s phones have worse specs then HD2…
      BTW,I will ask you about Samsung next year… Oh,my current phone is Samsung.

      • Felix

        I still own the phone but once Microsoft did away with most of the functionality of windows 6.5x I began to have issues with data and voice. I am not jail breaking savvy, Any suggestions? I have it in a beautiful kickstand case. It’s in MINT condition!

    • Wang Fangyi

      What did people say about HD2. “A system HD2 cannot flash is not a good system”.

      • Joe Chung

        They even have ubuntu running on an HD2

        • Joshua Suits

          The HD2 will always be the king of smart phones. How i miss my HD2, curse that overheating issue they had.

    • Evon Gray

      HD2 is a super phone for its era. I even had Ubuntu on it.

    • Felix

      all of you that got tickled about me dissing the HD2 should just bow out of the give away and let me walk away with the GS4! I’ll gladly mail you my paper weight HD2 in its original box!

    • Sergioosh

      Many people moved from hd2 to galaxy S or Note series as a natural progress. HD2 was my first phone i kept for more than a year. It’s still one of the few capable to run everything you throw at it with the obvious exception of iOS.

    • Nancy Hanson Graham

      I had a Samsung Mesmorize and loved it. Then got an iPhone. I now have a Galaxy S2 and will never use anything but a Samsung phone again.

  • Dries Goossens

    I want one! :D

  • Oliver Church

    android authority is the best!

  • gojung


  • Sambath Phok

    Can’t wait

  • Dries Goossens

    I want!

  • Jae Judah

    i soooooooooooooooo need this!!!!!!! MINE!!!!!!!

  • Alex Holmes

    This awesome! Hope I win!

  • Pepper Ferguson

    Thanks for a chance to win

  • Adrian Walaszek

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway but are we to comment once a day or just once?

  • Yizak Perez

    I wanna win!

  • Ben Malcorps

    Im so excited!!!

  • Ranjith Thiru

    Even though a guy who has bad views on Samsung Galaxy S4’s Design will leave a comment here. The ultimate reason is “Its a Galaxy S4 Giveaway”

  • GalaxyLatino

    I want the s4

  • MasterMuffin

    I hope it’s the real deal not the one in that picture :D I’ll give you muffins for it?

  • Jonathan Donato

    Be mine.

  • Ryan Behmanesh

    I would love to have a GS4.

  • Aaron Saellam

    I’m in. Good luck everyone.

  • PXY

    I can’t to watch the coverage of the event! Lets see if Samsung can win my dedication to Sony after Z and ZL.

  • John Ruiz

    Finally a real giveaway. Hope to win!

  • Peter Bognar

    I gotta get this… Please…

  • Zeeshan

    wow.. nice :P

  • John Cassero

    In it to WIN it!

  • Omnipotentatus

    Very nice Android Authority, very nice indeed :D

  • Aaron Hardin

    commented, *obviously crosses fingers*

  • Michael Holley

    me plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

  • Jesse Leon


  • Jesse Leon


  • Thomas Dachsel

    looking forward to the new Galaxy smartphone!

  • Le

    Commenting to enter!

  • Mo

    Me Me Me please, I want S4

  • FrazerMcIntosh

    Good luck everyone! (But I’m rooting for myself:P)

  • Denise

    Great info! Free phone PLEASE!

  • Abousteif

    I want one please.

  • Gus Rodcast

    I hope to win this … pick me!

  • omar k

    leaving a comment and winning is just an awesome idea! :D
    hope to be the int this time ;)

  • Ranjith Thiru

    The comment are being given like shooting stars,…

    • Guest

      One comment only dude. Oops I made a second comment, better delete this soon! :)

      • Ranjith Thiru

        Who said its only one comment. It has just said “Leave a comment to enter the contest” & it doesn’t mean “Leave the second comment & leave the contest” :D just jokin

  • Crumbs79

    Would love to win an S4

  • Maxime Meriouma-Caron

    I want the S4

  • Julian Hart

    I’m in!

  • Banim Goldberg

    I hope I it win and good luck to everyone!

  • Allan Jones

    Pretty excited to see the new features. Hope I win!

  • Jeff Anders

    I’m still using a feature phone – so I really need this!

  • Mika Uytdewilligen

    I would love to win

  • Kyle Wagner-Lau

    Hey pick me :)

  • Sakari Korpinen

    Yes please

  • Isa Alfoulath

    good luck

  • Leonard Bryan

    Samsung Galaxy S4 baby.. come to me!!!

  • Linton Harris


  • dezmond

    count me in!

  • KevinZ

    Would be great to win the Galaxy S IV :)

  • Allen Li

    God bless me!

  • iggi poppop

    I can’t afford to upgrade my s3 yet, please let me win :-)

  • iggi poppop

    I can’t afford to upgrade my s3 yet, please let me win :-)

  • Phillip Meyers

    Now that would be one awesome prize.

  • Phillip Meyers

    Now that would be one awesome prize.

  • Brian Liu

    Pick me! =)

  • Brian Liu

    Pick me! =)

  • Tomas Borovka

    I want my new Galaxy. It would be my first not low end, not china phone. Love your site and good luck :)

  • Tomas Borovka

    I want my new Galaxy. It would be my first not low end, not china phone. Love your site and good luck :)

  • Ranjith Thiru

    The comment counter is running like a millisecond counter

  • Daniel Mendiola

    my precious….

  • Lisa Washington

    please, choose me. I have a samsung droid charge that is aged. Not eligilbe for a up grade. Please, Please with sugar on top choose me.

  • Kat Heck

    Please Give it to me =)

  • Michael Jeremy Brown


  • Johnny Dominguez

    Please please please let me win that S4.

  • Nicholas Couloute

    Galaxy S 4 is one sexy phone. I would love to get one of these!

  • Paul Miznai

    It will blow everybody mind away.

  • Anthony Sanders

    I want this….I need this…

  • Pawan Deep Singh

    cant wait,, s4 would be awesome,. proud owner of s3

  • Carl McPherson

    Pick me. I need a decent phone to take photos of my newborn daughter.

  • Adrian Aurelio

    Being the first in Australia would be awesome

  • Adrian Aurelio

    Being the first in Australia would be awesome

  • jasperjoey

    Awesome! Hopefully I win!

  • Tpats

    Sounds great! If it looks anything like the picture up there I won’t be disappointed!

  • Tpats

    Sounds great! If it looks anything like the picture up there I won’t be disappointed!

  • Ian Fong

    hope i win

  • Ian Fong

    hope i win

  • Andrei Dudau

    I still have the original Galaxy S. I guess it’s time to move on.

  • ICDeadPpl

    One Galaxy S4, please! :-)

  • Sergio Pinho

    i would love it!!

  • Matthijs Kaminski

    Be mine! Please

  • Balvinder Makkar

    lol…phone is not yet even released and you guys came up with a great giveaway..
    you guys are simply awesome..
    thanks for keeping us up-to date with all the android news and rumors.

  • Vladimir Kenzo Sasaki

    Lucky, lucky, lucky!

  • Márk Domoszlai

    Give dat phoen.

  • Syed Navaid Zafar

    Please give it to me, I never got hands on something like that…!!

  • Michael Loser

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Andraz Pirnovar

    Mostly I am unlucky, but lets give it a shot. Tbh this is the first Galaxy S that I will not get on the first day when they become available. Would still love to have it tho.

  • Jan Wels

    Precious… me wants it

  • Undeadwolfy

    Can has GS4 mebe?

  • Alexander Louie

    Pick me!

  • Miguel Angel Cadavid Parra

    galaxy s4 woohoo

  • Arries

    I needs me a new phone =( haha

  • Thomas Zitzler


  • Paul Sakal

    That’s good!! :)

  • JGaLaXY

    Gimme Gimme Gimme…

  • Chad Stocks


  • daniel

    Android rules…. samsung is the best

  • Melissa Shakes-Cub Pohl

    I have been looking forward to this phone ever since the galaxy s3 was out. I was just hoping I’d have the cash by the time the S4 came out :D

  • alangodzilla


  • Ranjith Thiru

    Everyone here is screeming like “choose me… Choose me….” @AA, Does your random picker stub has “Ears”??

  • Gustavo Camacaro

    DO WANT! In Venezuela this won’t be easy to obtain! I would love to have THE greatest smartphone out there!

  • Aaron Anderson

    GS4 looks like a beast and i would love to own one of them!

  • Inside

    Be mine :-(

  • Blaine Magee

    please please please

  • James Draper

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • bornbreadcheesehead

    Thanks for a chance to be picked! SG 4

  • Jihoon

    can’t wait for S4

  • Bogdan Marius Petcu

    I want it, pick me!!

  • David Davtyan

    Wow !!! What a nice title !!!

  • Rajiv Lutchman

    In it to win it!

  • christian wilson


  • Antti Pitkänen

    yes please one (or more) galaxy s4 here :P

  • Joey C

    I would like to have one of these Galaxys (Galaxies?), please….

  • Ulrik Djurtoft

    Good idea with this giveaway!

  • Joel wolcott

    Would luv a s4

  • Tommy kohkoh

    A free s4…. hell yeah!

  • Ally Jaden Aboubakri

    How much will cost that S4?

  • David

    just give it to me :)

  • Mike Russell

    Yes, I could have that.

  • Joshua Santos

    let me have that s4

  • Brad G.

    I want it

  • Mada Mamaz Boy Sakwiya

    owning the gs4 wud be a dream come true

  • Choco Na Justine

    ganaha ana wOiiiii!!!

  • Simon Lam

    Need an upgrade from my S2!

  • Intan Munirah Hamdan

    I love the Galaxy S series and would love a free GS4!! :-D

  • einnar

    Sign me up!!

  • QBall3

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • JeongHoon Ahn

    Cool. I love my GNote2 and look forward to seeing what Samsung brings to us.

  • Jordan Soriano

    Never have I tried a Samsung Galaxy device… Would love to try the latest and greatest

  • José GonzálezD’Amico

    A brand new Galaxy SIV, why not?

  • Novca

    Hi there!

  • Arggers

    Yes please, I’d like to win one. Thanks :)

  • samrat barman

    Have been a sammy user from galaxy s…. presently using da s3.. and now i want the s4… i want it bad.. this beast is mine

  • Dinik Banciu

    Good job with the reviews so far guys. Really big fan of your work.

  • Bartek Kordalski

    From Poland with love

  • Michael Carr

    Wow I would love this. Thanks so much guys!

  • android fun 1

    I’ve won, I’ve won.

  • Sajjad Ahmad

    I want it!!

  • Bert Ji


  • dupont2009

    It is very similar to the S4 for ))))))

  • Michi

    perfect, now with a little luck i win :D

  • i

    S4 eh? I’m down!

  • mrdavidpayne

    im all in on this one!

  • bigdaddytee

    Oh yes…oh god yes!

  • Bilal Ibn Akram El-Jamal

    Omg yes! My s2 needs to retire!

  • Raúl Fernando Dubini

    i’m gonna win

  • Stephanie Verret-Roy

    Ohhh…. I’d love to upgrade my phone! :3

  • Eoin McCluskey

    oh holy good god……………. there is a new pope huh

  • Alex Prawecki

    What I wouldn’t do for a Galaxy S4…. no really, you’d be surprised ….

  • Prashant Kumar


    • Ranjith Thiru

      If it takes 45k ???

  • Erald Zerba


  • Tiisetso Mosala

    First time with a Android (GS3 i9300) device, been flashing ROMs. Love it. Devs are going to move onto the new Galaxy now. :-( .

  • Wouter Hooghiemstra

    Would love to get my hands on an s4!

  • Brandon Kaishu Hamilton

    Gimme dat galaxies

  • Ranjith Thiru

    A wealthy guy donates some for a needy == AA’s SGS4 giveaway to one of Million followers —->Interesting<—-

  • Keith Allen Kueber

    I’m excited!

  • Kenneth Ng

    Looking for to see the GS4.

  • Aiden Bridges

    Would love to win this, could do with a new phone!

  • Guest

    yayyyy! I want one soo bad!

  • youssef jbili

    I really really hope to win ( this will be the first time i ever win something )

  • Jefrey Loyd M. Panganiban

    pls pls pls i want this for my birthday

  • Robert Cheyne

    Love it!! Want it!! Need it!!

  • Stipe Hodak

    Time to upgrade my SGS2 :)

  • Alejandro L. Zuvic

    I don’t like big smartphones.

    • Ranjith Thiru


  • Joshua Barta

    Can’t wait to see what Samsung announces tomorrow, but it’s bound to be amazing.

  • Michel Strichel

    Her damit!

  • keith

    I want one plz!

  • Ali Abiyar

    no one need it more than me!! :D

  • Niven Ranchhod

    Gimme gimme gimme!
    Please please please!

  • Gleb Babitski

    Android rocks!

  • siddharth bachkaniwala

    Thanx Android Authority(AA) for the give away.. m from india n would really love some love coming this way from AA. I’m a gr8 fan of galaxy phones n believe they r one of the best in business. Would be really happy to win S4. Thanx again.

  • Garwynn

    *raises hand* Oooh, oooh, me! Pick me, boiss! I can doit!

  • Jay Holm

    Jason Holm
    I want the Galaxy S4 because I currently have the Samsung Droid Charge, it is very, very dated, and the S4 would be a really big spec & software jump for me.
    S4! S4! S4! S4! S4!

  • Niraj Adhikari

    ship it to me already!

  • Reshma pasumarthi

    Be mine

  • Edward Eatman

    yes please. and thank you in advance.

  • Isaac Medina

    I would absolutely love a GS4!

  • markkram

    Better than lottery. Looking forward to new s4 :-)

  • Bill

    Would love a new Samsung Galaxy S4! :)

  • Michael Carr

    Wow I would love this. Thanks guys!

  • Jaykrishnan G

    This is going be soooooo awesomeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Best of luck to all

  • Craig Diller

    i want one

  • Diogenes Jimenez

    I’m in.

  • Ranjith Thiru

    I think the DISQUS Server would crash today… :D

  • Victor Rolando Orellana

    Please, please, can I get one? I am from Belize. I would really love for you to kindly give me one because I cannot afford it. Thanks a Million for your kind heart!!!

  • master5hake

    Here’s to the luck of the draw

  • kamote

    Amazing :))

  • Jozef Plavnický


  • Mitesh Jariwala

    i want this phone!

  • Marco Barbieri


  • Raul Sabou

    Hope I win! I’m a bit sad that in 24h, I won’t be having the newest gadget from Samsung anymore.

  • Tony Duque

    I need one!

  • Kimchi91

    Me want!!

  • Ravi Vaghella

    Lookin forward to playin with GS4!

  • Ian Calvin

    i would love to win

  • Jamie Turner

    hope i win recently took a massive chunk out of the side of my S3 when i dropped it onto broken concrete screen is fine and it works ok just looks pretty horrible (atleast to me nobody else notices it unless i point it out)

  • Michael Kendall

    Would love one!

  • Said Tamadla

    I think this is the last time I will have taken part in such a contest since I have never won any device. I really hope it is my turn.

  • Komeil Karimi

    01101100 01100101 01110100 00100111 01110011 00100000 01110011 01100101 01100101 00100000 01110111 01101000 01100001 01110100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01100111 01100101 01110100 01110011 00100000 01110101 01110011

  • Richard Tsai

    I really want the Samsung Galaxy S4

  • Jeremy Tremiseaut

    that’s so cool that you guys are doing a giveaway . i hope i’m gonna win but i don’t think so . greetz from belgium ;-)

  • Ugo Marceau

    This is basically a blind game. We’re all hoping to win a device that we know nothing about officially ! Anyway, I’m in !

  • Jerzy Zagórski

    Thanks god, that you don’t have to come up with any stupid stories to enter the giveaway. I hate that :)

  • Hunter Jennings

    I want this so bad right now.

  • sica_nampyeon

    there’s nothing wrong with giving it a try, add me up!! XD

  • Joe Sargent

    30 days from now give me a free S4

  • Malerin11

    Great prize – pick me please

  • Marcus Kearns

    Hopefully this device will be the final nail in the coffin for the reign of the IPhone

  • Kobus Meyer

    Its my birthday :)

  • James Armstrong

    Stoked for this phone!

  • Fernando Carranza

    Queriendo un S4 desde El Salvador =D Saludos

  • Anton Beasley


  • Fenton Belk

    Way past time for an upgrade I would love an S4

  • Jules Landry-Simard

    Me please!

  • Azam Shaikh

    i am so excited to hold sgs4 in my hands <3

  • Vinnie

    Another GREAT give a way! Thanks guys!

  • Irfan Mohammad

    i would love to win one

  • john

    My first “smart” phone: Galaxy, the current smartphone: Galaxy S.
    I think I deserve an upgrade ;)

    • Guest

      dude that’s exactly my case ;)

      • john

        Galaxy S lasts forever right? Seriously, 5yrs on, without a single case.

        One tough bastard.

        • Ivan Myring

          5 years? It was released in 2010

          • Oscar Muhr


          • john

            lol, I meant Galaxy.
            Wouldn’t be surprised if my Galaxy S lasts 5 years.

        • Carlos R. Gonzalez Murcia

          G1 … and I’m not bragging about it…

    • CJ Schneider

      My first “smart” phone was a Treo x’D … Oh… Windows Mobile… Then to HTC Evo 4G , up to Samsung Galaxy S3

  • Rawand Ahmed

    100% sure that I won’t gonna win, but I will at least give it a try.

  • Faiz

    Trying my luck

  • Pkmmte

    I don’t care how the S4 will be like, just… SHUT UP AND TAKE MY COMMENT!

    I’m already upset from not being able to a Google I/O Ticket. =/

    • Muhammad Zubair Waqar

      I was about to say the exact same thing and then i saw this comment. now i have to come up with a new one

    • tBs_Battousai

      it’s a shame they don’t do an international I/O as there’s no way I can afford the air fair and the ticket, plus hotels etc…

      I’m sad now :(

      • Pkmmte

        We’re all sad pandas now.. u.u

        I was actually planning my trip to IO ever since last year. I already had a place where to stay and the car trip ready. >.<

        Oh well, we always have Livestreaming.

    • daniel sosa

      As Pkmmte said… SHUT UP AND TAKE MY COMMENT!

  • Shaun Dutchy Davis

    oh yes lord!!! :D

  • MarcusJosiah

    The best place for anything Android. Would love to win this.

  • Ethan G

    Count me in!

  • Raku

    pls be mine

  • Carlos Bracamonte

    please be gentle, i want to win

  • Liviu Cuvinciuc

    I want one

  • Olliem

    This will be the best phone on the market

  • Calvin Tran

    Here goes my chance

  • Omer Ben Shushan

    wow!! this is awesome!

  • jackinthegreen11

    I will take it. I will take the Samsung Galaxy S4 to Mordor.

  • mlinsen1

    I am so excited for the S4 (finally making the iphone –> android switch). Only 275 comments now, but by the time the month is over there will be so many more! Stop commenting, everyone! :)

    • Ranjith Thiru

      But who will obey your orders :(

  • Copernicus Steven-Shoemacher N

    I’m in!

  • Anthony

    Eh, sure, why not.

  • pab69

    Drownling over the new S4

  • Jeff B


  • AK

    Why not?

  • Andrea Turner

    I need my husband to crossover to Android instesd of the Jitterbug, lol.

    • Ranjith Thiru

      Then buy it from stores & gift him one, lol

  • Nick Grover

    I am really looking forward to seeing what the S4 can do, in comparison to my curent S2, which felt like living in a sci-Fi Future when I first got it.

    • Ranjith Thiru

      Thats really right, since I experienced the same when I bought LG Optimus 2x after Dell Streak.

  • Naids

    Chose me…. chose me! Pls!

  • Adam Knutson

    Galaxy S4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ThinkingBrian

    The Samsung Galaxy S4 is going to be a hit with consumers with hopefully some impressive specs and its future proof. I’m in.

  • sbromagem

    It’s about time for an upgrade

  • Natale Giuliano Mainieri

    i never win… :/

  • David Loman

    Well, may the luckiest Android Authority follower win. Greetings to all from Mexico. If I don’t win it I’ll probably be considering the HTC One. All we have now regarding the looks of the S4 are renderings and unofficial leaks. If it looks as the leaks, it looks the same as the S3. Can’t wait until tomorrow to find out all the specs.

  • WSJ

    I want one! =)

  • Sean Smith

    I want one!!!!!

  • Thomas Vales

    I would love a Galaxy S IV :)

  • Mariano Sorgente

    I would Love to get a get a Galaxy s4!! :D

  • Benedict / ベネディクト


  • Najib Meleschi

    The galaxy s4 will crush whatever iPhone has up their sleeves

  • Jodie Johnson


  • Dan Cahalane

    Thank you android authority for the chance to win this.

    • Ranjith Thiru

      I like this polite way of entry :)

  • MitchNelson

    I will gladly accept

  • Jonathan Bennett

    Please consider me! :)

  • Todor Velichkov

    You guys rockz!

  • techdan1989

    Who am I to decline an invitation to win one of these still unseen devices! I’m in…

  • Chad Gitchel

    I think this would be a superb new device to continue my hunt for the truth in Ingress! I need to find out what this Niantic Project is really all about!

  • Felix Göhringer

    Who wouldn’t want a S4? :D

  • Tin Vo

    Digital signature right here.

  • Sam Tree

    it’s time to say goodbye to the og evo 4g

  • Loukas Nikas

    I really want this phone….

  • Kim M

    What a great give-a-way (and I like the not a ton of hoops to jump thru)

  • mrshiat


  • Sven Schubert

    count me in for a S4, time to replace my good old N900. ;-)

  • Pranav Mahendra

    YOLO!!! lol

  • Joshua Wise

    I don’t win stuff, but it’s random so why not. Thanks.

  • Sasha Blue

    Great giveaway!

  • Mauricio Paladines Caicedo

    gimme i want one bad

  • Samuel Greenwald

    giz me a galazy s 4 cauze iwants me one

  • SamerMouj

    Time to take down the US market with Samsung!! Can’t wait to see the new phone! Good luck to all

  • Spyros Giotakis

    I would love to have a GS4

  • rocker

    i will win people

  • Malthus John

    Thanks for the chance to win the S4!

  • Dennis Munding

    Samsung Galaxy S4 for my firstborn child… Sure why not?

  • Michael

    I’m game

  • Pedro Izaguirre

    Yeah, tomorrow it’s the big day! count me in

  • Carol Stockall

    Social media rocks, smartphones rule! Yeah Samsung!

  • Gabe Andrews

    Here is my comment. Now feel free to select me for winner

  • Eric Moyer

    I would love to have one!!! Also I thank you for always having great up to date info!!!

  • Jorge Martinez

    I would absolutely love an S4! I’m a super nice guy I should totally have one!

  • Kyle Rojas

    Samsung Galaxy S4 would be amazing for me!

  • Razvan

    I just want it !

  • Linete Silva Abreu

    After I got my first Galaxy S on Valentines Day in 2010, I fell in love with Samsung and the Galaxy. As it started getting too slow for me, I decided to get the Galaxy SIII on the first day it came out here on the island! I LOVE my Galaxy SIII and am soooo excited to see what the next generation Galaxy smartphone has in store for us Samsung Galaxy Lovers!!!

    • Ranjith Thiru

      You have skipped S2, similarly skip S4 too :D

  • Anthony Ramos Quinones

    =D I want!

  • Don

    I need this so bad…. Leaving my bb 9900 behind

  • Óscar Fernández

    Following you from Spain!
    You´re awesome!

  • Arjun

    I wish I could get one

  • Hamzah Malik

    Hmm the S4 hopefully it delivers and if it does it would be a great device.

  • Patrick Tudela

    I’m all in!!!

  • tuqueque

    Great idea and such an easy way to enter the contest… Sign me up!

  • Mike McMullan

    Awesome! Looking forward to it

  • hurric

    wow..crazy..nice..good luck..

  • Karen Ang

    I have the Samsung S3 but an upgrade the S4 is great!

  • Jenia Brook

    I want GSIV!!! :)

  • Tobias Emil Damgaard Madsen

    My old S2 wants a big brother…. Some one who can take care of him and will love him like a father. He feel so lonely and just wants some company. He has scratched his back against the rough stone on the street, and the scars in his face makes it hard for him to see. He just wants love from someone who knows him and loves him. Please give him a caring friend <3

    • Ranjith Thiru

      Then get a New Samsung Galaxy S2+ ;)

  • Vivian Lobo

    Me me me… With a broken S3 this will be awesome

  • Smolich Dima

    Hi all just posting my chance for the s4.

  • Marco Costa

    I would love to have a GS4.

  • juboodi

    I’m feeling lucky!

  • Stewart W. Lew

    Would like very much to win this. Would be great to see improvements in build quality and screen best the GS3

  • Hellmanor

    It’ll be nice if you choose me :) Galaxy S4 will help me in work on polish android-based site :)

  • Pavel

    This is going to be awesome

  • Mhp

    Need to be the first user!

  • Solomon Taiwo

    Well, let’s try, I seriously need an upgrade from my galaxy ace.

  • Patrick Schöppl

    Jea :-) AWESOME!

  • João Pedro Santos

    I’m in :)

  • BabyGerald

    I need this! I’ve only had my S3 for three months and it’s already old news.

  • Alexis De Peña Mejia

    Great!!!..almost there “Juanita”, almost there…

  • Iulian Popescu

    waiting for the new super-sized sgs iv

  • Erik Lillvik

    I have a note 2 & a tab 2 now a galaxy 4 would be great

    • Ranjith Thiru

      Do you have XXXL size pockets in your trousers I guess ;)

  • Prabhat

    Want one.

  • Joseph Vento

    I will be the envy of all my friends !

  • Syed

    Im in :)

  • Yozer

    I doubt I’ll win. lol

  • Ryuuka Himura

    Android Authority FTW!! Such perfect timing since I’m in need of a new device! Thanks for the opportunity to win! :D

  • Ana Isabel Lima

    I’m in :)

  • JoseManuel Peña

    Let’s give it a try, not that I’m usually lucky in this kind of giveaways. Nice moment to change my luck (wink, wink)

  • Klingen

    Hardcore iPhone user thinking of changing side. This would definitly do it for me :)

    • Ranjith Thiru

      A Hardcore iPhone user shud always be a Hardcore iPhone user better dont come in our way :)

  • Mohammadroid

    I am waiting the S IV since i bought my lovely S III, i hope i get this one from you ;-p

  • Neil Lund

    Sweet giveaway is sweet!

  • Denis Levesque

    I have the S2 and would LOVE the S4!

  • Boris Rosengarten

    Nice, the best phone of 2013!

  • Chris Parkinson

    Might as well try my luck to win the best phone of 2013! Thanks Android Authority for for the great content so far! Would be awesome to win!

  • Arthur

    Thanks ANDROID AUTHORITY, just because of you i’m going to be up to date with new Samsung Galaxy S4 :)

  • nex

    Sign me up!@!@!@!@!

  • Emad Khoury

    The best device ever made!! I’d love to have the magical S4

  • Amaresh C

    Go GS4 Go!!!!!

  • Admir Dado Dulas

    Hope to get it :)

  • Domenic Portuesi

    I Hope i win!

  • Davor

    I have left a message.

  • sinyopous


  • rowan

    My old phone will go straight to the pool room!

  • Rich Germain

    If I win, I’ll finally have a phone better than my wife’s! (yes, I do realize just how emasculating that sounds)

  • kg11

    30 days? 260 comments already in a fraction of a day.

    • Ranjith Thiru

      Now its just 10260 comments… These comments have half life I guess..

  • Armand Kronos

    I’m in.Wish me luck :D

  • ian

    I’m in

  • Warren Clarmont

    Would love a new GS4!

  • Nathan Judas

    Sign me up!

  • Bluemoogle Anj

    just leave any comment?

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    Count me in! Thanks for a good site!

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    Gimme That Beast!!

  • Lnn

    Yes I want one!

  • Geoff Campbell

    Free stuff Yay!

  • Yoandy Sánchez Najarro

    Well, the only way I could afford to have a Galaxy S4 would be by winning this contest. It seems to be the best device reaching the market these days. Good luck everybody.

    • Ranjith Thiru

      Rightly said… Nowadays Smart phones are attaining new roof-top pricings

  • Izzy

    My Galaxy SII is dying, this would be sweeeeet!

  • Geek_News

    I just can’t wait to get hands on it and on JB 4.2. My GS3 will have to suffer in silence until I hand it down to someone in need.

  • Khalil

    Me me me…
    I’ve been waiting for this phone for ages but unfortunately right now I can’t afford to buy a new phone as my economic stance is really going downwards…Hope I get 1 :D

  • Steve Pilgrim

    Having struck out with the Google I/O 2013 registration, let’s turn out attention to Android, new phones and new apps. Ready to leave HTC for this new Samsung!

  • Pako77

    I Win!

  • cody wolf

    I win?:)

  • themattbradley1

    Interested to see what Samsung finally unveils.

  • Neil bailey

    Love to win the sgs4,look forward to watching the showing of the phone on sites as I live in the UK :-D

  • Johnny Riddick

    I would love to get a hold of this. ..

  • Jonathan Marcus

    Pick me!

  • sivle

    if u give me the galaxy IV ill give u my car!! sounds like a good trade hum?? my car its a ferrary :P

  • Ryan Houdek

    The Samsung Galaxy S4 will potentially be the first phone that can run the Dolphin Gamecube/Wii emulator at reasonable speeds. Hopefully I win it so I can do my development on it. by the way.

  • Navin Vaz

    Now that we have a new Pope. Lets have the new Galaxy!

  • Eduardo

    I would be grateful if I won, so I could give this as a gift to my dad because he loves samsung

  • Lemuel Landicho

    Lucky me!

  • Luis Casares

    Let’s hope I win!

  • vbanagas

    You guys are amazing for doing this!

  • Nicandro Filho

    Me! Pick Me! Me! Me!

  • Nate


  • David Wintle

    Oh, yes please!!!

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    Awesome…Galaxy s4 <3

  • Artur Mendes

    S4 Giveaway? Count me in =) the phone will be amazing!

  • marco ortiz

    OMG please pick me!! pick me!!!, i would love to get my hands on the new S4, i have my galaxy note and i recently installed 4.1. and its just a new phone, cant imagine what will Samsung bring with this new device!!

  • James Abdul-Hefta Sutherland

    Sure, why not.

  • Brad Sheen

    Hope I can win the Samsung Galaxy s4! Looks mad nice, I need it to send to North Korea as a peace treaty. Hopefully the S4 will calm Kim Jong Il’s nuclear wants. IDK what I just said. I just want the phone.

  • Gorea Vlad

    ther’s no harm in dreaming (except if you want it to bad you just get to disapointed) :(

  • lasbgdfvc

    this phone is going to be awsome

  • Marc Agosin

    Love my Galaxy s3, but there are some problems unfortunately and cannot wait for the S4, Hopefully will fix all of that.

  • Igor Danilovic

    Hm,just whoke up,an readed this…still dreaming i supose :D just pick me,and i will create AA sing in center of my town…Hi from Europe…

  • Bobby Scott

    KaySaDillas! Ok that was my comment, but I’m curious about of there’ll be a Note 3.

  • Nelson Alejandro Contreras

    Well, Good luck everybody. Gotta love AA and their giveaways. Oh and I’m really needing a phone upgrade.

  • shapedthought

    I’d LOVE a S4, need a new tech hit to keep my addiction under control!

  • Rolando Cruz

    I might be buying a phone for my wife soon. I hope that the GS4 would be as good as GNote 2 which I am currently using.

  • Fabián Rivadeneyra

    Estoy con grandes expectativas, excelente servicio!!!

  • Christian Collet

    Awesome! Thanks

  • Kenny Raymes

    i had the fascinate and still use it as a media device

  • Oliver Leete

    Why would anyone not try and get free stuff

  • Steve

    If I Got It… I Wouldn’t Flog It!… Just Love It :-)

  • Leaf1737

    I would love to win an S4, Planning on purchasing one anyway so this would help my wallet.

  • Yo Mo

    Here is the comment.

  • Jonathan Perry

    I’m up for anything free! And I don’t have to worry about the contests on here being scams!

  • Nicks Darkroom

    I would absolutely LOVE to win an S4 to give to my wife who HATES her iPhone 5

  • Derrick Ang

    Can’t wait for s4. Being the best phone of 2012, the s3. It sure has a lot of stakes to live up to. I’m glad it is gonna have a bigger screen. After my initial use of s3 and switching it to note 2. I would have to say s3 seems small to the touch and that note 2 is slightly too big IMO. 5 inch would be the sweet spot for smartphones in the years to come. Would be awesome to win a s4 in AA. A big hello from singapore here :)

  • Zygimantas Banaitis

    Commento, commento, commento.

  • JonathanMazzapicchio

    I promise I will set Android Authority as my home page on all my devices if you pick me :D

  • Eric

    This will be a great cross between the SIII and the Note 2. Looking forward to seeing it!

  • Steven

    Please send one down under ;)

  • Robert Jackson

    I would love to win….

  • Shahid Mia

    You have tried the rest now try the best

  • Dominic Rodriguez

    I hope this phone fix all the little bugs s3 had i dont have any complaints on the s3 its a nice phone i really like it. I just hope s4 comes with new cool features. Thank u guys for bringing all this info to us. Keep up the good work :-)

  • Joe Sullivan

    I want one.

  • geo katsa

    well i love samsung… tv and all galaxies 1 2 3 and hope for 4…. oh i forgot the 10″ tablets… and tablet note

  • Georgi Angelov

    Well I can’t say that I don’t want this phone! :)

  • erikiksaz

    Count me in

  • Brenner Vieira

    I really want this!!! I still have a Galaxy 5! D:

  • Mazeeka

    hook me up!

  • TaniaConroy

    Samsung Galaxy S4 + Portland OR + ME = A new name for Multitasking… I will be able to do EVERYTHING with my new S4. I cant wait!

  • Tuomas Nurmi

    take my comment pleace :-)

  • Sam S4

    I would really like the New Samsung Galaxy 4

  • sunshineby

    I personally am ready for the new Sammy. I’ve been on all sorts of phones, but hey, Let’s give is a try!

  • Rishabh Goyal

    my old galaxy s desperately needs a big brother !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me wants……

  • Jean Charles

    I’d love it..

  • dmorilloc

    Count me in!!! After almost two years with the galaxy i9100, at last i can get my hands on the SIV!!!

  • flash608

    Why do our dreams changes so often? I`ve dreamed about SGS2 (have it) and now SGS4… if only money wouldn`t be any problem i would get one ASAP ;)

  • Tommy Liu


  • ElVacan

    Yea baby

  • Josh

    I’ll take it!

  • tbro4033

    I’ve never been totally satisfied with my Razr Maxx HD…send me an S4!

  • Jason

    It’s nice to see an international giveaway! As a Canadian I always get excited then bummed out when I see it’s USA only. Fingers crossed!

  • Ali Abdelkerim

    Count me in.

  • Mark Bailey

    Ooh me please!

  • saenta

    hope I’ll have luck this time…

  • Robert de Sequera

    What? I’ve been randomly picked?

    (for when I win.) :D

  • Miguel

    I want that samsung!!!

  • Vito DiNatale

    Samsung is making the best phones right now! I’ve been using a rooted Galaxy Nexus but am ready for a new phone ( Galaxy S4)

  • Toan Phan

    !!!!!!!!S4S4S4S4S4 I NEED IT NOW !!!!!!!S4S4S4S4S4S4

  • Adam Wilson

    I’m in.

  • Adam Keskey

    Let me know if I win

  • Todd

    I would trade in my note 2 for an s4

  • Noel Flores

    cannot wait for S4

  • Jonathan Mendez

    Omg I want that phone so freaking bad please let me have it or else I will die

  • Juan Cuartas

    I want one.

  • Mariano Vila

    My wife has an iphone 3Gs and it sucks… need the GS4 to give it to her and let her know what she is missing. I have a GS3.

  • cavemanriley

    Please, please, please, please, please.

  • Emilio Ruiz

    Thanks for my new phone


  • Dominick S.

    Would very much love to win one. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • terminator

    Been with the Samsung Galaxy Series right from the begining, and followed Android Authority since forever. I’D LOVE THE S4

  • replexXx

    I’m using my S2 for almost 2 years and I hope the S4 will do it even better/longer!

  • Alex

    After owning a terrible Motorola through Verizon, this is the only phone I could possibly want. The ability of an unlocked superphone is a Android aficionado’s dream.

  • Sergio García

    Hope I win. Another Thai winner would break my heart. Good luck!

  • Manuel Melgar

    The best smartphone this year. Samsung will not disappoint us this time, it will shine over all the others, and it will be the King of Smartphones once again with it’s great display, more than enough RAM and all the exclusiveness of the best brand: Samsung.

  • Matej

    Great site ! I love that you do international giveaways.

  • James Paese

    I really love my S3, but I would LOVE to have an S4! I’d love to see what improvements they’ve made on the S3! Not to mention that my daughter would just love to get her mitts on my S3! LOL!

  • Cynthia

    I would luv the new Galaxy phone ! I have had the best experience with Samsung. ♥♥♥ Love Galaxy ♥♥♥

  • Daniel Petersen

    I would like a new phone :-)

  • qarnain

    i want to see what makes s4 awesome smart phone s0 give it to me so that i can chek it

  • Trta

    that’s so cool not even out and you guys are giving one :)

  • Modena1983

    Sign me up!

  • Santeri Liukkonen

    Haha, nice :) By the way, who won the Nexus 4 ? O.O

  • Nech

    Here’s my comment.

  • Chris

    Loving me some S4

  • David Carr

    My GS3 is awesome but a GS4 would be awesomer ;)

  • Ryan Rossit

    An upgrade would be a nice grad present!!

  • blu522

    good luck :D. hope to getting rid of my s2.

  • YanHao Wong

    Even if I don’t win, at least GS3’s will be receive a price drop ;)

  • Harmon Mick Mendoza

    Currently im using an old nokia x2 phone,and its been with me for 2 years already. I wish I can upgrade my phone! :)

  • Greg Cardall

    Can I get a side of fries with that?

  • HugoMathee

    Desire -> Galaxy S2 -> Galaxy S4, I could live with that… Thanks AA

  • Hernan Gonzalez

    I miss my Galaxy S3 that I paid $600 for only for it to get bricked I would love to win this, please

  • Al_borealis

    I think it will be better than the HTC one

  • Bradley Bertrim


  • Marc-Olivier Arbour

    Man, I can’t wait to put my hands-on the new GS41

  • Corey Deane

    Thanks for all the info guys. I have the gs3 and I love it. Can’t wait to get the s4

  • Sergio Rodriguez

    I want to win, I want to win, I want to win but I never win “snif” “snif” so sadly

  • Wilson Mah

    can’t wait for this phone to come out. bailing from the apple ship for good!

  • abdulwahab alqatami

    Love the galaxy line can’t wait to get the s4

  • Melvin Rollings

    Free S4 from Sammy, sounds yummy :-)

  • Dimitar Dermendzhiev

    I become a big fan of Samsung when they lunched Samsung Galaxy S II
    I knew it that this phone will lead Samsung to a great success
    I was expecting Galaxy S III but I didn’t buy it when they lunch it just because of the design. I really hate this egg style design and I really hope S IV to be similar to S II not to S III so I can buy it otherwise I will hope to win this giveaway because I don’t want to give money for something which I don’t like how it looks. Well some of you will ask so why the hell you participate in this giveaway. It’s just because I already said i become a big fan of Samsung and never had S phone.
    Good luck to everybody and keep going with all that useful information which I post every day guys! I read you every day and that’s how I understand for upcoming mobile devices and everything else. Sorry for my English too.

  • Relio Garcia

    Man I really want this. Can’t wait to see what Samsung comes up with this time .. So exciting!!

  • Ahmad Abo Bakr

    OK i’ll take it

  • Anthony Hughes

    Time to put an end to iphone reign!!!

  • TamW

    Pick me.. I love Samsung and I love android

  • Justin Skipper

    I would enjoy a phone with an unlockable bootloader. Verizon and their droid series have pulled me in time and time again.

  • Gooon01

    This is awesome! I want it.

  • Charitos Andreou

    Why not me?

  • Tom Vochten

    s444444444444444444444444444444444444444 :p
    I want one of those super sized, extremely fast and stunningly stylish smartphones :)

  • Will

    Oooohhh yeahhh please!

  • Guyo Cantu

    Happy owner of SAMSUNG GALAXY Note II . Love to have GS4 for my mom.

  • Jamie D


  • Ali Baha

    I want it so bad !

  • Christos TSt

    Could be a change to my Xperia S..

  • Martijn

    Cant’t wait to see what the S4 will look like and what the specs will be! Greetings from the Netherlands :-)

  • AndroidErik

    Would Love to upgrade :-)

  • Orhan

    i feel it on my hand :D

  • Stan

    Ohhh i never win this stuff, but i pray that random picking is kind to me this time around! =D

  • elektrikeren

    my s3 is great, but hopefully the gs4 will run cirkles around it:)

  • Min He

    It will be mine

  • Pradaman Shorey

    Hell yeah, I want it..
    Even though I have S3, still I want S4.
    I am the lucky one.. I know.. ;-)

  • Chaitanya Madduru

    Count me in :)

  • William Barden

    This is the sexiest thing I’ve seen all week.

  • Tasha Hampton

    Recently upgraded to Galaxy S3 very impressed so far only a few errors. There are times when calls won’t come through or record of people calling untill I call their number.If the new S3 going to be similar to what the S4 is may just hold out.

  • Noah Smith

    Me want free thing!

  • Mario Limonciello


  • Jean C Palai

    Yo quiero un Samsung GS4 por favor! Tambien quiero Taco Bell!
    Please send one my way guys, I will be the only dude in Vzla to ever win the internets.

  • Marianne Siglos

    S4!!! Me want =D…. Please!

  • Mike Bastable

    I also missed out on I/O tickets so the only way tto console me is to give me a Samsung phone.thanks

  • Elliott

    The new S4 looks awesome. I can’t wait to win.

  • K Davis

    please send my new Galaxy S4 asap

  • Z

    yes S4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dick

    I wanna talk to “Samsung”……!
    It’s the best phone ever. Everyday I’m learning something new with this phone. The S3 is off the hook. I plan on getting the Mama-san 1 as a gift, Since her contact is expiring in 2 weeks.
    ” Give us us free”…….!

  • Jeffrey GT

    I am the one =) All the way from Amsterdam, The Netherlands!

  • andy voong

    Yay for Samsung and AA!!

  • Keegan Hecht

    This phone looks amazing!!

  • Vaggelis

    I would like a Samsung galaxy s4!!! Good luck for everyone!!!

  • Tengku Zarin Ashman

    I’m in :D!

  • ivia elezi

    wow that is just like a dream come true i’m in

  • Weiscovici Ionut Alexandru

    I am ready to send you my address :) !

  • Jonathan Claros

    shut up and take my comment !! galaxy S4 XD

  • nigel

    I have an s2, would love an s4!

  • Alain Lafond

    Oh yes! I’de love to win this phone. I’m long due fora change…

  • Marsg

    I want a galaxy s4 because its a galaxy s4

  • Mr.NK

    First of, I Cant wait for the S4. Ive been a Galaxy owner and MEGA android fan from day one. I am not a developer or any such, but i own 9 Different Galaxy’s from the S1 right thru. So i just want to say thank you for giving away the Most anticipated phone of the year….

  • Alex

    So long and thanks for all the fish.

  • David Choi

    The next big thing is coming……. to me!

  • hinting

    I want a S4 for my wife

  • Simon Blakeway

    All I can say is I hope it kicks Apples over inflated arse. Oh and please let me win my galaxy nexus is looking a bit old ;)

  • Dean Fritz

    That is a tremendously good-looking phone. I wonder if they improved the camera. By the way, thanks for your tips. Stay awesome!

  • Philip Callan

    Hope I win.

  • Marc

    Please pick me! I have a SLOW galaxy nexus and would love to upgrade!

  • Rodolfo Andrés Inoa

    Perfect :D

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    woah a free s4, count me in

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    Android is great! I could use an upgrade as well.

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    What a great phone, I have my SGS3 and its the best phone I have everhad!

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    I own the original Samsung Galaxy S. Pity me.

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    Really looking forward to see the build quality of this phone and how it will cope with HTC One.

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  • Jordan Dillingham

    Just wanted to join in on the fun.. seems like I am early. Glad to be a part pf the competition. Can’t wait to see who wins. Wow… To be the first one to get a GS4… That would be awesome

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    i’ll take part in your “contest” ;)

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    Im on!!!!! For galaxy s4


    Would love this for my wife, as she is jealous of my S3 and is tired of her iPhone

  • Jason Miller

    Does name dropping help?

    If it does, Diddy, Ulrich, 50, Obama, Stefani, Bush, and Oprah. If it doesn’t…I don’t know any of those people.

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    I am curious if the camera of S4 will be as good as that of iPhone 5

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    I am a tech geek and I haven’t had a mobile phone in almost 3 years. People would probably point and stare if they weren’t so busy texting. I think its time to get back in the game. Go S4!

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  • Meet Parikh

    Currently Owning a HTC Inspire 4G from AT&T and i have to say my dad got GS3 and it’s so much better. I am impressed with the features that it has such as S-Beam which i could use frequently as i need to send lab partners files from the experiment and such…However stuck with a HTC due to contract…lets see what GS4 brings and will definitely by it when contract expires in June.

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    That’d be awesome much good could be done with the S4 ahahahaha

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    I’ve been with the Galaxy brand ever since the days of the Galay i7500!
    Loving every minute of it!!

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    I don’t think it will have a better build quality than the htc one, but i still need a new phone, so this is my entry. Thanks for the opportunity.

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    Not opposed to another galaxy. I’ll head in.

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    Would love the S4 to be my first foray into Android

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    I had the ET4G (SII) for Sprint. AWESOME Phone… I killed it with use. Holding of on the SIII, as the S IV is looking to be just that much better. Can’t wait to see what comes out!

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    Sounds good to me.. Count me in for this gs4. Iv owned all the previous ones and currently have the gs3, would love to win the next one

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    Can’t wait for the SGS4, hope some of the software tweaks and goodness come the way of the SGS3 in the form of an update to Jellybean 4.2 and a further Premium Suite update :)

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    Im in!

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    My wife has the GSIII and I have the EVO LTE. EVO is a good phone but I am really kicking myself in the ass for not getting the Samsung. Need to rectify this. And the GSIV will do this. How can my wife have a better phone than me. That just wont do.

  • Guest

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    Do you have a S4 already?
    740 comments in less than 24 hours… such as hope…

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    I am a Samsung Lover! They are the best! I would love an upgrade to the GS4!

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    Ahh your always the first place I go for Android news, reviews and videos, and now the first site yo give away the Galaxy S4. You guys are always on yep of things and I trust you’ll d the right thing and give me the Galaxy S4 lol ;-)

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    Awesome work. I guess that my HTC Chacha truly needs an upgrade, as it is below low-end hardware and it runs an android version which is close to three years old :s

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    Just got the gs3 for Christmas and I love it! Can’t wait to see what the gs4 is gonna be like

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    jai shree khetarpaad dada….thats just my god…just our indian style when something good happens we start with writing our gods name… n ya thanks for helding up this competitioon…bless you

  • 1micro11

    My wife still has the first galaxy, and i think she deserves a new phone cause her phone is all beat up, she has no upgrade, we can’t afford a new one, and because she’s a fan of android authority.

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    This would definitely be an awesome device to own. 2013 is the year of Android. Would love to get the S4.

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    GS4 me? Yes Please!

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    I really hope I win the S4! Thanks for doing this.

  • Siddharth Bhatt

    i run 4 different ROMs on my Motorola Droid Razr XT910 without even touching my stock rom. And i am on my way to make a new one based on android 4.2.2 . I think i should give Samsung Galaxy s4 a try..

  • Jared Cheetsos

    I love my GS3 and would also love a GS4. Please!?

  • Hamish Barry

    I Love my GS3, But I will love my GS4 even more. I’m sure my wife will love the GS3 :)
    P.S. I neeeds it…

  • Ben Pollard

    I have a GS3 LETE, and its great. my mate wants a new phone, so would probably give this GS4 to him if i won

  • Amir Magdy

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    yeah a SGS4 would be alright I guess

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    Own Galaxy S and S2.. skiped S3 but love to have S4.
    Count me in!

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    I bow to thee Android Authority overlords, please present to thy gift from the Galaxy.

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    Thanks ;)

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    My S3 will be the previous best thing soon!

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    The only question would be to give it to my wife, who broke her phone, or keep it and give her my old phone…

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    I love android choose me for the s4 giveaway

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    Love my S3 can’t wait to see what the next gen has up it’s sleeve

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    i’m in , hope the S4 meets the expectations!

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    Excelente Time for new phone !!

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    S4 would be a great phone to upgrade for my existing android phone…. can’t wait for the specs…..

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    I refresh the androidauthority homepage like every 5 mins in class > <.

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    I have 5 lines on my att accout, all samsung products. I wouldnt trade my GS3 for anything, except a GS4! I can hardly wait to get my hands on one.

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    Win me a galaxy!

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    Excited for the Galaxy S4! Been waiting to replace my iPhone 5 for a while.

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    Would love to have a Samsung galaxy s4 it would be like a dream come true★★having the most powerful device in this planet and galaxy would be INCREDABLE.

  • Xkey

    In my dreams I dream about the S4.
    “Chicken dinner”

  • James Calle

    Choose me… NOW!

  • Anthony Hernandez

    It’s a mini note 2

  • Vašek Leflik

    Im really excited how the specs of S4 will look like and it would be my first android smartphone, Im having a HTC hd mini

  • Toan Tu

    I hope I’m the lucky one. Can’t wait to see what the phone actually looks like

  • Noah consequence

    This would be a great upgrade from my gnex.

  • Chuck Okolie

    Posting more than once might actually increase my chance!

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    Sweet. I’ll gladly take that phone off your hands. :)

  • Johnstamosthethird

    Where is the best place to leave the comments?

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    Waiting for the S4 so I can finally get going on Ingress!

  • Ricardo Obregón

    It is the time for a Samsung Galaxy S4!!! WooHooo, Want to see it :)

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    Been a loyal Galaxy S owner ever since the first one. ANDROID 4 LIFE!

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    Pick me. Please pick me. I’ll never get Jelly Bean or Key Lime with LG.

  • AshtonTS

    Please pick me, I never win

  • Ian Ranson

    This has to be the first time I have entered a competition without actually knowing what the prize is!

    I’m sure Samsung has something amazing to announce tomorrow and I’ll probably be up at 11pm (here in the UK) watching!

  • Balu Nair

    Something tells! I’m gonna win this :-)

  • Rasmus Jakobsen

    A S4 would be a nice update to my S2

  • Ashley Banuelos

    I would love to upgrade. Love my Samsung’s product they have not yet failed me. Samsung product fan. Pick me plz

  • christmas came early

    Sign me up for the iPhone killer

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    Awesome…. Just awesome

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    waiting for the s4.

  • T.K.


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    Really? You have a S4 for giveaway? Before Samsung announces the availability date?
    Won’t believe it until you give me one :-)

  • skamrox

    Drools !!! Were not worthy !!!

  • Guest

    Nice. Haven’t seen anybody else doing that type of giveaway… before the phone is even announced. I’m in!

  • VendoR

    Me to me to :D

  • Dan Alexander

    I’d like to have one too, please.

  • Joel Fernandes ✪

    Anything for the s4 !! really!!!!!!

  • Nail Rik

    I want the NEXT BIG THING!

  • blueprint604

    I’m in! Looking forward to the coverage

  • yayo

    Just give me my phone!!! :-) LOL

  • Carlos R. Gonzalez Murcia

    I’m an android enthusiast [without money to keep upgrading phones every time an amazing phone pops] with my G1 as my first android phone I would really appreciate an upgrade :)

    P.S Love the site.

  • Nicolas Vasquez

    I love you.

  • Valiant

    mine please!

  • Zakaria Tagaizine

    I wonder if international really means international, because I live in Lebanon and I never had the chance to find anything that would ship to me

  • aknoup

    Comment made.

  • Hariken Aka

    Just give it to me already!

  • Osagie Oyegun

    Thanks for the International giveaway. Samsung rocks big time and the S4 will be the face of 2013. Sweet.

  • Jonas Lindberg

    I`m in, GS4 here i come ;)

  • Apprentice

    Well, I wouldn’t mind getting a Samsung Galaxy SIV for free. One question though…will it be the US version or the International version? :-)

  • Minh Nguyen

    Wow, a free S4, I would love to win one.

  • Titan87

    I really want to use another Samsung device! A s4 Would be awesome way to go back in that direction!

  • Horro

    looking forward to the new features and technology in the new s4

  • stephen1421

    thats a great prize. i would love an s4

  • Frank Villarreal

    The Samsung Galaxy S4 announcement is more appealing to me than a new Pope…yup.. Clearly my priorities are in order…

    • CJ Schneider

      I Agree :D

    • Mark Lavallee

      well it probably will affect your life more.

      • Horus Jarilo

        Commenting the hell out of this comment xD

        • Matthew Hughes


          • Sami

            Comment?… Comment!!

          • Jonas Burster

            No Comment for YOU

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            commentception trolololol lol

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            i declare your declaration of comment war incommented (if that’s even a word)

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            Declare WAR,I comment!

          • Junglist

            The less a man makes declarative statements, the less apt he is to look foolish in retrospect

          • LDapunt

            No I comment , You Declare War !! hahahaha

        • Bengt Phung

          Leaving a comment…

      • Tássia Salles

        I agree!!

      • WeiKuan Hong


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      Much better than the pope

      • Chirabrata Bhattarjee

        Right dude…

      • Chirabrata Bhattarjee

        Right Dude

    • Wiljami Rajala

      Yea these news are more appealing to many android fans than the new Pope. I believe…

    • Matthew Bekaert

      I don’t think you are the only one

    • CyBrix_21

      Why? Spiritual things are way better than material things… Remember that…

      Even you are in other religion…

      • D’Ander McSullivan

        How about no?

      • Alexander James Laurence Smith

        I stopped believing in fairies at a very young age. Sorry!

        • CyBrix_21

          They are not fairies… They are part of your life…

          Can you bring your phone to death? NO

          • Alex Smith

            Who said that you can kill a phone? You may think they are a part of your life. But that’s fine. Believe what you want. I won’t waste mine.

          • CyBrix_21

            Sorry… I mean “Can you bring your phone to your death? No”

            We must be balanced… That’s why the world is still in peace…

            If all people will not believe in spiritual things and just think that they will not kill other person because there’s a law, the world will be in war!

          • Alexander James Laurence Smith

            No, I don’t kill people because it is immoral and wrong, not because there are laws against it. Just like I wouldn’t steal from someone, or cause grief to others, because it is morally wrong. I didn’t get this from “spiritual belief”. And people not believing in religion doesn’t necessarily cause conflict. Largely non-religions countries have lower crime statistics, for instance.

          • CyBrix_21

            Oh, maybe not you, but how about other people? If they don’t believe in God, and did not learn morally, then what will the world be…

            Remember, those things make the world balanced… So please, support them, even a bit…

          • CyBrix_21

            Why do you think its immoral? Why there are bad things? Why do you know that it is wrong?

          • Alexander James Laurence Smith

            There are many people just like me. A lot of conflict is caused by religion, because of their need to impose on others (and because their beliefs aren’t moral). People can be brought up to be good without it, with a good environment. Religion had its day, it was of use when it was first established by ignorance of the world. We now know more, so it can go.

          • Alexander James Laurence Smith

            But, anyway, there is no point arguing. It won’t change anything.

          • CyBrix_21

            You’re right…

          • CyBrix_21

            The Catholics are not like that… They are pro-life…

            Yes… I hope that one day that all of us can be a good person even without the guidance of Religions…

            On that day, we don’t need those beliefs anymore…

          • Matthew Holden

            Morals has nothing to do with religion. Religion is just a childish craving for some authority figure. You might as well believe the world is flat.

          • CyBrix_21

            Yes… But it is one of the reasons why moral is still existing in our world…

          • Guest

            It rhymes! :D

          • Michael Gorio

            it rhymes! :D

      • Andreas Reitzel

        Njah, i dont agree in ya…

        • CyBrix_21

          I don’t believe in that…

          Like what I always say, we must be balanced…

    • David McDaniel

      There is a new Pope?

    • Chirabrata Bhattarjee

      I agree too

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      There’s a new pope???

      • Grzejda89

        And he is not black so who cares? :D

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          Was that really necessary? :P

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          …and not jew…amiright :)

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            Well the first one was!

          • yyzlis

            Good night everyone,don’t forget to tip the waiter.

          • Hector Estrada

            how is a jew going to be a pope for the catholic church?

            stick to why we are here, get informed of the latest Android News.

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        I heard there was also an incremental upgrade.

        • Kenneth Friis Knudsen

          The pope has been incrementally upgraded?

          • tealendril

            Imma just post here so i would be near the top.
            At least i’m honest.

          • Joseph Bunn

            your logic is sound

          • Oon Ee Ng

            Why would being near the top help?

          • tealendril

            It doesn’t. That’s my point. Just look at all the off-topic junk comments that are there just to be near the top.

          • WeiKuan Hong

            Me too.

          • Mikhail Guillermo

            Popes get upgrades? Well that escalated to quickly.

      • Juste Bazan

        Yes! There is a new update to Pope similarly a new update to S3 :)

        • Elric Grondzik

          In my opinion that update is a little more important.

      • rome5678

        I think it’s an app

    • Ivan Budiutama

      after some thought, it will be a shame if this is some kind of april fools joke. I mean they usually use some kind of different entry collecting method, you know doing some stuff from helicopter-something websites.

    • Jean-Philippe Larochelle

      totaly agree :D

    • Benjamin Lim

      I wonder whether he uses Android or iphone?????

    • Siddharth Bhatt

      Same here bro !

      • Jonathan Rebold

        Did you say bro or pope? Comment.

    • Toss3

      I see nothing wrong with that. A pope is just a figurehead, while the S4 is a magnificent step forward in mobile technology. ;)

      • CyBrix_21

        They are both… S4 is just like other phone… Just like technology that is always advancing…

        The pope is the leader of the Catholic church… He leads the world to the straight path, just like other leaders…

        We must be balanced…

        Saying those things are like saying “The new S4 is more appealing to me than the new president…”

        • dav

          S4 is a thing of the past

          • CyBrix_21

            My goodness. I don’t know how did you find that comment.

      • CA Nikhil D’Souza

        Pope will still remain after a year, but not the S4

        • Thomas Gladdines

          nope he will die some day LOL

          • CA Nikhil D’Souza

            we all will….but he won’t get outdated faster than the S4 …. within no time the Xphone will be out and everyone will forget the S4

          • Matthew Bilson

            you never know after all he is 79

          • CA Nikhil D’Souza

            Holy carp! people are still draggin on with the pope agenda here. I thought I got reply coz I won :D

          • Matthew Bilson


          • Pepparkakan

            You’re right of course, he is already outdated! *zing!*

    • Alan Sánchez

      amen bro!

    • sachin_goral

      and The new Pope might not handshake millions of people, but the S4 is gonna shake millions of hands…

    • James Weymouth

      This is a comment.

      • gman

        witty reply to your comment

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        this is another comment

        • WeiKuan Hong

          Another comment to ‘another comment’

    • Don Wazoah

      Seriously, did u have to mention the pope?? One its clear u aint a catholic nor religious probably… so why don’t u just hush and talk about phones.. smh

      • MasterMuffin

        How is it clear? You can’t be catholic if you don’t Care about the pope? You can’t be religious if you don’t Care about the pope!? OK

    • Gaurav Jarwal

      S4 is the king of all phones..really..

    • Roberto Piazera Filho

      I think that the next pope will be korean

    • piercedRichard

      Did HTC make the Pope? I haven’t seen it yet. What are it’s specs?

      • Alan Metcalfe

        Well there is the Pope mobile!

      • Cole S

        I just hope he doesn’t have ultra pixels.

    • Mark Jones

      Good thing the catholic church doesn’t pick their popes the way verizon makes their contracts….or we would have a new pope every few hundred years.

    • matd

      agreed :)

    • Moses Pranata

      Clearly, because free stuff is always more important.

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    I want me an s4

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    Thanks for the opportunity!

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    No seriously with 900 comments (probably gonna reach 1500-2000) I will almost certainly not win. I want it

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    I hope it is better than the Note II! (<- this is the best phone i've ever had!)

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    I genuinely like the look of this phone (even if we’ve only got leaks to go by…) :P I’ve been looking for a good android phone for ages, the S3 seemed a little… Tacky? The S4 looks promising!

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    I worked for Samsung fixing CE and HA. Their products scare me but I still prefer Samsung to the one iPhone I had for six months. I could not get rid of that POS fast enough. It was just not intuitive for me.

  • hamza zahoor

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  • Wilhelm Kl

    Wow let the giveaways begin :D

    I love the android community!

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    yeah baby

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    ooh this will be awesome, considering it would be my first phone since the first omnia

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    We’ll see..

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    You are the best guys really. Just keep up the good job.

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  • Gareth Paddi Long

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  • Shelley Tabe Arrey

    I love my S3 and I was terrified to switch from my blackberry to an android and while there are still a lot of features I miss, I do love the S3. Now if only they would take the latest update back! Ugh the phone and software was great and then Samsung had to update it and in doing so removed several valuable features and added frustration.

  • Jagdish Narkar

    Looking forward for great features from galaxy s4.

  • D. Travis North

    Why yes, I would love to win the Galaxy S4. Then I would give my current android phone to my wife, who is working on a cracked screen right now.

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    I’d like to see what Samsung has up his sleeve this time :P

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    Here’s my entry. I feel lucky!

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    I don’t know what the phone will be like but I’m hoping for something good. People usually make fun of me for not having an Apple device or a Sony device but android is my main man.

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    I just want to know witch phone will be the best after launch of S IV.. but I suppose S IV :D LoL

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    If you give me the s4 I will be satisfied for my life. Not because I won it but because, I would feel like I know someone cares about me.

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    I know that device would be awesome, just want to hold it in my hands and enjoy it as much as posible! #Samsunglove

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    Keep up the good work!

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    but a contest, a contest is perfect.

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    I wonder if Samsung S4 will also be sold in such a numbers as S3, now, when the competition have at least as good, if not even a better phones, as Samsung S4 is (HTC One,Sony Xperia Z(L), LG Optimus G Pro…)

  • Eric Du

    Your site is very informative. Keep up the good work. S4 is on the way now to my house? Thanks in advance and more power. Regards from the Philippines.

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    Wow, just leave a comment? How about this BEAST should be MINE?! The galaxy line and I have one thing in common: Pure Epicness

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    This would be a well received gift to replace my fiancee Nokia c1 and bring her to the wonderful world of android :-)

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    I’m all in :-). The best android info service on the web is the Android Authority :-). Can’t wait for the SIV unveililg. I hope for some new design and new looks.

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    Would love to finally switch over to the Android platform from Blackberry. This would be a great way to do it :)

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    Physical home button ?… Who cares when it’s for free

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    What I wouldn’t give to own this phone, you want my first born, take it, you want my left arm, take it, you want my right arm…. that might be an issue, it has its uses….

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    As it is an international giveaway please count me in . Thanks

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    I am slowly becoming a fan of Samsung. From all I have heard about the S3, I can’t pass up a chance to get my hands on its successor.

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    well why not!:P

  • disqus_C98B0Cjvoa

    My original Galaxy S sat in a puddle of rainwater for nearly 12 hours before I found it and all I did was blow dry it for 15 min and it chugged on for another year and a half! Samsung ftw, lol. I have the G S3 now and and couldnt ask for anything better! ( except for the S4 of course ) it would make me complete!

  • Stefan Van Schalkwyk

    Another first from Android Authority….world’s first S4 giveaway! Go Android…..

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    I think the Samsung Galaxy 4 will the best phone yet. Now just add a stylus so we use a pen. I can’t waait to see it.

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    I love the Samsung range of phones. I would love to be the proud owner of a Galaxy S4. Multi window on a 1080p screen. Yum.

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    This looks to be a nice upgrade from my Note! Thanks.

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    Hope to win the Samsung S4 as it will be my first mobile phone and I am not young.

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    Want. I think that says it all.

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    Better sign up for this.

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    Would like to win a GS4 for sure!

  • Rob Harvey

    Can I run Ubuntu on it? :) Love my Galaxy S3 with the SuperNexus 2.0 ROM – although it quickly became clear that Samsung had optimised the code for the S3 because I lost a little bit of performance with the custom ROM but I got rid of the Samsung bloat – which I have to admit wasn’t really that bad.

  • Mateiciuc Ciprian

    My galaxy s2 is kind of old and a change should renew my hunger for technology. Even if I win or not I sure will consider buying the new s4. Good luck folks !

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    Holy crap this would be awsome show a canuck some love and pick me, you guys really are the best.

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    I would love a S4!! Minus the Touchwiz of course.

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    From my GS2 to a new GS4… Sounds good :-)

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    I’ve been waiting for this phone for months now. I just want to see how Samsung takes what’s left of apple precious market share, I can’t hardly wait.

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    I’ve been waiting for this phone for FOREVER, Please pick me!!!! :o) Waka WAKA WAKA!!!!

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    Have been following Android Authority for awhile now, awesome android news!

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    Im seek and tired of my iphone 4! :) please give it to me

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    Ow yeah

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    Samsung is awesome and i love all of their products <3

    • David Melton

      Yep, me too.
      I was rather bummed that the GS3 didn’t come out till after I had already bought my Motorola Razr MAXX (Got it right when it was released). I would have gotten the GS3 if it had come out first.

      • Nice

        Now you can get a S4.

  • Stephen Holst

    I’d love one. Thanks :-)

  • Greg Russell

    Phone seems same ad S3. Not sure of hype!

  • Leo Kanellopoulos

    it looks a bit strange but i would love to get the new s :D

  • Evan Krettek

    Will the GS4 be my first smartphone?

  • Bryan Crow

    Can’t wait for the announcement tomorrow

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    Love my Samsung. Be great to upgrade.

  • Brett

    I have always preferred the Nexus devices to Samsung’s Galaxy range – but would still be interested in giving it a go!

  • Timothy Olendy

    so many people are upset about the google i/o… My S2 is dying, need new S

  • ramil langit

    Happy with my S3 but a S4 would be awesome!

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    I’d love a Galaxy S IV, please and thank you :)

  • Andrew Gebhard

    Can only hope! :)

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    Samsung is the shit

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    1st time on this site. Count me in! I’d love to win an S4

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    I think Galaxy smartphones are smartest phones ever. I own a Note II and I couldn’t ask for more.

  • Ibrahim Alhassan

    wow! this is amazing. S4 here i come.

  • WWE7Nations

    Stop B*tching about Samsung Galaxy S4 because there is only one phone(Nokia Lumia 920) to rule them all.

  • QwietStorm

    I’ll gladly take that off your hands

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    ~crosses fingers~

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    I like the s3 and have one just imagine how the s4 would be…

  • John Martin

    8 Cores at 1,8GHz? Yeah, I’ll take it.

  • Sergio Ortiz

    That GS4 is mine!

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    Might as well try

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    It would be nice to win one of these. Especially since I can use both lungs again as of today.

  • Gox

    One Galaxy S4 for me!

  • Daniel Carvalho

    It’s cool. We can only especulate on the design and specs of the phone.

    Either way, if you’re giving it, I’ll take it with no second thoughts. xD

  • Nikolaus Huber

    I’d like it =)

  • Daniel Angelov

    Being stuck with a SE Xperia X10 and Android 2.3 feels like I am miles away from technology!

  • slymonkeyuk

    Looking forward to the S4 :)

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    need new phone……need new phone NOW

  • Raúl Reyes

    I would love to have it!!!

  • minchul95

    I don’t what the galaxy s4 would be like…it could be huge, small, quad-core, octa-core, have a flexible screen or a LCD screen, but I know I want it. Now GIVE ME MY PHONE…haha…just kidding…but it would be great if I won.

  • Johnny

    Please chose me!!!

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    Ok let me have one

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    god job and thanks androidauthority

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    Count me in :-)

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    I sure hope I could get an S4. Today was only an okay day.

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    I’ll be accepting one :)

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    well this would be awesome =]

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    The Samsung Galaxy S IV looks good.

  • Shamil


  • Wade Beau

    first android smartphone was a SGS3 never looked back to Iproducts since then

  • moe

    Thanks for the update and opportunity to win this bad a** s4…thanks android authority

  • Aaron Lloyd

    Give me an s4. I’m deprived.. I swear.

  • uthman

    This is my comment hope that this S4 will replace my old S1

  • ivan

    I hope that their new flagship isn’t going to be made out of cheap plastic again..

  • Chris Liu


  • Pablo Calero

    Stop putting comments, because that Galaxy S4 is already mine! hehehe

  • Kurtis Kelly

    Choose me! I love android Authority, I watch all of your videos, and I would love the S4, because Bell won’t let me upgrade until 2 months before my plan ends, so I don’t feel like buying the S4 without a contract ($800+).

  • ozzy

    I hate my htc sensation i need that one

  • NokiaNexus

    international giveaway YAY! please count me in too

  • Бранислав Маџоски

    The best smartphone Is coming :)

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    Enter me in this contest please. looking forward to see how this phone will turn out. Thanks for the fun contests you put on this site occasionally.

  • Sammy Yousof

    Wish everyone best of luck!

  • Kelvin Njuguna

    I think the S4 will be no different than the S3 which i happen to love outwards i mean,the Hardware specs is what i would like to find out.At least its not Note Big!!!

  • Rodrigo Pantoja

    If I win, I’ll put my Perry hat on my S4 :P

  • Barry Troxell

    I will win this.

  • Kat Cowie

    Im a Samsung convert! And i will stick with #1!!

  • Enrique

    Samsung And androidauthority rules!

  • JeanetteI

    I could use a new smartphone. The Galaxy S4 would be perfect! Here’s my entry!

  • Grant Hirsch

    A Galaxy S4 would be very nice. :D

  • Helmickjc21

    I own an iPhone 4S and desparetly need an android back in my life! Please pick me!

  • Katherine Ward

    I ♥ Samsung and AH

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    Really nice giveaway from Android Authority

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    Wish me lucky.

  • Mark Turnbull

    I could do with a new phone. My Samsung galaxy Note is becoming really slow.

  • Daniel Small

    I’m entering the contest. I really like the S3 and I hope to win an S4. So far 1 out of 1050 are pretty good ods.

  • poppawillow

    S3 was epic blew apple off their flipping perch.” Viva the Samsung revolution ”
    Can’t wait to see what the S4 is like.
    Bring it on brother John.

  • Oscar Castillo Villacorta

    good luck everyone.

  • Samarth Desai

    GIVES ME THE S4!!!

  • Akif Ali

    Would love to have this device…my S3 is pretty jealous tho but she’ll get over it ;)

  • rk

    Cool stuff, I’m in ;)

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    If you give me the SGS4 I will make love to it and cry your name. Er, URL.

  • Lee Nightingale

    Would love to have this awesome update to one of the best phones on the market

  • Alvin J A

    Where is my s4 hehe

  • Peter Vandelinder

    I’m the biggest Fandroid EVER! Just look at my Google+!

    Please I would love to win! I would care for the S4 better than I would care for my first born child.

  • Robson Augusto

    Google knows that I need a new cell… You should honour that!!

  • nypen

    can’t wait! i will soon see wether skipping the s3 for the s4 was worth it! thanks for this awsome giveaway!

  • Phil Scadden

    Yeah! Time to replace my beloved S2.

  • Kyle Thurmond

    I would like a GS4.

  • Manik Kapoor

    give it to me baby !!!

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    I think I’m ready for an upgrade; S4 please!

  • Jederick Stinger

    I just want to ditch my iPhone!

  • Davidesw

    I would love to upgrade from my samsung galaxy note 2 to yhe galaxy s4. I for one will be keeping to samsung products as they are far better than nokia. The phone maker I used to swear by. Sumsung all the way….

  • M Cain

    I hope this isn’t a red herring! Would love a new phone!

  • Christopher Meid

    Very cool. Of course my odds of winning the lottery are probably better…

  • Tobias Nyberg

    I have an S2 that hardly ever does what I need… Could be so much more productive with a smarter phone :)

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    That GS4 is mine!!!!!!!!

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    Date and time marked for the Unpacked day. Defo will watch this one.

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    Really excited to see the modifications. I love my S3.

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    I am a great fan of the quality that goes into this line of phones and would love to get my hands on a brand new (red?) S4!

  • nemir1977

    My S3 isn’t that old but I’ll give it to my wife if I can get my hands on this S4. Maybe I can get her away from the iPhone …

  • Anthony De Felice

    My Note is getting old fast… I would definitely like to replace it with a brand new S4!

  • Sean

    Love to own a S4. Thanks

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    Would love to receive one. Only recently bought a S3 and I’m loving it. Would love the S4

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    Count me in!! When do I receive my S4?? =)

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    I’m an avid fan of samsung not because I’m working here in sout korea but because samsung is simply the best there is. Im a s4 user an I love it.

  • faddy

    Good luck everyone


  • philnolan3d

    Commenting because I’ve been looking to move to Samsung from Motorola.

  • Caleb Hamilton

    I would absolutely love an s4! Count me in:)

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    Random drawing is random, comment fluff excluded.

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    You really took me by surprise with this contest AA, hoping to win!

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    I like the picture of S4 attached to this giveway very much! It looks similar to S2 design, Anyway, it is going to be a very well designed phone cause innovation is the key word currently. Good luck to all :)

  • raymundo etaraz

    I want it please

  • Uriel Segura

    I never owned a smartphone, and I’m not a samsung fanboy, and I think that the S4 will only look like other galaxies with cheap plastic, but if i could have this one, This would be Fantastic!!! ,

  • Ivan Sanchez

    Not sure if its a trap, or they are really good persons…

  • ed

    I’m In!

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    I am leaving a comment due to my serious need to get this new Galaxy sexiness!

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    Btw can’t wait for the unveiling!

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    This is THE phone of 2013

  • Daniel Wiggins

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    I would love to get out of the stone ages with my HTC thunderbolt and discover fire the with the Samsung 4. Help me renew my hope in smartphones and become the cool kid the block.

  • hammerax ecastillo

    I wanna replace my gs3 with the gs4 please. Lol

  • Kasim Kaey


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    Happy and satisfied Note2 user…. but what the hell will love to carry an extra burden ;)

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    i want it :D

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    RIP Apple/Iphone! Samsung Galaxy S4 is king!!!

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    Love my S3 but would love a new S4 even more.

  • Gav Lee

    Cant wait to see what its like hope to be the winner.

  • Brit Thomas

    Would be nice to have a galaxy S4,I’d enter the sweepstakes religiously. My galaxy Vibrant is outdated & I need a new phone. Samsung Galaxy’s are my fav android phones!

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    I hope the S4 has better photo management and a better screen. I’ve had an S3 for 6 months and have screen burn in of the apps on my home screen.

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    I love Samsung <3 :)

    • troller

      Su androidiani non ce n’eravamo accorti <3

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    Please Please Please!!!!
    I will caress it with care.

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    MINEEEEE! ALL MINEEEEEE! chrome os is being installed on this if i win :D

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    Cannot wait for the s4 .. looks stunning from the “leaked” eetails & rumours!

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    If you build it they will come.

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    I’m kind of gutted I have an s3 only because im locked in for another 12 months and I’m anticipating the s4 to be even more awesome.

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    Always been a HTC fan and love android but all this s4 hype makes me wanna try the Samsung line


    Im waiting 4 it !!!!

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    Awesome contest! I have my Galaxy Note 2 coming today, but I’d love an S4!

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    Hoping this will surpass my N4. Pick me!

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    Anticipating the official release. Ready to renew my contract but I am holding out for the S4. Come on Samsung!!

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    count on me 2 d:-{|

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    Wish me luck…

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    Yay! SG s4 FTW!

  • Nathan Jones

    GS4? Would be a sweet replacement for my g-nexus. Convinced my dad to get the GS3 and both he and I have been really impressed by it.

    I swore I’d never move away from the nexus line again, but…

  • Brent Ching

    Me like win!

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    Yeah, I’ll take one.

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    I’m on. International giveaway of may i say one of the most awaited phones off 2013.

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    Would be fun to play

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    Yea!! My Thunderbolt needs a replacement! Pick me please!


    Let’s see how much better the S4 can be from the S3..

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    Insightful post from a person wishing he was insightful. Android FTW!

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    please can i have one

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    Just I few weeks after I bought the s3 I hear about the s4 coming out.. wish I would of waited :'(

  • Alex Fong

    Yay! an S4! :DD

  • Kadaj

    Its worth a try…!!!!

  • Hayden Oliver

    Sometimes I pretend my HTC One V is an S4. However, it doesn’t ever seem to increase screen size, or pixel count, or processor speed. I must look like a fool holding my phone so close to my face.

  • Daniel Belini

    I hope I can get this Galaxy S4!!

  • illjustbe

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    I hope this new Galaxy device will be great not just on performance, but battery live too.

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    I’m very interested to see what the S4 does. But then I’m sure it will be just, MORE POWER!!!! … =^ ^=

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    this would be awesome to win!

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    A new Pope and an S4. I know the s4 wont quit.

  • Ben Davis

    As entrenched in the Apple ecosystem as I am, reports of the S4 are very exciting. +1 entry for the contest!

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    I would love to have my hands on a S4.

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    I care more for internals than externals so I just want top class specs please Samsung.

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    Pope or s4. S4 wins. Hopefully I do too

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    It’s great to be able to win the GS4, best phone of 2013!! Feeling lucky already!

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    give me /o/

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    Been faithful to my G2X for the longest I think an upgrade is much needed. Here’s to lady luck being on my side.

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    excited for this one! =D

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    I want one! I WANT ONE!

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    I would love to be able to upgrade my wife’s SIII for an SIV. I am sure she would love it.

  • Gagan

    Good luck, everyone!

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    Man my S3 got the sudden death bug and I still haven’t gotten the replacement yet ! Its been more than six weeks ! #still in love with samsung – Here goes my lottery ticket.

  • mir

    I’d love to get the new one! I’m a happy owner of a galaxy 3 :-)

  • Art Saenz

    Pick me!

  • Richard Molby

    I’m with Frank, Pope? Who cares. Gimme an S4 and I’m happy.

  • Patrick Larkin

    I want one desperately!

  • jimmy

    I’ll put my hands up for an S4 Mini – so long as it has decent spec’s! I want a kick ass phone that will fit in my pocket – not something reminisce of the 80’s where you needed to carry the phone around in a bag hung over your shoulder – ‘phones’ are returning to ridiculous size proportions!.

  • Tim Hennemann

    I have an S3 right now, but would love to check out the S4. Probably won’t happen without me winning one, though, stupid 2 year upgrade plan.

  • Lady Di

    Thank you Android Authority and Samsung for this contest!!

  • jkampf

    Good luck!

  • Ryan got dammit…..

    Im loving what Samsung is doing with these new phones… I’m so glad I’m left Apple and that boring dated iOS stuff… I can’t wait to see what the Galaxy S 4 can do!

  • Gavin Sutherland

    Oh yes, it will be mine.

  • Dale Hellwig

    Thanks for the S4 coverage. The new features make we want one. Good luck everyone.

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    I’d like to experience the greatest phone to date. S4 life! Good luck everyone.

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    Pick me :)

  • Connor


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    Yes please.

  • Robert ‘Rj’ Beale

    Is it bad that im a looking at my galaxy note 2, your getting old buddy rofl. No I love my galaxy note 2 but im not going to lie, it would be nice to have the s4

  • Daphne Cheung

    Ooo…the S4…would love to win that phone.

  • Eduardo Lucas

    Hope i get to experience the next generation of greatness from Samsung! Good luck all of you. Best wishes from Portugal!!!

  • Sarah Aljeohanny

    I hope if I could win, tunes up for the new reavel :)

  • Zombieman

    I’d love an Siv to rock my world

  • shane d

    Upset that I couldnt get a Google IO ticket but a new S4 would cheer me up!!

  • claudiu avram

    I want an s4. My s3 feels outdated…:))))

  • Sean Anderson

    If I am lucky enough to be selected, I’ll sell my S3 and donate the money to charity. I get an S4, someone gets a cheap S3 (which has been an awesome phone) and a charity make a few quid – everyone’s a winner.

  • Andrew

    Well, it’s worth a shot.

  • pete le boydre

    Love samsung s4 will be a best on release looking four it it 2 be on top four a while so far android authority have done a outstanding job keeping evry one up to date

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    Yaaaaa gimme dat phone please

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    Awesome. Please and thank.

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    great gesture by a great site!

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    Samsung S4 ftw :)

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    I’d love the chance of owning an S4. The S3 is cool so I hope the S4 even better!

  • goldengurl

    I would absolutely love an S4! :-)

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    Gimmie gimmie some sammy!

  • Billy Goforth

    Want the s4, but also love your content. Good job guys.

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    Gimme S4! :-D

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    A GS4 would be nice. :-)

  • Pedro Henrique

    If the pics leaked are real, it’s going to be a pretty damn beautiful phone, especially with the flat glass and aluminum (?) rim. It has lots of similarities with the GS3 (which I own) and lacks a killer design like the One or the XPERIA Z, but it’s very beautiful (and of course, powerful) nonetheless.

  • Joy Bangladesh

    It doesn’t matter who won the prize but Android authority is the one who give us the news all over the day and night. I am from Bangladesh, I love and wait for every moment for something new in authority. Hats off to you guys, u worked hard to provide us the hottest news earlier than others, it was the greatest gift even more then real s4. We hope u guys will keep ur moves continue. Wish u all the best. Thx.

  • Marcus

    So will this be the one

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    I think a galaxy s4 would be great

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    i hope i’ll get something…

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    Just give me the phone..

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    Very nice contest.

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    Well worth a comment from a UK reader

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    S4 will revolutionized the mobile world

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    Just got the s3. Love it! Now give me the s4!!!!!

  • Domagoj Tokić

    Using a less than 50$ worth phone (it doesn’t even have volume control), but being a tech geek, an Galaxy S4 would be a great step up with my tech experience. Gr8 job guys :)

  • harrold


  • Bhupinderpal

    I trust Samsung and I think they are working hard to put onto the market the best mobile ever. They’re doing it very well because Apple is scared of them. That’s why they have created the iPad mini, to catch some potential customers from Samsung…

    Well done Samsung

    Thanks to AA for their incredible efforts for android.

  • Sergio Herrera

    I am looking forward to winning this phone

  • DogsOfWar

    Bring it on!

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    I’m in!

  • Kenneth

    See, this is a legitimate giveaway, not like that freaking fb one that people keep sharing…thanks for this!

  • WFerreira

    Can’t wait to really see real specs as is making people go nuts!
    I will take it as it comes, as my GS2 Skyrocket is not allowing me to beat it up no further! Will be glad if the lunch is everywhere at the same time.
    Tomorrow will be due “4” DAY!

  • Aaron Samuel

    S4 :D

  • Mark Brown

    Gotta win me one

  • Archibald Toquero

    Goodluck :) have fun

  • Brent Foster

    Samsung S4… why certainly : )

  • AZVern

    Yes please

  • shim kong

    Samsung phone s3 which I am using is by far the best ever with the s4 would be even better

  • Tony

    It’s going To be mine!:)

  • Travis Shramek

    Not sure what to comment. The GS4 International would be a sweet win, Samsung is making amazing devices, I’m still loving my Epic 4g touch!

  • Chuck Elliott

    love the s3!! cant wait for s4!

  • Eduardo Mendoza

    I want it! android authority u r the best!

  • CJa Far

    I love Samsung. I’m loving the S3 right now. I’m always trying to convert not so loyal Apple users to get the S3 Galaxy. Please choose me. Also, I hope you and Android are always connected together. Samsung + Android = Perfect phone :)

  • Timothy Kowalski

    No more comments, please. There’s a 1 in 1327 chance I can win, right now.

  • Byron Barga

    Samsung Galaxy S phones surprises me a lot. Now S4, surprise me and impress me more! =)

  • Melida Harris

    I have an S2 Skyrocket and would do love an S4.Thank you for this chance to win!

  • funskey

    Holy crap. No way I will be selected. 1 in 1323 as I write. I presume it will touch 5000+ at the ver least. Still giving it my best shot. I would certainly be like to be considered for this giveaway. So please count me in

  • Niadelle Naere Rellim

    Samsung has been doing big things lately I cant wait til I win the new Galaxy 4!

  • Jake

    can’t wait to see the S4, want one shipped to Australia ASAP!

  • jonS90

    I need a new phone….this would be sweet.

  • Christian Philpot

    Really hope the gs4 is going to be good

  • TonyArcher

    I’d be willing to switch to T-Mobile for an S4

  • DiDi

    Awesome I would like to be in

    I hope I get the chance to win this mystery masterpiece

  • Alex

    I hope you all win.

  • Patrick

    1283rd or so comment. Competition will be tough.

  • Mark Boles

    Please, kthxbye

  • Anne Cagle

    I just hope that it has a better USB port than my old Android phone. The soldering on that one was loose from the manufacturer and now I can’t charge the phone.

  • freedomspopular

    In for one to find out what my future Note 3 brings to the table.

  • Mymitsu3kgt

    Omg! We haven’t even seen it yet but we know we want it!

  • Manindra Moharana

    “Introducing the S4.
    ‘Cause S3 is so 2012.”

  • ShadowQueen

    It’d be so awesome to win this phone. Love my samsung gs2, and yep I’m that far behind and that broke. Got my fingers crossed but no hope.

  • xsageonex

    There’s a new pope?

  • Yure

    It would be very cool to have a samsung phone – I had one about 4 phones ago and was fantastic then. I imagine Samsung has only gotten better.

  • rahul tripuraneni

    I just love android and its authority ! Keep all the good work coming for fans like us !

  • faheem

    Samsung is awesome!!!!!

  • 3825

    I’d like to thank the academy, my director, my co-stars, my make up crew…

    Sorry got a little carried away. I haven’t actually won yet. I’d like to win the s4. As the top comment says, I am too a sad non-attendee at this year’s IO.

  • Cody Woods

    I hope it is me. Thanks for the opportunity

  • Justin Quang

    Who doesn’t love free stuff? I’m in.

  • Urai Guerreiro

    ok, let see.

  • omar ortega

    por favor quiero ser la primer persona en tener un sgs4 en mexico this would be awesome

  • Justin Brown

    Can’t wait for the S4 to come out!!!

  • Jess Guess

    This is what all of the smoke was about eh?

  • Kien Mamoy

    S4 looks good to be a good comparison and progress update frm s2 and to the other handsets like the xperia series.

  • Mikey Monteiro

    I want one please!

  • Doug Riv

    I want one o/

  • donlk

    Count me in too :)

  • Ian H

    Hope I get selected. Gl; potato

  • black

    I need the Galaxy S4 like my car need new tires

  • Gail

    I would love to own that precious. :-)


    G s4 please

  • Spazmier

    Love my Samsung S3…the S4 I am sure will just improve on this! Pick me! Pick me!

  • Steve R.

    I would just love a new Samsung Galaxy S4!

  • Nakul Matta

    cool, unseen phone giveaway!!!!

  • Tauhid Raspee

    i want one

  • Abhinav Vijay

    love Sammie…… wanna jump from s2 to s4. I guess even number releases from Samsung are far better than odd numbers :-P

  • James

    I can’t wait! this’ll be my first Samsung phone – I am migrating from Nokia

  • Tom Riley

    The Next Big Thing! S4!

  • john horn

    Hey a chance is a chance right…

  • Eric Francis Alvez

    Me wants to win the galaxy S IV , please pick me, lols

  • Carlo Martin


  • trellis

    Good luck everyone! More Android for everyone.

  • Kevin Malone

    Sure I may have a go! Your site is great, keep up the good work!

  • Augmented Soldier

    I hope I will be lucky :-)

  • Joshua Trott

    Oh my god yes finally a contest for us down under! GS4 looks amazing so far and I seriously can not wait for the official announcement!

  • Danny

    I would love to win a Galaxy S4!!!!!

  • Allen Lin

    i want one!!!

  • Kit

    GIVE ME MY SSSSSSSSSS44444444444444!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • samsonchung

    s4 the next big thing

  • Kenny Jose Mallen Duran

    i love samsung products and i hope to win this giveaway, good luck everyone

  • henry danziger

    Samsung rules for connectvity and audio and videophile lovers. Go S4.

  • Anton Kobelev

    I would love to get in on the action!

  • Ivan Trenchev

    Yay. Count me in

  • Daniel Boardman

    This would be an awesome upgrade from my gs2! Been waiting for something worthy.

  • Klemen Grm


  • fredrik sten

    Hey hey! Great stuff, i want to enter the free giveaway of this wonderful device!! Cheers, Fredrik

  • Ameet Nidmarty

    Planning on getting one for my wife as a birthday gift. Hope I win :)

  • joser116

    I am commenting on this post to win the award.

  • Isha cuffy

    I love the s3 hopefully the s4 …. I will love it more new contract here I come

  • Akash Adjoda

    I commented now let’s hope I win

  • nomen kultur

    1 in 1425… I like those odds … 1427? 28? damn :(

  • mohd fuad md nordin

    My first smartphone is iPhone 4 (end of 2010),but after 2 months I felt bored with iPhone 4 and traded in iPhone 4 with Samsung Galaxy S and that is unregrettable! I love my galaxy s but somehow it was stolen few months back :( .

    If I get s4, it really means a world to me!

  • Ivan Gonzalez

    Let me get it!

  • Michael Ruiz

    got the S 3 but would love the S 4

  • Jamie Butterworth

    I need me some S4!

  • Carlos Ortiz

    The Galaxy S4 It’s cool, but it looks a Galaxy Note, the difference is gonna be on the software?

  • John Mc

    Yes please! Android Authority is Awesome!

  • Harlan Penninger

    Me loves me some Samsung!

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  • Scott and George

    George and I just got a S3 and we love it! We will get a S4 when we can save enough. We gave up our DirecTV and we live at the farthest point in the western tip of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Scott

  • Gramps50

    The new S4 sounds like a really neat phone. I can’t wait for it to be released so we can finely found out it’s specs.

    Would love to be the proud owner of one

  • Ben Rodriguez

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  • Wang Fangyi

    Hope the coming s4 is not just a S3s.

  • hemad keshavarzpour

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    Perfect replacement for my i9300!

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    My household electronics are 85% Samsung with the remaining being slowly phasing out! NOW THAT A LOYAL FAN!!!

  • anton120991

    I’m pretty excited what new features Samsung will bring to the table. They already made two killer phones I hope they don’t take a step back

  • Brae

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    yay i love free stuff. give me please. THE BEST SOURCE FOR THE ANDROID NEWS….. ANDROID AUTHORITY!!

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  • gareth

    I was a big iphone fan until I tried the samsung never looked back now

  • Wan Kamarul Zaman Wan Abdul Ra

    I have an S3. My wife has an Ace and keeps complaining about how slow and inadequate hers is. She keeps using my S3 to take pictures to post to facebook. I’d like an S4 so I can give her my S3.

  • Dave jacobs

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  • 1jf1050


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    I trusted LG for years, and the Vortex… completely ruined any kind of smartphone experience I was hoping for. This time I got my first fancy expensive phone, an S3, and now I can do _everything_ I’ve ever wanted with my data plan and 4G. And Now There’s An S4???!!! WANT

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    Good luck guys!
    I hope S4 will be awesomeness at it’s best! :D

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    Woah, that’s a lot of comments already…
    I hope I can win this phone so I can give it to my uncle, he’s going through a really rough time after my aunt left him, and his illness doesn’t help either. I don’t have money to buy him a gift, let alone a brand new phone. It would make his year because he loves all things Samsung, but won’t be able to get this phone…

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    I wish I win. lol

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    One of the first apps I installed on my Galaxy S3 was Android Authority. I am a 65 yr old retired and admitted geek when it comes to anything Android ever since I got my first one, the HTC Eris. Up until today I was thoroughly happy with my Galaxy S3. After I read about your Galaxy S4 giveaway and checked out the known specs on it (is that really true about that laser keyboard dock? *drool*) I gotta have one! If I win it I guarantee that Android Authority will be the FIRST app I install this time. Cheers and thanks in advance.

  • mapeppers

    Thank you for the hesds up…… love Samsung III/IV

  • ruud serizawa

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  • gils001

    Finally! i can get rid of my crappy single core htc evo 4g. Even if i don’t win im still buying this bad boy

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  • John Francis Gamao

    I am pretty excited with the Galaxy S4!

  • qwertacious

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  • Romeo

    I owned all the galaxy phones, starting with original S `till S3 and note2, nothing can beat the S3 in the field of all hardware and software capabilities… can`t wait to see the S4 and have it in my pocket

  • MR0908

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  • Steve Anglin

    After saving up for 2 years, I finally left my Lg view, and picked up this Samsung galaxy S2…it’s tight. Fell in love with Android instantly.
    However, I’m limited as to what I can do, wouldn’t trade it for anything that has fruit associated with it.
    Love you guys. Keep up the good, and keep on keepin on!

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    im not a sammy fan… but a free phone is still free!! and the best thing in life is free!! free!!! anyway… as what ive said… not a samsung fan.. after having an s2 cheap plastic… nah.. and its too slim for me.. i like thick and heavy phones… feels more premium

  • William Coral

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