Samsung Galaxy S4 in gold!

by: Nate SwannerMay 20, 2013


Interested in the Galaxy S4? What if I told you it were gold? How about if it had a $2,200 price tag? If you’re still in the market, keep reading. We have found the perfect phone for you.

Goldgenie, a company that seems to enjoy the midas touch, is offering the Samsung Galaxy S4 draped in a variety of precious metals. You can get the handset in gold, platinum, or rose gold. It’s also free of SIM cards and unlocked, freeing you up for any network. If you can afford to get service after paying for the phone, that is.

We’re left to wonder why one would want a gold phone. I suppose it would be one of a kind amongst your friends and family, unless you’re a Kardashian or something. It definitely solves those nagging issues about Samsung and their plastic build quality, right? Nothing more solid than gold!

Perhaps the biggest selling point is that this will be the only device you’ll ever own which appreciates in value. If you ever decided to sell it, it would be the only phone worth its weight in gold. Literally.

Check out our Samsung Galaxy S4 review, then ask yourself if gold is for you. If a mobile device encased in gold is something you’d seriously consider, see a doctor. We’re concerned for your mental well being.

  • Now that’s what you call a premium device. Step aside, HTC One.

    • logcat

      I wonder if both phone encased in gold, which one people prefer …

  • Jason Palaszewski

    Samasung? Really? A typo in the largest font on the entire page? lol

    • Willie Washington

      It’s a knock off!

  • simpleas

    Now this is much more practical since as you said it’s worth it’s weight in gold lol

  • MasterMuffin

    Premium? Yes. Durable and build quality? NO! Gold is really soft, dropping this wouldn’t be nice

    • Its also a super conductor lol zap!!!

      • drvadlamudi

        Because its a good conductor, it’ll dissipate heat well.

        • Hahaha Yea just smirking at it, its a totally fine build ur right. Kinda drulling over it cant argue about gold.

          • Jason Bailey

            Yeah, you can’t really buy taste lol

            Wonder how the gold plating would effect signal though.

          • LoL indeed

  • PuzzledObserver

    $2200 for a S4, gold coated , SIM unlocked, bootloader unlocked. Why would Goldgenie charges that much to unlock an S4? What a ripoff. Google just announced last week that the Play store now sells unlocked S4 for $650.

  • Hmmm yea im already affraid someone will chop my arm off for my breitling. This is a bad idea…

  • it not made out of real gold, i already the company it gold plated!!!

    • jonathon puckett

      hate to be a grammar nazi
      but you suck at typing

  • sfasljkas

    sold out now